Battles for Syria | August 21st 2019 | Images and updates from Idlib Front

  • katma 22 Ağu 2019
  • “War Diary” project | Syria | August 2019
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  • Tarun Tarun Soni
    Tarun Tarun Soni Gün önce


  • Jose Sarita
    Jose Sarita 6 gün önce

    !! el ejército más lindo del mundo viva él poderoso ejército árabe sirio hacia la victoria final poderoso ejército árabe sirio q Dios está con ustedes bendiciones para todos ✌️💪🇩🇴

  • Raghuरघु Rokdaरोकड़ा

    All radical islamic terrorist will be fucked hard till dath 🖕🖕😀😎

  • Srinivas Ganta
    Srinivas Ganta 12 gün önce

    Those who can't transform themselves God finished you and your whole generation

  • Mr Toleb
    Mr Toleb 12 gün önce


  • Özgür Çalkan
    Özgür Çalkan 15 gün önce

    Bu ne ya

  • A A
    A A 23 gün önce

    Root of Islamic violence:-
    It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although they who associate others with Allah dislike it.
    - Quran, [Quran 9:33

  • Monde Acid
    Monde Acid 29 gün önce

    Pls get rid of the cat very annoying

  • Mathew Prince
    Mathew Prince 29 gün önce

    Jeടuട Corning soon are u Ready

  • Mohamad Shahrin
    Mohamad Shahrin Aylar önce +1

    Ya Allah! please send your angels to destroy Bashar al assad and his allied then throw them to Jahanam!..and save our Sunnis brothers & sisters in Syria..Ameenn!
    pray & ❤ from Malaysia

  • Popa Marin
    Popa Marin Aylar önce

    Syria 😱😮😨😰😰💖👍💐

  • Elishaba Telsing
    Elishaba Telsing Aylar önce

    Idk which are government forces and which arn't not...

  • Michael Sumiton
    Michael Sumiton Aylar önce

    What the hell is that the beautiful city is now ghost town after the war iam sorry what i am saying.

  • Muhsen Jal
    Muhsen Jal Aylar önce

    Storm Idlib they cant stop all of us

  • WhyAlwaysMe? JuanClawdGahwd-Damn

    Seeing this makes me so happy. Please don't do a deal for free passage for them. Kill'em all

  • Bronson Deleon
    Bronson Deleon Aylar önce

    These Jihadist Sunnis insurgent from Saudi Arabia should leave the Syrian alone in peace it's their country, China should help the Russian and Syria, Hey jihadist go back to Saudi Arabia and ride a camel

  • Scar face
    Scar face Aylar önce +1

    AK47 is the most selling comodity in Syria

  • 69birdboy
    69birdboy Aylar önce

    The rebels need to do some grozny 1996 shit and invade the capital by some kind of infiltration

  • Magnus Johansson
    Magnus Johansson Aylar önce

    Loocking att tour news evry day, tnx👍

  • Raj Man
    Raj Man Aylar önce

    Hope all Taliban Isis terrorist finish from planet

  • Jiandai Malingmei
    Jiandai Malingmei Aylar önce

    why cyrian people good for war...stay in peace...

  • Денис Комкин Комкин

    АТОМ нужно там применять. Небольшие заряды. Тем более япошки после атомных ударов 45 года стали долгожителями, то есть АТОм пошел им на пользу

  • abdo holom
    abdo holom Aylar önce

    البدج على يمين الفديو فيه صورة قطة هرة يعني بيسخروا من قوات الأسد الذي أصبح هرة بمساعدة الروس يا خسارة ادمرت البلد ولا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

  • холид. ибн.валӣд.


  • Kevin Whitaker
    Kevin Whitaker Aylar önce

    Well,well,well, now we know how isil got there weapons .yep ... from the U.S.A. the truth always comes out in the end.OK we already knew that the Americans and certain E.U states were against assad.but in kahoots. With isil.thats bad shame on you..

  • John Doe
    John Doe Aylar önce


  • Shri ranga GP
    Shri ranga GP Aylar önce

    "Paisa fek , Tamasha dekh" it means in Hindi language, Throw Money and watch fun. Same like USA and Russia throwing weapons and enjoying fun. All anti government groups must surrender to Syrian Government and it will end war then they have to compel government for their rights. But it's seems like Do or Die situation created and it will not end.

  • Akmal Akmaljanov
    Akmal Akmaljanov Aylar önce

    У сури...
    Уних русский аруже...

  • 李田伟
    李田伟 Aylar önce


  • Ванька Ветров

    Так и будет Путин в этом болте чавкать,пока по стопам Чаушеску пойдет,либо Каддафи.Блицкриг никто не отменял,но этот дятел умудрился вляпаться по полной,и все благодаря своим иранским друзьям,которые теперь совсем не друзья.

    • parvalde galvena
      parvalde galvena Aylar önce

      @Ванька Ветров раньше , то раньше , что так неуверенно то ? Лучше поздно чем никогда , слышали ? Вышвырнут,кто ,ктота нынешнии уже в политическии дрязги неотграли думаете ? Нас застало замечательное время ,до нас так никто не жил,врядли и после будут.

