Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | October 15, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 16 Eki 2019
  • Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | October 15, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Jay_brizzy
    Jay_brizzy Aylar önce

    The Celtics bench should stand until they make a shot like last year and the year before

  • Jonah Marquis
    Jonah Marquis Aylar önce

    Feel like I'm watching someone play 2K20 right now.

  • Akash R
    Akash R Aylar önce +1

    As a fellow Purdue student that was disappointed to see Carsen end up a 2nd round pick, I really hope he proves the scouts wrong and becomes ROTY

  • HIPFIT Prod.
    HIPFIT Prod. Aylar önce

    KPJ doesn’t get enough touches

  • Mike Sharon
    Mike Sharon Aylar önce

    Edward's is a stud!!! 8threes in 5mins DAAAAMMNNN!!!!

  • SilverBack Gorilla Gang

    Edwards went nuts bro.

  • DrPepperJunior
    DrPepperJunior Aylar önce

    were all here for one and one thing only god damn it! TACKO

  • 764 Play
    764 Play Aylar önce

    Carsen Edwards really that nice.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Aylar önce

    Tacko makes guys like Edwards look like the dwarf from Game of Thrones. Edwards is 6 foot 1 which is above average height compared to the rest of us.

  • sirt3z
    sirt3z Aylar önce

    Yes we have some awesome guards on our team this year but we need awesome shot blockers like Robert Williams and Tacko Fall Celtics desperately needs the shot blocking as well as anything else

  • CL Anderson
    CL Anderson Aylar önce


  • Mackolm X
    Mackolm X Aylar önce +1

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish this happened on TNT sooo I can hear Ernie, Kenny, Shaq, and Chuck discuss how this young man got these MF’n buckets! I’m talking consecutive 3s 🔥🔥

    • L.L. Mack
      L.L. Mack Aylar önce

      Best post game show.. ESPN did an overhaul to try keep up.

  • schwan humes
    schwan humes Aylar önce

    kevin love is a really good player, people don't appreciate how poised balanced and refined game he has

  • Random Grove Street Thug #4

    I really don’t know why Bron and Kyrie left smmfh

  • GerMart
    GerMart Aylar önce

    Celtics weren't even looking at Tacko when he was out there. Plenty of lob opportunities they ignored trying to look good themselves. He did look a bit lost on defense though, out of position much of the time and not reacting well but it was a fast paced summer league type of a game and big men often get left out of those kind of games on offense.

  • Lil ishhh
    Lil ishhh Aylar önce

    If taco wasn’t tall no one will like him

  • Kesey Designs
    Kesey Designs Aylar önce

    Has anyone seen this French big man play yet. He is incredible.
    He will be the starting big for the Celtics by playoffs! Dude is a Beast

  • Herbo _x
    Herbo _x Aylar önce +1

    Kevin love should join the GSW or not⁉️

  • Kami G
    Kami G Aylar önce

    Carsen Edwards hits 8 threes in the quarter 9 for the game and the announcers talk about it so casually 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Proppa Music
    Proppa Music Aylar önce +1

    *Carson Edwards? I like Waters better he can drive and shoot and handle ball well, Edwards was just shooting*

  • Creative Concerts
    Creative Concerts Aylar önce

    Tough to be the Cavs. They just got killed by the Celtics D League squad.

  • Master Carbuncle
    Master Carbuncle Aylar önce

    Green in, Tacko out.

  • SiLenT366
    SiLenT366 Aylar önce +1

    They took Edwards out at a chance for a record in a preseason game? Fire the coach right now.

  • Kofi Afriyie
    Kofi Afriyie Aylar önce

    Mmmm 0-82 record coming up cavs

  • Fifa is the best
    Fifa is the best Aylar önce

    You guys just watched because of tacko

  • King In My Own Mind
    King In My Own Mind Aylar önce

    "In my'd have to knock him down a couple times..." LoL

  • Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant Aylar önce

    Edwards In The Zone!

