Watch SpaceX Launch A Tesla Roadster To Mars On The Falcon Heavy Rocket - And Why It Matters

  • katma 6 Şub 2018
  • SpaceX just launched a Tesla Roadster to Mars on this: SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket.
    This was the Falcon Heavy's maiden flight. It's the launch that everyone's been waiting for. The Falcon Heavy is a monster.
    It has 27 engines, can generate more power than 18 747 jumbo jets, and is the most powerful rocket to fly since NASA's moon rocket, the Saturn V.
    Making it the most powerful functioning rocket on Earth. This is one of SpaceX's most difficult launches. Musk even said "Just bear in mind that there is a good chance this monster rocket blows up."
    But it didn't!
    Even though this was a test launch, Musk took the opportunity to send some payload to space. A Tesla Roadster, which will eventually reach Mars' orbit.
    Now, that's a rocket test like we've never seen before. Afterward, SpaceX retrieved each of the 3 boosters for possible reuse. They landed one booster on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean and 2 at its landing base in Florida.
    Musk has said the Falcon Heavy could usher people to Mars someday in the future. That day now looks closer than ever. And who knows?
    Maybe a Roadster will be waiting when they get there.
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YORUMLAR • 4 576

    JIMI JAMES Gün önce

    most powerfull rocket my ass fakeheart,stick to delivering passenger cars wall st!

  • Neil Strongarm
    Neil Strongarm Gün önce

    Clearly a false representation of reality. So the earths gravity is so strong that even the vacuum of space cannot suck its gassy atmosphere. LMAO. Just type in NASA hoaxes and behold, the truth shall set your ass free.

  • Kenneth Agbunag
    Kenneth Agbunag 6 gün önce

    Can someone tell me how the car didn’t got melted while its in outer space?

  • axelfoley20
    axelfoley20 8 gün önce +1

    Okay, so this is reality. If you believe that there is a car in outer space then I am concerned about your mental health. First off, there is no such thing as outer space. What you see up there is an ocean of water. Stars are caused by sound waves traveling through water. I certainly do not wish to harm anyone through audio signals but I do recognize the challenges upon our culture. I know what it's all about.

    • axelfoley20
      axelfoley20 8 gün önce

      I'll keep it short and sweet. We need to stop fighting with each other and start realizing who the real enemy is. Let's wake up! Time to wake up!

  • markus lappalainen
    markus lappalainen 9 gün önce

    all space programs are big waste of money and resources. mars nor moon have nothing to offer that we don't have on earth. they filmed the martian at wadi rum, jordan. most hostile places on earth. if all brightest minds, money and effort is used to get to the mars and same time earth is turned uninhabitable can we live in moon or mars? how can such smart people be so silly? i love star wars movies but they're not realistic.

  • SoftxBots
    SoftxBots 10 gün önce +1

    *This looked so fake, so it's true* -Elon Musk

  • Mr. Salty
    Mr. Salty 13 gün önce

    The earth is flat!! They don't have to launch it into space, they could have drove the car off the side of the planet!!

  • Farhan Nugraha
    Farhan Nugraha 14 gün önce

    sadly there's a billion of mutated cockroaches on mars

  • abner cruz
    abner cruz 15 gün önce

    When humanity dies out, this will be the only artifact aliens will find.

    • abner cruz
      abner cruz 15 gün önce

      nevermind elon says its going to the asteroid belt

  • Jetson
    Jetson 15 gün önce

    Ri-i-i-i-i-i-ight! Most expensive car ad ever made!

  • darthdude sith
    darthdude sith 15 gün önce

    and the point of this is?

  • The Pika Player
    The Pika Player 16 gün önce

    I showed my mom this video and she still thinks the earth is flat

  • Kevin Marín
    Kevin Marín 16 gün önce

    Flat Earth Believers are throwing up to the garbage all the improvements that the humankind have been reaching for years. I'm not really sure if earth is actually round or not, I just want to see the earth from space with my own eyes

  • Kevin Marín
    Kevin Marín 16 gün önce

    Flat Earth Believers should get an space trip to see who's right. even myself I really wanna see the earth from space with my own eyes

  • Max Sinerin
    Max Sinerin 18 gün önce

    Great, you did it you launched your car, but I found a secret video, what happened after landing it on Mars!!!

  • Dieter Metrikis
    Dieter Metrikis 19 gün önce

    This Critter will never reach Mars. It was too early in the year.
    Now it is the right time to reach Mars with the lowest possible energy.

