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Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - Made For Now [Official Video]

  • katma 17 Ağu 2018
  • Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - Made For Now
    🎵 Watch, Listen, Buy, Connect: www.2lin.cc/JanetMadeForNow
    Amazon: amzn.to/2vQGyfQ
    Spotify: spoti.fi/2Brhgue
    iTunes: bit.ly/iTunes_MadeForNow
    Made For Now, The first video from Janet Jackson’s upcoming album.
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  • Miguel Alves
    Miguel Alves 9 saatler önce +1

    This is the feel good record the world slept on. High spirited, unapologetic celebration anthem. Janet Jackson at her finest

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 10 saatler önce +1

    Janet Jackson is very sweet, and I imagine many assume she tastes just as great!

  • Gnarlyzude
    Gnarlyzude 15 saatler önce +1

    Pure happiness ❤️

  • Suga no vendrá a MTY :b에 메 랄 드

    Sigo enamorada de esta cancion 😘😘😘😘

  • bubblez wAn
    bubblez wAn Gün önce

    I am.in the video

  • Niala Adiva
    Niala Adiva Gün önce

    Jackson Music Royalty✨

  • Niala Adiva
    Niala Adiva Gün önce

    The PRINTS are IMPECABLE! ❤️ everything in this vid!

  • Royal Royal
    Royal Royal Gün önce

    #🎤🔊🔥♨️❣️ #highly🔊🙏💌 #🔊🔂✅🔊🏆🔊🔐🔊🏁🎆

    RCLTD NIGERIA Gün önce

    Did I see shoki?

  • Konjo Akberet
    Konjo Akberet Gün önce

    I love my Afro latinos❤️❤️❤️❤️ this is the summer banger. Remember Yeah!, Happy by Pharrell, and black eyed peas’ “tonights gonna be a good good night..”. Every few years there is a viral “feel good” song

  • Mabel A.
    Mabel A. 2 gün önce

    La mejor sin dudas!!!!

  • Carolina Romero
    Carolina Romero 2 gün önce

    Daddy Yankee el puto amo

  • Jalendra Erre c
    Jalendra Erre c 2 gün önce

    Cómo hay gente que no le gusta esta canción ??? Uff sentí la buena vibra del video 🤘🏻✨🙌🏻🥳🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

  • Khaimnie Ramsamujh
    Khaimnie Ramsamujh 2 gün önce +1

    I love this song it is the best

  • K. MAK
    K. MAK 2 gün önce +1

    🔥 Only 60 Million Views?? 🤦🏽‍♂️ This song should have 100,000,000 Views.. what happened? Lack of promotion, I’m assuming; I think Janet Jackson didn’t promote this song enough...Did she go on tour?! Some thing is up. This song deserves more views.

  • Amir Arif
    Amir Arif 2 gün önce +1

    Janet Jackson = the epitome of UGLINESS inside out

    • Al W.
      Al W. 2 gün önce

      you on all her videos are u obsessed dummy

    • Allan Carey
      Allan Carey 2 gün önce

      Stop talking about your mothers vagina like that..

    • Maureen Minage
      Maureen Minage 2 gün önce +1

      Amir Arif are you having a bad day?

  • Myrna Rodríguez
    Myrna Rodríguez 3 gün önce +1

    Lo acabo de descubrir y nome canso de escucharlo es algo sorprendente. 😍

  • NB
    NB 3 gün önce

    Looks like i found a whole ass BOP!

  • Wendy Davis
    Wendy Davis 3 gün önce

    Ms Jackson's music has always been about dancing and world love

  • Alicia Dirksz
    Alicia Dirksz 3 gün önce

    Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mayra Ines Navarro Saldías

    100000mill better song than mdnna & maluma...

  • Diego Solar silva
    Diego Solar silva 3 gün önce

    Janet jackson encontraremos a michael jackson el mundo esta con el

  • Alan García
    Alan García 3 gün önce

    Wow! Daddy Yankee, grande latino... ¡Dios te bendiga! Acá con la hermana de quien ha sido el hombre más influyente de la música en el mundo. El Rey del Pop, y Janet, definitivamente también tiene lo suyo. ¡Que video y tema tan carismáticos! Felicidades...

