Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Highlights | October 14, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 15 Eki 2019
  • Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Game Highlights | October 14, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Jana Fried
    Jana Fried Aylar önce

    are the mavs the whitest team of all time?

  • Golden Okoko
    Golden Okoko Aylar önce

    Where Robertson

  • amidoinitright
    amidoinitright Aylar önce

    5:51 *oKAyY*

  • Mr X
    Mr X Aylar önce

    Porzingis is Nerlens Noel bitch.

  • Alex S
    Alex S Aylar önce +1

    Mavs are looking pretty nice. Hope they can grab the 7th or 8th seed this year.

    Ball don't lie.

  • Seventh Mist
    Seventh Mist Aylar önce +1

    Didn't we see KP in Rocky IV?

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi Aylar önce +1

    4:40 what a block by Noel on Porzingiz 😲

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis Aylar önce +1

    Dallas Mavs are a awesome team again. Led by a awesome owner. I’m getting Luka and KP jerseys 😄

  • Keith Torrence
    Keith Torrence Aylar önce

    I keep thinking that Gallinari is 2016 Steven Adams.

  • Wannabe Dunkers
    Wannabe Dunkers Aylar önce +11

    Announcer: mavs have the tallest two players in the NBA
    Tacko fall: am i a joke to you....

  • melvon pickens
    melvon pickens Aylar önce +1

    Why is boban m not starting.....is there something I kno about his skillset or somethinf

    • melvon pickens
      melvon pickens Aylar önce

      @DrSword thanks for the insight

    • DrSword
      DrSword Aylar önce

      He's too big to play starter minutes lol. Gotta limit him to like 15-20 a game so he can keep up

  • King Of kai
    King Of kai Aylar önce

    hami diallo need to let him take overtime for now

  • Derek Simmons
    Derek Simmons Aylar önce

    "Two tallest players in the NBA right now"
    We just assuming Tacko aint getting a roster spot then?...

    • Sabin Mckinnie
      Sabin Mckinnie Aylar önce +1

      Taco went to Miami.

    • Derek Simmons
      Derek Simmons Aylar önce

      @My Mom Says I'm a Champion It was supposed to be a humorous lighthearted jab.

    • My Mom Says I'm a Champion
      My Mom Says I'm a Champion Aylar önce

      Or just a simple mistake?? Was accurate until dude entered the league like 2 months ago. Good lord...

    • JT 33
      JT 33 Aylar önce

      Tacko is the tallest, but KP and especially Boban aren't far behind.

  • Keith Newland
    Keith Newland Aylar önce +3

    Congratulations Dallas! Your off season improvements are impressive! You may have grabbed the 2nd seed in the playoffs!

    • Keith Newland
      Keith Newland Aylar önce

      @My Mom Says I'm a Champion
      Not a hardcore Dallas Mavericks fan...just calling it like I see it

    • My Mom Says I'm a Champion
      My Mom Says I'm a Champion Aylar önce +1

      Hardcore Mavs fan talking...dial it back a little.

  • John lemay Lemay
    John lemay Lemay Aylar önce

    No New Balance is still an old guys shoe. James Worthy wore them back during Showtime but despite Kawhi wearing them they still look like old man's shoes. Maybe if you could hide or shrink the NB it might help. Hire me.

  • Legendary 1999
    Legendary 1999 Aylar önce

    Luka look like he came straight out of Jersey Shores

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones Aylar önce +2

    As a Knicks fan, damn I miss KP. That’s going to be a fun team to watch in Dallas. Doncic-KP and guys who fit around them could be a future contender (really all about KP staying healthy)

  • Giovanni Sterlin
    Giovanni Sterlin Aylar önce +3

    5:50 Luka teaching 55 his move

      PRIMECR0NIC Aylar önce

      Giovanni Sterlin Steph’s move

  • Nahshon Devose
    Nahshon Devose Aylar önce +11

    The mavs send all their scouts to Eastern Europe😂

  • Sani Nabi
    Sani Nabi Aylar önce +2

    got halfway through the video to remember Dirk retired -_-. im sad all over again lol

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach Aylar önce

      Sani Nabi it’s good though cause when he was out there, he had baby giraffe legs

  • Robbie Cleigh Marks
    Robbie Cleigh Marks Aylar önce +2

    Looking good boys keep it up. Young, talented, competitive team. Btwn Luka, KP, and Jr, were one solid role player away from contention.