  • chino cochino
    chino cochino 20 gün önce

    The most ridiculous thing I ever seen...sent a stupid car to Mars wow...super idiotic...If we are becoming idiots I rather be gone

  • Zinedine Zuhayr
    Zinedine Zuhayr 21 gün önce

    i want the car

  • Diaz VZ
    Diaz VZ 21 gün önce

    Why the fuck is that guy not moving???

  • Do you know de way?
    Do you know de way? 23 gün önce

    There goes my tax dollars.

  • Crisis Actress
    Crisis Actress 24 gün önce

    North Korea launches a rocket and the whole world is on the brink of war. And yet Elon Musk is allowed to launch his own - no problem!? The launch is real alright. But the car in space is just laughable. Wake up people. Don't believe this fake news.

  • Richard Yuan
    Richard Yuan 24 gün önce

    they overshot it :/

  • John Ham
    John Ham 24 gün önce

    the comments section.. is unbarable

  • Ak K
    Ak K 24 gün önce


  • the number juan
    the number juan 26 gün önce

    There was a guy named change the world and he believed earth is flat you can find him easily at the comment section below

  • Bor Mitrović
    Bor Mitrović 26 gün önce

    What if it falls on mars and affects the life on mars? Or should I say future life on Mars? Just wondering...

  • Juguz Jota Pe
    Juguz Jota Pe 27 gün önce

    I wish I had enough money to have a party in space.

  • Ian herp
    Ian herp 28 gün önce

    Flat erthers eat your heart out

  • Lost Turtle 23
    Lost Turtle 23 29 gün önce

    Am I the only one here for the music? Anyone know what the name(s) of the song(s) is/are? Thank you!

  • Evonda Valentine
    Evonda Valentine Aylar önce

    Unless we can observe from start to finish in real time via livestream, then it is reasonable to doubt a car is on its way to Mars.

  • Bull Dozer
    Bull Dozer Aylar önce

    Guess which rapper that might of faked their death is in space?

  • kovaMOO
    kovaMOO Aylar önce

    Wow he got so pissed with his tesla he sent it into space !!! Never to see it again

  • Andrew Suh
    Andrew Suh Aylar önce

    People who call this fake are just jealous hater losers 😥 and never accomplished anything good in real life. Sad and miserable losers 😔

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher Aylar önce

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    *John Chapter 10 Verse 9*
    *I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.*
    *John Chapter 3 Verse 15-18*
    *15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.*
    *16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.*
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    *13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.*

  • rebel soul
    rebel soul Aylar önce

    Nice cgi

  • Cark
    Cark Aylar önce +7

    *Aliens see tesla*
    Alien: ITS A UFO!!!!!

  • TheBoozeCruiser
    TheBoozeCruiser Aylar önce

    World: Yeah, the Roadster is a cool car, but it has a low top speed and not enough range.
    Elon: Hold my beer.

  • Blaze up
    Blaze up Aylar önce

    This real????? I'm having a hard time believing this one ,who they think I am lmao

  • Shadow Massive
    Shadow Massive Aylar önce

    Roadster without road, sounds good.

  • The_Gaming_Syndrom
    The_Gaming_Syndrom Aylar önce

    I still dont understand all the people who deny human spacetravel....
    We have reflective "mirrors' on mars surface which any observatory can send lasers to which get reflected
    We have a space station which is visible througth normal wall-mart quality telescopes....
    People can watch rocketlaunches if they want to, you can ask the astronauts who went to space (througth ISS by multiple countrys)
    You can ask video and cgi experts who can tell exacly what makes that footage real, we have satelitr and observatory tracking of space missions....
    Theres just so much proof for it and so less against it....

  • The_Gaming_Syndrom
    The_Gaming_Syndrom Aylar önce

    "On this": shows picture of falcon 9
    "A falcon heavy rocket": quickly changes picture to falcon heavy

  • Whale FX
    Whale FX Aylar önce

    For knly 399$ you can get this beautiful car

  • aw11roman
    aw11roman Aylar önce

    *anyone who believes any of this fakex shit has completely relinquished his faculties of rational thought*

  • Tony Killen
    Tony Killen Aylar önce

    This shit is fake a car would never last in space they said the wheels are normal car tires in the vacuum of space car tires would explode

  • Alexander Galitev
    Alexander Galitev Aylar önce

    Gps: Don't panic! We have no idea where you are! Just deorbit!
    Dummy: Out of fuel.
    GPS: shit...

