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whats going on with Eryn.....

  • katma 1 Eki 2022
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  • Cindy Ibarra

    I am so pro education. Eryn get your degree girl. You will find what you’re good at through your pursuit. I don’t regret a single day of college.

  • nope
    nope  +383

    It’s SO INCREDIBLY admirable that eryn chose college instead of depending on her aunt to help her do things. She will still have the privilege that comes along with being connected with Laura but the fact that she is choosing to go to college I feel like earns her the respect of people who don’t have the privilege of having a well connected influencer family member.

  • amanda lauderdale

    Get that degree girlie! No one can take your degree away from you! Plus you’ll meet so many people with similar interests and gain autonomy doing something just for you :)

  • Haley
    Haley  +1

    I have a marketing degree and I work in marketing. Honestly all the info we learned is so outdated bc marketing changes so fast. Also I had to laugh when Eryn said she wanted to do PR but she doesn’t know who will help her get into that without a degree 😂 Miss mAAM the PR people are beating down your aunt’s door 😂😂😂

  • Shawnee Vee

    Hi Eryn, I’ve been in marketing for 10 years and having a degree is really important, even if it’s not related. We don’t hire anyone at our agency without a degree.

  • Kristina McCoy

    I'm pro college. It's not just learning through books. The best 4 years of my life. Growing, maturing, gaining independence and being 8 hours away from home were all amazing things. I had to rely on myself. Stick with college you have your whole life to work.

  • Lo Sha
    Lo Sha  +14

    I’m actually pretty surprised about Laura’s point of view, like ‘you don’t need college, I can pull some strings and you’ll work regardless.’ Education is never a waste of time!

  • Brandi Spry

    Any college is definitely NOT a waste. So even if Eryn quits after a semester she still will have learned things and had a good experience. I am proud of her for being so open and honest on this channel. Good luck Eryn!

  • sam lou
    sam lou  +904

    No hate to this comment, Eryn is lucky that she has an aunt that knows people and can probably get her ahead, this isn’t the case for everyone, I did a 4 year marketing degree and still had to work from the bottom up, just didn’t want people to come to this video and think that it’s easy to go the no college route.

  • Annika Senebald

    I think that you can never, EVER go wrong with an education, even if you don't end up in the field your degree/cert/diploma is in.

  • Shirl Ann
    Shirl Ann  +50

    College is not a waste of time. As a person who has gone to college and taught college, it is not a waste. Community college is where I started, transferred, did a degree in English, and went to grad school. Education benefits more than it hurts.

  • Lindsey Malizia

    COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE!! You can’t rely on your aunt who got lucky. Please never deter child, especially one who’s interested!!!!! Go girl, get that degree!!!

  • Rachel Kiep

    It’s crazy how as soon as we graduate high school (even before), we’re expected to know what we want to do and be. I now have my masters and am just realizing that I don’t even want to do what I majored in for the rest of my life. Take as much time as you need to figure out what you want to do and be to ensure you won’t regret it

  • Purple Ivy
    Purple Ivy  +239

    A college degree shows that a young adult can be dependable, can follow through on their life goals and has matured. I’ve worked in HR for 20 years, we don’t always care what your degree is in, but a 4 year and now even a Masters degree is absolutely needed. But starting out in CC is a great idea.

  • Allie
    Allie  +249

    Laura I’m so happy to hear you tell Eryn she needs to decide what she wants to do! It has been so nice watching you and Tyler become such an important part of Eryn’s life. Eryn will be wonderful in whatever she decides to do💗

  • janelle l

    Man hearing Laura talking about her mom had me In tears. Jesus. Lord. Sending all the love.

  • Alli McDonald

    community college is deff the way to go!! I started at a state uni and HATED it but I'm in love with the community college and it's SO much cheaper!

  • Megan
    Megan  +123

    My college years were the best years of my life. I met my best friends there and it was absolutely the right decision for me. However, I know college is not for everyone. Do what’s best for you, Eryn! I’m very pro secondary education and do think Eryn would benefit from it, regardless of connections Laura could get her.

  • Kelly Resch

    Eryn is the same age as my son who just started college, and it’s really fast to have moved home. I’m so glad she has Laura to support her emotionally, and I hope she finds her way back to school. You’ll find your wings.

  • bunmei06
    bunmei06  +22

    My mom always encouraged me to get at least a bachelor degree like “no matter what faculty, no matter what you study, just get a degree”. Some people might say it’s a waste of time, but for me it was the best 4 years I had since it opened my eyes and mind to a next level and met so many people. Also, it was through college that I met my husband too 😊 even though I didn’t know back at that time what I wanted to be or work for, I just took what I could get and move on forward.