Siyah Beyaz Aşk 20. Bölüm 2. Fragman


  • Maryam SL
    Maryam SL Yıl önce

    You write 19, then report 18!!!, Sir?

  • Maryam SL
    Maryam SL Yıl önce

    #siyahbeyazask. The best of all. Best scenario, great casts, fantastic soundtracks. writing such a beautiful Scenario about an innocent loveable killer, who lives like a slave in his own father’s hands and has no life of his own, is great. This serial started from an end of a lonely man’s life, and now putting us move with him as he goes forward with the love of a special woman, Asli.
    #meryem. nice to watch, but is getting so sickeningly maddening.
    fazilethanim. House of crazy trios.
    #istanbolibride. Just like any other Typical Turkish serial! Though I am after what Ozcan did with a very young woman as so called his child girlfriend! Dislike and hate him for being such an as........ at 45. He is and behaves like a village boy who has gotten rich and lost his identity as a......... why hasn’t he married her before pregnancy thing. Can’t trust him as a gentleman. Feeling so insulted, disgusted, and dirty.
    #adinisenkoy. Very low budget with no famous casts, but is different in not having outrageous events amongst the family and in their environments. Events come and go fast.
    Those rages, revenges, briberies, mafiaisms, dirty relationships, unbelievable impossible sagas , one after another, happening in 99.99% of serials, makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Aybulan Novruzov
    Aybulan Novruzov Yıl önce

    duwuy duwuy ne yazirsiz yalanan

  • Наташа Шелельо

    фільм СУПЕР БОМБА****