Lonzo Ball & Brandon Ingram Pelicans DEBUT Highlights vs Raptors (2019.10.22) - 30 Pts Combined!

  • katma 23 Eki 2019
  • Lonzo Ball 8 Points & Brandon Ingram 22 Points | New Orleans Pelicans vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 22, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Sw Niy
    Sw Niy Aylar önce

    Zion, Ingram and Zo are gonna Shake the League

  • Johnjohn Braxton
    Johnjohn Braxton Aylar önce

    Gentry do this again, bench Zo n Ingram for most of the 2nd half, lose the momentum and lead , petitions will be signed for him to exit stage left 👈

  • christian luster
    christian luster Aylar önce

    More like Ingram highlights smh

  • 溫雲強
    溫雲強 Aylar önce

    Lakers need Zion

  • B B
    B B Aylar önce

    where zion

    THEGOATHIMSELF Aylar önce +1

    Pay this man 💰💰💰

  • Pierrig Barbier
    Pierrig Barbier Aylar önce

    At he end ... they lose !!!

  • lucky C bro
    lucky C bro Aylar önce

    Neither one should be starting Zoe nor Ingram. Lonzo is straight garbage. He'll be out of the league in two more years

  • R
    R Aylar önce

    Extremely boring teams, still, Ingram looks fun to watch.

  • Sub Me In Coach
    Sub Me In Coach Aylar önce

    lmao these idiots really putting the same clips in

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty Aylar önce +1

    Lonzo still garbage! LMFAO

  • I am Groot!
    I am Groot! Aylar önce +1

    Lonzo fans 'Man why they keep benching Lonzo in the 4th?'
    NBA fans 'The Pelicans got to OT on the road against a playoff team. Cool!'
    Lonzo fans 'We need a new coach'
    Its just... sad

  • rohan oliver
    rohan oliver Aylar önce

    Where is the game highlights

  • A N
    A N Aylar önce

    Fred vanvleet and Pascal had 60 points combined

  • D J
    D J Aylar önce

    Gentry doing the same stuff Walton did in LA..... give Ingram the damn ball. Why is he setting screens and used as a spot-up shooter in the corner? A good coach would know that's not his strengths. Jrue Holiday iso every damn play. When the play breakdown they would just throw it to Ingram and hope he can get something off in 5 secs. Dumb as hell.

  • Mrwendell456
    Mrwendell456 Aylar önce +2

    Brandon been working on that reverse crossover, pump fake and jump shot I see that 💯 keep elevating your game BI. We miss you in LA

  • Adrian Rice
    Adrian Rice Aylar önce

    Ingram needs to be the primary scorer on this team but he has to keep his efficiency up. Lonzo had too much hype coming into the league. You're not gonna tell me he's better than D'Angelo Russell FOH. This team should be fun to watch a lot of guard play w/ hart,Zo and "Holiday season"

  • Hariz Garden
    Hariz Garden Aylar önce +2

    The same Triple single lonzo😂

  • Hold This L. Debarge
    Hold This L. Debarge Aylar önce

    cant believe the nba let bi get away wit beads in his hair on the court..dangerous if they come loose n fall out

  • tb3 zone
    tb3 zone Aylar önce +1

    Its one game & they played a young pelicans team without zion & y'all acting like they about 2 win another championship smh 😑 and i feel bad for lonzo how can he gain any confidence if all these different coachs keep not playing him its sad

  • RasenRendan
    RasenRendan Aylar önce +1

    Why not put up a highlights video of Pascal and Fred?

  • D’Angelo Russell
    D’Angelo Russell Aylar önce +1

    Ingram a beast!

  • Jalen McAlpin
    Jalen McAlpin Aylar önce +3

    i miss ingram mann

  • Balling Like I'm Tobe
    Balling Like I'm Tobe Aylar önce

    Da boyz

  • DeMar Aldridge
    DeMar Aldridge Aylar önce

    2:26 Okafor??

    • Matt J
      Matt J Aylar önce

      Yeah. Weird to see he was a top tier pick a few yrs ago

  • dookdawg214
    dookdawg214 Aylar önce

    You put "30 pts combined" with an exclamation point like it's amazing. LOL. Dude, that's like 15 apiece. That ain't shit. If one of them scored 30 points, that would've been worth the exclamation point.

