I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

  • katma 15 Haz 2019
  • Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.
    Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Eugene Lee Yang
    A Moment Apart” & “Intro Instrumental” - listen now at odesza.lnk.to/amaYT
    Set Photography by JD Renes Photography
    Co-produced by EVERYBODYNEEDSUS
    Executive Producer - Cathleen Cher
    Producer - Sally Sujin Oh
    Director of Photography - Adam Lee
    Production Designer - Matt Soko
    Editor - Jonas Thorhallsson
    Colorist - Jakob Thorhallsson
    Hair - David Dang
    Makeup - Arianna Chaylene Bean
    Stylist - Farren Jean Andrèa
    Stylist Assistant - Kali Mackay
    Hair for Ensemble - Cayla Solomon
    Makeup for Ensemble - Kasha Lassien
    Oscar Utiérre
    Farren Jean Andrèa
    Malan Breton
    Eugene Lee Yang
    Sister - Grace Yoo
    Brother - Intae Kim
    Mother - Terumi Shimazu
    Father - Gary Murakami
    Girl - Sophia Oddi
    Boy - Joshua Blaine
    Kim Chi
    Jazzmyne Jay
    Rhea Litré
    Mayhem Miller
    Curly Velasquez
    Arisce Wanzer
    Jason Beaubien, Ryan Blake, Sol Deleo, Mitchell Flores, William Fryt, Mario Godiva, Delaney Goodman, Carter Lee, Jake Mason, Ava Minett, Loretta Minett, Rene Punzalan, Hector Sanchez, Donavan Sanders, Daniel Suarez, Aus Wang, Roman Young
    Hind Boa, Justin Chen, Isaac Chu, Felicia Coito, Maiquel Denee, Kate Duffy, Alexandria Herring, Gideon Jacob, Samuel Johnson, Dyan Jong, Aris Kakkis, Danny Lam, Jeremy Lam, Shantell Lamb, Doinelle Macabugao, Lesha McBride, Annie Nguyen, Pat Nguyen, Robyin Nguyen, Devin Parker, Nick Rufca, Alyssa Santos, Zain Shami
    Assistant Director - Clyde Goins
    2nd AD - Dolly Gray
    Music Supervisor - Cathleen Cher
    1st AC - Dawson Taylor
    2nd AC - Oscar Martinez
    Gaffer - Devon Wilson
    Best Boy Electric - Vince Valentin
    Key Grip - Huan Manton
    Best Boy Grip - Justin Lee
    Art Director - Spencer Trent
    Set Dresser - Devin Parker
    Crane Operators - Ryan Elliott, Mike Pusatere
    Production Assistants - Delaney Goodman, Izzy Mojamiid, Sergio Ochoa
    Catering - Humberto's Catering
    Weho Dodgeball
    Now More Than Ever Artists
    East West Players
    Virtual World Arcade
    Adam Foley & Ninja Tune
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  • sam043092
    sam043092 4 dakika önce

    Beautiful video! Ending had me crying so hard! You are an amazing person Eugene and so very talented! 💛💙💜💚❤

  • Ken Bergman
    Ken Bergman 11 dakika önce

    Damn it just rewatched this video. Just if not more moved by it.

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose 12 dakika önce

    I fucking love Eugene

  • Fruit Loopz
    Fruit Loopz 13 dakika önce

    yea ik... wasnt that hard to tell... fuking gays

    • Olivia Baseden
      Olivia Baseden 4 dakika önce

      This took a lot of courage from Eugene to have the bravery to come out to the world. You are clearly not accepting of that and you do not need to share that with Eugene or the LGBTQ+ community. They know that people like you are everywhere in the world and they have learned to co-exist with you. They have people who love and care for who they truly are. So please think before you write offensive and homophobic comments. Thank you.

  • Lunala Kid
    Lunala Kid 13 dakika önce

    Would have been more shocked if he came out as straight XD
    But seriously great video and you rock Eugene

  • Samantha Caamano
    Samantha Caamano 15 dakika önce

    As members of the lgbt+ community, we go through so much everyday even though it seems like we're finally gaining some acceptance. Yes, we have allies. But there are many foes that we face almost everyday of our lives, and that's why we stick together. That's why we stand up for each other. As a bisexual person, you have no idea how many times people tell me to "make up my mind" or "just pick a side." Trans men and women purposefully being called the wrong gender, gay men and lesbians just simply getting stares when they hold hands with their partners in public, parents shielding their children's eyes when we walk by them, death threats, bullying, crude actions done towards us. It's why some of us are suicidal. I'm so glad Eugene came out in such an artistic manner. It really shows that we have a vision as a community. We're just like everyone else. We're people. Thanks Buzzfeed for raising these donations. It means a lot to me to save the young lives of our people who still have hope for change in our society. We are the change. We are the future.

  • Olivia Baseden
    Olivia Baseden 19 dakika önce +2

    I’m pretty sure this is my 20th time watching this

  • Ken Bergman
    Ken Bergman 30 dakika önce +1

    What an absolutely beautiful soul. Typing this I have tears of happiness and sorrow for any disrespect he may have received. Bless you fir such strength, beauty and power you shared.

