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Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - Made For Now [Official Video]

  • katma 17 Ağu 2018
  • Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - Made For Now
    🎵 Watch, Listen, Buy, Connect: www.2lin.cc/JanetMadeForNow
    Amazon: amzn.to/2vQGyfQ
    Spotify: spoti.fi/2Brhgue
    iTunes: bit.ly/iTunes_MadeForNow
    Made For Now, The first video from Janet Jackson’s upcoming album.
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  • Lilly Agoya
    Lilly Agoya 5 saatler önce

    Wakanda forever

    KING DEE TV 6 saatler önce +1


  • Ivan Rangel
    Ivan Rangel 6 saatler önce

    Janeth Jackson is amazing, she is still on music stage and gets not old she is in modern style.

    Danny ANDRIANARINJATO 7 saatler önce

    The African touch of this song was very successful!

  • Eddie Cruz
    Eddie Cruz 8 saatler önce

    I hear you MS. Jackson, loud and clear. Coming back strong. Ddrrrr Yankee always on point. El sazon. thank you

  • Жансая Бауыржанова

    super i like you and mj

  • Smith Carrera
    Smith Carrera 18 saatler önce

    Jackson , family beautiful 🇵🇪😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and the song ufffffff my deeeeeeaaaaad

  • Rogelio Gonzalez
    Rogelio Gonzalez 19 saatler önce

    Que mega Flop para Janet.. :( y seguro que este video SIN Daddy Yankee tendría unos 2millones de vistas.. lamentablemente ya la buena música no es apoyada.. las grandes masa de gente solo les gusta apoyar temas mediocres como los de Maluma o babbunny

    • Adolfo Solano
      Adolfo Solano 17 saatler önce

      Sinembargo fue número uno a dance club play songs

  • Ronny Muñoz
    Ronny Muñoz 20 saatler önce

    Me encantó ❤️

  • Ar. Martinez
    Ar. Martinez 21 saatler önce +1

    Un Janet Jackson ft. Shakira 😍

  • Olga Cacho
    Olga Cacho 23 saatler önce

    Boo boo call me. Your phone is off and i have been calling you all day.

  • Romano Berlino
    Romano Berlino Gün önce

    Best song of 2018... Let's share this song around the world with all our friends... This song must be heard

  • Anderson rocha
    Anderson rocha Gün önce

    follow my instagram @andersonrochafoto

  • Olivia Maria
    Olivia Maria Gün önce +2

    My new favourite song at the moment 🎶

    • Romano Berlino
      Romano Berlino Gün önce +1

      Share it with all your friends around the world

  • Esmeralda Dominguez
    Esmeralda Dominguez Gün önce

    I love you❤️ (too MJJ)💔

  • juan 450
    juan 450 Gün önce

    pura mieeerdaadaadaaaaaaaa

  • Grr :3
    Grr :3 Gün önce +1

    Daddy Yankee te amo * O *

  • C T
    C T Gün önce

    I hope and pray 'Dancing With Stars' get on board WITH THIS MOVEMENT and not only use this song but have Janet & Daddy perform live. It would be EPIC!!!!!!!

  • Ebony Fletcher
    Ebony Fletcher Gün önce +1

    Love Janet ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mekaila Carter
    Mekaila Carter Gün önce +1

    is she gonna make more music please do

  • Day Major
    Day Major Gün önce

    I like the African/Latino touch in the video. Very aesthetic. Go Janet, go Daddy Yankee

  • Xiomara Calderonpartida

    Love janet jackaon

  • Laverne Allen
    Laverne Allen Gün önce +1

    I like the mix of music. Nice job.

  • Eliot M
    Eliot M Gün önce

    Janet Jackson, fighting "Tooth and Nail", to stave off "Father Time"!

  • Ahou N'zi
    Ahou N'zi Gün önce +1

    Je t'aime janet jackson

  • Mervin Pineda
    Mervin Pineda Gün önce

    Michael jackson estuviese partiendo la liga si estuviera vivo.

  • Ahou N'zi
    Ahou N'zi Gün önce +1


  • bugtahoe
    bugtahoe Gün önce +1

    How in the world could anyone dislike this song....🤔....this song just makes you smile just by listening to it!

  • jm sm
    jm sm Gün önce

    No entendí ni verga no se inglés :v

  • Drama Luv
    Drama Luv Gün önce

    You did amazing... Janet Jackson... 😍😘💪
    and a collab with daddy yankee!!! 😲

  • tatiana lowery
    tatiana lowery Gün önce

    m a e s t r a Janet Jackson

  • tatiana lowery
    tatiana lowery Gün önce

    g o r g e o u s

  • Shaun Almondo
    Shaun Almondo Gün önce

    how is it that Janet Jackson's numbers keep going down when i go to cast my vote on the rock and roll hall of fame every single day I've been voting for her and it seems like it just keeps going down more and more instead of going up janet. deserves to be in the hall of fame more than anybody that's on that hall of fame list put her where she belongs in the hall of fame I vote for her every single day and her numbers should be going up it seems like it's going back down 🤔 kind of strange meanwhile def leppard is at 381568 votes and janet is only at 147540 votes to me that's BULLSHIT Les Moonves punk ass is behind this

      ATLANTIS Gün önce

      It's usually the youth that tends to vote for such things, but when you get older you realize they're pointless.

