Steve O destroyed Flat Earth once and for all? ✞


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  • Flat Earth Reset 3
    Flat Earth Reset 3 5 aylar önce +129

    LOL sorry Steve-o you failed... FYI the RedBull Space jump was 100% fake so you cant use that clip to prove or disprove in fact i think they purposely put it in there to mock people knowing they wiil use it to make FE videos. And they are just sitting there laughing their asses off. RedBull Jump was nothing more then a CGI commercial used to sell products

    • paws mcgraws
      paws mcgraws 6 gün önce

      Keep smoking crack, its good for you!

    • Adam S
      Adam S Aylar önce

      Kevin Kd your ignorant taiin gravity is bullshit. If gravity wasn't real then when you jump you would keep going up dumbass

    • Adam S
      Adam S Aylar önce

      Kevin Kd everything you said is false. Answer a couple questions and I'll believe you. How come I clearly see a curve in a plane? How come America doesn't get daylight all at once like it would if it were flat? In this video you say it's fish lens how come in the original video when he says it looks like night how come the jet isn't curved

    • Kevin Kd
      Kevin Kd Aylar önce

      Adam S You r fucking funny :)I don't wanna be different.I just dont wanna be sheep like you.Oh actually u r right I am not brainless sheep anymore so I am different.Go and believe satanic round world.I am not idiot to believe stupid gravity.Yea 30.000 ton ship goes upside down and gravity holds it.If fucking gravity is that powerful how the fuck you can move your ass ?And tell me what kind of power is gravity ? If its magnetic how come it can hold trillion gallons of water?Water is not metal.Fuck gravity.

    • Adam S
      Adam S Aylar önce

      Kevin Kd that's the problem you just want to be different because you think it's cool. Your the sheep who can't accept the facts it's round. I've seen the curve

  • Sci-Fi Savage
    Sci-Fi Savage 12 saatler önce

    Stupid FLATARDS! There's no hope for you!

  • S Gons
    S Gons 12 saatler önce

    If you say you don't believe in God (the Creator of everything and God of the "Bible") why do you all curse Him and mock Him???

  • Twelve Dozen
    Twelve Dozen 9 gün önce

    Do flat earth advocates acknowledge that all matter is comprised of microscopic vibrating spherical energy? Or is that being challenged as well?

  • AzBboy
    AzBboy 18 gün önce

    He pushes the globe earth and the gay agenda, complete tool of satan.

  • Joe Woodfin
    Joe Woodfin 20 gün önce

    "Steve O" said it must be true.......this is the same guy that would probably eat dog shit if you put him on stage.

  • DC R
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  • Suzanne Jefferson
    Suzanne Jefferson Aylar önce

    Steve o is an illuminati sodomite who has no credibility.

  • Joseph Wilson
    Joseph Wilson Aylar önce

    Please read Isaiah 11:12

  • Blight Insight
    Blight Insight Aylar önce

    Gee whiz beav......if you can't trust "Steavo " who can you trust?

  • Swedish Marcus Viking
    Swedish Marcus Viking Aylar önce

    Flat and beautiful, but redbull jump is 100% when a zionist says that Iran is evil and are making nuclearwepons, so we must start a new war and kill them all💩🔫

  • Corey Marshall
    Corey Marshall Aylar önce

    Earth is flat and stationary.

  • Cecil Caldwell
    Cecil Caldwell Aylar önce

    The devil's greatest lie was to have people believing he doesn't exist. People like Steve-o are puppets for the devil. Need I say more?

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent Aylar önce

    ball earthers are fkin 2 year old dum fks

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent Aylar önce

    joe rogan is a shit head

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent Aylar önce

    ww3 down lets all fkin die human

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent Aylar önce

    the earth is flat

  • biggest dickus
    biggest dickus Aylar önce

    Yeah let's listen to the guy who sold his soul to the devil f****** meth head Junkie

  • David Seguin
    David Seguin Aylar önce

    fish eye lens

  • vermin filmer
    vermin filmer Aylar önce

    FFS He was filming through glass windows. ye know the fish eye effect.

  • Koenshakuable
    Koenshakuable Aylar önce

    the mistake these clowns always make (besides the obligatory fish eye lens) is the horizon always being at eye level, which when you put a person in the shot, is impossible to fake without compositing... the answer to why they've never thought to do it is a dead give away - no one's actually seen it.

  • Joe Jack
    Joe Jack Aylar önce

    lol because Steve o wouldn't do something just for money and recognition. oh wait that's how he got famous.

  • mack black187
    mack black187 Aylar önce

    Sure looks motionless to me

  • jonathan jackman
    jonathan jackman Aylar önce

    Steve Oh Is a part of skull and bones/illuminati what a deceiver piece of shit

  • Walter Costello
    Walter Costello Aylar önce

    Steveo is a PROOVEN clown. agian & again

  • Ribeiro Aveiro
    Ribeiro Aveiro Aylar önce

    What an agenda of lies will do for Truth?
    About hell? God doesn't send no one to hell but yourself and your path of destruction... Steve.

