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Charles Franklin Marbles is a Sad Sad Man

  • katma 17 Şub 2010
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  • KomediKomedi

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  • Twirl Star
    Twirl Star 4 saatler önce +1

    Omgggggg I’m watching this in 2019

  • Manura Akkasyn
    Manura Akkasyn 7 saatler önce +1


  • Aiyana Balazs
    Aiyana Balazs 15 saatler önce +2

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Alexandra Holloway
    Alexandra Holloway 19 saatler önce +1

    My eight year old wanted to see the first video every posted on your channel...
    Now we are here and it's very clear these clips were filmed on a potato.

  • bro bro
    bro bro 3 gün önce

    rip marbles😭😕😩

  • Claire Haney
    Claire Haney 4 gün önce +1


  • Taylor Wenz
    Taylor Wenz 5 gün önce

    hi here in 2019

  • Haley Sims
    Haley Sims 7 gün önce +1

    Has it really been 9 years of watching our aaaaaaawesome videos!?!?!

  • Candypaint41
    Candypaint41 12 gün önce +2

    I’m so confused by the title??? Like is Charles his first name???? What????

  • чики пуки
    чики пуки 13 gün önce +1


  • Sara Lieben
    Sara Lieben 14 gün önce +1

    I can’t believe that’s Marbles!! He’s so young and happy! I love this, he’s such a cutie, then and now

  • anxiety
    anxiety 15 gün önce +1

    Aww marbles

  • thundertears
    thundertears 16 gün önce +1

    Is someone here

  • flip dip
    flip dip 16 gün önce +2

    That video quality 👌

  • I’m just a piece of toast!

    2019 anyone? Omg mr. marbles is soooo cute

  • Rylee Parrish
    Rylee Parrish 17 gün önce +1


  • Aryah Montes
    Aryah Montes 18 gün önce +1

    i’m sobbing even harder

  • Casey Hansen
    Casey Hansen 19 gün önce +3

    Looking at this in 2019 and seeing how young he looked compared to the crack adic he is now 😂 also the camera quality thoooo

  • Gabby Cats
    Gabby Cats 19 gün önce

    Wait Marlowe is used to actually move.

  • Shei _
    Shei _ 20 gün önce +1

    i saw an old video of Jenna in my recommendations so i decided to scroll way back and saw this lmao

  • Ellie H
    Ellie H 20 gün önce

    who be watchin this in 2015

  • Bill /
    Bill / 20 gün önce

    This is so sad

  • Lillian Grim
    Lillian Grim 21 gün önce

    he’s so tiny!

  • nickylawoozworld
    nickylawoozworld 21 gün önce +4

    Watching this in 2019 is wild...

  • Exploding Marshmallow Productions

    I love marbles and I would die for him no question

    • Alejandro Sanchez
      Alejandro Sanchez 22 gün önce

      So fucking random but I told my friend while I was watching a video. I would jump in front of a car and have both my legs crushed to save marble and push him out the way. He’s just so derpy I love it. It’s like I’ve been there for marbles whole life too. I’ve been watching Jenna for over 6 years and I feel like I’m emotionally attached to marble and the other dogs as well.

  • Zoe
    Zoe 23 gün önce

    I’m here because if sssniperwolfs 1 year old video about watching old videos lol

  • Fawn Gore
    Fawn Gore 23 gün önce

    Lil Bergese...

  • Khaji Null
    Khaji Null 23 gün önce +1

    Wow the pixels is insane

  • chill swaze
    chill swaze 24 gün önce

    2019 any one

  • Tomato Bisque
    Tomato Bisque 24 gün önce

    o h m y g od

    MCRTS 25 gün önce +1

    0:40 beeech look.at.him.GOOOO! Lmao

  • Maya Salahieh
    Maya Salahieh 25 gün önce +2

    im i the only one watching in 2019.. ;^;

  • Commie Draws
    Commie Draws 26 gün önce

    marbles is such a younG BOyYY

  • Flamingith
    Flamingith 26 gün önce


  • sloth ‘-‘
    sloth ‘-‘ 27 gün önce


  • s joshi
    s joshi 27 gün önce

    1:16 i love him

  • Hannah Hailwood
    Hannah Hailwood 28 gün önce +6

    I can't believe how tiny and black he used to be😭 I'm so glad Beep is still here in 2019

  • im not crying u are
    im not crying u are 28 gün önce +2

    marbles has always owned my heart with his blank stares and cluelessness. i love him.

