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  • katma 12 Mar 2017
  • Say "Howdy!" to never-before-seen stories from the minds at Pixar. These behind-the-scenes tales from the making of Toy Story 3 are infinitely awesome!
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  • lasy 1
    lasy 1 25 gün önce

    0:01 god memories from disney home video vhs

  • Luciana Coutinho
    Luciana Coutinho Yıl önce

    Toy story 1 de 1995 o filme e toy story 2 de 1999 o desenho toy story 3 de 2010 o filme

  • Lance Cocharo
    Lance Cocharo Yıl önce

    when you gonna make toy story 4 again pls.....make i miss my favourite movie ever😭

  • Sebastian Hernandez
    Sebastian Hernandez Yıl önce


  • John Ylitalo
    John Ylitalo 2 yıl önce +1

    A classic.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 2 yıl önce

    "the power of friendship"

  • Spencer Ray
    Spencer Ray 2 yıl önce +2

    I actually like the original idea more...

  • Kai's Stikbot Theatre Rewritten

    Please do toy story 4

    • Juan Risa
      Juan Risa 9 aylar önce

      you gotta read, when you wrote this was well in production

  • Ciaran Spence
    Ciaran Spence 2 yıl önce +1

    Will we see this in Toy Story 4?

  • Maga Animation Studio
    Maga Animation Studio 2 yıl önce +1

    We loves TOYSTORY!!!

  • Mannu e suas brincadeiras

    Já quero assistir! Amazing!

  • Fate- Assassin_05
    Fate- Assassin_05 2 yıl önce +1

    toy story 4 ??????

  • A Person on Youtube
    A Person on Youtube 2 yıl önce

    we didn't need a 4th one tho.

  • JP and Beyond
    JP and Beyond 2 yıl önce

    I would have liked all of those versions actually. :)

  • Kaderp
    Kaderp 2 yıl önce

    Let me just take those Art of books for ya and no one will know

  • jjstarA113
    jjstarA113 2 yıl önce

    "In Stores Now"
    It's been in stores for like seven years now!

  • Crazy Nate
    Crazy Nate 2 yıl önce +3

    cool story. Why people be thumbsing it down?

  • Kippy
    Kippy 2 yıl önce

    Release it as a little animation please!!!@!!@!

  • João Pedro Theodoro
    João Pedro Theodoro 2 yıl önce

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    ______________________________ __ _

  • Epic Movie Compilations
    Epic Movie Compilations 2 yıl önce +2

    Toy Story 3 is the best Pixar movie yet.

  • タカ2811
    タカ2811 2 yıl önce +1

    very good!
    I like toy story

  • Jennifer Hemmingway
    Jennifer Hemmingway 2 yıl önce

    Wow! And it's true, it's a;ways a good idea to go back to the drawing board to find a new idea for a alternate version

  • TheNewBlood Dan
    TheNewBlood Dan 2 yıl önce

    Thank god they didn't use the alternate story.

  • Kowz of Rule
    Kowz of Rule 2 yıl önce

    in stores now: and yet after years of being out the list price has yet to drop

  • Ellie & Nikon
    Ellie & Nikon 2 yıl önce

    toy story 3 is my favourite movie of all time, i'm so excited for 4 :D

  • creepella016
    creepella016 2 yıl önce

    I keep sayin the same.. what did u do to betty? Bring her back t.t

  • Joe Cloute
    Joe Cloute 2 yıl önce +6

    In stores now? It came out like 7 years ago, it's not like it's a surprise

    • Randy
      Randy 2 yıl önce

      Joe Cloute this video, as inexpensive as it was to make is probably considered advertising by Disney's accounting department, and as a result, has to include the reminder at the end to justify it being made.

  • Rhubarb Viburnum
    Rhubarb Viburnum 2 yıl önce

    I wish i was a Dixie

  • Laura Giunta
    Laura Giunta 2 yıl önce

    0:02 Pixar Home Videos is looks like the UK Disney Videos logo!!!!! :)

  • EverydayDisneyMagic
    EverydayDisneyMagic 2 yıl önce

    Love Toy Story! It's my favorite! Can't wait for Toy Story Land!