  • Rrobert Dee
    Rrobert Dee Aylar önce

    I'm proud of the fact I have never watch any show or movie Steve hole has made or has been in . GOD tell's us to pray for disgusting people like him. Steve I pray GOD opens your heart and mind to the truth and you get saved AMEN.

  • Johnny Guitar
    Johnny Guitar Aylar önce

    haha good one!

  • Stue TheClue
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  • Henry Zepeda
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    Very well

  • Randall Williams
    Randall Williams Aylar önce

    Steve o is a idiot

  • Mike Singer
    Mike Singer Aylar önce

    A very good friend of mine is a retired F-16 Fighter Pilot Air Force Colonel who currently flies 777s to Dubai once he month. He personally told me it is not even possible to see any curvature at 38,000 feet... and he believes the earth is a GLOBE (for now). So anybody who says they see curvature while looking out of an airplane window... WHEN HE IS IN THE PILOT SEAT... is CONFUSED and/or DELUSIONAL and/or LYING. I think I have got him scratching his head and thinking hard about it. I asked him to do a Flight Plan for me directly over the South Pole with the tail of the plane facing due North and the Nose of the plane pointing due South... flying the plane on a direct due South heading without even the slightest turning of the plane to South East or South West. With his own lap top and flight software within his computer on his lap he told me he was unable to do such a Flight Plan because he did not have the "right software." He said I would have to ask a Dispatcher at a major airline for such a Flight Plan, which I will be doing.

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  • Glenn parent
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  • Glenn parent
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  • Glenn parent
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  • 7s29
    7s29 Aylar önce

    This satanist will get his wish, he'll be going to hell alright.

  • DJ Miell
    DJ Miell Aylar önce

    Every planet weve ever observed is a sphere, but earth is flat. Makes sense. Flattards.

  • Ulquiorra cifer
    Ulquiorra cifer Aylar önce +1

    like hell no!!! :3

  • William Brasky
    William Brasky Aylar önce

    Every day more humans wake up to the globe deception... Flat truth his world peace

    DIRTDIVER882 Aylar önce

    THATS proof?? Sry debo, not gna take someone whos screaming "outter space mother fuckers while barely out of the atmosphere. I love the funny shit, but stick to ur day job bud, ie. Shoving shit up ur ass & doing whip its on camera

  • Ase
    Ase Aylar önce +1

    lmao you guys are idiots

  • Mike Morris
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  • Te Korowhiti
    Te Korowhiti Aylar önce

    Evil demon go straight to hell

  • Kai Szabo
    Kai Szabo Aylar önce

    I wonder why no one still hasnt fell of the earth with a ship If the earth is flat

  • Kai Szabo
    Kai Szabo Aylar önce

    Hey when you think the earth looks only curved because of a fisheye lense, so why isnt the wing of the aircraft?

  • Fev Ola
    Fev Ola Aylar önce

    As if I’d Believe a junkie like Steve O,and the rest of his Junkie Mates.
    Your part of the Hollywood fuckwits
    Praise Jesus

  • Jerry Aaronson
    Jerry Aaronson Aylar önce

    I am always amazed at all the conspiracy theories that come from people that know very little about what they are talking about. The earth is flat, ISS is faked, or what ever. People always say we don't have a space station and that it is being faked from a sound stage somewhere in the U.S. yet funny thing, multiple amateur astronomers have photographed it as it flew over their location on the earth. You might ask how can somebody photograph an object about 300 miles away when it is hard to see terrestrial objects on the ground that far away? Your looking through less atmospheric distortion when looking straight up as opposed to across the planet.

    Hundreds if not thousands of amateur radio operators have listened to and or connected with onboard computers (Packet Radio) and or talked via voice communications on bands that are only good for line of sight communications from everywhere in the world and only as the orbit of ISS or the Shuttle places it in your hemisphere at given times of the day. Also they have downloaded pictures from the spacecraft which were sent via SSTV (slow scan TV) I have personally done some of these things and have to track the spaceship with directional antennas as it traverses the sky.
    With the Apollo flights, several amateur operators were able to receive direct voice communications on line of sight frequencies while pointing at the moon with their radio telescopes or EME (earth moon earth) radio setups. You can't fake this sort of thing on these frequencies. If your in London and and they are in a sound stage anywhere in the U.S. you wouldn't be able to hear it on the frequencies they were listening on. You wouldn't be able to hear them in the midwest if they were on a sound stage in Florida unless in the rare case of tropospheric ducting which is rare and only lasts a short time. They communicate on UHF and VHF, and microwave frequencies which do not propagate like HF frequencies.
    Then there was the argument of well there was no delay in the signal and therefore they couldn't be way out in space like everybody says. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles a second meaning it would travel around the earth about 7 times in one second.. The ISS is under 300 miles up, and the moon is ruffly 238,000 miles away so the ISS there would be no delay and with the Apollo landings the delay is minimal about 1.3 sec which would be mostly undetectable considering delay in responses when they are talking as they sometimes don't respond back quickly on either side. Point is it would never be minutes.
    It would take a lot to fool the very knowledgable and vast community of amateur astronomers and radio operators out there in the world back then or today. There is a myriad of other things that I won’t even mention because you all want your conspiracy at any cost and will never be convinced of the truth. I have taken way too long to even reply to the ignorance I am seeing espoused on these channels.
    I might add also that everything else God created in the solar system that we look at is a sphere and yet you think we are the only thing that isn't? You have such a conviction about what you believe that you don't even use your real name when posting your theories. Not one respected and tenured scientist from any other country has said the earth is flat.