  • thays santos barbosa

    só lembro do Michael quando vejo o sorriso dela ;(

  • Jermano Mayfield
    Jermano Mayfield Gün önce

    I just learned the choreography!!!! 💞💞💞💪💪💪

  • Daniela B
    Daniela B Gün önce +1

    Simplemente divina !! Janet Jackson 😘😍

  • fio Mazzy
    fio Mazzy Gün önce

    Arriba Puerto Rikoooooo en la casa

  • Shop Drop
    Shop Drop Gün önce +2

    All Hail Queen 👑 Janet! Classy video and song! Perfect! Pure Art 🖼!

  • Adrianto Shinomori
    Adrianto Shinomori Gün önce

    Is it her old song?

    SAYNAB AHMED Gün önce

    Michael would be proud of his lil sis :)

  • Djadou Koami
    Djadou Koami Gün önce


  • Robin A
    Robin A Gün önce

    Im glad she seperated from that muslim shit bag.

  • luki iwana
    luki iwana Gün önce +1

    Easy listening song....Made me shake my body to move...L.o.l hahaha Ayoo Yo ayo goyang teruus

  • invs ink
    invs ink 2 gün önce +1

    Ive wanted to bang her all my life

  • Abdoulatif Sangare
    Abdoulatif Sangare 2 gün önce

    Janet Jackson je suis fier de toi! tu rend fier ton grand frère et tu nous fais oublié sa perte il y'a 9ans

  • I Am Chopsticks
    I Am Chopsticks 2 gün önce +3

    This video is so underrated 😕

    SURINAMBABY27 2 gün önce +1


  • Mamadou Diatta
    Mamadou Diatta 2 gün önce +1

    Me gusta mucho esta canción

  • Antoniv
    Antoniv 2 gün önce +3

    good song
    Michael Jackson :DDD

  • Fozy
    Fozy 2 gün önce

    surprised she can move her face

  • Taekookmin BTS
    Taekookmin BTS 2 gün önce +3

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mariangel Alarcon Victoria

    esto es talento arte y pasión.

  • Jessica Lorena Mayorga Buchelly

    No entiendo cómo es que no tiene más views. Ah pero si fuera una canción degrinante, ahí si a la gente le gusta.

  • Jordan sully officiel
    Jordan sully officiel 2 gün önce

    trclips.com/video/PG_YWDMyS8c/video.html my new song please listen to this

  • I'm pinkie
    I'm pinkie 2 gün önce +2

    Daddy Yankee is so cool like really cool

  • ivan oliiveiira
    ivan oliiveiira 2 gün önce

    Elza soares !!

  • Tiago Alves
    Tiago Alves 2 gün önce +21

    Janet, showed that the crown is still with her.

  • Jalyson Oliveira
    Jalyson Oliveira 2 gün önce +2


  • Shaun Almondo
    Shaun Almondo 2 gün önce +4

    #ColeWorld This Video Should Have More Views Than This smfh😒

  • Shaun Almondo
    Shaun Almondo 2 gün önce +2

    I'm MADE FOR NOW bc no one is promise tomorrow

  • Deleria Anna
    Deleria Anna 2 gün önce +2


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    1K SHOW 250 TV 2 gün önce

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  • 1K SHOW 250 TV
    1K SHOW 250 TV 2 gün önce

    Who’s watching this read comment

  • rainara lobato
    rainara lobato 2 gün önce

    eu sou sua filha rainara Cristina aqui Brasil Maranhão são Bento 💞💟💞👭👪eu te Amor muito mãe janet Jackson

  • Lissa Samb
    Lissa Samb 3 gün önce +1

    From senegal 🇸🇳 i love you 👈👍🏻❤💋

  • Rodolfo Trindade
    Rodolfo Trindade 3 gün önce +4

    Icon #Brazillovesjanet

  • nishita choudhary
    nishita choudhary 3 gün önce +1

    aswm song janet

  • Daniela Leyva
    Daniela Leyva 3 gün önce +3


  • Daniela Leyva
    Daniela Leyva 3 gün önce +2

    Love to song ¿am you ? 😘

  • Jon Carlos David
    Jon Carlos David 3 gün önce +5

    So much culture. Such amazing artistry ♥️

  • Alexander Alvarado
    Alexander Alvarado 3 gün önce +2

    exelente video

  • giddi records
    giddi records 3 gün önce

    Great song! you checked out the hit that make's Donald Trump dance on the weekend? ''he says pussyo steals his money'' click now @