  • meme M.J
    meme M.J Aylar önce

    Jut WOW 😃😍🙆💖👍🌐🚘

  • UndisclosedTalent
    UndisclosedTalent Aylar önce

    Is this a joke?

  • theo alex
    theo alex Aylar önce

    if i wanted to read, i'd read an article, not watch this video...

  • Joe from the Carolinas

    what if aliens find tesla's roadster and starman? my thoughts:

  • PlushPlushuniverse ?
    PlushPlushuniverse ? Aylar önce

    I’m the only one that my school has to react to this

  • johndyel ps
    johndyel ps Aylar önce

    A billion years really

  • Joshua McMahon
    Joshua McMahon Aylar önce

    It looks weird because it is. It's a car in space. Not something you see everyday.
    If it was fake, it'd look amazing and perfect. You know what Hollywood can do these days.

  • 원도연
    원도연 Aylar önce

    rocket voltic

  • Andrew Bennett
    Andrew Bennett Aylar önce

    When i saw the video i said no way in hell he actually did this turns out he did #howtoflexyourrent

  • john t
    john t Aylar önce

    This is what will happen , the space car will collect foreign , alien bacteria , soin around on a trajectory back to earth loaded with bacteria and wipe out every organism in earth . The entire car will not burn up. Whoever let this guy do this needs their head checked , but then again money talks .

  • kgbme
    kgbme Aylar önce

    Ah, that's funny. This is a serious video?

  • Jacob Toomer
    Jacob Toomer Aylar önce +1

    *Shows picture of proof of spherical earth* "CGI."
    *Flat earther doesn't have a single bit of evidence that the earth is flat* "Haha we aren't sheep and we're intellectuals"

  • getdusty1
    getdusty1 Aylar önce

    Trump can call Kim Jong-un, "Rocket Man", but Kim doesn't hold a candle to Elon!! Elon's the real Rocket Man!!!!!

  • Jack Carlson
    Jack Carlson Aylar önce +1

    They should’ve drifted it on mars

  • MollysMoshing TankCrew

    its funny how stupid some people are. they actually think its fake. we landed a fucking man on the moon. in the 60s you think we cant send a car into space nearly 60 years later? what kind of crack are you people smoking. this isnt the 50s we live in. its 2018! its almost 2020 i cant even wrap my head around that date. being born in 95, just getting to mars sounds impossible. but im sure its all down to an algorithm. ill never forget what my father told me on my 10th birthday before shooting my first rifle. "son, sometimes all you have is a bullet and a prayer, dont miss" words to live by. when we send humans to mars. lets hope they get there in one piece.

    • Travelbird
      Travelbird Aylar önce

      Why are you calling me names for asking a normal question? Didn't your mother teach you any manners? Says a lot about you. Also I'm not a scientist, just wondering by the speed of the earth and the winds up there the clouds should move like crazy. I'm not sure about your point.

    • MollysMoshing TankCrew
      MollysMoshing TankCrew Aylar önce

      Travelbird they are moving you dolt. The car is so far from earth. To see the clouds visibly move would mean they are traveling thousands of miles per hour. from that far away those clouds should. Appear motionless due to the range

    • Travelbird
      Travelbird Aylar önce

      Why are the clouds not moving?

  • TheDaily Shave
    TheDaily Shave Aylar önce +2

    Launching a tesla into space is a fake

  • JaguarJake
    JaguarJake Aylar önce


  • Ahsan Arshad
    Ahsan Arshad Aylar önce

    Dear flat earth believers, beware before commenting otherwise you people might tip over

  • Rabin Carlo
    Rabin Carlo Aylar önce

    nice try hooman

  • XiaoDong Jiang
    XiaoDong Jiang Aylar önce

    Today we have one flying car great job guys lol that meme

  • Steven Hartwell
    Steven Hartwell Aylar önce +1

    What vision actually looks like and yet....Some of the comments 'typed and posted on their scientifically engineered cell phones and shared by satellite technology' just make me want to face palm over and over....and over.....and.....

  • Kugluck
    Kugluck Aylar önce

    Returning stages is most beautiful part 2:48

  • Dan theman
    Dan theman Aylar önce

    thing is the car part of the footage it just doesn't look right, looking almost to perfect, maybe we are all used to grainy footage from NASA

  • kat64470
    kat64470 Aylar önce

    So NASA is obsolete? Space X reigns? What is the purpose of the car floating around earth?

  • Nathan Panjaitan
    Nathan Panjaitan Aylar önce

    0:37 the future is now

  • stale memes fuel me
    stale memes fuel me Aylar önce

    I think we should just fire cars into space to show any intelligent life forms why they should never come to Earth.

