Pouring water down a 50 meter well.

  • katma 21 Mar 2018


  • Chris Brown
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    If it was 5 seconds elapsed before sound was heard, the well would be ~480 meters deep. Even if it was 4 seconds, that's still ~384 Meters.
    5 x (9.8^2) = ~480 4 x (9.8^2) = ~384
    I know that it is more complicated due to air resistance and the speed of sound, but this is a rough estimate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • jimmycleaver
    jimmycleaver 9 aylar önce

    Sounds just like me pouring water into a tub with a 5 second sound delay.

  • Georgio Kay
    Georgio Kay 9 aylar önce

    great way to explain how the travel of light works

  • Kaka Demona
    Kaka Demona 9 aylar önce

    słabizna w chuj

  • brandeisfunk
    brandeisfunk 9 aylar önce

    From an educators point of view, what this video illustrates so well is good educational technique. Imagine how little it would have mattered to visitors if the guide had said "this well is 50 meters deep." He illustrated the same concept in an entertaining, novel, and engaging way. The folks on that tour are going to remember how cool that was.

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    Well that was underwhelming.

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    Well that's cool.

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    "finally some water!"

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    WOW.... I would like to spend a few hundred dollars on an airplane ticket and watch this in person, it's almost as good as a solar eclipse

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    I thought my phone was screaming up on me😂

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    200 ping

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    This video has the worst audio synchronization ever .

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    New Meme

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    Who else was waiting for the moan

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    He just gave the boogie man a shower

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    It should the pouring a whale in 50 meters of a water

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    Hey some peoples like seeing PBS.......They had some segments on Older young at heart adults and letters they had wrote to their significant other selves like their wives or vise versa and New wives and vise versa because some were or had been widowed. Then Charlie Rose is like a breath of fresh Air..............Amen Amen Amen

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    why is this on trending?

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    That was fun

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    what a cool well and cup!

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    Ok? And it rains every day from the sky

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    Well, well, well, what do we have here?

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    I hope the people in the video got their money back

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    is that mike from breaking bad

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    Make a wish

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    Nobody wants their phone fall into that well

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    This was on trending...still better than 50% of the stuff on YT. Congrats!

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    It would have been better if he dropped the bottle down after

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    Humans are so easily entertained

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    When i went to in toilet room my pee sound is same

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    Still a better story than twilight, more meaning than the lives of the kardashians, etc

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    Why is dis on Trending?

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    That's the sound of me in an alley on a late Saturday night

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    Like 5 seconds

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    I’m glad I watched this

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    Sooo you can pee in the well, run away and blame the next guy when the sound catches up!

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    A rare non-10min video for something that takes seconds! Thankyou!!

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    I want to shit in that well

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    finally, a video that isn’t from big channels on trending. how refreshing

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    I hate lag

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    Now that’s a good piss

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    This is TRclips at its greatest right here. These random ass vids are my favorite thing about TRclips.

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    Why is this trending?

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    That's it?

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    I haven't been this bored in a long time, actually watched the whole video.

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    As you can see, water does not defy the rules of gravity. This video was enlightening.

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    Yup . . .gravity

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    This is where they throw their first born children in as a sacrifice so they'll have a good harvest that year....

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    Someone farted at 0:07

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    Not sure why I clicked on this. God what am I doing with my life.. This has to stop Tyler.

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    Wow it actually sounds like water falling down a well..!

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    500k for this ..... you’re fcking kidding me

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    You rarely see these types of videos on trending these days...

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    I would like to pee down that well

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    Now I need to pee. Thanks.

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    Well then..

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    700th comment

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    How the fuck is this shit trending? I should upload a video of me shitting in same well...

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    The speed of gravity on Earth is usually 9.8m/s. The title of the video says that the well is 50m deep. ((50 meters) / (9.8 meters per second)) = ~5.1. It takes approximately 5 seconds to start tearing the water hit the bottom after he starts pouring, not counting the fraction of a second it took the sound to travel back up, because sound travels so fast that that shouldn't matter in this equation.

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    Next: breathing. Why is this trending.

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    Just as satisfying as I thought it would be

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    That's how gravity works.

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    Sometimes I pour water off the top of the stairwell at my building.

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    Great fapping material

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    Well, that’s interesting.

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    Imagine paying allot of money on a tour and this is what you get 😂🤣

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    Video twist. It’s just sound delay.