  • Rinca Clotide
    Rinca Clotide 3 gün önce +1


  • Bernice murielle Dupont
    Bernice murielle Dupont 3 gün önce +1

    I like ❣❣❣💓

  • SaintTrope 2910
    SaintTrope 2910 3 gün önce +3

    I just discovered this song and I 😍

  • iON Channel
    iON Channel 3 gün önce +1

    Love it

  • Jaime Diego
    Jaime Diego 3 gün önce

    Would that I could be paid that much for saying 'Boodop stoolop made for now mookarow made for now'

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez 3 gün önce +2

    Why is this masterpiece having so few views? 🤯

    • Marco Aquino
      Marco Aquino 2 gün önce

      Michael Gonzalez this is her most viewed video

  • rraelMx
    rraelMx 3 gün önce +1

    Mi hermoso Brooklyn

  • Maicol Santiago
    Maicol Santiago 3 gün önce +1

    Algún latino???

    LISA MARIE 3 gün önce +2

    I am a singer and an Artist I LOVE THIS SONG!

  • nita bineta
    nita bineta 3 gün önce +2

    Viva Africa.

  • Laura Tanner
    Laura Tanner 3 gün önce

    Is it just me, or does she look decidedly different in that last shot? Did she get more surgery during the making of this?

    • Marco Aquino
      Marco Aquino 2 gün önce +1

      Laura Tanner she has a ton of eye liner on

  • Asdrubal Silva
    Asdrubal Silva 3 gün önce +4

    Made for now video stopped at 49 million views, I m going to make it soar to 100 millions, ALL BY SELF 🤣 Even if it takes a lifetime 💯😎

    • Romano Berlino
      Romano Berlino 3 gün önce +2

      You are not alone

    • Marco Aquino
      Marco Aquino 3 gün önce +1

      Asdrubal Silva it will be at 100 million people in a year probably.

  • Jo_CLuis
    Jo_CLuis 3 gün önce +1

    Such a banger 💥💣🔥

  • Amely Cuadros Alarcon
    Amely Cuadros Alarcon 3 gün önce +1

    alguien habla español?

  • karen sinnette
    karen sinnette 3 gün önce +2

    Love it...❤❤❤

  • Karla Jimenez
    Karla Jimenez 3 gün önce

    Que decepcion....no lo puedo creer!!!!....Janet interpretando reggaeton!!!!.....que asco!!!!....que pena que tenga que recurrir a este tipo de gente y musica para vender su musica....yo creo que no necesita este tipo de publicidad

    • Omar Bonilla
      Omar Bonilla 3 gün önce

      Belén Venegas No lo pude haber dicho mejor

    • Belén Venegas
      Belén Venegas 3 gün önce +1

      No es reggaeton. Es una mezcla de ritmos africanos con latinos. Es una buena canción.

    • Omar Bonilla
      Omar Bonilla 3 gün önce +1

      Karla Jimenez Y la canción no habla nada malo de la mujer

    • Omar Bonilla
      Omar Bonilla 3 gün önce +1

      Karla Jimenez pero la canción es buena

  • Ruben Cabo
    Ruben Cabo 4 gün önce +3

    This is a masterpiece of joy !!!!!

  • Dioniso Atlan
    Dioniso Atlan 4 gün önce +4

    Hermosas telas y vestuario africano, hermosa canción, geniales bailarines.

  • Starlin Alfredo Diaz Diaz
    Starlin Alfredo Diaz Diaz 4 gün önce +2

    Yanke como siempre rompiendo los limite musicales cuando pensamos que emos visto todos de el nos regala otra jolla musicar
    Gracias cangri💪💪 latino en alto ❤dominicana te ama❤

  • Nick Big
    Nick Big 4 gün önce +3


  • Angie Benavides
    Angie Benavides 4 gün önce

    Es mejor Taki Taki

  • Noorie Y
    Noorie Y 4 gün önce +2

  • Coco BeLit
    Coco BeLit 4 gün önce +3

    Love from Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Diana J
    Diana J 4 gün önce +5

    Janet Jackson... Iconıc 😊😊😊yeaaah !!! It's true

  • Misael Avila
    Misael Avila 4 gün önce +2

    Michael Jackson está vivo

  • Misael Avila
    Misael Avila 4 gün önce +2

    michael jackson is alive

  • Lucner Renal
    Lucner Renal 4 gün önce +1

    When I see JJ I remember my Hero MJ, I love you JJ and like to see you too. Long live for you my princess. Great music😘😘😘