    • Ванька Ветров
      Ванька Ветров Aylar önce

      @parvalde galvena Я живу на Кубани,никаких старорусов тут нет,лично в моем населенном пункте большинство армян,а годков мне чуть за сорок.Раньше надо было съебывать отсюда.Хотя может и помогут,вышвырнут,как азербайджанцев из Карабаха.

    • parvalde galvena
      parvalde galvena Aylar önce

      @Ванька Ветров а в каком крае то проживаете ,сколько годков ? Старорусы есть поблизости?

    • Ванька Ветров
      Ванька Ветров Aylar önce

      @parvalde galvena Брехал он,впрочем,как всегда.

    • parvalde galvena
      parvalde galvena Aylar önce

      @Ванька Ветров ну как говоритса все в ваших руках.

  • The sniper
    The sniper Aylar önce

    Russian cowards kill people with airplanes and let them fight as men on the ground

  • Kyrios Lord
    Kyrios Lord Aylar önce

    Go Russia 💪 Go SAA💪 wipe out the filthy 🐀

  • erik petrian
    erik petrian Aylar önce

    there must be logistical assistance, food and drink, medical drugs for Syria victims, also assistance in military equipment against or attacking terrorists in Syria,

  • Ahmed Surah
    Ahmed Surah Aylar önce


  • Ahmed Surah
    Ahmed Surah Aylar önce


  • Ahadin Addin
    Ahadin Addin Aylar önce +1

    Make nuclear or atomic

  • Андрей Андрей


  • masa depan
    masa depan Aylar önce

    Russia coward dog

  • D.C ENKY
    D.C ENKY Aylar önce


  • JP O
    JP O Aylar önce +1

    Assad has some Turkeys in a pen.

  • Argus Bujis
    Argus Bujis Aylar önce

    Ahahaaaa......"the SAA has also cut off the Turkish military at the Morek observation post of its supply roads" and after that Tutkish they "demand" the Russians to tell the Syrians to withdraw back. ....!!!!!!! What the fucking audacity what the fucking imbecility!!!!! if there was an Award of Imbecility the Turks wil they won it for sure.

  • Union Jack
    Union Jack Aylar önce

    Derka derka derka, bakh allah

    ADMIN Aylar önce +2

    ZIONIST CHRISTIAN and al- saud mercs should leave

    CRAZY HORSE Aylar önce

    Will I take France if I take captagon 😂😂😂, Yellah

  • Xavier Moore
    Xavier Moore Aylar önce

    Ultimately, they're fighting and dying for someone else's pile of rubble. Another population with nothing but dumb instinct and idiotic belief between their ears.

  • Joe Flanagan
    Joe Flanagan Aylar önce

    Syria, do not stop until you get to London, headquarters of the cowardly white helmets and make them pay dearly for the lives lost and damage to Syria.

  • The Ghost of Mr P
    The Ghost of Mr P Aylar önce

    Syrians look really homosexual

  • Smith Saguban
    Smith Saguban Aylar önce +1

    Can somebody tell me who's the good guys and who's the bad guys here?

  • Muddy Puddles
    Muddy Puddles Aylar önce

    Is that a 5.11 cap?

  • padkirsch
    padkirsch Aylar önce

    I wonder which area the people are fleeing towards?

  • Bla Blupp
    Bla Blupp Aylar önce

    Turks go home, free your own country from Dictatorship

  • savagex466
    savagex466 Aylar önce

    Im Christian and even these rebels are blessed the regime is so fucking evil look at what they have done ! and are still doing ! started the war shot peace full protesters used gas killed womon / children very little rebeles lied about it gased again ! barrel bombs called Russia cuz he was loosing to ISIS fuckin Bat boy has to go

  • tumansky chikov
    tumansky chikov Aylar önce

    this is pissing me off ! WHAT THE FUCK IS TURKEY DOING IN SYRIA ? isn't the laws against rolling into other countries ?

  • Lemon Nation
    Lemon Nation Aylar önce +1

    Russian helping Syria and turkey?

    Amphibious crossover

  • Svarog EUROPE Identity

    2:40 these are the allegedly moderate rebels supported by Israel, Turkey, Saudis and the West, but look at front of the truck window ISIS Sticker. These are the Sheytan Army supported by Sheytan believers States!

  • David Simpson
    David Simpson Aylar önce

    Thank HALAL for Japanese motors you don't see many Arab made motors do you i wonder why HALAL knows maybe.

  • ahmad khalid
    ahmad khalid Aylar önce +1

    can you do me a favor ! next time you see any officials from SAA, tell them to please bomb those Turkish Army convoys or shoot some rounds of rockets since they are very near. thanks and plz film them while burning because your viewers from Afghanistan are waiting 🙋‍♂️

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Aylar önce

    Syrian gayrab army

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Aylar önce

    They will never take idlib I repeat they will NEVER take idlib

  • Angelo Bovara
    Angelo Bovara Aylar önce

    We never see when they pass out the pills!