Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

  • katma 12 Haz 2018
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    With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.
    Thursday: Animated sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Gün önce

    i watched this in the french dub as a kid so i never had a problem with the language barrier issue

  • Maximus Alderich
    Maximus Alderich Gün önce

    That moment when the french chick walks by you and all you can smell is olive oil and stank ass BO.

  • Hillary Supporter
    Hillary Supporter Gün önce

    15 minutes or less
    16 minute video

  • Fat Walrus
    Fat Walrus Gün önce

    this guy whines about everything my god. he adds sins for jokes he makes

  • Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins Gün önce

    13:45 that's an autoclave.. it's used for sterilization; therefore, it would remove all bacteria

  • Hank's Space
    Hank's Space 2 gün önce

    What about narration?

  • Steam Fanatic
    Steam Fanatic 2 gün önce


  • Dragonspine 123
    Dragonspine 123 2 gün önce

    14:17 did anyone think of james rolf or the nostalgia critic sitting in a lether chair in front of a fireplace at the age of 67?

  • King Yurt
    King Yurt 2 gün önce

    Nothing wrong

  • esteban papillon
    esteban papillon 2 gün önce

    100 sins added. 5 michelin stars are impossible the max amount is 3

  • The Pay & Free Gamer
    The Pay & Free Gamer 2 gün önce

    Rip,One of my favorites movies

    KIAN MGH 3 gün önce

    fuck off this MOVIE IS AMZING

  • Charmander Vlogs
    Charmander Vlogs 3 gün önce

    I would have taken a sin off from when he he said he has a tiny little and then she glances down

  • Velvet Sparrow
    Velvet Sparrow 3 gün önce

    Sin 34
    He is aware (at least now, I hope) that this movie takes place in the mod-1960’s or early 70’s, right

  • ashvill the boi
    ashvill the boi 3 gün önce

    Are you saying that there is something wrong with this movie? Disliked

  • Huitzi Snorlax49
    Huitzi Snorlax49 3 gün önce +1

    wait was that the bomber from the incredibles behind Linquini when skating

  • Misstress Darkshadow
    Misstress Darkshadow 3 gün önce

    With the amount of cream added to that soup the colour wouldn't have changed that much it's still a base of tomato not cream.

  • Fluffydragon126
    Fluffydragon126 3 gün önce

    It’s a cartoon, chill

  • KaeGamerPlayz
    KaeGamerPlayz 4 gün önce

    Sub to PewDiePie or I will un sub to you CinemaSins

  • FlowerEmblem
    FlowerEmblem 4 gün önce

    You know what's the biggest sin of this movie?

    Unless Remy writes down his recipes his restaurant is done for in 2 or so years; rats only live for 2-3 :'(

  • Mistashemanishere 53
    Mistashemanishere 53 4 gün önce

    The buff rat it’s the moto moto of ratatouille

  • Wolf_ slayer
    Wolf_ slayer 4 gün önce +1


  • Recon640
    Recon640 4 gün önce

    13:24 hunchback of norte dame?

  • YungNut
    YungNut 4 gün önce

    there is nothing wrong with ratatouille

  • adhya K
    adhya K 4 gün önce

    This guy just wants movies to be straight out practical and not projections of art from a creative mind, he's probably the kind of guy who lives life by the book

  • adhya K
    adhya K 4 gün önce

    If movies were as practical as you think it to be, ratatouille wouldn't have won an oscar and homestly ts a disney movie who cares about physics in it and without these so called 'sins' we wouldn't have such a good movie and being practical isnt artistic

  • Chadward
    Chadward 4 gün önce

    End of video.

  • Alejandro Borque
    Alejandro Borque 5 gün önce

    8:17 I actually died! 😆

  • David Rich
    David Rich 5 gün önce

    Sin 83) Props to you knowing about Disney’s Gargoyles movie... even if it was direct to video.

  • Nosy Egg
    Nosy Egg 6 gün önce

    There's nothing wrong with this movie

  • brianna is salty
    brianna is salty 6 gün önce

    Theres nothing wrong with Ratatouille it was created by God

  • Brandon Bernal
    Brandon Bernal 6 gün önce

    Where's the sin of the villain stealing the scooter and not getting in trouble

  • Brandon Bernal
    Brandon Bernal 6 gün önce

    So your not a virgin?