  • illuminatisos
    illuminatisos Aylar önce

    The Creator sends no one to hell.. People go to hell because of their actions. It is their choice. The Creator plays no part in people going to hell. Steve-O is a lost soul. I pity him. And the hate he has for the One who created this earth for him to mock the Creator. So sad.

  • Stephen Vigililante
    Stephen Vigililante Aylar önce

    this guy is pure cancer

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen Aylar önce

    The earth is round. Get over it.

  • Angel Belau
    Angel Belau Aylar önce

    I cannot believe this is an argument.

  • Nanoblast Inc
    Nanoblast Inc Aylar önce

    budha: religious freedom
    3 eyes: eye of the mind, to see transcendental shit or chakra's or whatever, don't quote me.
    snake: they were worhsipped by germans before christianisation.
    pentagram and hexagram: that's just chemistry, you dare insult dat?
    and the satan in the fish symbol: don't know about the satan part, but before christianity was legalized in the roman empire, the fish was a symbol for J-boy, because the greek word Ichtus, meaning fish, was an acronym for J-boy. the tattoo is probably a statement.
    and here comes the best:
    XXX. 30 gold pieces. that's how much judas got for his betrayal. learn your bible.

  • Veiss seven
    Veiss seven Aylar önce

    slam dunk, this is verifiable proof.

  • Jon Nico
    Jon Nico Aylar önce

    That’s all folks!....

  • Evie Warner
    Evie Warner Aylar önce

    Video showing a round planet & people are to dumb to comprehend. Lmao

  • Espalda Boca
    Espalda Boca Aylar önce

    Xfake news

  • Jer Alm
    Jer Alm 2 aylar önce

    LMFAO! 😂😂😂😂 oh shit oh shit I'm sorry I'm sorry I'll quit I'll quit I'll quit😂 but I can't help it LMFAO!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if you're looking around for the fucktard and you can't find him then it's you!😂😂😂 wait wait wait why are we the only flat planet?😂😂😂 no wait seriously wait I'll fuck I can't do it LMFAO😂😂😂😂 the Earth is round fuck tards deal with it!😂😂😂😂

  • Alex W
    Alex W 2 aylar önce

    Song? It's something from Blackmill right?

  • FreakMagic
    FreakMagic 2 aylar önce +2

    109K veiws. I bet that brought in a few hundred bucks. I can't wait for this meme to be over.

  • Elo Him
    Elo Him 2 aylar önce

    Something smells fishy, satans little helpers, lol..
    Great video
    Shalom and blessings

  • ernesto gonzalez
    ernesto gonzalez 2 aylar önce

    What song was that playing?

  • Wayne Gourdine
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  • Geo
    Geo 2 aylar önce

    Wow, the Earth is Flat? I wonder how the Soviets and the US kept themselves on the same page during the cold war

  • Joseph Goulet
    Joseph Goulet 2 aylar önce

    This kiddz an idiot Stevie ZERO he should go take an ASS dive right in tha face ballz hangin on his chinny chin chin faaaawkin PUNK

  • George Waldron
    George Waldron 2 aylar önce

    You are an IDIOT, the earth is round and has always been round .

  • not a bot
    not a bot 2 aylar önce

    And exhibit 3, fucking curved. Are you blind.

  • not a bot
    not a bot 2 aylar önce

    Fucking retarded if you think the earth is flat.

  • Michael Cole
    Michael Cole 2 aylar önce

    I don't believe in God/gods however, I am not at all interested in proving or disproving them but here is my question; if everyone found out that the Earth is truly spherical, how does that affect their religion? If I found out that the Earth was truly flat, I'd definitely start questioning our research as it is VERY specific in its explanations of our Earth's forms and phenomena. Most of what I have seen in religious texts are vague and/or not at all focused on forms or phenomena of the earth but are directed specifically at human nature. So like I asked, how would a spherical Earth threaten these ideas or philosophies? Please share personal thoughts and even religious quotes. I am only curious and sincerely asking for everyone's thoughts on this. Thank you!

