Everything Wrong With The Nut Job In 11 Minutes Or Less


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  • Warlord calithar
    Warlord calithar 4 gün önce

    Every one who likes this movie is nuts

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 4 gün önce

    I’m slim surly yes I’m the real surly all you other slim surly are just imitating so won’t the real slim surly please stand up please stand up.

  • Joeri Van Aalzum
    Joeri Van Aalzum 5 gün önce

    I ecpected way more dick jokes

  • Kyle The enigma
    Kyle The enigma 5 gün önce

    I'm a darts player and I know a lot of people that hang there dart boards on things that have no back stop

  • Peter Gruhn
    Peter Gruhn 6 gün önce

    I've never heard of this.

  • Ethan Waldron
    Ethan Waldron 6 gün önce

    Review Nut Job 2!

  • Mekhi Black
    Mekhi Black 7 gün önce

    Okay not every character is evil only the humans and Raccoon.

  • Mr nobody 31
    Mr nobody 31 7 gün önce


  • Darkness
    Darkness 7 gün önce

    6:53 lol XD

  • Billyyy boi
    Billyyy boi 7 gün önce

    Watch the deleted scene things.

  • Jose Blanco
    Jose Blanco 8 gün önce

    I made the mistake of picking this movie instead of letting my parents and brother watch the Hobbit movie. My parents even offered me money just to keep quiet and watch the Hobbit, but I was apparently stubborn.
    It was probably because of my Autism or something, but looking back, I feel like a dumb asshole and regret what I did. All because Jeff Dunham was in it. I realize now that his puppets were funny, not him. Well, some parts of him were funny. My 13 or 14 year old self wasn't thinking. When did the movie come out again?

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 8 gün önce

    "Man forces his nuts in little girl's mouth in public"

  • Chiwawah AJ
    Chiwawah AJ 8 gün önce +1

    Why does nut job actually sound wrong?
    Adding alot of sins because the title has a dark humour to it
    The nut job could mean something like a blow job but on someone's balls
    Anyone agree?

  • Endermage77
    Endermage77 8 gün önce

    Sin #1: The title

  • Spark The Fox
    Spark The Fox 8 gün önce +2

    ha ha

  • Happy Face Ace
    Happy Face Ace 9 gün önce

    Did you know they made a sequel to this movie? Have fun with that buddy

  • Phalanx
    Phalanx 9 gün önce

    all the cops at the donut shop have the same model.

  • Yuki Matsumoto
    Yuki Matsumoto 9 gün önce

    Oh.... This movie... I remember watching every second of it one time i was bored...
    Kill me XD

  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon 10 gün önce

    Tbh when I first saw this movie's title I thought it was aimed at adults because it's a sexual joke... Funny, but how in the high hell did they get that past the radar? XD

  • J R
    J R 11 gün önce +2

    1:27 there is a bad quote, reply what it is

  • Alec Leitao
    Alec Leitao 11 gün önce

    wat is ex machina

  • cameron alexander
    cameron alexander 12 gün önce

    The newspaper is actually part of the movie script! I just realized that!

  • CoolGamer TV34
    CoolGamer TV34 12 gün önce

    cant wait until Everything wrong with the grinch 2018

  • Ku Kos
    Ku Kos 13 gün önce

    How to fail NNN In 11 Minutes Or Less

  • Spicydav23
    Spicydav23 13 gün önce

    Hey that’s the Horse from Horsin around

  • Jacob Walsh
    Jacob Walsh 13 gün önce

    Someone kicked a pigeon

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston 14 gün önce

    Sins to people saying the title is sexual a nut job is a crazy person not a sexual activity

  • Bennett Butts
    Bennett Butts 14 gün önce

    I hate this movie. It’s so lazy and unfunny

  • Nefluf Love
    Nefluf Love 14 gün önce +1

    The title of this dumb movie is a double entendre

  • Funk Man Tim
    Funk Man Tim 15 gün önce

    not sure about you, but I know very few nuts that are not more expensive than cashew nuts.

  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 15 gün önce

    I Hate You, Movie.

