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Dunkuza Kiwami

  • katma 14 Ağu 2022
  • Big big spoilers alert even though you won't read this and will get mad anyway.
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  • @jordangeer8964

    Yakuza is the kind of game series that writes all of Dunkey’s absurdity into the actual game, so he doesn’t have to do any of it himself

  • @AncelDeLambert

    I love how this is literally just Dunkey playing the game, there's not even really any jokes, this is just Yakuza

  • @squid5149

    Majima Everywhere was a perfect mixture of funny and terrifying

  • @uglybutton6099

    "this side quest should take like 10 seconds to resolve probably. Okay now I have to customize every single part of my toy car"

  • @LmfaoBanana

    The car racing game was brilliant. It was a metacommentary on how, you, the player, is going to waste half your life on the very game he lost his on.

  • @MJeffSantos

    Dunkey perfectly captured what Yakuza is all about: pocket racing, karaoke, a lot of bullshit and Goro Majima.

  • @tinman602

    This has to be one of the best slot car racing games I've ever played, and the yakuza-themed beat 'em up minigame is surprisingly in-depth.

  • @Nemesis_T-Type

    And he did all of that without killing a single person, just amazing

  • @nicknish
    @nicknish  +52

    Top comments didn’t mention how perfect that outro song is. It’s the theme song of Don Quijote, the beloved Japanese discount store found in Japan and Hawaii. As you walk through the store’s massive halls of floor-to-ceiling goods or getting boba and hachiko taiyaki, you’ll hear this song again and again.

  • @Dcook85
    @Dcook85  +173

    What an amazing New York Style video Dunkey. You always out-do yourself.

  • @cashewlater5317

    Found out you can beat Majima so many times to the point he just chills out smoking a cig.

  • @Turbopasta

    I'm proud of Dunkey for at least attempting spoiler warnings in the description, thank you donkey-senpai

  • @DanJilek

    We are witnessing a Dunkey classic right before our eyes

  • @brinksectionz

    The subtle "oh shit, he stopped fork-man" from the side character was legit awesome

  • @statesminds1561

    I love the Yakuza series so much. Its one of only things that can make me laugh hysterically and also sob like a baby lol

  • @marcelabotelho1065

    I wouldn't mind to have a full playthrough of this, with Dunkey reading all the dialogue. He reads stuff good.

  • @ubermaster1

    Majima being a random but convenient occupation every few minutes is genuinely a really funny gag.

  • @edwardbaez3940

    What terrifies me is the fact that Majima REALLY IS his greatest ally

  • @SwageProductions

    It’s so great that Dunkey provides us a New York style video that’s so good it doesn’t have any dislikes. Dunkerton giving us another classic!

  • @ptaotom4512

    I love it how during all the games kiryu legit doesn’t age while everyone else does