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MultiVersus of Badness

  • katma 6 Ağu 2022
  • Mark my words Sylvester will be DLC.
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YORUMLAR • 7 465

  • Kable10
    Kable10  +23

    Dunkey you will be regretting yourself when Walter White joins the battle

  • AbandonedProgram

    This video is 17 hours old and it feels like it came out yesterday. Donkey's humor truly is timeless.

  • Fivetoes

    Playing as Batman kicking the shit out of Velma, Shaggy and just a range of children and animals is excellent fun in my opinion

  • Vizharan
    Vizharan 4 saatler önce +1

    Hi. I have been playing Multiversus since launch, and the team at Player First Games has done a tremendous work on fixing hitboxes and the netcode, as well as adding new game modes. I am also very excited for the addition of Black Adam, one of my all time favorite comic book characters.

  • Umbra
    Umbra  +503


  • MG C
    MG C  +2

    I truly relate to the incohesive bargain bin toy box roster.

  • Average Phlog Fan

    I love how the last quarter of the video is used to talk about how the game is free. Really drives home the dunkey ideology that having a platform fighter is a human right

  • JohnEJ
    JohnEJ  +1

    “My age was not on here by a lot” had me fucking dying😂

  • Simsy
    Simsy  +584

    Coming from someone who lives in the third world country known as Australia. It's nice having a smash type game to play that doesn't need me to sub to the worst online service available, ensuring every game will be a teleporting, rubber banding mess. Thanks for that Nintendo, very cool

  • Principal Skinner

    Never been more offended than having to select 'above 22' as an age group lol

  • Daniel Sparano

    the "oh. my. god" after bugs' "arya sorry ya messed with me" is such good comedic timing

  • Champion Analysis

    I think the theme is in the title. It's multiple universes colliding. That phrase usually makes you think of like superheroes from different universes coming together, but this game basically said "nah that shits boring dude. Put Bugs Bunny". I think you nailed it by describing it as a bunch of toys that have no thematic cohesion other than the fact that the child owns the toys and wants to play with them together. It just captures that feeling so well. I wouldn't necessarily think it's a bad thing like how some people in the comments have been saying. Like I wouldn't look at a kid playing with bugs bunny and superman action figures and tell them they can't because there's no cohesive theme between them. It's a similar idea here. The only theme needed here is imagination and the roster does deliver on that premise. The only thing bad here is the jankiness of these hitboxes in the game's current state lol it needs a lot of work, but in terms of the premise I really like it. If we're gonna compare it to the godfather Smash Bros, then think of it like this. Smash was exciting cause it sold the idea that any video game character could make it in and they really delivered on that promise. Multiversus, despite having one owner, sells a similar idea because of how varied the genres are. It feels like anyone can join this toy box and that is exciting. They just need to make the game function well.

  • Grey Law
    Grey Law  +10

    The fact that Heisenberg being added to this game is a very real possibility fills me with fear and awe

  • PemaleBacon

    loving multiversus so far. Its great to have a smash clone on PC that not only has crossplay between 3 major platforms but also online matches that are actually pretty damn smooth for the most part

  • Pablo Tricoci

    Dunkey is the only youtuber who always makes me laugh, Thank you dunkey.

  • Yichael
    Yichael  +223

    With characters from Scooby Doo, Detective Comics Comics, and Reindog from Multiversus, it's got a little something for everyone.

  • Kyotra
    Kyotra  +16

    The most fun I've had with a "Smash-like" was playing Duck Game - it captures the sheer chaos that makes these games fun. I have never laughed so hard while trying to KO someone.

  • Gidds
    Gidds  +5

    I love this game. The characters will span generations.

  • Mr.Cricket

    I hope Mario joins multiverses, He’s a very underrated video game character and it could really boost his videogames

  • Al-Hamid
    Al-Hamid  +22

    I love how Dunkey talks about platform fighters like access to one is a human right.