5 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Smart People

  • katma 20 Eyl 2017
  • There are a lot of things we don't expect Hollywood to understand: technology, relationships, how the common person lives ... but you'd think they'd at least know how represent smart people, right? (Spoiler alert: wrong.)
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  • KomediKomedi

YORUMLAR • 5 601

  • Bardo
    Bardo 2 saatler önce

    Eh intelligence doesn’t make you less or more of a nice person. Personality, environment and parental upbringing will shape how we act as people. For example BBC Sherlock is an dick because he grew up as a lonely child with hyper intelligence and a elder brother who was far smarter than he is, and also whilst the character claims he is a high functioning sociopath it is commonly accepted that he is on the autistic spectrum. This explains his inability to understand basic human interactions and social skills.

  • Gonçalo Amaro
    Gonçalo Amaro 12 saatler önce

    The more I look into it, the more I think that how cool or a dick you are is completely unrelated to how smart you are.

  • schniekeschnalle
    schniekeschnalle 2 gün önce +1

    "What are smart people hiding?"
    "Mental illness."

  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball 2 gün önce

    This is important work you are doing... FEAR THE NERDS!

  • Godfrey of Bouillon
    Godfrey of Bouillon 3 gün önce

    I still remember when Cracked used to be really, really funny. What the hell happened?

  • Mariano Felan
    Mariano Felan 3 gün önce

    Highly intellectual people are often portrayed as arrogant and ignorant

  • Nihaal Sandim
    Nihaal Sandim 3 gün önce

    We dont go to school to memorize things we go to understand but still we are bust not understanding but memorizing

  • Tasia Carll
    Tasia Carll 3 gün önce

    Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia from criminal minds

  • Justin Observer
    Justin Observer 5 gün önce

    Quoting books is to show that they're well read..which tends to go with smart..smart introverts especially

  • Noahs Combat Club
    Noahs Combat Club 5 gün önce

    I cant memorize entire books let alone famous quotes but I can have a well educated debate with fellow historians and we both kinda go like well yeah thats a possibility but until theres enough evidence to prove it we are just stuck with the current history books.

  • Noahs Combat Club
    Noahs Combat Club 5 gün önce

    Some people specialize in military and combat tactics others specialize in criminal justice others in English math or science. We are all geniuses in our own way. But some of us are just plain stupid.

  • zombieknight96
    zombieknight96 5 gün önce

    The giant plates of glass for writing on never really make sense but whiteboards are very good for getting ideas onto. You can see more

  • Will Hall
    Will Hall 6 gün önce

    In fairness, Elizabeth Shaw really fucked up that alien head autopsy.

  • E. V.
    E. V. 7 gün önce

    Additionally, many intelligent people are also disorganized, and will write on any available surface if they think of something clever. I know several intelligent people who use glass for that purpose. One guy has a mirror in his room to write down complex physics equations in the night. It's not a sign of intelligence to write on glass, but it's a valid thing some smart people do.

  • E. V.
    E. V. 7 gün önce

    Actually the thing about having a Eureka moment - it's a recognized thing. While it may not have been an accurate representation of the historical event, they do happen all the time. If you stop consciously considering a problem your subconscious processes it faster and when it's finished or when you get the last bit of information, you have a Eureka moment. It's not necessarily a sign of intelligence, but a sign of someone thinking hard about something.

  • David Morse
    David Morse 7 gün önce +1

    You missed my favorites: the geniuses who need to hack into something, anything, and with ten keystrokes (one for each finger), "I'm in!"
    The only exception was the one-season show Limitless, based on the movie. When the hero needed to learn to hack, he admits it took a couple of days before showing us "I'm in!"

