r/facepalm Best Posts #5

  • katma 8 Tem 2018
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  • KomediKomedi

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  • Juice-Chan
    Juice-Chan 8 aylar önce +4853

    facepalmed so hard my nose broke

    • B- Lake
      B- Lake 11 saatler önce +1

      I facepalmed so hard my foot broke

    • explosive animator
      explosive animator 4 gün önce

      +GioFilms I facepalmed so hard there is a hole in my head

    • LunaticSnowboard5381
      LunaticSnowboard5381 17 gün önce

      Someone should make an exe that listens for browser audio and if something stupid is said it draws a facepalm GIF on the entire screen.

    • the crab empire
      the crab empire 24 gün önce

      i facepalmed so hard the universe was destroyed

    • SonicRay555
      SonicRay555 26 gün önce

      facepalmed so hard my skull broke

  • Pins and Needles
    Pins and Needles 9 saatler önce

    I was right! Elephant

  • Daniel Contreras
    Daniel Contreras 15 saatler önce

    Meh boi got r/wooooshed so hard

  • Alaina's Antics
    Alaina's Antics 19 saatler önce +1

    If I had a YT channel it would be Alaina’s boring activities

    I tried

  • Euan Rundle
    Euan Rundle 19 saatler önce

    Not all liquids have water in them. You have aquoues soulutions like water which contain water hence aqueous and you also have non-aquoues solutions like that of proponone (nail polish remover that has not been watered down). You can also have elements from the periodic table that are liquids at room temperature for example Mercury and Bromine. Dry cleaners use non-aquoues solutions to wash clothes as non-aquoues solutions break down different types of stain and those chemicals don't contain water and that is where you get the name dry cleaner from because they don't use water. Sorry if I confused anybody and if I appear as a show off.😀

  • lizard
    lizard Gün önce

    if i were an animal id be a giraffe

    wait no

  • Akulation
    Akulation Gün önce

    2:17 i saw that at IKEA

  • jupiter r
    jupiter r Gün önce

    if i were a planet, i'd be saturn

  • Pattys Lps
    Pattys Lps Gün önce

    Uhm actually, liquid Metall for example does not have much h2o in it, and there are other fluids and superfluids that do not have h2o included, maybe some tiny atoms, but they are either so hot they melt or just so liquid that h2o gets excluded from its internal structure

  • FootCraft
    FootCraft 2 gün önce

    How were you born
    I was thrown up..

  • Sombra RULES!
    Sombra RULES! 2 gün önce +1

    if i was an overwatch hero, i would be tracer.
    Wait no

  • IyrnRay
    IyrnRay 3 gün önce +1

    I facepalmed at „any liquid you find, it has h2o in it“, I mean, ammonia, liquid nitrogen, mercury, etc.

  • Joakim Mathisen
    Joakim Mathisen 3 gün önce

    0:22 you like your own tweet?

  • Endang Lestari S
    Endang Lestari S 4 gün önce

    Oh sry just very empty inmmy server
    U join or not depends on u.....

  • EnderEye
    EnderEye 4 gün önce

    3:22 a crusader is much better than a samurai.

  • Gabriel 4D
    Gabriel 4D 4 gün önce +1

    facepalmed so hard my brain flew out

  • GogetaX
    GogetaX 4 gün önce

    Get these people some help

  • Jakob Seidner
    Jakob Seidner 5 gün önce +1

    Thanks for explaining how pregnancy works

  • Chromosome Police
    Chromosome Police 5 gün önce

    When are you gonna do a face reveal?

  • Besteres PT
    Besteres PT 6 gün önce


  • BigSlaz 11
    BigSlaz 11 6 gün önce

    1:53 is that addiction to V-bucks or Vines

  • h i
    h i 6 gün önce


  • Sean Whelan
    Sean Whelan 6 gün önce

    7:44 "any liquid you find...uh...it has H20 in it..."
    -HCl (hydrochloric acid)
    -Hg (Mercury)
    -I (Iodine)

  • Sir sloth
    Sir sloth 7 gün önce

    3:39 I think you got wooshed

  • Zichi Hammertail
    Zichi Hammertail 7 gün önce

    Hah! Silly people believing the earth is real???

  • pink squad
    pink squad 7 gün önce +1

    F Karen
    I took
    L the
    M Kids

  • james crist
    james crist 7 gün önce

    I like how you focus on uber...not photoshop

  • The Neko Unknown
    The Neko Unknown 8 gün önce

    Where tf do you find this?

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname 8 gün önce +1

    Lady trying to sell some raccoons. 50$ for a raccoon.