  • Whitney Perkins
    Whitney Perkins 28 gün önce

    Its 2019 and i wanted to come back to see the oldest video here because i haven't seen it in 8 years. Oh Mr. Marbles. ❤❤

  • Beau Sherman
    Beau Sherman Aylar önce


  • Zachery Marco
    Zachery Marco Aylar önce

    Dogs: Woof! Woof!
    Cats: Meow! Meow!
    Retards: 2019! 2019!

  • Midoriya Izuku
    Midoriya Izuku Aylar önce

    Once upon a time marbles lived a life 😕

  • Olivia Randall-Kim
    Olivia Randall-Kim Aylar önce

    holy wow this is weird watching this in 2019

  • Alcoholics
    Alcoholics Aylar önce +1

    Rip Marbles

  • Isabelle Canty
    Isabelle Canty Aylar önce

    9 years later: omg the video qualityyyy

  • CrazyCatLady 21
    CrazyCatLady 21 Aylar önce

    Jenna mourey?

  • keyra osorio
    keyra osorio Aylar önce

    Marbles looks so young!

  • Kaz 201325
    Kaz 201325 Aylar önce

    Filmed on Samsung galaxy s10

  • Mattoshie
    Mattoshie Aylar önce +1


  • Jazzy Vee
    Jazzy Vee Aylar önce

    Can we just have a minute’s silence to remember him as a pup and to never forget him when he so tragically will pass away :(

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Aylar önce +4

    We are all gonna miss him alot

  • Garrett Van
    Garrett Van Aylar önce +3

    Only Jenna would’ve made a gay dog love story in 2010... a TRUE ally

  • Juan Jimenez Garcia
    Juan Jimenez Garcia Aylar önce +1

    Ughh marbles is so old now

  • Kaitlyn Kilby
    Kaitlyn Kilby Aylar önce +2

    why do i remember watching this back in 2010 and thinking it was the funniest thing ever, and now i’m sad that marbles is old

  • Claire Gratz
    Claire Gratz Aylar önce +2

    And now I’m crying in the club

  • omgsarahpaulson
    omgsarahpaulson Aylar önce +1

    An iconic first video

  • V D
    V D Aylar önce +2

    2019 anyone? Mr. Marbles was and is so coooooot I'm gonna be so freakin sad when the day comes that he rests his eyes forever 😭

  • Prajwal Meshram
    Prajwal Meshram Aylar önce +1

    This is history right here

  • J Mac
    J Mac Aylar önce +1

    Omg she ended it with Fin, who can see the foreshadowing there, wow. The universe has all the control people.

  • J Mac
    J Mac Aylar önce

    Umm the fact you used this music which is one of my favorite songs just made me love you so much more!!!

  • II freyacan II
    II freyacan II Aylar önce

    2019 skskks

  • Lilla Sz.
    Lilla Sz. Aylar önce

    Why is that sad potatoe moving?

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed Aylar önce

    He’s so liiiittttttllllleeeee

  • sammie_ bautista
    sammie_ bautista Aylar önce +1

    waitttttt marbles used to have emotions???

  • Sil Ver
    Sil Ver Aylar önce

    2019 anyone

  • nicolina smith
    nicolina smith Aylar önce +1

    Thinking he’s 10 now and might die soon.. this is making me sad because I have to put my dog down on Monday cause she’s too old and can’t walk. I have had her my whole life and I grew up with her.

