Found Sea Turtles in Hawaii Underwater in Caves! (Beware of Sharks) | DALLMYD


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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see some more Hawaii diving videos! If you guys enjoy this video maybe we will make a trip back out to Hawaii this year! :D

    • Roger Crutcher
      Roger Crutcher 3 aylar önce


    • Roger Crutcher
      Roger Crutcher 3 aylar önce


    • magnaldo gaming
      magnaldo gaming 3 aylar önce

      Drop a thumbs up if you guys want him to try to com to Denmark if this coment gets 300 Likes he Will com to Denmark we have ship wrecks and sea's there not have Been Explored for long time so maby you Can found some treasure

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    • flyrockjr
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      DALLMYD those caves you were swimming in were completely covered and a massive dead coral reef

  • Sabrina Peterson
    Sabrina Peterson 10 gün önce

    I made it through all of them but 5

    KHALID ABDULLAH 13 gün önce

    I made it threw all of them but I almost died in the last one

  • Lynne Lipscomb
    Lynne Lipscomb Aylar önce +1

    6 but its easy in your arm chair lol

  • Richard Mckinney
    Richard Mckinney Aylar önce

    Made it through 5, didnt prepare for the first cave right

  • Maria Colon
    Maria Colon Aylar önce

    Sorry three

  • Maria Colon
    Maria Colon Aylar önce

    My mom made it to all of them i only made i tree only

  • Debie Mc Cannon
    Debie Mc Cannon Aylar önce

    I can't hold my breath for that long....

  • Timmeification
    Timmeification 2 aylar önce

    Is it cheating if I do multiple caves in one run? ='D

  • BlackPlectrum
    BlackPlectrum 2 aylar önce +1

    Made it through all the caves lying motionless in my bed. I highly doubt I'd be able to do it while actually diving though

  • Kara Hagan
    Kara Hagan 2 aylar önce

    which island did you go to?

  • HYP3 Venom
    HYP3 Venom 2 aylar önce

    Made it through all the caves

  • Roy Is awesome
    Roy Is awesome 2 aylar önce

    I made it through all caves

  • GippyWhite
    GippyWhite 2 aylar önce

    As a kid, I loved, loved, LOVED swimming. I’d through coins in the deep end as see how many I could get in a breath. Or if someone lost something off the high dive, I’ve always be the one taking the plunge to get it. But the last time I did that was almost 25 years ago! I am absolutely shocked that I was able to hold my breath for all but one of these! 😱🤭 Not bad for not being in the water in decades, huh?! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I am so glad you made this video, not just for the spectacular shots, but for the “try it with me” part. After seeing a few dozen of yours and your buddies videos, I was so curious about how long you guys could stay under. So awesome. This video was so beautiful that I was tearing up. Totally amazing!!! Stay safe everyone!!! Much love!!! 💙💙💙

  • Sophie 44
    Sophie 44 3 aylar önce

    This so beautiful i am crying 😭❤

  • M4X!
    M4X! 3 aylar önce +1

    i made it through all of them but its easy because i havent had to move like you did :D awesome video

  • Andres Castillo
    Andres Castillo 3 aylar önce

    all caves

  • Noah Drake
    Noah Drake 3 aylar önce


  • magnaldo gaming
    magnaldo gaming 3 aylar önce +2

    I made it 6 caves. Try to come to Denmark we have so Many cool things

  • stan_jr Jenkins
    stan_jr Jenkins 3 aylar önce

    I got through all 6 !!!

  • Hunter Scarbrough
    Hunter Scarbrough 3 aylar önce

    I made it through all 6!!!!! I love snorkeling & freediving

  • penny mandy
    penny mandy 4 aylar önce

    I made through them all, it was hard for the first ones, haven't dived in a long time so my body had forgotten some breathing techniques, but quickly remembered!

  • Elitesnipes62
    Elitesnipes62 4 aylar önce

    I made through all of them

  • Perez_
    Perez_ 4 aylar önce

    I did all

  • Crystal Skyback SSO
    Crystal Skyback SSO 4 aylar önce

    I made it through none of them ):

  • Daniel Sulistyo
    Daniel Sulistyo 4 aylar önce +5

    Its easy when we hold our breathe above the water. But down there, its a lot harder. We need to keep moving our muscles. We all know, our muscles need oxygen to work, it would taking our oxygen supply inside our lungs when we holding it. Maybe we can hold our breath through the six caves in this video. But when we down there, its a lot harder. And jake did it all, amazing..