    • Jovin Flores
      Jovin Flores Aylar önce

      I agree. One player away. It could be Delon Wright, but we’ll know with time. He needs time in the system first.

  • Matthew Wiley
    Matthew Wiley Aylar önce +8

    6:50 When I play on the 8 foot hoop

    • Matthew Wiley
      Matthew Wiley Aylar önce

      @Yawnnnz Ingg I drive with the paddle shift ass hat.

    • Yawnnnz Ingg
      Yawnnnz Ingg Aylar önce

      Matthew Wiley really don’t you gotta get mod car pedals and shit rip

    • Matthew Wiley
      Matthew Wiley Aylar önce +1

      @Roy Banditt 3 feet exactly....why? Got a problem with "little people" jumping out of the gym don't you?!

    • Roy Banditt
      Roy Banditt Aylar önce

      Matthew Wiley how tall are u

  • Adrian Jordan
    Adrian Jordan Aylar önce +3

    The Knicks gave up that smh lol...

  • Devin Cunningham
    Devin Cunningham Aylar önce +2

    Bruh. That 3 at the 50 second mark was loud af. They got a mic on dat bih or sumn?! U can hear dat swish from the parking lot lol.

  • zyxwut321
    zyxwut321 Aylar önce

    Some preseason games are throwaway games indicative of nothing. This one was foreboding for the Thunder, showing just how thin their roster is this year. It looks like it could be a long year for them.

  • Austen Hernandez
    Austen Hernandez Aylar önce

    0:40 🙄😩😫 lukaaaaaa that’s not taking a charge 😭😭😭😢 all he needs is a defensive guru on the team, past or present. Can’t Mark Cuban afford to get one

    • Austen Hernandez
      Austen Hernandez Aylar önce

      JT 33 and in 04-05 he played 73 games ass hat your fucking a fucking republican.
      The next year yea he only played 60 and still averaged 20 and 9.5 oh yea and oh yea won a fucking championship in those two years with a HORRIBLE SQUAD like ur an ass hat. U prolly think dirk nowitzki and Nash where great defenders

    • Austen Hernandez
      Austen Hernandez Aylar önce

      JT 33 you lying ass bitch Shaq had 23 10 and 2 blocks in Nash first mvp u fuck tard and 2.3 blocks IS defense asshole Shaq was toooooo fuckin known for his defense 🙄 so nice try trying to flip a narrative 🙄 and NO those numbers don’t equate

    • JT 33
      JT 33 Aylar önce

      @Austen Hernandez Shaq played 59 games and 40 games the two years Nash won MVP and didn't even average 20 and 10 . You really think he deserved it over Nash who played 80 games both years, averaged 18 and 11 assists with some of the best shooting percentages ever and his team way more dominant? This conversation is done man. Your knowledge is lacking severely...

    • JT 33
      JT 33 Aylar önce

      @Austen Hernandez Yes, Nash deserved MVP at least one of those years. He was way better than Shaq those two years and his team was way better, Shaq was way past it at that point and didn't even put up great numbers. He didn't even average 20 and 10 those two years. What are you even talking about lol? And Shaq never played any defense or was known for being an all defensive player (he even admits it) so not sure the point you're trying to make. And Westbrook has never made an all defensive team. Get your facts straight.