  • Lacy Holman
    Lacy Holman Aylar önce

    raw emotion

  • Boots Therat
    Boots Therat Aylar önce +2

    2019 anyone?
    Here from react anyone?
    Never knew his name was Charles Franklin Marbles anyone?

    • Stitch Hailey
      Stitch Hailey Aylar önce

      i’m here from react too but i am very proud to say that this video had the red bar indicating that i had already watched it before *dab*
      and i knew his name was charles, didn’t remember the franklin tho.

  • The Cubb Boi
    The Cubb Boi Aylar önce

    2019 anyone?

  • lexso lexcee
    lexso lexcee Aylar önce


  • allendiesigh
    allendiesigh Aylar önce

    Rip lion

  • Brady Barratt
    Brady Barratt Aylar önce

    Here i am 9 years later

  • Alicia Ramirez
    Alicia Ramirez Aylar önce

    Awwww Marbles was so cute when he was young...

  • Urooj Khan
    Urooj Khan Aylar önce

    Marble aww 💗

  • - Karlita
    - Karlita Aylar önce


  • Hunter Alexander
    Hunter Alexander Aylar önce

    marbles was alive once?

  • JazmynLovesYuuu
    JazmynLovesYuuu Aylar önce

    The quality is so horrible on my phone it’s making me angry at how updated everything has become. I can’t even read the woooooords anymooooree eughhhhhhh

  • Pewdie pie#1
    Pewdie pie#1 Aylar önce +1

    HD for 9 years ago 😂

  • no one35
    no one35 Aylar önce +1

    0:41 this thing got me really hard I really cried 😢😭😂

  • Stick Figure Aras
    Stick Figure Aras Aylar önce +1

    Happy HUMPday

  • Rabbination 101
    Rabbination 101 Aylar önce +1

    I came waaaayyy back to be a jenna fan-- lmao
    I asualy watch the first vid of the channel to become a fan--
    Imma give you wind cuz immae fan! Amiright? Hehehe

  • Mariska Martin
    Mariska Martin Aylar önce


  • Kimberly Reyna
    Kimberly Reyna Aylar önce

    Wait omg can we just take a moment to realize marbles is 10! Hopefully the day when Jenna posts a montage of marbles throughout his life will not come :(

  • Chewy The Wolf :3
    Chewy The Wolf :3 Aylar önce +1

    2019? Anyone? Just me, ok

  • Kaylehs World :D
    Kaylehs World :D Aylar önce

    One day... Marbles will pass..

    And see light at *looks at him on a plush* HUH humm the end of the gate.

  • Abigail Stone
    Abigail Stone Aylar önce

    Wow, five pixels in this whole thing, yet still Academy Award worthy.

  • Bobbie Wheeler
    Bobbie Wheeler Aylar önce +1


  • Melissa Jayne Floris-Watkins

    Back when Marble has teeth

  • sophia Schlicht
    sophia Schlicht Aylar önce +1

    This made me cry

  • elena duenas
    elena duenas Aylar önce


  • Paityn Pack
    Paityn Pack Aylar önce


    OUTCASTS- - Aylar önce

    Hello Jenna marble just letting you know 9 years later you have 19000000 subs

  • Alia W
    Alia W Aylar önce

    Is it weird that this made me very sad and I teared up?

  • Yeetus Cleetus
    Yeetus Cleetus Aylar önce

    People no

  • Amina Dailey
    Amina Dailey Aylar önce


  • Jade Wilson
    Jade Wilson Aylar önce

    I’m CRYING

  • Cupcake Party
    Cupcake Party Aylar önce +1

    This is gonna be a really sad video when marble eventually passes :,(

    DC LIGHTNING Aylar önce +4

    Finally taught him how to sit

  • Israel Pena
    Israel Pena Aylar önce

    2019 here too

  • Ethan spencer2133
    Ethan spencer2133 Aylar önce

    Mr. Marbles