  • Angelica Lopez
    Angelica Lopez 4 aylar önce

    all six YAAAYYY

  • Life Flight 101
    Life Flight 101 4 aylar önce +1

    Tbh I smoked a joint and a cig and was still able to do it.

  • Quince_ 0
    Quince_ 0 4 aylar önce

    I went trough all of the caves! Yay!🏊

  • Nadia Corey
    Nadia Corey 4 aylar önce +1

    I made it through all 6 caves it was much easier than i thought it would be

  • Dog Dude Drone
    Dog Dude Drone 5 aylar önce

    Smile upon my face!

  • Chase Brown
    Chase Brown 5 aylar önce +1

    I smoke all day not very good and i made it thru all 6 i thought for sure i wouldnt be able to do that much but towards the end i was getting a lil light headed lol..

  • Kayla bevier
    Kayla bevier 5 aylar önce

    I made it for all 6

  • Sierra Takiue
    Sierra Takiue 5 aylar önce

    I live in hawaii here we have difrent kinds

  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith 5 aylar önce

    I made it threw all six caves! 🤘🏼

  • Tyson Dahle
    Tyson Dahle 5 aylar önce +3

    What camera are u using? its dope footage!

  • Sophia Schorr
    Sophia Schorr 5 aylar önce +3

    I MADE IT THROUGH ALL SIX CAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnnaPai Artist
    AnnaPai Artist 5 aylar önce +2

    In hawaii when your near a sea turtle you have to stay 10 or 5 feet away im not sure but yeah its also Becuase they are endangered so we need to protect them

  • Godyrious
    Godyrious 5 aylar önce

    Made through all the caves!

  • Melissa K
    Melissa K 5 aylar önce

    Didn’t make it through the 5th one.....

  • Rachel Houghtaling
    Rachel Houghtaling 6 aylar önce

    All 6

  • Corvin Ringel
    Corvin Ringel 6 aylar önce

    I made cave 1,2,3 and 6

  • Lina D.
    Lina D. 6 aylar önce +1

    And I live in Germany so sorry for my bad English 😅

  • Benny B
    Benny B 6 aylar önce +1

    Made it through all 6

  • melanie canning
    melanie canning 6 aylar önce


  • Roy Burchfield
    Roy Burchfield 6 aylar önce +1

    these guys are so hot

  • Mordechai Schmerler
    Mordechai Schmerler 6 aylar önce


  • Nicholas Hartlaub
    Nicholas Hartlaub 6 aylar önce

    Make more cool edits through out the cids

  • Syndicate Plays
    Syndicate Plays 6 aylar önce

    only cave 1 men

  • DanTheMan RABBITT
    DanTheMan RABBITT 6 aylar önce

    all 6

  • Lance Fisher
    Lance Fisher 6 aylar önce

    A lit different then being in the water while holding your breath

  • Matschiges Etwas
    Matschiges Etwas 6 aylar önce

    All 6

  • Music Studios
    Music Studios 6 aylar önce +1

    Almost fainted on the first one but made it although, when you are swimming you need air more due to how much your body is functioning so you would be able to hold hour breath longer if you were not moving

  • zac Bustin
    zac Bustin 6 aylar önce

    I made it through all 6 caves

    • Camila Duelsable
      Camila Duelsable 6 aylar önce

      zac Bustin same and it was pretty easy but it was probably easy for me cuz iam a swimmer

  • Victoria Jack
    Victoria Jack 7 aylar önce

    Made it through all 6, hope you had a good time over here🤙🏽

  • zeeshan cassin
    zeeshan cassin 7 aylar önce +1

    All 6

  • JellyCarrot
    JellyCarrot 7 aylar önce +2

    all buut x) used to do waterrugby and did summers as a lifeguard

  • Patrick Honoré
    Patrick Honoré 7 aylar önce +5

    All, but i wasnt moving 😂

  • Corytheodst
    Corytheodst 7 aylar önce +4

    All 6 but holy crap that was hard

  • Peewee. Soccer
    Peewee. Soccer 7 aylar önce +1

    All of them

  • Underwater rabu
    Underwater rabu 7 aylar önce +1

    I did hold my breath from 1-5 entire time, 6th was too much

  • elgita 22
    elgita 22 7 aylar önce

    i got 4 caves

  • Giorgio Mrsmlo
    Giorgio Mrsmlo 7 aylar önce

    I did all of the caves🌊🌊🌊

  • Dakota Hutchinson
    Dakota Hutchinson 7 aylar önce

    Im a smoker butt I can hold my breath for almost 2 minutes

  • brendaaa
    brendaaa 7 aylar önce

    Made it through all of them

  • Nethan Decaster
    Nethan Decaster 7 aylar önce +1

    I made it true all caves .but its more difficult when youre moving .because youre wasting energie

  • Alex Rielly
    Alex Rielly 7 aylar önce

    I got all caves

  • Tegan Van Heerden
    Tegan Van Heerden 7 aylar önce

    Made it

  • Alexander Paquez
    Alexander Paquez 7 aylar önce

    Made through all

  • Zach Stanton
    Zach Stanton 7 aylar önce

    Made through all 6!!

