• katma 16 Haz 2018
  • ugh this will flop
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  • x Tuphh
    x Tuphh 8 gün önce

    you have the worse style 🤣

  • Niki MSP
    Niki MSP Aylar önce

    *THIS IS raCiST*

  • Anita Hawlader
    Anita Hawlader Aylar önce +1

    This video should be called
    I get exposed by my fans

  • Anita Hawlader
    Anita Hawlader Aylar önce +1

    I have a freckle nose
    Non vip just got it from the shop
    Don't tell anyone about my msp expose vids
    They get mad
    But anyway luv this vid

  • XxGamerShelbsxX
    XxGamerShelbsxX Aylar önce

    I laughed during this video, I subscribed!

  • ii Casey
    ii Casey 2 aylar önce

    I got fuckin hacked on my msp acc and they changed the pass and i mailed msp because when i click on forgot pass i dont get any mail from them and it was my vip acc ;-;

  • Grestiin N
    Grestiin N 2 aylar önce

    my ears 1:52

  • Ava Youmans
    Ava Youmans 2 aylar önce

    Wait hold up is this her actual voice or does she have a voice changer on

  • potatomarleen
    potatomarleen 3 aylar önce

    Gotta need to love the snowflakes

  • Tim Deremo
    Tim Deremo 3 aylar önce

    im sorry i just lover her personality XD

  • Hannah Rowe
    Hannah Rowe 3 aylar önce


  • Round_ Cereal
    Round_ Cereal 4 aylar önce

    Omg you’re actually so annoying. First 30 seconds and I’m actually clicking off. You act like a 12 year old.

    • Cryptal
      Cryptal  4 aylar önce

      omg im only 9 please stop bullying me

  • hi im ella
    hi im ella 4 aylar önce

    pin this if u love ur fans and u think orangepielover is rAcIsTttT

  • ֆǟȶǟռ
    ֆǟȶǟռ 4 aylar önce

    Are you saying my msp character is not hot?

  • vanda galkontiene
    vanda galkontiene 4 aylar önce

    your so rude on that gme

  • AthleticAmanda !
    AthleticAmanda ! 5 aylar önce +1

    *Little 6 year old trying to sound like a 16 year old spoiled brat*

    • Cryptal
      Cryptal  4 aylar önce

      @AthleticAmanda ! yes thats all i want lmaoooooooooooo

    • AthleticAmanda !
      AthleticAmanda ! 4 aylar önce

      @Cryptal "no problem" I knew thats all you want you spoiled brat!

    • Cryptal
      Cryptal  4 aylar önce

      @AthleticAmanda ! Well, thanks so much for the views!! My bank account is looking really good right now :)

    • AthleticAmanda !
      AthleticAmanda ! 4 aylar önce

      @Cryptal You sound 6 and all your video shows is how to look like a psycho and really?
      *666% WORKS?* Im sure its *666%* Trash

  • Skate Chipi
    Skate Chipi 5 aylar önce

    Your style is so cool

  • Jeff The killer
    Jeff The killer 5 aylar önce


  • xChloely
    xChloely 5 aylar önce

    I’d just say “ I’m hotter than ur manssss “

  • Rudy Navas
    Rudy Navas 6 aylar önce

  • Sarah Gorry
    Sarah Gorry 6 aylar önce

    sis every single time i try to make it look as good as yours i can still never get close... *TEACH ME YOUR WAYS*

  • milkymøøn
    milkymøøn 6 aylar önce

    gUeSt 666..

  • IceQueen Msp
    IceQueen Msp 6 aylar önce

    Omg im so obsest with your intro

  • Ja’Niya Taylor
    Ja’Niya Taylor 6 aylar önce +1

    Omg funny 😂 love your yt and subscribed!

  • Billie Eilish is my strange addiction

    Ily your voice is so fucking cute

  • Melodie grace
    Melodie grace 6 aylar önce +1

    Why is this actually funny

  • Cookie _Jesss
    Cookie _Jesss 7 aylar önce

    gEt ThEm BoOnIeS!

  • Laboxty
    Laboxty 7 aylar önce +1

    1:35 “THATS RACIST!” Im crying xD

  • Gacha Stupid
    Gacha Stupid 7 aylar önce +1

    5:37 orange pie lover is...