    • Austen Hernandez
      Austen Hernandez Aylar önce

      JT 33 ummmmm ok Nash but should he of won Either Of those over Shaq??? Didn’t think so yea. harden/curry are able defenders they choose not too. And I didn’t meant that lonzo was a great defender. But now that I think of it lonzo only gets u 11 pts 11 assist and 7 Reb 🤔🤔🤔🤔 wit great d that ain’t bad lol. Lebron and Westbrook make all defensive teams they play VERY good D even today 🙄

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 Aylar önce +4

    I'm so glad to see JJ back xD

  • Anthony Mckinley
    Anthony Mckinley Aylar önce

    Mark Cuban is all smiles

  • SpeedOfThought1111
    SpeedOfThought1111 Aylar önce +5

    "tallest two players in the NBA on the floor for the mavs right now"...i guess this guy forgot about Tacko Fall

    • kahari b
      kahari b Aylar önce

      JT 33 it’s not so much about grammar but taco technically isn’t in the league which would forfeit l, the tallest to boban, and porzingis

    • JT 33
      JT 33 Aylar önce

      Tallest players who will get meaningful minutes is what they should should've said

    • kahari b
      kahari b Aylar önce +2

      Sorry he wasn’t politically correct for you, maybe you should write an email or letter to him and see if he cares

    • Siddharth Aggarwal
      Siddharth Aggarwal Aylar önce

      good call@!!

  • TheWhite Mamba
    TheWhite Mamba Aylar önce +2

    Lukas charge attempt tho, lol

    • Jacob Price
      Jacob Price Aylar önce

      TheWhite Mamba hard to watch lol


    fan since 95, good blend of everything...can't complain..GO MAVS!!!

  • Big Meech!
    Big Meech! Aylar önce +1

    Yo the last highlight, theres a 3 minute difference. The OKC thunder didn't score a point for 3 straight minutes to end the game. wow.

    • Joseph Stone
      Joseph Stone Aylar önce

      Big Meech! dawg we didnt score 20 points in ANY quarter 😂

  • KamenRiderBlackSun
    KamenRiderBlackSun Aylar önce +79

    Dirk retired and got replaced with 3 more dirks

    • Theo G
      Theo G Aylar önce

      Yawnnnz Ingg There’s nothing racist about the comment. It’s a joke Yawwwwwwwwwwwwnz not a dick, don’t take it so hard 😉

    • Martin Onuegbu
      Martin Onuegbu Aylar önce

      @m3gusta17 Bleacher report lol

    • iiKingFuture
      iiKingFuture Aylar önce +3

      Yawnnnz Ingg Bruh don’t use the word racist if you don’t know when and where to say it, that’s literally not racism

    • Yawnnnz Ingg
      Yawnnnz Ingg Aylar önce

      Only porzingus u guys racist

    • m3gusta17
      m3gusta17 Aylar önce +13


  • Tom M
    Tom M Aylar önce +28

    Highlight of the night for me is seeing JJ moving around so well. He ruptured his Achilles in February and already back and looks like 100%. Should be a fun year to be a Mavs fan.

    • Tom M
      Tom M Aylar önce

      @Terrance Miller I hope you are right, but he is really a power forward in a centers body. He reminds me of Ralph Sampson. Great athletic game, but not durable against the beasts in the middle. Thanksfully todays game is alot less physical.

    • Terrance Miller
      Terrance Miller Aylar önce

      @Tom M he's 7'3 and your starting center this year... get that tennis ball out of your ass & grow a pair 😂 his "health record" consists of 1 major injury and nothing else... tfoh he needs to rebound like he's 7'3 PERIOD lol smh

    • Sergio Hernandez
      Sergio Hernandez Aylar önce

      @Tom M luka gonna help but yeah u got to make a trade at some point or try the g league

    • Tom M
      Tom M Aylar önce +1

      @Sergio Hernandez It seemed like Seth and JJ was both on 2nd team the last time he was here. I am more worried about who is going to rebound on this team. You have Powell and Boban and I don't want to see KP fighting for rebounds with his health record.

    • Sergio Hernandez
      Sergio Hernandez Aylar önce +1

      @Tom M seth curry should get more time too

  • CTC
    CTC Aylar önce +2

    Mavs basically are a EURO team damn near.