  • Gadiel Martinez
    Gadiel Martinez 3 gün önce


  • Abel Morales
    Abel Morales 3 gün önce

    Desde que la escuché me encantó, Janet una diva del pop y el rey del reggaeton juntos quien lo diría. 😍

  • fali Soto
    fali Soto 3 gün önce

    Todos sabemos que michael a
    Jackson fuese grabado algo con Yankee pq tienen un flow los dos para aburrir

  • Esther Treviño
    Esther Treviño 3 gün önce

    Regresando de escuchar Medellín y la verdad ésta canción está 1000 veces mejor.

  • Nelly Qkazztillo
    Nelly Qkazztillo 4 gün önce

    Janet se lucio en este vídeo tiene una elegancia y estilo único,el ritmo super contagioso no te cansas de escucharlo. La ame 😍

  • Ricardo Barrios
    Ricardo Barrios 4 gün önce

    Tendrian que sacar otra cancion pero que ambos participen por igual eso si seria alto hit

  • جيمر عزيز
    جيمر عزيز 4 gün önce

    Not like michael jackson songs😔

  • It's Just Corde
    It's Just Corde 4 gün önce

    My birthday is on May 15 so I wish the best for you on your birthday after mine

  • El Rincón de Alelangel

    Even Janet.. I was imagine a featuring with the main Michael Jackson. I'm sure he would Experiment with this ..

  • Romano Berlino
    Romano Berlino 4 gün önce

    Just amazing... Love. Love love love this beat

  • Cristian Adrian
    Cristian Adrian 4 gün önce +6

    Still a hot jam ❤️

  • Abraham Rentería
    Abraham Rentería 4 gün önce

    I love you since all for you

  • Talia Perumal
    Talia Perumal 5 gün önce +1

    So talented and extremely beautiful.

  • Angie Jiménez
    Angie Jiménez 5 gün önce

    Sin querer ofender, pero con tanto negro en esta canción (los negros tienen sabor) no necesitaban un mestizo como Daddy.

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 5 gün önce +10

    If it would have been sung by Shakira, Rihanna or Bebe Rixha (not disrespecting them) it would have been a phenomenal hit in loop on the radio right now but for some unfair reason that I ignore it's not the case when it's Janet...
    this form of injustice is killing me 😡🖕

  • Noelle Coombs
    Noelle Coombs 6 gün önce +14

    She always keeps it authentic to her but always keeping the current flavor in the mix without trying to over do it or like the grown folks trying to act young ,but just blends it all together beautifully

  • Pipers of Rock
    Pipers of Rock 6 gün önce +1

    Poor Michael

  • Dountmindme
    Dountmindme 6 gün önce

    0:39 is that Lizzo????
    I think it is~

  • Vondrachem
    Vondrachem 6 gün önce

    The only thing I DONT LIKE in this video is that the Queen Jackson looks overloaded with so many clothes. I feel like she can´t move

  • Mass Attraction
    Mass Attraction 6 gün önce +1

    2:08 reminds me a lot of "You want this" music video. The beginning especially.

  • Peter Kyalo
    Peter Kyalo 6 gün önce +17

    This can be a good theme song for the FIFA World CUP or any Major uniting Global event. Great music Janet Jackson

  • Rayshaun Williams
    Rayshaun Williams 6 gün önce +1

    The way in which her partner in the gray suit at the end is killin it is beyond awesome. My God!

  • S J
    S J 7 gün önce +1

    Nice video 👍

  • jo jo
    jo jo 7 gün önce +2

    OMG I love this song , you are very true of African music 😘

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva 7 gün önce

    Look at those dance moves, nobody could tell she is about todo die.

  • JocelynHk Carter
    JocelynHk Carter 7 gün önce

    Jocelyn Carter: I loved this video!

  • Jorge Contreras
    Jorge Contreras 7 gün önce

    Great video, inspiring song and huge talent.

  • Miguelfelipe Felippe de oliveira

    Danccando pra caraca

  • Glaírton Oliveira
    Glaírton Oliveira 8 gün önce +1

    Gente a onde eu tava que não vi esse tiro?

  • Patricia rosana Gomzalezj

    Y michael Jackson R.I.P O SIGUE VIBO

  • yesenia Rodriguez Soliz
    yesenia Rodriguez Soliz 8 gün önce +2

    Si michael estuviera vivo grabaria cn todos los famosos d ahora 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 q descanse en paz michael 😣😢😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ilobasco Cabanas
    Ilobasco Cabanas 8 gün önce

    lo hacen tan bien. verlos bailar es contagioso.