  • heavy boss 809
    heavy boss 809 2 yıl önce +8

    iam waiting for 4 to come out in 2019

    • Josh Wilson
      Josh Wilson 2 yıl önce

      +MrGuy 2019, they pushed it back and brought Incredibles 2 forward.

    • MrGuy
      MrGuy 2 yıl önce

      heavy boss 809 2018

  • tendies_12
    tendies_12 2 yıl önce +61

    If you didn't cry at least twice during Toy Story 3 you aren't human.

  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 yıl önce +4

    I think I would've preferred this, it's less rehashy.
    Anyway I think you guys should upload the home video footage without the vhs filter. I was hoping that's what this was going to be.

    • Jessie 992
      Jessie 992 2 yıl önce

      Nah, I think your wrong, as I said, I thought the idea was great.

    • Kyle
      Kyle 2 yıl önce

      Rehash does mean "respectful nod to the original" it means uninspired recycling in a desperate attempt to ride coat tails of the original. Its not meant to be a compliment. I love toy story 3, but could have done with less of that.

    • Jessie 992
      Jessie 992 2 yıl önce

      Rehashy was the point, I liked the idea of them merging the Andy playtimes from the first two movies into live action.

  • Alex Haro
    Alex Haro 2 yıl önce +1

    Next the latest trailer for Cars 3

  • tyler60396
    tyler60396 2 yıl önce +2


  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 2 yıl önce +3

    Planes is not a Pixar movie it's a Disney movie...

    • Shotaro Ikaros
      Shotaro Ikaros 2 yıl önce +3

      Frost Bite
      Well those people are true Pixar wannabe fans then.
      At best, it can be called a Pixar spinoff.

    • Frost Bite
      Frost Bite 2 yıl önce +1

      Shotaro Ikaros I hear people call Planes a Pixar movie

    • Shotaro Ikaros
      Shotaro Ikaros 2 yıl önce +1

      Frost Bite
      No one said it was...

  • Saul Herrera
    Saul Herrera 2 yıl önce +2

    trailer of Cars 3 please.

  • Rage Phil
    Rage Phil 2 yıl önce +2

    I want more!!!!!!

  • piratecheese13
    piratecheese13 2 yıl önce +3

    i hope the conflict for toy story 4 is that the toys are starting to just straight up break realizing fears from woody's arm in 2 and the furnace in 3. woody, jane and bull'seye have an out. they can go back to al's toy barn and get sold to the meuseam but it would mean abandoning the other toys. it could start with woody's string breaking and have jessie be super against the move she was for at the beginning of 2 due to her romance with buzz. the rest of the characters have mixed feelings. rex feels like they should go, it's for the best. mr potato head is vehemently against it but his mouth and arms went missing a long time ago so he has little to no ability to make conversation. buzz is outright livid. he didn't go all the way to the city and back just to have woody abandon him. woody made him see the light. there argument comes to head in a violent fight resulting in buzz breaking a wing.
    then the big hidden conflict that is cut between scenes.
    stinky pete got away from his owner and hit the road. in his travels he sees a toy strapped to the front of a semi: lotzo. this isn't a convenience, pete has no home and is forever a lost toy traveling long distances to see the sights and the easiest way to do that is semi trucks.
    lotzo and pete become fast friends and swear revenge. they start with what they know: the daycare. they check the neighborhoods surrounding the daycare and go back to the dump to see if they ended up there. while at the dump Sid Philips catches a glimpse of walking toys. he knows they are alive but he also has caught wind to the fact that the toys dont know he knows so he eavesdrops. he overhears lotzo and pete asking about a woody cowboy doll and a buzz lightyear action figure. Sid steps out of the shadows drops a menacing line and we cut to woody holding buzz's wing. it didn't pop out it's just warped plastic "what have i done?"
    oh boy I've written myself into a hole here. i'll leave it to pixar to make a family friendly ending to this shenanigan

    • Juan Risa
      Juan Risa 9 aylar önce

      really, a mashup of the 3.
      1) it will be a love story
      2) what defines the three is their overall originality

    • MrGuy
      MrGuy 2 yıl önce

      piratecheese13 I think it was confirmed in am interview that the 4th one was about Bo Peep and Woody

    • piratecheese13
      piratecheese13 2 yıl önce

      [eats crow and edits comment]

    • A
      A 2 yıl önce

      PirateCheese: I thought her name was Jessie lol

  • Kleptide
    Kleptide 2 yıl önce

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • mattomoros
    mattomoros 2 yıl önce +25

    That Pixar Home Videos logo looks exaclty like the Disney Videos logo from the VHS of the 90s. Cool easter egg!