    • Yawnnnz Ingg
      Yawnnnz Ingg Aylar önce

      Elite ones no trash euro players they grab the 1% not gonna lie

    • Richard K
      Richard K Aylar önce +1

      CTC now they need Gordon dragic or Rubio starting PG

  • Van Iyke
    Van Iyke Aylar önce +2

    Mavs ran OKC outta the park. lol.

  • WinterXL
    WinterXL Aylar önce

    oh hey, i thought barea died

  • Crown TheKing
    Crown TheKing Aylar önce

    2:08 what I imagine happening to Barrett when he tries to dunk on Porzingis he’s gonna throw that shit and it’s gonna land right in RJ’s moms lap 🤣

  • J Ok
    J Ok Aylar önce +9

    5:14 was an incredible pass and trust in his teammate

  • Tim McInnes
    Tim McInnes Aylar önce

    Signing in[] 864 to the 562💯

  • Abraham Rico
    Abraham Rico Aylar önce +90

    Mavs new motto: If it ain’t foreign it’s boring

    • nick ney
      nick ney Aylar önce

      Elfeftheria i thanatos I agree brother lol, I was just pointing out a funny coincidence

    • Terrance Miller
      Terrance Miller Aylar önce

      @Elfeftheria i thanatos lol it doesn't... racism in general is fucking moronic BUT, let's not act like "whites" won't hold on to Larry Bird forever bcuz they will & still use as "an example" for why black ppl shouldn't act like basketball's "their sport" lol

    • Elfeftheria i thanatos
      Elfeftheria i thanatos Aylar önce +1

      @Abraham Rico Lol, bro. It's all good. Shit. I was only one of two white dudes on my mayb, and aau team... If you can ball, you can ball, it doesn't matter, you'll get your respect. I just find it funny is a black dominate league having Doncic, Maxi, and KP on the same team could even be seen as an awful idea. With Tim hardway, JJ, Jalen brunson, etc. There's no great white hope lol, we don't even give that a thought. We could careless, I mean MJ, Kobe, Shaq, LeBron etc are the biggest that have ever played... Whites had no problem rooting for them... Why does it matter now?

    • Abraham Rico
      Abraham Rico Aylar önce +1

      Elfeftheria i thanatos to be fair I didn’t mean it in a derogatory way

    • Elfeftheria i thanatos
      Elfeftheria i thanatos Aylar önce +5

      @nick ney Shit one team has 4 white guys and everyone wants to jump on some racist shit.

  • Georgia Black Man
    Georgia Black Man Aylar önce

    Dallas Mavericks is a white team

    • JT 33
      JT 33 Aylar önce +1


    • A13 A13
      A13 A13 Aylar önce +5

      Georgia Black Man Hardaway, Brunson, Wright, Powell, Curry and Barea aren’t white

    • Georgia Black Man
      Georgia Black Man Aylar önce

      @The Profit Zay shut up bitch

    • The Profit Zay
      The Profit Zay Aylar önce +6

      Georgia Black Man is a black man

  • George CG
    George CG Aylar önce +8

    Excited for this Mavs team this season, great style of basketball

  • jay19 kith
    jay19 kith Aylar önce

    Kings game?????

  • Daniel Ajayi
    Daniel Ajayi Aylar önce

    Luka’t this god... I’ll see myself out now😭

    • Evan .T Weidman
      Evan .T Weidman Aylar önce

      Daniel Ajayi I had no idea what that was supposed to say then i realized read luka as lukA

  • Eric Jefferson
    Eric Jefferson Aylar önce +1

    If Dallas can get Porzingas to shooting better he and Luka will have a very decent cast around them for Carlisle to mix and match with.

  • Spike Shooter
    Spike Shooter Aylar önce +2

    Have they come up with a nickname for the Porzingis/Doncic duo yet?