  • AlphaX Studios
    AlphaX Studios 8 gün önce

    blue is my favorite type of banana

    *Read more*

  • Sky Roid
    Sky Roid 8 gün önce +1

    1:59 I blame Silent Hill 3 for this

  • Professioneller Anfänger

    7:45 Any liquid you find has H2O in it?

  • Cyan Dino
    Cyan Dino 9 gün önce

    Honestly, I'm just mildly triggered that people think bitter, sweet, sour, etc, are flavours..

  • Jean Matthew Capisanan
    Jean Matthew Capisanan 9 gün önce

    People are so stupid nowadays

  • Hi YouTube
    Hi YouTube 9 gün önce

    Did you know that if the Annual us budget was a dollar nasa would get half a penny.

  • PizzaCat 123
    PizzaCat 123 9 gün önce

    If i were an animal
    I’d be a dog

    Wait No

  • learning for kids
    learning for kids 9 gün önce

    Yo that cop who shot himself is a cop for my city

  • Gavin Z
    Gavin Z 9 gün önce

    ive been to that store

    DR EGWARD 10 gün önce

    3:19 pretty much sums up school plays (me in every play)

  • Lt Ligma
    Lt Ligma 10 gün önce

    What’s the song at 10:04?

  • thisisdaxie :P
    thisisdaxie :P 10 gün önce

    5:53 Eh, still would buy those cute trash puppies

  • mena meta
    mena meta 10 gün önce

    Germany is my city

  • Dog lover 756
    Dog lover 756 11 gün önce +1

    If I was animal i would be a cat

  • Dog lover 756
    Dog lover 756 11 gün önce

    Wait no

  • 【LADY】 【AKINA】
    【LADY】 【AKINA】 11 gün önce +3

    *CaN yOu ThRoW tHe BaBy uP?*

  • jamesisking watson
    jamesisking watson 11 gün önce


  • ItsJxcob
    ItsJxcob 11 gün önce

    I don’t think every liquid has h20 in it

  • Hot Anime Face
    Hot Anime Face 11 gün önce +1

    I just had Sobra hummus and now I feel good!

  • MitspeithEtc
    MitspeithEtc 11 gün önce

    4:50 M I R R O R S E X I S T

  • little_adrian _14
    little_adrian _14 12 gün önce +1


  • little_adrian _14
    little_adrian _14 12 gün önce +1

    If I was a color I would be blue da ba dee dab a die

  • Dylan John-Lewis
    Dylan John-Lewis 12 gün önce +3

    If I was a color I'd be black

    Wait no

  • Premium Rapid
    Premium Rapid 12 gün önce

    I haven’t drank water in months I have been living on coke and Fanta...


  • Ostrich Banana
    Ostrich Banana 12 gün önce

    I think you're being wooshed on that first one

  • GoingRougeYT
    GoingRougeYT 12 gün önce

    7:46 Whoever wrote this was an IMBACILE, the periodic table is the minecraft creative menu of real life, H2 and O2 (H+O-Na x Co) or, more commonly known as water/H2O is in all liquids, including liquid Rock like magnesium or even magma, and so of COURSE its in this.

  • Y_T Electro_spaz
    Y_T Electro_spaz 13 gün önce

    7:43 you are implying that mercury is h2o and is safe to drink. Great! I’ll drink that with a side of bleach then!

  • Yutah Andrei Ogawa
    Yutah Andrei Ogawa 14 gün önce

    Please! Mercy! My brain can't withstand this?

  • smartPuff 73
    smartPuff 73 14 gün önce

    England is my city

  • Sharkcraft
    Sharkcraft 14 gün önce +1

    1:50 there is also google and photoshop XD

  • Flex seal
    Flex seal 14 gün önce

    7:45 mineral oil don't

  • Maddie K
    Maddie K 14 gün önce +1

    If I could be a name if be Carl.
    ...oh wait

  • Chantelle C
    Chantelle C 14 gün önce

    im already insane

  • Oh Really?
    Oh Really? 14 gün önce

    I think im gorwing the unnatural ammmount of superman spider gorwth of mans. If this is happening please. it's happening so please do the please. dane for the hatrs

  • ILoveSkittles ThisIsMyLastName

    The answer is....