  • Brian Patt
    Brian Patt 7 aylar önce +3

    i made all of them but you have to put into to cosideration that i was sitting in bed and
    you were doing exercise

  • Brian Cagas Official
    Brian Cagas Official 7 aylar önce

    I made it through all of em! Yehey! LOL

  • Caron vd Heuvel
    Caron vd Heuvel 7 aylar önce

    I made it through all SIX OF THEM💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Sydney Lim
    Sydney Lim 7 aylar önce

    I made it through all SIX OF THEM😩😩💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Rapgod4560 God
    Rapgod4560 God 7 aylar önce

    i made it though two

  • Foo Kelevra
    Foo Kelevra 7 aylar önce +1

    I was on loads of meds due to breathing problems. I hated the drugs so I decided to cure myself with a more natural method #plantpower. I just made it through them caves easily. That's a huge thing for me. Keep up the good work dude, I love these videos 🤟

  • Ninja96707
    Ninja96707 7 aylar önce +1

    i held breath through all of them because i live in Hawaii i go snorkeling and free diving sometimes, also tip to make your ears don't get sore while diving and were is that in hawaii

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 7 aylar önce +1

    1 yes 2 no 3 yes 4 no 5no

  • the deep dark the ocean
    the deep dark the ocean 7 aylar önce +1

    All caves hey you almost killed me

  • K_dogbandit !
    K_dogbandit ! 7 aylar önce +1

    I made it through all of them, I'm a diver like you but u don't scuba as much

  • Caleria Sand
    Caleria Sand 7 aylar önce

    All but it wasnt easy

  • Keaton Sailer
    Keaton Sailer 7 aylar önce

    I made it through only two because my lungs havent fully developed and i dont go swimming often

    • Kesly Hayes
      Kesly Hayes 7 aylar önce

      Yeah, we have to add energy exerted too :)

  • Lightning Jack
    Lightning Jack 7 aylar önce

    How do you equalise with those goggles on?

  • Asei
    Asei 7 aylar önce

    I made it through all of them probably cuz I'm on a swim team..

  • Charlotte McCarrick
    Charlotte McCarrick 8 aylar önce +2

    Made it through all of them but I am sure it is a lot easier laying down like the lazy person I am. I love your videos:) They inspire me to go explore the world more!

  • Liz hogge
    Liz hogge 8 aylar önce

    I did all of the caves boom

  • Dan Sedran
    Dan Sedran 8 aylar önce +2

    would do a couple caves at a time lol. do more of these! and longer holds. I need practice lol

  • Tyler Brown Films
    Tyler Brown Films 8 aylar önce +1

    What camera do you use to shoot this?

  • Vixa
    Vixa 8 aylar önce

    5 caves

  • Tomy Perez
    Tomy Perez 8 aylar önce

    i made it through but im no in the water so

  • Minismaugg
    Minismaugg 8 aylar önce +1

    Got them all too, but I'm in my bed, not swimming and without water pression... x)

  • XMaster65
    XMaster65 8 aylar önce +1

    I made it through all of them

  • MessUpMechanic
    MessUpMechanic 8 aylar önce

    Got them all

  • Teresa Flynn
    Teresa Flynn 8 aylar önce

    I made it all the way threw

  • E Lariz
    E Lariz 8 aylar önce +1

    Made it threw all of them no problem, but I was not swimming, sitting still, different things, but still impressive for someone who never gets to swim (pretty much literally)

  • Larry Banks
    Larry Banks 8 aylar önce


  • Patrick Dormer
    Patrick Dormer 8 aylar önce

    All caves - 6/6 baby

  • Maricruz Leal
    Maricruz Leal 8 aylar önce +3


  • Nit
    Nit 8 aylar önce +2

    It's not so difficult for all the caves, but we are not even moving, so swimming .. :D

  • groofy games
    groofy games 8 aylar önce +2

    I made it trough cave 1 and 2