    • RasenRendan
      RasenRendan Aylar önce

      One scored 22 and the other scored 8 lmao

  • Kace Heart
    Kace Heart Aylar önce +1

    He looks good and versatile..... I'm pumped

  • Kace Heart
    Kace Heart Aylar önce

    Us TRUE B. I Fans can tell you with confidence that... This season is gon be awesome cause B. I HAS NO HINDRANCE HE HAD ALWAYS HAD AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SEASON!!!

  • D'Anthony Hughes
    D'Anthony Hughes Aylar önce

    I still don’t understand how they lost


    I miss seeing B.I. and Zoe on the Lakers. NOP is the new Lob City.

  • XimMj
    XimMj Aylar önce

    Ingram didn’t show up in the 4th quarter

    • Jarvis Williams
      Jarvis Williams Aylar önce

      He got Iced Out dumbass person

    • D J
      D J Aylar önce +1

      He didn't get the ball. He took 4 shots in the 4th and OT combined. They had him set screens for JJ who was hitting 3s. Every shot he took down the stretch was at the and of the shot clock because Jrue was out here trying to ISO and turning the ball over.

  • wai ng
    wai ng Aylar önce +4

    I don't know why Alvin Gentry bench BI so long when he is getting hot....i don't know why Alvin Gentry bench Zo for the whole 4Q when he has a pretty good shooting night....i don't know why Alvin Gentry playing Holiday so much...

  • Haywood Jahblomy
    Haywood Jahblomy Aylar önce

    Anyone know why Lonzo didn't play the 2nd half?

    • Samael
      Samael Aylar önce

      i think because his minutes is restricted because he just came back from injury plus zion isnt playing he is a duo with zion i think that is why alvin gentry didnt use him much

  • Simon Amorim
    Simon Amorim Aylar önce +7

    LOL Siakam and FVV dropped 68 and the thumbnail and title is lonzo and ingram.

  • Terry Sigmon
    Terry Sigmon Aylar önce

    Why did the video end with a tied score???

  • Ricky Castillo
    Ricky Castillo Aylar önce +1

    Pay ingram

  • NBA Scoop
    NBA Scoop Aylar önce +10

    Lonzo shot improved!

  • Ashley Burks Travel & Tech


  • Porkee Pig
    Porkee Pig Aylar önce +10


    • Mrwendell456
      Mrwendell456 Aylar önce

      @Porkee Pig hahaha I'm not making excuses and I'm not a lonzo fan. Bottom line he played like shit. I could care less about the ball family

    • Porkee Pig
      Porkee Pig Aylar önce


    • Porkee Pig
      Porkee Pig Aylar önce


    • Mrwendell456
      Mrwendell456 Aylar önce

      I gotta say though. How can you bench a person the whole 4th and then bring him back in overtime. Any player won't be in rhythm anymore.

    • your mother
      your mother Aylar önce +1

      @Porkee Pig 25 minutes isnt really a long time

  • Efren Plaza
    Efren Plaza Aylar önce +1

    BI should handle the ball if you need to score because he is your best player, he can create his own shut, command double team and he can take it to the basket. It should free up somebody. Let shooters be at the perimeter and wait for a pass. By the time BI got the ball he has gotten cold already. Holiday is good but he is too small to be taking it to the basket on much needed points.

  • A L
    A L Aylar önce +6

    You mean Ingram 22 and Lonzo 8?
    😂 😂

  • Saboob Sabuba
    Saboob Sabuba Aylar önce +1

    Ingram did all the job

  • Sleepymaneburr7
    Sleepymaneburr7 Aylar önce

    How is this 30 pts combined if your adding assist

  • Al Zamora
    Al Zamora Aylar önce

    Lonzo no balls ball sucks ass

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical Aylar önce

    Ingram needs to get extended ASAP. He's going to get expensive.

  • Marcus RotMG
    Marcus RotMG Aylar önce

    Really don't like how Lonzo wasn't given many minutes. Had a little over 20 minutes only. Yeah Hart was hot but he doesn't deserve that many more minutes over Lonzo.

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez Aylar önce +30

    Ingram needs his own headline and zo needs more minutes I love this New Orleans lakers team even without Zion they held it down

    • lucky C bro
      lucky C bro Aylar önce

      Lonzo's not getting minutes because he's garbage

  • Amico Sawyer
    Amico Sawyer Aylar önce

    This was a good game...I think the pels just got tired...