  • FixedKarma
    FixedKarma 15 gün önce

    You forgot to sin why the fuck the city has dynamite

  • Fuzes
    Fuzes 15 gün önce

    "The Nut Job" sounds like a cheap porn

  • Kitty Kitty
    Kitty Kitty 15 gün önce

    the name of the movie is litterally sexual activity god people.

  • MegaCaptainswag
    MegaCaptainswag 15 gün önce

    I’m so crazy I fapped off to this

  • Danil Vinyukov
    Danil Vinyukov 15 gün önce

    It does take place in the 70's because remember that camera newspaper. It said some old woman sold a 80 year old nut shop. And this shop was established in 1892.

  • Toy Funtime
    Toy Funtime 15 gün önce

    What do you call it when someone gets hired to cum the nut job haha

  • Egill Hrafn Markússon
    Egill Hrafn Markússon 15 gün önce

    10:20 that fits soo well

  • The House of Animation
    The House of Animation 15 gün önce

    I guess the sin for the credits was ok,but double points! Let this movie live a little.

  • liz the camle wiz
    liz the camle wiz 16 gün önce

    Someone kicked at pidgeon.

  • Wafflest Waffle
    Wafflest Waffle 16 gün önce

    10:10 That's racist.

    MR. GOONCH 16 gün önce

    You could have done another Monty python reference with the floating rocks but nooooooooo

  • Aibossu
    Aibossu 16 gün önce

    Notice that the Empire State in the background

  • Inferngame 24/6
    Inferngame 24/6 16 gün önce

    6:38 he ran into a pole

  • Gacha Lime
    Gacha Lime 17 gün önce

    1:16 damn they stole universals meaning of you know who frickin talking bout Voldemort let’s give 100000000000 more sins

    NICHOLAS_J_O_F 17 gün önce

    You mist a sin 3:29 you can see there is no shades on the window but hear you can see there are 3:35

  • Springtrap00978
    Springtrap00978 17 gün önce

    11:03 …..

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 17 gün önce

    *the nose job*

  • Web the Great
    Web the Great 17 gün önce

    Can't wait until "Everything wrong with detective pikachu in 10 hours or less, part 1 of 12"

  • Jinx Quinn
    Jinx Quinn 17 gün önce

    Double this movies final sin count that it got a sequel

  • Bob the Purple dinosaur
    Bob the Purple dinosaur 18 gün önce

    Never an add

  • Х Δ Ɽ К Ξ Π
    Х Δ Ɽ К Ξ Π 18 gün önce

    This movie exists? Maybe I should've just kept it a secret to myself.

  • Finian Salas
    Finian Salas 18 gün önce


  • Cayden Murdock
    Cayden Murdock 18 gün önce

    4:24 he can’t speak

  • Mike Carlson
    Mike Carlson 18 gün önce

    Does it not feel like this movie and G-Force are somehow two sides of the same coin?

  • Dualandjdogplayz YoutubeChannel

    No nut November

  • Tributes
    Tributes 18 gün önce

    Butt butt butt butt butt now LAUGH

  • Kalico Fox
    Kalico Fox 19 gün önce

    Thanks for reminding me that last year for Thanksgiving my dad got us this movie to watch

  • Cloak Man
    Cloak Man 19 gün önce

    The name is alr a sin

  • Swift Pawz
    Swift Pawz 19 gün önce

    4:20 actually, take one sin off because the rat, aka Buddy, is actually a mute and cannot speak so he has to comunicate to him by getting Surly out of the way.

  • ConfusedFey
    ConfusedFey 19 gün önce

    Sin 40: my dog is that level of dumbass trust me

  • SaladBread
    SaladBread 19 gün önce +2

    You saddened me today because you reminded me that this movie existed.

  • Rockin Roxy
    Rockin Roxy 19 gün önce

    8 minute mark:
    87 sins... its beautiful

  • Dank Meme
    Dank Meme 20 gün önce

    I feel like the number of repeated sins (the fart jokes) should having an invreasing value. First=1 sin, second=2 sins, third=4 sins so on and so forth

  • Snoopy the ace
    Snoopy the ace 20 gün önce

    I'm surprised he didn't mention how the title sounds like a cheap porn movie.

  • Trevor Slinkard
    Trevor Slinkard 21 gün önce

    I don’t think an episode this short got this many sins before.