  • ItsCanaan
    ItsCanaan 2 yıl önce +1

    I remember a long time after Toy Story 3 was released, I realized that beginning scene of Toy Story 3 was the same story as when Andy's mom was recording him playing in his room in Toy Story 1

  • Legend Unknown
    Legend Unknown 2 yıl önce

    Childhood right here

  • King Banditcoot
    King Banditcoot 2 yıl önce


  • cesar p
    cesar p 2 yıl önce +1


  • King Banditcoot
    King Banditcoot 2 yıl önce

    Reeeach fooor the skkkky.

  • ninjolav
    ninjolav 2 yıl önce +1

    Oh wow even the logo at the beginning is oldschool, I remember seeing them on my Disney videotapes!

  • TeHablaThomas Vasquez
    TeHablaThomas Vasquez 2 yıl önce


  • El Rayo McQueen
    El Rayo McQueen 2 yıl önce


  • Roboterize
    Roboterize 2 yıl önce

    Hey Stranger! Wish you a very nice day. :D

  • D3
    D3 2 yıl önce

    I thought this was Toy Story 4

  • VVM2019
    VVM2019 2 yıl önce +1

    Cool !!👍

  • 天ちゃん。
    天ちゃん。 2 yıl önce


  • Logan Long
    Logan Long 2 yıl önce +4

    I hope this original Western scene is in Toy Story 4 in some way. 2019 will be awesome.

  • Windows U
    Windows U 2 yıl önce

    I'm not sure how they would portray the opening of the script; Woody walks in with Bullseye, Woody faces Buzz, Buzz then gets his internal self back. Something feels missing here.

  • Diemmy Dinh
    Diemmy Dinh 2 yıl önce +1

    The best pixar movie ever

  • Gear Elite
    Gear Elite 2 yıl önce

    I have always loved Toy Story movies. It good be a pleasure for me if Pixar answered this comment ;)

  • Dominik Kadlec
    Dominik Kadlec 2 yıl önce +1

    VHS 😘😍

    DanDaMan [DISCONTINUED] 2 yıl önce +3

    When is toy story 4 coming?!

  • 〘Scout Sunset〙
    〘Scout Sunset〙 2 yıl önce +3

    0:00 Ha, a parody to the Disney Videos logo.

  • bangus __0
    bangus __0 2 yıl önce +1

    Yeah says

  • Judith JD
    Judith JD 2 yıl önce +1

    Good draws and photos 👍

  • itsdatboiii
    itsdatboiii 2 yıl önce +1


  • mundo tonterías
    mundo tonterías 2 yıl önce +1

    Primer comentario ok no

  • Heiseness
    Heiseness 2 yıl önce +5

    0:01 - 0:10
    *P I X A R W A V E*

    • Pear
      Pear Yıl önce

      *Insert depressed comment here*

  • Marcos Ameneiros Perez
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    NIGHTMARE Gamer 2 yıl önce +1


  • Mega Man690
    Mega Man690 2 yıl önce +2

    Really cool

  • Jared The Animaniac
    Jared The Animaniac 2 yıl önce +12

    Can you upload a clip from Cars 3, please?

    • Jkop
      Jkop 2 yıl önce

      There was a tv spot uploaded recently. Search it up.

    • Heiseness
      Heiseness 2 yıl önce +12

      Jared Thomas

  • Ivan Nolasco
    Ivan Nolasco 2 yıl önce +1

    holaaaa 4to

  • thedasher 4000
    thedasher 4000 2 yıl önce +7


  • El Barto π
    El Barto π 2 yıl önce +2


  • Lets play gaming Burcham
    Lets play gaming Burcham 2 yıl önce +86

    toy story is my favorite movie ever!!

  • Abomyzation ⁅Gamer⁆
    Abomyzation ⁅Gamer⁆ 2 yıl önce +3

    toy strori 4

  • Lets play gaming Burcham
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