  • Ebreeze
    Ebreeze Aylar önce +96

    Didnt like how they benched lonzo in the forth quarter i feel like he is more reliable than hart and jackson

    • lucky C bro
      lucky C bro Aylar önce

      They benched him because he's garbage.

    • Josh Romero-Burgan
      Josh Romero-Burgan Aylar önce +2

      I agree. Lonzo per 36 minutes last year was the #1 defensive pg there was and hes pretty reliable with the ball on his hands as far as turning it over. His defense in Lowry and freddy was desperately needed in the end of the game

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay Aylar önce

      Ebreeze either you’re blind or severely lack basic reading skills lol 2 people mentioned Simmons so open your eyes and try reading.
      The Pelicans are a better team imo when Lonzo is on the floor , he just can’t be so passive.

    • Ebreeze
      Ebreeze Aylar önce +3

      @Jay Jay no one mentioned simmons how he even get in this convo. We talking bout lonzo tonight and tonight while he was on the floor the pelicans were getting easy baskets and lonzo controlled the pace. Thats all I'm saying

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay Aylar önce

      Isaiah Barajas Lonzo shoots 31% from 3, not exactly a sniper. To say “don’t compare Simmons to Lonzo, lonzo can actually shoot” is hilarious. Simmons is an all star who averages 6 more points while only taking two more shots (shooting is everything though right?) , more assist and more rebounds not to mention a much higher FG% and higher FT%. Leave the basketball talk to the grown ups okay buddy?

  • Noel David
    Noel David Aylar önce +9

    Charles Barkley: "Lonzo had a triple-single" 😁

  • Mateu Villanueva
    Mateu Villanueva Aylar önce

    Such a dumb bias fucking channel. Fred and Pascal scores 68 together and u upload this shit. Pathetic

  • Criss
    Criss Aylar önce +1

    Lonzo need break his fear

    • Samael
      Samael Aylar önce +1

      @TRUCK IT WIT BOX lol he improved his shot and his free throw he haven't had an off season to really work out cuz of injuries give the guy some time he's only on his 3rd season

      TRUCK IT WIT BOX Aylar önce

      Criss spot on. If he somehow can break his fear he’d unleash his potential BUT honestly I don’t think Zo trains that much. He don’t have much in his bag. He’s never at the gym with all the other players off season like the Rico Hines , drew leagues , pro am’s etc.... He don’t have the whole package and hopefully he develops one because if he doesn’t I think teams will finally move on for good. I think he has the potential just hope he don’t realize it too late

  • Hobsoon
    Hobsoon Aylar önce

    These guys generic 2k announcers

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 Aylar önce

    Ingram getting better

  • Guardian
    Guardian Aylar önce +12

    BI being aggressive I like that

  • Don Da Drill
    Don Da Drill Aylar önce


  • Guardian
    Guardian Aylar önce +20

    BI was suppose to eat last year bron stunned his growth but this year most definitely his get right young man

    • Josh Romero-Burgan
      Josh Romero-Burgan Aylar önce +1

      Last 26 games last year he averaged 27/5/3 he was fuckin on fire . hes jist picking up where he left off

    • whatit do
      whatit do Aylar önce

      Maybe the lakers stunted his growth like the stunted dlo

    • Terri Carter
      Terri Carter Aylar önce

      I tried to tell casuals this

  • Diamond Moore
    Diamond Moore Aylar önce +52

    Bro lonzo had 8 points lmao give B.i his own highlights he had 22-5-5

  • NovaStudio
    NovaStudio Aylar önce +10

    nice u dont post about freddy dropping 34/7/5 and clutching up like crazy and siakam dropping 34 and 18 boards in 38 mins before getting fouled out

    • John Boi
      John Boi Aylar önce

      Bro I’ve been trying to say that too! Some guy tried to argue that “THOSE ARE JUST COMBINED POINTS RETARD, not impressive” which is fucking stupid.

  • All Might
    All Might Aylar önce

    Didn’t get to watch the game tonight what was Ingram shooting for?

    • Haywood Jahblomy
      Haywood Jahblomy Aylar önce

      He shot pretty good he was 22 5 and 5 and idk why but Lonzo didn't play the 2md half