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander 21 gün önce

    2x sins. Gg no re

  • The Palm Juice
    The Palm Juice 22 gün önce

    Watching this at no nut november :)

  • Flarbargason
    Flarbargason 22 gün önce

    1:34 Ok, I’ll explain it then. A grown man shoved his nuts into a girl scout’s mouth.

  • This Idiot
    This Idiot 22 gün önce

    The name though, what a sin for nuts

  • Kevin Uukkivi
    Kevin Uukkivi 23 gün önce

    i tought the girl scout was a boy scout

  • Speedcow-Airsoft
    Speedcow-Airsoft 23 gün önce

    He showed a fat nut into her mouth

  • Lydia Thompson
    Lydia Thompson 23 gün önce

    you forgot something on the 12 sin... It was You Know Who, THAT'S COPYRIGHTED FROM HARRY POTTER

  • Miro Kovachevich
    Miro Kovachevich 23 gün önce

    I watched this movie and when a guy said “ So long losers” the subtitles said “So long assholes” which made the movie better

  • Out Of This World Productions

    I JUST realized that Precious is voiced by the same person as Mittens from Bolt...

  • David Noriega
    David Noriega 23 gün önce


  • August RempelEwert
    August RempelEwert 23 gün önce

    The "half-assed door closing" probably shouldn't be a sin, because everyone does it. Some days, it feels as if nobody on Earth except me is willing to close a door all the way.

  • mathew {lonley, eater of blood}

    10:10 only double wow that is nice

  • Joseph Stratton
    Joseph Stratton 24 gün önce

    I actually ate an acorn it tasted terrible

  • White Jaguar
    White Jaguar 24 gün önce

    Gundam Style, a trend that may or may not have been 2 years late.

  • Albert Jones
    Albert Jones 24 gün önce

    The nape is wrong.

  • stupidcrazy paw patrol fan

    The title of the movie makes me want to cringe even after realizing it was a Kids movie

  • GameRunner
    GameRunner 25 gün önce

    Buddy can't speak so

  • Jade Wolfy
    Jade Wolfy 25 gün önce

    Anyone else notice surly and bojack from BoJack Horseman are the same voice actor

  • Nicolas Mitchell
    Nicolas Mitchell 25 gün önce


  • Nicolas Mitchell
    Nicolas Mitchell 25 gün önce

    Just for gangnam style credits consider your sins 100000× total sins 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Owen Bernard III
    Owen Bernard III 25 gün önce

    another name for the nut shop is...DEEZ NUTS.
    I'm sorry

  • JLynn9880
    JLynn9880 25 gün önce

    I enjoyed this movie honestly.

  • TheRandomestR
    TheRandomestR 26 gün önce

    the name is already wrong

    THE YOUTUBE_BEAR 26 gün önce

    I am partially blind and I think the mole is also racist

  • Ethan Van Rooyen
    Ethan Van Rooyen 26 gün önce

    OK so one kg of cashews = approximately 18.06 and the first racetrack on google (so take this with a grain of salt) costs 18 million so we would need 99,67 kg of cashews to buy a racetrack but feel free to correct me If I got this wrong

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith 26 gün önce

    2:42 that, my friend is a Tom and Jerry movie
    No joke

  • Kate and Stuff
    Kate and Stuff 26 gün önce

    Rip off Over the Hedge is rip off Over the Hedge! *DING*

  • Blocky
    Blocky 26 gün önce

    Nothn but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Rats Need Love Too.
    Rats Need Love Too. 26 gün önce

    9:33 Those arnt floating rocks... their bags of nuts.

  • Spoopy Boi
    Spoopy Boi 26 gün önce

    I can’t watch this it’s no nut november

  • TheLegitWaffle
    TheLegitWaffle 27 gün önce

    Best move title 10/10

    SNAKETAILS 1000 27 gün önce

    l o o k a t t h e s i n c o u n t
    look at the sin count

  • Elijah Andrews
    Elijah Andrews 27 gün önce

    Wait. So the s-word is cursing but the a-word and d-word aren't!?

  • Miniminter The2nd
    Miniminter The2nd 28 gün önce

    Directors:Nut Job? Good Title It’ll Make Us Money
    Children:Can We Watch The Nut Job Mummy?