  • Bria Arseneault
    Bria Arseneault 35 dakika önce

    wow. this was beautiful

  • Alexa S.
    Alexa S. 51 dakika önce

    For anyone who doesn't understand the ending, look back to the beginning of the video in which Eugene is the only member of his family wearing color, a dress no less. He clearly doesn't fit in and there's tension between him and his father, which is later confirmed when Eugene comes out and his father attacks him for it. At the end of the video, Eugene is in an even more flamboyant sequined dress while other queer men join him in the same living room set where he sat with his bio family.
    The drag queens aren't his friends, nor are they thrown in to make the video more showy and artsy -- they're supposed to represent FOUND FAMILY. Eugene's facial expression isn't one of joy, it's one of determination -- he has the strength to keep going even when he had to replace his bio family members with his found family members. This is often the case for members of the LGBTQ+ community. We have to find our family when our friends and family can't accept who we are. It was a brilliant way to close the video and offers a message of hope to all the lost, lonely queer kids out there. Thanks, Eugene!

  • Brianna Duran
    Brianna Duran Saatler önce

    I just realized that this is not his music

  • Gymnast Momma
    Gymnast Momma Saatler önce

    That was beautiful! I was spellbound!

  • Emily Xiong
    Emily Xiong Saatler önce

    I love love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙🥰

  • Jessica Russian Sifontes
    Jessica Russian Sifontes 2 saatler önce +1

    I knew Eugene could dance but this is a whole new level. This was raw, powerful, very touching. The color transitions are fantastic. The emotion behind each shot is palpable. Beautiful.

    KERMIT THE FROG 2 saatler önce

    This song has the biggest meaning I almost cried watching it cause the meaning is so true

  • Charise Lee
    Charise Lee 2 saatler önce

    I love love love love this video. I’m very emotional so I cried watching this. I love the message behind it. The video was beautiful.

  • Lizzybee
    Lizzybee 2 saatler önce

    Eugene ♥️♥️ honey I’m so happy

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 2 saatler önce

    Really did not expect that, all I know is it takes a lot for someone to come out or even just to express themselves to the world, especially in today’s age. Still one of my favorite Try Guys, Congrats, Eugene! Definitely a powerful message to everyone who sees this.

  • Ceci Reynolds
    Ceci Reynolds 3 saatler önce

    This was so beautiful I cried

  • sarah poschen
    sarah poschen 3 saatler önce


  • Daniela Gutierrez
    Daniela Gutierrez 3 saatler önce


  • Adrian Gutierrez
    Adrian Gutierrez 3 saatler önce

    This was Devine. I felt all the emotions, pain, love etc... and i just so happy you made this for the community! I have so much respect for you! 💛

  • JaneYum
    JaneYum 3 saatler önce

    Omg I’m crying this is beautiful

  • Jazaba Ahmad
    Jazaba Ahmad 3 saatler önce


  • Sandy Adkins
    Sandy Adkins 4 saatler önce

    I know you might not see this but I am so so so proud of everything he has done 👏😘 congrats to you Eugene. Whising you love and happiness.

  • Suelynn B
    Suelynn B 4 saatler önce

    What’s the song?

  • Alex Kaiser
    Alex Kaiser 4 saatler önce

    Made me cry. So much meaning, so much truth often unseen. A beautiful video from all angles.

  • Jerica Barnhill
    Jerica Barnhill 4 saatler önce

    Crying like a baby. I am so sorry people are so evil and close minded

  • Siera Hafley
    Siera Hafley 4 saatler önce

    That was powerful🙏

  • TutleConGaming
    TutleConGaming 5 saatler önce

    When I saw this my brain just went yaba dee ya a diiii

  • Jaden Heide
    Jaden Heide 5 saatler önce

    The forza horizon 4 theme ? Interesting I guess :/

  • MySlenderGames
    MySlenderGames 5 saatler önce

    Has Eugene talked about his story of finding out he was gay yet? I'd like to hear it.

  • Zion Tolbert
    Zion Tolbert 5 saatler önce

    This is the most extravagant , beautiful coming out video I’ve ever seen

  • Beatriz CS
    Beatriz CS 6 saatler önce

    This video is just... Incredible Eugene... I just have no words... ❤️ The most beautiful and special video ❤️

  • Heba Ibrahim
    Heba Ibrahim 6 saatler önce

    I loved every second .. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • ŽæùN ŁòVê
    ŽæùN ŁòVê 6 saatler önce

    Any army???

