We Wasted $1527 on Mystery Tech...

  • katma 17 Ağu 2019
  • "Well that's not how Mystery Tech was supposed to go."
    The Drop Bounty Box: drop.com/buy/drop-bounty-box
    The Gears 5 Xbox One X Limited Edition on Amazon: austin.tech/gears5xbox
    Giant USB Enter Button on Amazon: austin.tech/giantenter
    Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet: www.samsung.com/us/mobile/tablets/galaxy-view/galaxy-view2-2019-64gb-dark-grey-att-sm-t927azkaatt/
    Socker Boppers on Amazon: austin.tech/sockerbopper
    Thanks to Madeon for that sweet, sweet new song All My Friends: open.spotify.com/artist/4pb4rqWSoGUgxm63xmJ8xc
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  • Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    The Enter Button Though 😂 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

  • Raining Thunder
    Raining Thunder Gün önce

    Good, Austin Evens isn't in a dream 2:40

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Gün önce

    Thank you, you just make me smile ;)

  • alec lim
    alec lim Gün önce

    BGVP DMG 😂

  • R/SLASH entitle person

    Im about to 7:26

  • Cash Plays
    Cash Plays Gün önce

    can you buy me a good pc plz

  • the Legend
    the Legend Gün önce

    9:25 just install windows 10 on that tablet and you will be good

  • Jooosh
    Jooosh Gün önce

    This is probably my favorite video form you

  • daily-contect YT
    daily-contect YT Gün önce +1

    But remember people his size is black but his color is white

  • bryan-bronxteen5
    bryan-bronxteen5 Gün önce

    1:53 literally the best edit I ever seen

  • Nemo Bantay
    Nemo Bantay Gün önce

    that socker bopper looks like a giant Fleshlight

  • Liquid Chungus
    Liquid Chungus Gün önce

    It took me like 3 minutes to realize I accidentally clicked on another video

  • Nilo Catur Nugroho
    Nilo Catur Nugroho Gün önce

    13:11 sooo funnyyy

  • Dddd Dddses
    Dddd Dddses Gün önce

    What laptop is that

  • MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    nut... blowing..

  • SpeediestEye
    SpeediestEye 2 gün önce

    Anyone else looking for the link for the Nut button in the description 😂

  • Oscar Allen
    Oscar Allen 2 gün önce

    This is NOT a ken special

  • Pokecraft vids
    Pokecraft vids 3 gün önce

    Ok I will tell my mom

  • Jacob Solt
    Jacob Solt 3 gün önce

    Tim Cook gets that Samsung view 2 just as a wallet

  • u wot meme 2004
    u wot meme 2004 4 gün önce

    austin evans v ksi

  • Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot

    I want the AMP so bad

  • Nikolas Rogkotis
    Nikolas Rogkotis 6 gün önce +1


  • Alonso Daniel Coronado Jo

    I shall e sleeping for school

  • Stark Targaryen
    Stark Targaryen 7 gün önce

    just a suggestion, $1527 is very big amount of money in asia. u can buy 5-6 decent laptops for college students. if u sacrifice just 1 episode of 'we wasted....' 5-6 students can do their assignments at home instead of paying some money/hour in cybercafe's. I know u guys worked hard to achieve this and charity is not something that can be forced. u can still make video's of your charity work and i promised i will watch.

  • Thomas Pham
    Thomas Pham 7 gün önce

    what laptop is that 4:42

  • Spr.l
    Spr.l 7 gün önce

    im gettting that pillow LOL

  • Michael Jaca
    Michael Jaca 8 gün önce


  • Glitch Master
    Glitch Master 8 gün önce

    Idk why this whole video gave me positive ass vibes n now im smiling :)

  • Johnnyboycurtis
    Johnnyboycurtis 8 gün önce

    The content I've been waiting for

  • ravee all
    ravee all 9 gün önce

    That tablet would be perfect for drawing

  • Aliful Hossain
    Aliful Hossain 10 gün önce

    They need to do the fight but wearing the moonshoes

  • N greene
    N greene 10 gün önce

    Rip headphone users 0:02

  • Aashish Malla
    Aashish Malla 11 gün önce

    He clearly hasn't watched INCEPTION . smh ... was waiting for a joke on the titanium top

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez 11 gün önce

    Looking like a frog and shit 😹😹👌

  • Rudra Patel
    Rudra Patel 11 gün önce +1

    Austin’s Married

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 13 gün önce

    *advertiser friendly content*

  • Fernando Flores
    Fernando Flores 13 gün önce

    Workplace violence is not a joke

  • P9VN
    P9VN 15 gün önce

    What's the background song at 2:00 ??

  • FennecTECH
    FennecTECH 15 gün önce

    its a media focused device.

  • Pj studio
    Pj studio 15 gün önce +6

    They really enjoy making videos...
    That makes great video.

  • Hansy
    Hansy 16 gün önce

    2:39 Phew, he wasn't in a dream.

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi 16 gün önce

    10:58 I'm sure it'd be useful in tiny apartment rooms and college dorm rooms, when pairing it with one of those Android compatible USB TV tuners. I know one exists for DVB, so I'm sure there's one with ATSC that Austin could get.

  • Nikkoho
    Nikkoho 16 gün önce


  • James Herron
    James Herron 16 gün önce

    n u t

  • Corbin Ator
    Corbin Ator 16 gün önce

    Can u do a pc giveway

  • Bob dabiuld
    Bob dabiuld 16 gün önce

    Why would anyone waste money on this

  • Adrian Y
    Adrian Y 18 gün önce

    Mad to think ur apartment burnt down but now ur doing so well lol

  • Bruce99
    Bruce99 19 gün önce

    This is a very nice video filled with energy

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith 19 gün önce

    *gets hi res dac and streams from spotify*

  • ninjapros uppal
    ninjapros uppal 19 gün önce

    Nice knives ? Who are you a cereal 🥣 killer joke btw

    • Jommamma Xse
      Jommamma Xse 18 gün önce

      ninjapros uppal you low key thought this was a good joke 🤡

  • アンサリAnsari
    アンサリAnsari 20 gün önce

    you actually made me laugh for no apparent reason

  • Rigged World
    Rigged World 20 gün önce +1

    Lol why does the thumbnail look like MSI afterburner

  • Epic Diamond324
    Epic Diamond324 20 gün önce

    this is stealing from lazarbeam

  • dudewtf1776
    dudewtf1776 20 gün önce


    nice fitment Microsoft...... looks hella flush.....

  • quag311
    quag311 20 gün önce

    Nuttin wrong with this video.

  • KiX
    KiX 21 gün önce

    Quick somebody call
    The Z


  • Melvin Del Rosario
    Melvin Del Rosario 21 gün önce

    2:41, Not a dream!

  • Nathan Aka ARIANAGRANDE Fanboy

    Roblox death sound is a D E A D M E M E

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 21 gün önce

    When the thing in the thumbnail isn't in the video.

  • Parker Gipson
    Parker Gipson 21 gün önce +1

    Why people don't own xbox 8:19