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci 8 gün önce

    Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - "Made for Now" (Official Music Video)

  • Wesley Oliveira
    Wesley Oliveira 8 gün önce

    Que bosta :/

  • The Karate Cris
    The Karate Cris 8 gün önce

    Gran canción.😘

  • Apple WEBB SMITH
    Apple WEBB SMITH 8 gün önce


  • Apple WEBB SMITH
    Apple WEBB SMITH 8 gün önce


  • Apple WEBB SMITH
    Apple WEBB SMITH 8 gün önce


  • Ebony J.
    Ebony J. 8 gün önce

    African influence is dope!

  • Ebony J.
    Ebony J. 8 gün önce

    This song is awesome and should be played on the radio!

  • Concerned Customer
    Concerned Customer 9 gün önce

    Janet looks like she is 12 years old lol . She MUST HAVE A TIME MACHINE STASHED AWAY

  • Israel AG
    Israel AG 9 gün önce

    The Great Janet ❤️❤️

  • Noris Velazquez
    Noris Velazquez 9 gün önce

    Vívelo hoy,mañana se acaba,sean feliz

  • Pablo DeMode
    Pablo DeMode 9 gün önce

    Great movement of Janet Jackson!

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    lo que no me gusta es aveces cuando habla detras de mi espalda

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    sabes me encanta el video

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    adoro asder lo mismo de siempre no me acopstubbro acer otra cosa las mismas costumbres de siempre conectame solo para algo bueno solo yo puedo entenderme aveces

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    yn persar que mi familia no me creia que me conquitaron por medio de la musica

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    en que lugar es eso

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    este video no avia visto si no reviso casi por completo la lista del canl se me pasa de largo

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    no pense que fuera tan divertido

  • pdñns maiftv
    pdñns maiftv 9 gün önce

    este ritmo me gusta

  • Wladimir Gonzalez
    Wladimir Gonzalez 9 gün önce

    Pechos boys

  • berenice sanchez
    berenice sanchez 9 gün önce

    Soy latina y no me canso de está canción es hermosa

  • alan Rodríguez
    alan Rodríguez 9 gün önce

    imaginate MICHAEL JACKSON y DADDY YANKEE en una canción

  • polyprinz
    polyprinz 10 gün önce +1

    Beautiful African Goddess, Janet thank you for inspiring me to dance!!!

  • Abigail Martinez
    Abigail Martinez 10 gün önce +1

    This video is so fun 😍 I wish I could be in it

  • conejo gamer
    conejo gamer 10 gün önce

    sos la hermana de maicol jackon

  • Aminata Toure
    Aminata Toure 10 gün önce

    3:12 senegalese dance 🇸🇳

  • fernando castillo
    fernando castillo 10 gün önce

    Excelente canción

  • Marlene Tunoa
    Marlene Tunoa 11 gün önce +5

    Aww! 😫 R.I.P. Michael Jackson. He would have been so proud of his sister! 👍🏼 Supporting you Janet!! 😋

  • b black rhino
    b black rhino 11 gün önce

    What I load of 💩😒

  • lyly métisse
    lyly métisse 11 gün önce

    Je vois m.j a travers👌🏼❤😍🙏


    La rebuena pa los dos lo mejor de lo latino y americano está pleno

  • Dmytro Shcherbak
    Dmytro Shcherbak 11 gün önce

    I so love your song , thank you very much!

    ERYMA LAH BRYAN 11 gün önce

    blood on dance floor

  • Divinefist 90
    Divinefist 90 11 gün önce

    Imagine michael jackson in this video Seriously. With his sister ❤️👍📹😱😱 why won't everyone just be like this drop all weapons and all violence make GOD earth better.

    ERYMA LAH BRYAN 11 gün önce

    i love jacksons

  • Vic M
    Vic M 11 gün önce

    Are they playing anything else from this newest album? i havent heard any airplay at all? Love Janet

  • Nana Beauty
    Nana Beauty 12 gün önce

    This song makes my soul happy!

  • Adriana Lewis
    Adriana Lewis 12 gün önce

    Still look good Janet do your thing girl😘

  • Zofe Raweline
    Zofe Raweline 12 gün önce

    There to ugly for real please keep that between us a company peaceout homeboys

  • kevin lugo
    kevin lugo 13 gün önce +2


  • Glenda Roner
    Glenda Roner 13 gün önce

  • Glenda Roner
    Glenda Roner 13 gün önce

    Estoy enamorada de este vídeo. La verdad que Janeth es fantástica, baila divino. Daddy Yankee, genial.