  • night on the tiles
    night on the tiles 2 aylar önce

    The thing with conspiracy theories is no matter how much information you are told.. You'll always have some crazy reason to reject it... As it doesn't fit your conspiracy theory.... I.believe the moon is made of cheese.. We know that isn't true but can you prove it isn't?

  • night on the tiles
    night on the tiles 2 aylar önce

    The earth is not flat.. Get a grip you nuts

  • Johnny Sofranko
    Johnny Sofranko 2 aylar önce

    Earth LOOKS flat when still in the horizon.until you in space then youll see it

  • Allan Bolton
    Allan Bolton 2 aylar önce

    you can't fix stupid........

  • Those Blues
    Those Blues 2 aylar önce

    Omfg you stupid cunt

  • Nick R
    Nick R 2 aylar önce

    concord pilots and passengers talked about seeing the curvature before your conspiracy even hit mainstream tinfoil, google it. they post pictures too, all fake right I know they were implanted . everyone who flew concords regularly is a liar, every military pilot is a liar, every astronaut is a liar, for every country that's ever sent men in high altitudes they re all in on it😂 best secret keepers ever

  • Tilted Hermione
    Tilted Hermione 2 aylar önce

    go for yourself and then disprove it moron

  • Evil Grandmother
    Evil Grandmother 2 aylar önce

    nice people of earth on this comment section, your brains are flat

  • justame smith
    justame smith 2 aylar önce

    Pretty funny with the fisheye a few feet from ground

  • Raul Cuellar
    Raul Cuellar 2 aylar önce

    Love the music brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnnypelos
    johnnypelos 2 aylar önce

    Steve O? Hahahaha

  • rubydoesnotexist •
    rubydoesnotexist • 2 aylar önce

    Wtf there's a bunch of idiot fe fags holy shit or maybe it's just sarcasm

  • Cain A
    Cain A 2 aylar önce

    Just subscribed. Had to..

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 2 aylar önce

    This is pretty stupid....How can a military fighter jet reach that high???

    HYBRIDZ 2 aylar önce


  • tony toe
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  • Robert Tulibacki
    Robert Tulibacki 2 aylar önce

    We started out beliveing the earth was flat so whats the point of lying? If it was flat that what we would of kept believing.

  • leon112089
    leon112089 2 aylar önce

    This makes no sense this is a pointless argument why would people lie about earth being flat? Or round? What is the motive? What do "they" get from lying?

  • LIL Mayo
    LIL Mayo 2 aylar önce

    Of course it’s mostly Christians who believes the earth is flat

  • Devin D
    Devin D 2 aylar önce

    Yay blackmill music haha

  • James P
    James P 2 aylar önce

    Just like that flat moon u see at night.. or that stupid flat sun... flat earthtards just want attention...

  • Israels Judah
    Israels Judah 2 aylar önce

    Don't believe in this CGI crap.. his job is to deceive you.. you not getting no truth from this one.. hoax the earth is flat..

    • CodGeronimo
      CodGeronimo 2 aylar önce

      How can you tell when something is CGI and when it isn't. I assume you can when something happens to go against what you WANT to be true, because you're scared of what ACTUALLY is true.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 aylar önce

    If you think the earth is flat then your a moron. Honestly it's fucking ridiculous how anyone in this day and age who isn't mentality disabled or a child can possibly believe the earth is flat. It's not even debatable, we PROVEN it. Btw, I'm a 10ft reptilian shapeshifter who works for the cia.

  • Denis Jakupi
    Denis Jakupi 2 aylar önce

    Why is the commentator talking like a flightpilot hahahah

  • Jonathan Zarco
    Jonathan Zarco 2 aylar önce

    Damn it Steve O...
    6,000 miles
    That's how far you have to be to see the curvature

  • Fidel Santos
    Fidel Santos 2 aylar önce


  • Motionless Werks
    Motionless Werks 2 aylar önce

    with all the aerial shots, film footage, travel by various methods, the fact that an "edge" or end or border or anything has never been found or documented, and the fact that no explorer has ever reached or disappeared over the edge...ever...throughout history....I can't understand how, without proof of an ending.....which would be huge, encircling or bordering the entire land mass, you can believe the earth is flat. The flat earth can't explain pole magnetism, proof of past pole shifts, seasons, very well at all. You have the right to believe what you will, but without real do you expect to convince anyone?

  • final lucario
    final lucario 2 aylar önce

    The earth is round you idiots

  • harme Nas
    harme Nas 2 aylar önce

    he wasnt serious. he was just fucking around and actually back firing the truth

  • ForeverFlame88
    ForeverFlame88 2 aylar önce

    Satan is trying to throw you a curve ball. get it? :)