Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • katma 13 Haz 2019
  • Twix. They’ve been at the heart of a debate that goes back more than five decades. Lines have been drawn so intractable that friendships, relationships, even nations have been ruined. Who could forget the Great Twix Battle between the UK and Finland in 1984? No, we’re not speaking of the Left vs. Right debate. We’re talking about the Conflict of Classification that rages to this day. The age old debate: is Twix candy or cookie? Out of respect for those who came before, we will not take a position. Instead, join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Twix that can hopefully bring peace to this conflict.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Lily Fleming
    Lily Fleming Gün önce

    You should make Andy’s mints

  • brizzleyoh
    brizzleyoh Gün önce

    You should remake airheads

  • xDnB Raven
    xDnB Raven 2 gün önce

    Idk man if i was there with Claire id tell her it was perfect cuz they're amazing I'm so proud of her

  • lily
    lily 2 gün önce


  • gorillaau
    gorillaau 2 gün önce

    "No after breakfast dessert! That's inappropriate."

  • RammC RammC
    RammC RammC 2 gün önce

    They taste like plastic now.

  • Bekah Hunt
    Bekah Hunt 2 gün önce

    I never liked the cookie when you eat it alone. cause I used to take all the layers apart. I do the same with milky ways.

  • eMo Miscellaneous
    eMo Miscellaneous 2 gün önce


  • Emma D'Amico
    Emma D'Amico 2 gün önce

    Do pop tarts!!

  • Lily Z
    Lily Z 2 gün önce

    36:24 the way they pulled the caramel apart and all cheered and ate basically the exact same way,
    This is what “boys will be boys” should be. It’s so endearing to see how happy that made Clair and how she smile in between them. Nice job 👍🏼

  • XxNoellxX Lane
    XxNoellxX Lane 3 gün önce

    Adam: " There cookies not candy. It's a cookie bar!" 0:08sec.
    Claire: " Every person here disagrees with you". 0:15sec.
    Twix Box: " Cookie bar ". 0:56sec.

  • ParenteGrande
    ParenteGrande 3 gün önce

    Dear Claire, righty righty, lefty loosy basically means clockwise (righty) tightens (tighty) , counter-clockwise (lefty) loosens (loosy).

  • Alex P
    Alex P 3 gün önce

    Hate Twix. Super sweet and unnatural mass market garbage.

  • Schrader
    Schrader 3 gün önce

    36:24 I wanna see a movie with these two guys in the main roles.

  • Selene'sRachetChannel
    Selene'sRachetChannel 3 gün önce

    Claire: thank god for the heat guns. I wouldn’t be able to do the shows without them
    Dehydrator: why must you do this to me. Am I a joke to you

  • Aubrey Tyson
    Aubrey Tyson 3 gün önce


  • aureliomanalo
    aureliomanalo 3 gün önce

    Adam Rapoport is a gigantic dickhole and I'm sorry for anyone who has to work for him.

  • J Brink
    J Brink 4 gün önce

    Star crunch would be a good one

  • Anp
    Anp 4 gün önce +1

    Do Girl Scout Cookies next!

  • K D
    K D 4 gün önce

    She gives me anxiety lol dang girl have some fun

  • Obsidian Butterfly
    Obsidian Butterfly 4 gün önce +1

    Mercury is in Retrograde right now though! Be safe y'all

  • xGunmetal
    xGunmetal 4 gün önce

    Her twix is "Clairely" superior.

  • C R
    C R 4 gün önce

    So the chef was right that they are cookie bars right?

  • Emily B
    Emily B 4 gün önce

    when someone says twix....i just think chocolate bar.. but can it not be a mix of both candy and biscuit

  • yodave1
    yodave1 4 gün önce

    Please please stop stating recipes with cups and sticks (they grow on trees, right why add them to cookies?) and use real measurements!

  • Imani Maldonado
    Imani Maldonado 4 gün önce +3

    27:39 "Maybe I should do freezer..."
    _Famous last words_

  • mafmatics luv
    mafmatics luv 4 gün önce

    how did i watch the full 40 mins it felt like 5 oops

  • mafmatics luv
    mafmatics luv 4 gün önce

    i’m confused by her age does she have real grey hair?

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill 5 gün önce

    the character development of chocolate tempering is amazing

  • isis simmons
    isis simmons 5 gün önce +2

    The women at 12:41 has big gay Mom friend energy, can someone tell me her name pls?

    • RexTheDinosaur1
      RexTheDinosaur1 4 gün önce

      Christina Chaey I know she does to me as well. I've been shipping her and Claire ever since the Cheez-Its episode. And that really cute part at the end of the peeps episode.

  • Katie K
    Katie K 5 gün önce

    The intense music when shes trying to put the pattern on the too-cold cookies

  • Niva Saravana
    Niva Saravana 5 gün önce

    Gaby is my spirit animal!!