    Gets ad

  • Kotal Kahn
    Kotal Kahn 15 gün önce

    If she queefs, there's a chance the baby will be ejected.😎Pls don't queef and delort the baby, ma'am.😭😭I LOVE BABIEZ....!!!😭😭

  • Oh Really?
    Oh Really? 15 gün önce

    i facepalmed so hard my leg broke. # like if this happened to you

  • Shysona The fennec fox
    Shysona The fennec fox 16 gün önce


  • Missmusic.ly
    Missmusic.ly 16 gün önce

    If I was an app i'd be snapchat

  • Devmevlol
    Devmevlol 16 gün önce


  • Mimi the Neko
    Mimi the Neko 17 gün önce

    Facepalm till your head falls off

  • LunaticSnowboard5381
    LunaticSnowboard5381 17 gün önce

    1:51 There is a addiction for Photoshop, but apparently there are NO addictions for TRclips.

  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart 17 gün önce

    8:59, she must be a flattard then!

  • Matthew Harrington
    Matthew Harrington 17 gün önce

    Except for the fact that water is in coke...

  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 18 gün önce

    4:05 (in my best Steve Irwin impression) And here we see a Trump supporter in his natural habitat. This is one of the most ignorant and defensive people in the country. One wrong word, and I'm DEAD!

    ...I'm gonna go talk to him about Economics....

  • ZKrypto Games
    ZKrypto Games 19 gün önce +5

    1:53 Dude you *driving* crazy

    i know its bad

  • Avery Ariz
    Avery Ariz 19 gün önce

    Giofilms, I have had a super bad day. you are the best.

    can u favorite this pls it will make my day. :( i will change the sad face to a smiley face

  • RamanAbdullen
    RamanAbdullen 20 gün önce

    I remember once, my mom my, my dad and me went to visit family In India, once my dad went out with my uncle and he came back laughing is head off and told me he had a funny conversation with some random guy.
    - Random guy: where are you from.
    - My dad: I'm from Europe.
    - Random guy: ahh, nice city.
    We both couldn't stop laughing the rest of the day because we kept thinking about it.

  • Vader Man
    Vader Man 20 gün önce

    7:03 Best noise ever

  • Lolbit Fnaf
    Lolbit Fnaf 20 gün önce

    I facepambed so hard ia broke my face

  • Average Person Who Used To Be A Random Person

    I’m addicted to photoshop, can’t stop messing with photos...

  • Bro K
    Bro K 21 gün önce


  • Alana Johnson
    Alana Johnson 21 gün önce

    Hey! What's the song @ 10:05? Thanks!

  • Ace Error
    Ace Error 22 gün önce

    nah man they're just gay

  • Doku -chan
    Doku -chan 22 gün önce

    Some of these are so idiotic... I taught I got woooooshed

  • Churros Studios
    Churros Studios 22 gün önce

    But but why do u smoke

  • Duka Duquesa
    Duka Duquesa 22 gün önce +2

    P!nk: If i was a color, i'd be yellow...Wait, no.


    • Zichi Hammertail
      Zichi Hammertail 7 gün önce

      You can think you're anything.

      I'll let this go where it may.

  • Bahira Al-Haddad
    Bahira Al-Haddad 23 gün önce

    1:59 sure.... Because we all know that babys are in your stomach.

  • girl yang
    girl yang 23 gün önce

    so if i drink lava i can get my water?

  • Mr. Azboykulit Animz Default

    1:56 I'm addicted to v bucks

  • Lorrie Smith
    Lorrie Smith 23 gün önce

    Raccoons are my dream pets. But not wild ones. They're like cats on steroids and I feed wild raccoons every night... Along with a few opossums. I stroked one one night. Best day ever!😍

  • Mr. Lemons
    Mr. Lemons 23 gün önce

    I’ll list out some question

  • Candy King
    Candy King 24 gün önce

    I bet I won’t get a like :(

  • Choromattress -ass hair on fire-

    4:21 The turns have tabled.

  • rouge templar
    rouge templar 24 gün önce

    Not a liquids are H2O bro.
    You can like, make every element into a liquid, my dood man.

  • Arty K
    Arty K 24 gün önce

    What's up, Giovanni

  • EP1X
    EP1X 24 gün önce

    7:44 “any liquid you find has H2O in it” **facepalm** are you not familiar with with the fact that literally every element has a liquid form, kinda ironic considering that this video is about him laughing at facepalm moments

  • Phoenix Payne
    Phoenix Payne 24 gün önce

    Man, i'm so addicted to Google

  • Moon
    Moon 25 gün önce

    8:52 giofilms: B an elephant
    the text:ot today bruh

  • Suga Kookies And tae
    Suga Kookies And tae 25 gün önce

    Am I the only one who are looking for someone to mention an r/wooosh I missed?

  • chihaya furu
    chihaya furu 25 gün önce

    It's funny how flat earth society is almost all americans