  • Florence Saint-Amand
    Florence Saint-Amand 6 gün önce +1

    I need King George III to judge America for judging France
    Where my Hamilton fans at?

  • The Highland cow
    The Highland cow 8 gün önce

    1:11 why does one can say cumin

  • charlie hubbell
    charlie hubbell 8 gün önce

    I mean they r near a restaurant where lots of trash is produced so it’s not that insane that they ended up together

  • Chris Jay
    Chris Jay 8 gün önce

    10:00 - No “Weekend at Linguine’s” joke?

    DOGE OOFS 8 gün önce

    Guys I get why he is doing cuz Rat + Plague = Black Plague 325 - 350 Million death 💀


    Wait two f*cking people tried to kill you?

  • Cassie Mettler
    Cassie Mettler 8 gün önce

    9:19 I mean, its not called liquid courage for nothing.

  • frank'snewbandisgerard'sbasement


  • Louis Yank
    Louis Yank 9 gün önce

    "That's ratcist"

  • Annika Ilagan
    Annika Ilagan 9 gün önce

    Granny Get Your Gun

  • Natalie Moenning
    Natalie Moenning 9 gün önce

    Old lady: **sees rat**
    Also Old lady: **grabs gun**


    Erm, I don't think the guy died of sadness, he probably just died from a natural cause or something.

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 10 gün önce

    tbh I'm surprised you don't say "Ratatool"

  • Mangia Gon
    Mangia Gon 11 gün önce

    You know it’s a good movie when it’s less than 100 sins

  • Kevinisthier YT
    Kevinisthier YT 11 gün önce

    it says 15min or less? 16min+ ??

  • JLethality
    JLethality 12 gün önce +2

    Glad this movie didn’t get over 100.
    Childhood favourite.

  • Jet Fighter
    Jet Fighter 12 gün önce


  • Castaccio Nut
    Castaccio Nut 12 gün önce

    9:40 Fun fact, I saw a shop just like that in Brugge, Belgium, and i thought the exact same thing.

  • smae
    smae 13 gün önce

    no offence but your voice is shit

  • Sylvia Gonzalez
    Sylvia Gonzalez 13 gün önce

    Nothing is wrong with it 😑

  • ice wollow come
    ice wollow come 13 gün önce

    I know this is a jokeing video but this is the best pixar movie ever fuck wall-e fuck cars

  • Shiloh Walden
    Shiloh Walden 13 gün önce +1

    10:37 Missed a chance to say "Coffice"

  • Ben Builds
    Ben Builds 14 gün önce +4

    How can people hate you, this is singlehandedly thr best channel on TRclips

  • Jeff
    Jeff 14 gün önce

    Isn't the mime on 11:54 a villa from the incredibles

  • Secretly a celebrity
    Secretly a celebrity 15 gün önce

    11:33 *goddamn rat*

  • Pineappleparty Gacha
    Pineappleparty Gacha 15 gün önce


  • the ultimate gamer
    the ultimate gamer 15 gün önce +1

    Another sin at 6:28 the rat fell into the river when there is a hole in the lid that jar would at least have some water in it.

  • Gt Norway har Liten snabel

    Hes videos ruins my childhood, but IT is worth IT!

  • Co-Ramp 6
    Co-Ramp 6 16 gün önce +1

    Beep beep beep

    ULTIMATE DX 16 gün önce

    91 is actually pretty low for a 1 and a half hour movie, I guess cinema sins isnt stupid, then again this movie is a masterpeice

  • just another commenter with a opinion

    Haven't watched video but this movie is great so everything you say is wrong

  • 206Zelda
    206Zelda 17 gün önce

    I have to ask: Why was Linguini one of the only humans WITHOUT a French accent? It's never established that his mother didn't live in France, and according to his biography, it's flat-out assumed he *does* live in France for most of his extended life, having only become an orphan into his early-adolescent period.
    So to recap: Why wouldn't he have an accent, being raised primarily around that speaking mannerism?

    • itsQUINNderful !
      itsQUINNderful ! 8 gün önce

      If she was American then he would've picked up her accent, even if he did live in France.