  • Deimile Simkute
    Deimile Simkute 7 aylar önce +2

    I'm writing THIS IS STYLE IN YOUR GUESTBOOK, And can you send a
    Me a wishie or a gift, my user is //Extic

  • Small Hearts
    Small Hearts 8 aylar önce

    Not today sat_n

  • Rayyaan Aubeeluck
    Rayyaan Aubeeluck 8 aylar önce +2

    666% wOrKs..
    I can smell the illuminati..
    *SIPS TEA*

  • sopapaya
    sopapaya 8 aylar önce

    *your toaster strudel*

  • serene Wampler
    serene Wampler 8 aylar önce

    “Orange pie lover is racist”🤣

  • Genetically Modified
    Genetically Modified 8 aylar önce

    i’m already hot i’m sorry

  • 3 Jamey 13
    3 Jamey 13 8 aylar önce


  • Peachi chan
    Peachi chan 8 aylar önce

    orange pie lover was hella *jelly* that you were hotter than her

  • Nathaniel Phinney
    Nathaniel Phinney 8 aylar önce

    did you watch an Antonio Garza video before making this lmfao

  • Nathaniel Phinney
    Nathaniel Phinney 8 aylar önce

    wow you're... really annoying. lmfao.

  • ahhh btsssl
    ahhh btsssl 8 aylar önce

    I have freckles nose!! My acc is ??addison?? XD this is rascist (however you spell it)

  • lexielicous1 Username for msp

    Imma *”Freckle nose”* and proud😍 (I feel like the *”freckle noses”* are the only nice noses if I’m being honest) by the way love this if you think about msp all night and want a hot bo- I mean if u love ur uh top fans on here! Definitely meant that not anything else heh..,yeah imma go **Leaves**

  • toasty. trash
    toasty. trash 8 aylar önce

    I got a freckled knoze kittycatsara999 support your local trashcan

  • Bunny_cute Msp
    Bunny_cute Msp 9 aylar önce

    Wow on 5:00 is awsome

  • Rongdonu sasa batiza
    Rongdonu sasa batiza 9 aylar önce

    First your msp character looks so ugly sorry

  • i ate your avocados
    i ate your avocados 9 aylar önce

    *You know what im saying*

  • Millie Leah
    Millie Leah 9 aylar önce

    I'm sTiLl A fReCklEd nOsE uSeR

  • George Aiken
    George Aiken 9 aylar önce

    I play msp I love and how do u get a nd on this game my name is foxypunk11 and my brother name us nbayoungboy567

  • Dessyx
    Dessyx 9 aylar önce

    *oh lord-*

  • NirvanaCat Brajkovic
    NirvanaCat Brajkovic 9 aylar önce


  • 9 aylar önce

    "Its ya girl,ya boii,ya roster strootle

  • dowe
    dowe 9 aylar önce

    junk video lol

  • Christine Blogs
    Christine Blogs 9 aylar önce

    Sorry I dont like msp anymore do not Judge I Love mobile legends

  • Lilly Sugar 〈3
    Lilly Sugar 〈3 9 aylar önce

    100% vs 666%
    Clearly - nahhh 666% >:>

  • climated yellow
    climated yellow 9 aylar önce

    I only listen to these if they’re 69% or 420% true 😤

  • •Sleepy._. Avery•
    •Sleepy._. Avery• 9 aylar önce

    This is the Style!!!!!!!!... anyone 2019

  • Lisa-Marie Gaming
    Lisa-Marie Gaming 10 aylar önce

    If I was ana I would probably cry lmao

  • TheNameMadd MSP
    TheNameMadd MSP 10 aylar önce

    ......THAT...WAS....SOOO...HAWT OH MAH GAW

  • Amaris
    Amaris 10 aylar önce +1

    Uhm... What percent works? Oh okay

  • Jasmin Watson
    Jasmin Watson 10 aylar önce

    0:10- its ya girl,ya boy, ya POSTREL SHNOODLE
    0:18- WINK WONK
    0:36- i kinda look like a SHNAK
    0:48- wanna hook up with them girls, them boys, them boonies, you know, havent you ever wanted to hook up with one of those cause i sure have, SO LETS START
    1:37- SOOOO i am just going to hop onto my account seeing as no one want to help me not even princess games........ so i hate this game sooo much.......*triggered* ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS RACIST, THIS IS HOMOPHOBIC, THIS IS SEXSIST, OBIOUSLY MSP HAS SOMETHING AGAINST ME, *mummbles* hfjf like WHY WOULD IT SAY INVALID USERNAME HUH
    i cant be bothered writing anymore lets just say the whole video was funny shall we

  • SoftKittenz
    SoftKittenz 10 aylar önce +1