  • Colin Wolf
    Colin Wolf Aylar önce


  • GMB Chum
    GMB Chum Aylar önce

    The Cavs commentator’s reaction at 5:43 is hilarious

  • Dustin Dee
    Dustin Dee Aylar önce

    That boy got HOF green machine

  • Mathew Campbell
    Mathew Campbell Aylar önce

    SO if you had to pick right NOW...your the gm and you have 2 options Tyler Herro or Carsen Edwards. Who you taking?

  • Labiang Jonathan
    Labiang Jonathan Aylar önce

    Carsen Edwards Tacko Fall Tremont Waters- the future for the Celtics

  • Time Is Money
    Time Is Money Aylar önce

    Why is Clarkson coming in the game in the 3rd quarter

  • Wakemeup Now
    Wakemeup Now Aylar önce

    Get the ball to Tacko!

  • Wakemeup Now
    Wakemeup Now Aylar önce

    Is this the Celtics? I don’t recognize one player

  • WorldPeace HOFFA
    WorldPeace HOFFA Aylar önce +5


  • Buom tut
    Buom tut Aylar önce

    I don't know people are bashing the cavs it's like they're rebuilding chill

  • V L
    V L Aylar önce

    The announcers are sickening to listen to. Time to scrap the reporter’s Cleveland & hire a new crew & change the wind and gold. Cavaliers whole atmosphere is dull.

  • Doodoomarco morris
    Doodoomarco morris Aylar önce

    that was afoul in the first quarter of the game

  • J Alves
    J Alves Aylar önce +1

    I’m a die hard Celtics fan, Tack Fall sucks, stop making him a thing, he’s tall and that’s it. Won’t be getting any playing time this season

  • Real Praxis
    Real Praxis Aylar önce

    Why the Cavs have to fucking suck?!!! Im not a fan of them but shit, they're terrible

  • bjern757
    bjern757 Aylar önce

    Edwards was fuckin lit 🔥

  • Donnie Pate
    Donnie Pate Aylar önce +1

    Carson Edwards is gone be really good

  • Imanuel Gonzalez
    Imanuel Gonzalez Aylar önce

    Unfortunately this is a home game. If this were in the garden than everybody would go crazy over carsen Edwards; this crowd does not care.

  • SorzMusic
    SorzMusic Aylar önce

    Them Celtics are short as hell

  • Shawn
    Shawn Aylar önce

    6:02 that pass

  • EBV
    EBV Aylar önce

    What did this Edwards guy drink at half time?

  • Imanuel Gonzalez
    Imanuel Gonzalez Aylar önce

    Carsen Edwards is the future Clay Thompson

  • Rishi Montesdeoca
    Rishi Montesdeoca Aylar önce

    Tremont is a DOG #CT

  • aka flowmaster鲁迅
    aka flowmaster鲁迅 Aylar önce +2

    march madness all over again

  • theheebs100
    theheebs100 Aylar önce +2

    am I alone in seriously wondering if the celtics rookie squad could beat the starters?

  • oSkips 6
    oSkips 6 Aylar önce

    We gone be a problem keep sleeping on Boston if yu want to ok 👌🏾👍🏾

  • n u t
    n u t Aylar önce

    Bro carsen went off
    Go celts hell ya

  • cro crodie
    cro crodie Aylar önce

    Tacko tall but he just to slow

  • YoSoyDaddy25
    YoSoyDaddy25 Aylar önce +1

    Ain’t no even try and pass the ball once to tacko. Your bugging, give him a shot of offense at least.
    Notice when he is in the game no one even tries to drive the lane, a bunch of step backs is all I see

  • J Wilson
    J Wilson Aylar önce

    dudes really left kevin love in cleveland lol

  • Brother EZASOMO
    Brother EZASOMO Aylar önce

    Celtics got a steal on Edwards, 32nd pick and he's trowing 3s like that?

  • Big Boom
    Big Boom Aylar önce

    And tremont waters is really good he gone look like an allstar in the G league

  • Big Boom
    Big Boom Aylar önce

    I’m tired of people tryna tell me Edwards is a point guard there’s nothing wrong with being a 5’11 sg

  • barnesk80
    barnesk80 Aylar önce

    Again why did the suns pass up on this guy!!! Carson is a problem