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Sekiro : Dunkey Dies 489 Times

  • katma 22 Mar 2019
  • This is like the hard version of Dark Souls.
    Review copy provided by Activision
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  • @Y0uWinY
    @Y0uWinY 3 yıl önce +57

    Guardian Ape: Now remember guys, the trick of this game is.... I can come back to life.

  • @soupsnail9979
    @soupsnail9979 Yıl önce +3

    every now and again i hear dunkey’s voice in my head saying “ah yes, my monkey booze. i think i shall partake” and then i feel compelled to watch this video again

  • @pennyprince
    @pennyprince 2 yıl önce +13

    This game really makes you

  • @libertyprime1107
    @libertyprime1107 2 yıl önce +7

    The guardian ape is truly a memory that lingers in our minds forever

  • @romilrh
    @romilrh Yıl önce +3

    Dunkey: "...for I truly am King of all Monkeys"

  • @ivorytuzk
    @ivorytuzk 3 yıl önce +13

    ...the horror in his voice...

  • @user-pe7nh3yj3n
    @user-pe7nh3yj3n 3 yıl önce +18

    This game makes you feel like you're dying

  • @laketown2615
    @laketown2615 2 yıl önce +3

    “If the game was this one monkey fight, I’d be happy. Fortunately Sekiro includes an actual entire game”

  • @NicholasBlainEdwards
    @NicholasBlainEdwards 2 yıl önce +1

    Let’s be honest, this video is the reason Sekiro won game of the year award.

  • @brijrajshetty848

    The reason Dunkey died 489 times is because 420 + 69 = 489. Dunkey is truly one of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time.

  • @tristanfaulkner6003
    @tristanfaulkner6003 3 yıl önce +11

    Now remember guys, the trick of this game is, I can come back to life.

  • @Mean-Mr-Mustard
    @Mean-Mr-Mustard Yıl önce +831

    Omg I just found Dunkey and haven't laughed out loud for real like this in a long time. So glad he has so many videos to go through.

  • @greylaw2546
    @greylaw2546 3 yıl önce +4

    You know, when I first heard about the feature that you can resurrect once after dying, I was afraid that From had caved in to making it easier.

  • @irvancrocs1753
    @irvancrocs1753 3 yıl önce +5

    - Tons of dogs ✓

  • @saprogeist31
    @saprogeist31 Yıl önce +446

    "If I stand still, a snake cannot smell me."

  • @SXR123_YT
    @SXR123_YT Yıl önce +7

    I will never love a moment more then I do:

  • @DemonX217
    @DemonX217 3 yıl önce +1

    I'm surprised Dunkey didn't even say

  • @ThePCguy17
    @ThePCguy17 Yıl önce +135

    You know, it just occurred to me all those years later that if the sword stuck in the Guardian Ape's neck was that deep already, we really should have realized that it wasn't being kept alive by the traditional attachment to its head that one might expect.

  • @bundung123
    @bundung123 3 yıl önce +945

    If only there was a version of this game set in medieval times with knights and halberds and shiny armor.

  • @mauckingj6319
    @mauckingj6319 3 yıl önce +7

    Somebody needs to edit Mufasa yelling “Robert” when he falls to his death.