  • Seth Dobbs
    Seth Dobbs Aylar önce +7

    Noel showing that elite shot blocking he was supposed to have.

  • SweetButter GemiNine
    SweetButter GemiNine Aylar önce +13

    4:02 Jordan logo 😪

  • Ju Cruz
    Ju Cruz Aylar önce +1

    Can we get jermari grant nuggets highlights

  • Angel Alcorcha
    Angel Alcorcha Aylar önce +23

    Ferguson played for almost 25 mins and had 2 pts to show for it

    • Martin Onuegbu
      Martin Onuegbu Aylar önce

      Terrance Miller but why? They should trade CP3 and even robertson and just play the young guys and get them better... they ain’t making the playoffs.... even if Robertson starts, Diallo and Shai G. Are the future for that team

    • Terrance Miller
      Terrance Miller Aylar önce

      @Martin Onuegbu you're insane lmao starting where? Sf? Not a chance lol they'll both be reserves this year... idk what Roberson's deal is health wise but CP3, Shai & Andre will be the starting perimeter group when okc is full strength

    • Martin Onuegbu
      Martin Onuegbu Aylar önce

      Diallo gonna start over him i think

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Aylar önce +2


  • picklechiniahboii boi
    picklechiniahboii boi Aylar önce

    Comment what you think how okc played if they played good or not and mavericks too

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune Aylar önce +5

    OKC starters didnt even play...relax..

    • Jason Sheffer
      Jason Sheffer Aylar önce +1

      Pretty sure noel and gallinari are starters

    • Tom Bystander
      Tom Bystander Aylar önce

      @Trill Larry lol Luka and kp ain't doing shit for about 3-4 years. Cool it there

    • Trill Larry
      Trill Larry Aylar önce +4

      When Mavs didn’t play our starters the first game in Tulsa it was still close. Okc in the bottom 5 in the west

    • 張領
      張領 Aylar önce +1

      Date Masamune That's right they'll probably will only lose by 20 if starters played.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez Aylar önce +3

    Can't wait for the season opener!

  • Moraldo Beats
    Moraldo Beats Aylar önce +7

    O-K-C u next year! ⚡👋🏾

    • BurnAftaRollinENT
      BurnAftaRollinENT Aylar önce

      I guess you didn't C the first pre season game

    • Lee S
      Lee S Aylar önce +2

      Feeling good about beating a young team missing some of their best players 😂

  • Thunder Buddy
    Thunder Buddy Aylar önce +8

    Sam Presti the GM of Thunder is growing some weed to trade. He should have been fired when he let Harden go to Houston and messed up that amazing young team.

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Aylar önce +1

    subscribe to my channel. if you want

  • ROTY Mike Jones
    ROTY Mike Jones Aylar önce +9

    Dang Luka had an okay game and the Mavs still beat OKC by this much. The Thunder are in trouble this year.

    • Nicholas Carter
      Nicholas Carter Aylar önce

      I really hope thunder gets lucky with the draft picks, they look terrible

    • star one
      star one Aylar önce

      @Wayne Williams i ment hardway junior hes a c plus player in the west?

    • star one
      star one Aylar önce

      @Eric Jefferson dallas doesnot have dirk anymore to be pulling that off. This has to be the weakest dallas team i seen in terms of dept. Nowitski never had a team weak like this. dallas always had 5 solid b players or more sourrounding dirk.

    • Eric Jefferson
      Eric Jefferson Aylar önce

      star one That’s how champions are created. All you need is 2 all-stars and everyone else can be decent players. Dirk beat 3 all-stars by himself with everyone else being c+ and b- players. I know NBA fans hated really bad that Dirk pulled that out but Dallas already proved it doesn’t take a star studded cast of players to win a chip.

    • Wayne Williams
      Wayne Williams Aylar önce

      @star one Dude do you live under a rock? Smith Jr is the reason we have KP! He's a NY knick now!

  • TonyMarlis
    TonyMarlis Aylar önce

    Yo pin this I’m early