  • Umer Qureshi
    Umer Qureshi 6 saatler önce

    This is so fucking gay

  • Living_Life_ With_Epilepsy
    Living_Life_ With_Epilepsy 7 saatler önce

    It’s got me so emotional and somethings that I understood and it also make me feel sorry 😢 for Eugene because of the ways his father at was beating him and his mother was just upset and walked inside it doesn’t just get me emotional it probably get everyone who is Bi, gay, trans, homosexual ,heterosexual any kind, I’m straight but that really got to me so be kind to people who are bi, trans, homo, gay because they always might do the same for you? 😊

  • MIA _
    MIA _ 7 saatler önce

    The dislikes are from the girls that thought they were going marry him one day

  • saucy destroyer
    saucy destroyer 7 saatler önce

    What a gay boy. He needs to be stoned for his sins.
    Which is being gay.

    • Dobble
      Dobble 2 saatler önce

      you're gay but sadly in the closet 😎

  • Rajdutt Kenkre
    Rajdutt Kenkre 7 saatler önce

    I somewhat guessed it after the interview on wired, well it doesn't matter. The future videos will be more open and exciting and that's cool.🤘

  • olivia xox
    olivia xox 7 saatler önce

    Wow! Daebak Eugene!👏👏👏

  • Nadia Zidane
    Nadia Zidane 7 saatler önce

    This is amazingggg

  • Cierra G.
    Cierra G. 7 saatler önce

    Who else kinda suspected it all along?

  • mr_ memez
    mr_ memez 7 saatler önce

    i mean tbh. we all saw it coming so🤷‍♂️

  • graco the lizard
    graco the lizard 8 saatler önce

    I thought I was extra

  • TinyPotatoes
    TinyPotatoes 8 saatler önce

    My hearts achey. It's amazing how much was fit into this video. I'm proud of you Eugene

  • Pope Of Dope
    Pope Of Dope 8 saatler önce

    youre fucking ugly as fuck

  • Mogo 314
    Mogo 314 8 saatler önce

    That made me cry, that was BEAUTIFUL♥️🥰

  • Sol Vasquez
    Sol Vasquez 8 saatler önce

    Once a man was trying to comprehend all the lgbtqia from is daughter but got confused due to there being so many. His mother stepped in and told him "At least it's better then when ppl killed themselves for being different" it's been a whole month and I'm still extremely proud of u Eugene Lee Yang

  • Kati .•.
    Kati .•. 9 saatler önce

    Is he gay or trans?

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson 9 saatler önce

    There's two genders for a reason

    • keki3173
      keki3173 8 saatler önce

      Female genitalia looks like the face of the alien in Predator NO THANKS

  • arctic amethyst
    arctic amethyst 9 saatler önce

    i teared up and got goosebumps

  • JoeTheNotSoPro
    JoeTheNotSoPro 9 saatler önce

    That's pretty gay.

  • Michael De La Cruz
    Michael De La Cruz 9 saatler önce

    wow if anything sums up the whole coming out process it is this. i did not come to cry, but here i am. this is truly art and i cant wait to watch this everyday of my life. maybe even one day show my parents

  • AmyHewett
    AmyHewett 9 saatler önce


  • Courts asmr
    Courts asmr 9 saatler önce

    We love you and accept you xxxxx

  • PL Lalnunsiami
    PL Lalnunsiami 9 saatler önce

    Always knew he would be gay

  • HowdyHowdy
    HowdyHowdy 9 saatler önce

    Eugene should Try out for Drag Race

  • Tiffany Phan
    Tiffany Phan 10 saatler önce

    I just recently came out, and I'm sitting here on my bed bawling my eyes out uncontrollably because this is not only such a personal journey for Eugene, this gives kind of a voice to the community. Beautifully done. I appreciate this so much.

  • Stefania Mak
    Stefania Mak 10 saatler önce

    Is it only me, or are the lyrics of the song sung only on the manipulative scenes? What if that incorporates that anything else than these scenes happen in the silence, except the last scene, where he is proud of who he is at the loudest part of all.

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris 10 saatler önce

    wait a second is this forza 4

  • Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller 10 saatler önce

    Yesssssss Queen u are so beautiful sis!

  • Sage Webb
    Sage Webb 10 saatler önce +1

    This is by far the most beautiful video i have seen in my whole life. I’m so proud of you.❤️

  • Daria Kim
    Daria Kim 10 saatler önce +1

    He is such a good dancer and actor! I remember I was so in love with him when I was younger and my mom used to say “he is 100% gay, honey”. Still love him❤️ this video is so beautiful and powerful

  • GLD31
    GLD31 10 saatler önce

    This is inspiring! Good project and nice video showing the struggles of most members of the LGBTQ Community ♥

  • Phuc Doan Hong Le (Isabella)
    Phuc Doan Hong Le (Isabella) 10 saatler önce +2

    UGH HELP I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT! GOD DAMNIT EUGENE!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO COME OUT IN LIKE, ONLY THE BEST WAY EVER!??!? srsly though guys.... Who else just like knew? No need come out video- actually yes, come out video, but anyone just knew?

  • Jiminmochi Xoxo
    Jiminmochi Xoxo 11 saatler önce

    I always knew there was something truly beautiful about eugene

  • Kai _txt
    Kai _txt 11 saatler önce +1

    Honestly...this is just stunning

  • Lily Harlin
    Lily Harlin 11 saatler önce

    More please