  • Daniel Chmiel
    Daniel Chmiel 5 gün önce

    Christina's outfit at 5:28 looks strange colour-wise. Like iridescent glow or something

  • Maritza Mercado
    Maritza Mercado 6 gün önce +1

    Claire radiates Pam Beesly energy,, that’s why we love her so much.

  • mtugglet
    mtugglet 6 gün önce

    If you turn it upside down it's still right.

  • Mik Plays
    Mik Plays 6 gün önce

    Excuse you it’s caramel not ceremel

  • Michael Sgarioto
    Michael Sgarioto 7 gün önce

    Are we going to just ignore the fact that Claire made millionaire shortbread and called it a gourmet Twix? Just saying. Love the series Claire. In another life, I would aim to be your apprentice.

  • Brian
    Brian 7 gün önce +1

    I love this show! First time seeing it, it's like arts, crafts, cooking, science and CLAIRE!

  • Brian
    Brian 7 gün önce

    What is the guy behind you making at the other cooking station? @ 25:47?

  • Brian
    Brian 7 gün önce

    Omg 😂 whoever edits these is amazing.. the tempered chocolate part where they cut to the almond joy fail in black and white 😂💀

  • gabrielle smith
    gabrielle smith 7 gün önce

    i love how they always include how to make it as if we would push ourselves to make twix after seeing a professional struggle

  • Brian
    Brian 7 gün önce

    "You guys need to taste this, something went wrong, see! He spit it out!" 😂 first time watching one of these Bon Appetit videos, I love her personality, she's great!

  • Violet Grey
    Violet Grey 7 gün önce

    I swear to God there's an alternate reality where Brad and Claire get married and grow old making each other laugh

  • Maria
    Maria 7 gün önce

    What are they actually doing in this kitchen? Are they a restaurant or?

  • kacytron
    kacytron 7 gün önce

    Also, who edits this? It’s amazing.

  • kacytron
    kacytron 7 gün önce

    Something tells me Claire has never worked under a car.

  • Marianne Josefsson
    Marianne Josefsson 7 gün önce

    Make toffifee!

  • no no
    no no 8 gün önce

    still rocking the grandma hair I see

  • Female Anatomy
    Female Anatomy 8 gün önce +2

    Well since I'm only half way and its going "weirdly well" I am very concerned for the chocolate portion.

  • Elyza Gonzalez
    Elyza Gonzalez 8 gün önce

    The caramel and carmel conversation is a discussion I've had with friends.
    Caramel is the candy or flavoring, while carmel is the name of a person or place.
    I've had this argument wayyyyyy too many times lmao

  • Makenzi Hahn
    Makenzi Hahn 8 gün önce

    You should make boxed Mac and cheese!

  • Vera Haile
    Vera Haile 8 gün önce

    Put on subtitles and go to 0:07
    Please just do it😂

  • Psi-ence
    Psi-ence 8 gün önce

    watch Claire lowkey start a candy conglomerate that consumes Mars, Incorporated

  • Henry Hernandez III
    Henry Hernandez III 8 gün önce

    Gabby ducking out of frame of the shot has be in TEARS!!!

  • Danial Meeker
    Danial Meeker 8 gün önce

    So out of curiosity, how much would it cost to order one of these with my dinner. Hypotheticaly speaking,

  • zamzaidi zakaria
    zamzaidi zakaria 8 gün önce

    dont know why Claire's giggles make me smile...

  • Rohan Jenkins
    Rohan Jenkins 8 gün önce

    is this woman 24 or a good looking 50 tho

  • Oliver Hopkins
    Oliver Hopkins 8 gün önce +1

    How you say caramel depends on where you live and how you have been brought up.😐

  • Kara Mahoney
    Kara Mahoney 8 gün önce +2

    brad is just like a friendly cryptid....... no one ever really knows where he is or what he's doing but sometimes he shows up and does something helpful

  • Colby Pinette
    Colby Pinette 8 gün önce

    Mentioning of type 2 fun. A+

  • Manuel Pardo
    Manuel Pardo 9 gün önce


  • Aliyah Ruiz
    Aliyah Ruiz 9 gün önce

    Gabby (or Gabi) is the sweetest person ever

  • coloneltheo
    coloneltheo 9 gün önce

    Type 3 fun!

  • HeedGee!
    HeedGee! 9 gün önce

    *twix review*

  • kDestinyGachak kris
    kDestinyGachak kris 9 gün önce +1

    I was legit eating twix while watching

  • AlfieAlsop
    AlfieAlsop 9 gün önce +1

    can you do gourmet crunchie bars

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin 9 gün önce +3

    Please make a butter finger, they are my most favorite candy!

  • puteri jasmin
    puteri jasmin 9 gün önce

    I like snickers more

  • Nahar Alshammari
    Nahar Alshammari 9 gün önce

    Gaby is the cutest 😍😁❤️❤️ love her. Reminds me of my mother a lot.

  • Clint Serman
    Clint Serman 9 gün önce

    Color grading on this video is weird