  • Alexander Christopher
    Alexander Christopher 17 gün önce

    A Gordon Ramsay/Remy crossover sequel will be great. It might also be Pixar's first R-rated animation.😁

  • Karen Garza
    Karen Garza 17 gün önce

    9:31 you and me both bro

  • Sophie Tresidder
    Sophie Tresidder 18 gün önce +1

    Ratatouille: Working but forgets the lamb sauce
    Gordon: *wheres the lamb sauce*

  • Eskee
    Eskee 18 gün önce

    Okay so two things: 1: how can you not sin the movie for having a 5 star restaurant? The maximum amount of michelin stars a restaurant can get is 3. 2: this one is very nitpicky but here we go, in sin 34, you state that they do not have any cctv in the kitchen, it is actually illegal in France to record your employees while working (for privacy reasons)

  • country city
    country city 18 gün önce

    the only thing that they got right is the rat character played by
    patton oswalt is a real rat in real life - real true fact's folk's -

  • Lps Lemon
    Lps Lemon 18 gün önce

    If there was a hole in the jar and linguine accidentally threw it on the water why wasn’t the jar full of water

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 19 gün önce

    1:55 True story, my grandpa actually did the same thing one time. Pretty sure he was drunk at the time lol.

  • Neon Was Here
    Neon Was Here 19 gün önce

    Ratatouille has nothing wrong you jerk :p

  • peter desposito
    peter desposito 19 gün önce

    i love this movie
    its perfect and everyone knows it
    sins not included

  • Marcel Lucas
    Marcel Lucas 19 gün önce

    OK, old ladies don't have guns in France. This is totally an American thing

  • 0t0st
    0t0st 20 gün önce

    6:20 the jar has a hole, so Remi would have been drowned.

  • Muharrem Yasin Güneş
    Muharrem Yasin Güneş 20 gün önce

    Trying to find sense of logic in a universe that rats are speaking... lol

  • Dougie Mcdonald
    Dougie Mcdonald 20 gün önce

    6:01 dogs can sort of understand English with commands like sit and fetch but they cans speak because of their vocal cords

  • Zz Destroyah zZ
    Zz Destroyah zZ 20 gün önce


  • Zz Destroyah zZ
    Zz Destroyah zZ 20 gün önce

    I Love This Fucking Movie

  • Ava Youmans
    Ava Youmans 20 gün önce

    He puts sins on everything even though it’s not even a problem

  • Hype beast
    Hype beast 20 gün önce

    Nothing wrong

  • Drew Berning
    Drew Berning 20 gün önce

    Walkin coolers are not sound proof, I've dropped a few things in there and all of my coworkers could here it

  • TheInkNinja
    TheInkNinja 20 gün önce

    Remmy :(

  • m8an8or
    m8an8or 21 gün önce

    15:35 love a good liar liar reference

  • bjorkdotcom
    bjorkdotcom 21 gün önce +2

    NOTHING is wrong with Ratatouille.

  • Jonah Trujillo
    Jonah Trujillo 21 gün önce

    5:52 they could of had cans lids in the kitchen just saying

  • Alpha Alex
    Alpha Alex 21 gün önce

    Yes... vegetables....
    *Fucking vegetables.......*

  • lolster 292
    lolster 292 21 gün önce

    This movie is still going to remain as one of my favorite movies.

  • LianJie The Animator
    LianJie The Animator 22 gün önce

    9:16 this reminds me of a tactic in WW2 when the French resistance Women’s job is to when a German men is drunk, they “flirt” them to spill out their information (plans, attacks, schedules, etc.) but this is what references I was thinking

  • maged play games the best games

    its 16 min

  • Reyos Blackwood
    Reyos Blackwood 22 gün önce

    13:25 Disney made multiple movies with gargoyles that were sentient (Gargoyles the Movie: The Heroes Awaken & The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

  • Cooper Curley
    Cooper Curley 23 gün önce +1

    Bitch there is nothing wrong with this movie.

  • Gingy Time
    Gingy Time 23 gün önce

    This video ruined my love for my favorite movie

  • Xenozam
    Xenozam 24 gün önce

    not a fan of the god, aren't you?

  • TheNoHackAndMoneySpending Gamer

    man this channel is ruining a lot of my childhood

  • scaryhealer
    scaryhealer 24 gün önce

    It exists

  • puppypasta
    puppypasta 24 gün önce

    6:40 I'm a sheep

  • Meghan Stinard
    Meghan Stinard 25 gün önce

    I like this movie