  • Brayden Lim
    Brayden Lim Aylar önce

    I have never been so frustrated and amused at the same time over this comment section.

  • Family Guy Eps
    Family Guy Eps Aylar önce

    Suuuper coool!

  • kiwiEverything
    kiwiEverything Aylar önce

    Just got an Porche ad...

  • Elijah Malachi
    Elijah Malachi Aylar önce +1

    They made it look more real when superman was in front of it

  • KerranKaksi
    KerranKaksi Aylar önce

    Watching this fan video and gauging my reactions of the Kate Bush song I realized my imagination has been upgraded to version 2.0 from seeing the starman saying goodbye to Earth in his Tesla

  • Juli án
    Juli án Aylar önce

    This is just too much, even for the Stig

  • Plebs
    Plebs 2 aylar önce

    Wow there are so many rickon and mortimer fans here with iq above universe

  • Nisha Larein
    Nisha Larein 2 aylar önce

    No one will ever get to Mars just like no one has ever been in space because space is not real. You can not get IN or OUT of Earth because it is surrounded by a FEMIMEMT, created by GOD. But, if they say it happened.. it must have.. right?

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles 2 aylar önce

    There should be a space mission, where an astronaut, while in orbit around mars, space walks out to the roadster and tries to ride shotgun with starman.

  • brian musk
    brian musk 2 aylar önce

    Few centuries later,

    The Tesla roadster hits earth..

  • Budi Anduk
    Budi Anduk 2 aylar önce

    iphonex, spacex, nesxt is trumpx

  • Tu Papi 69
    Tu Papi 69 2 aylar önce

    Just pure money burned away

  • Mike Konyndyk
    Mike Konyndyk 2 aylar önce

    Its not cool, it's a lie! If there was a launch, the rocket would keep curving until it lands in the ocean. Next to all of NASA tax money wasters. We live on an enclosed stationary Earth. Nothing has ever made it psst the dome. Sorry to burst your space bubble. Look it up!

  • Raf Dz
    Raf Dz 2 aylar önce +2


  • mrblob20
    mrblob20 2 aylar önce

    but but but.... the earth is flat... cannot compute... arrrghh

  • music by aliens
    music by aliens 2 aylar önce

    Geepers, I wish I was the guy operating the camera on the side of the un-meltable Roadster. SO real, and already1/3 the way to the moon (by the size of earth in the backround.) If this ain't proof of a round earth, I don't know what is. Do You? Flat earthers are dummies. Here's PROOF!!!

  • durendal
    durendal 2 aylar önce

    question could you make a giant gun that shoots cargo into space ? Maybe a combination like a rocket assisted ?

  • samuel lopes
    samuel lopes 2 aylar önce

    I guess they had to give the job to someone else since NASA's moon landing looked so fake lol

  • Fiekry Aulia Giffari
    Fiekry Aulia Giffari 2 aylar önce +3

    Thats fake

  • geekUSA101
    geekUSA101 2 aylar önce +2

    Good science fiction story..

    GOD SAY EARTH IS FLAT 2 aylar önce +1


  • Elim Wells
    Elim Wells 2 aylar önce


  • adzguitar1
    adzguitar1 2 aylar önce

    I'm confused why the car seems immune to the temp changes, and pressures of space. Surely just a car ad, or the laws of physics are in a state of flux up there?

    • Samsir Alam
      Samsir Alam 2 aylar önce

      adzguitar1 a tiny meteorite rock are okay in space until they crashed to earth, why a car shouldnt.

  • M Vee
    M Vee 2 aylar önce

    At 2:08. I don’t know why that smoke coming out looks so fake

  • Johnny C
    Johnny C 2 aylar önce +2

    The only thing they sent into space is our imaginations.

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 2 aylar önce

    I honestly can’t tell if the people saying this is fake are trolls or if they are being serious

  • Kerelowy
    Kerelowy 2 aylar önce

    earth is 2018 yrs old.

  • Moh Satyr
    Moh Satyr 2 aylar önce +2

    hello sheep, how can you believe that a normal car (tesla roadster elon musk) can withstand the spatial vacuum and the temperature change of +270 c to -160 c HeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHe you are desperate cases, too bad.
    salut les brebis, comment pouvez vous croire qu'une voiture normal (tesla roadster elon musk) peux résister au vide spatiale et au changement de température de +270 c a -160 c HeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHe vous étés des cas désespérés, dommage.