  • Observer675
    Observer675 7 gün önce +2

    It doesn't help that most education systems grant success by the ability to recite rather than problem solve

  • NoNut November
    NoNut November 8 gün önce

    Being extremely intelligent (like IQ 190 kind of smart) is honestly a curse to some people, it usually comes with other disorders like OCD or Aspergers, I think the most accurate form of genius in Tv or movie I’ve seen is Sheldon (to a point of course they get a lot wrong) but he doesn’t get a lot of social things, he is awkward and even he has to sometimes sit for hours thinking about 1 thing

  • Matthew Olsen
    Matthew Olsen 8 gün önce +1

    Go to a engineering college building or physics departments and you will see people writing on windows everywhere

  • chris price
    chris price 9 gün önce

    Cracked was so good. I can't believe they tanked it. Alas...

  • dronepride
    dronepride 10 gün önce

    One of the first statements you make is that Will Hunting by the "movie's logic" is good at memorizing quotes from history books because he is good at math. And "A figure of memorizing history textbooks makes you a good mathematician..."
    My question is: have you seen the movie? Or rather have you understood it? Because one of the key statements the movie makes, is that Will is in fact not much more intelligent or smarter than most other people but has an eidetic memory. Therefore he is able to remeber most of everything he reads or sees, which helps him to perform "well" in most tasks or at least makes him think so which is shown well in the scene where he tries(!) to psycho-analyse his therapist and actually fails, because he has knowledge from books, not from experience, or combinatory intelligence. This is why he has problems to bond with people and face his actual problems. The scene you show and kind of quote is one where Will does the exact same thing as the guy before him, just for a different reason. He is shown to be just as petty and competitive as the other guy and therefore, according to one of you later points "just as 'dumb'".
    À propos that point: maybe the interesting, or important people or characters about whom movies or tv-shows get made were mean, or just not nice, OR maybe an extremely intelligent person who is able to solve almost every problem AND is nice to everyone is just not that interesting as a charakter. You know... Sheldon Cooper with people skills is just kind of... eh...

  • Aria Haghirian
    Aria Haghirian 10 gün önce


  • cdreid9999
    cdreid9999 11 gün önce

    Try to remember that one in 100 people you know literally has a genius iq. It may be your mechanic. Or that guy Everyone you know realises is superintelligent. It may be that person who cant seem to get life right.

  • Volatility
    Volatility 11 gün önce

    *insert an “im 12 nd i have a 152 iq and i agre with this vidoe” comment here*

  • A guy that talks nonsense

    I also find it annoying that bookworms are automatically smart and educated, just because books are good per se. But it is never questioned what content is read, how the content is understood and how the content is used to help the protagonist in his story. In fact, in the 18th century books were considered as today video games and the internet, causing violence, making the youth lazy, nectlecting social life and killing imagination. And today reading a great fantasy story makes you super smart, but playing or watching a great fantasy story makes you dumb. Watching TRclips all day is bad (In a nutshell, Ted) but reading all day is good (Fifty shades of Grey). Sorry for my bad english.

  • ssxldnxm
    ssxldnxm 12 gün önce

    how would californians know? they are the furthest thing from smart and people

  • Abdenacer Fodil
    Abdenacer Fodil 12 gün önce

    i asked my professor in chimique . who is a brillant men something i thought was simple in atoms behavior . He said that he does not know because his phd is in fusion reaction not fission reaction . I said but why ? it is in the same field , it is about atoms . He said it is far branched then you can know . Bein a genuis does not mean that you know everything , this men spend his life studing atoms in one single behavior fussion ......( Hollywood is really making people stupid i learned that after years hypnothised)

  • Abdenacer Fodil
    Abdenacer Fodil 12 gün önce

    This is a golden video i will screenshot it . I will download it . I will put a like and save it in my playlist .

  • Erwürgen Stich verbrennen
    Erwürgen Stich verbrennen 14 gün önce +1

    All I know is that I've been dumb my whole life 😂

  • Jim Montgomery
    Jim Montgomery 16 gün önce

    Genius people are eccentric to point. No all but most I would presume. Your stupid puns and distractions are why I stopped watching this 2 yrs ago.
    Hate I have enough patience to text this....

  • Jammin B
    Jammin B 16 gün önce

    Loool being smart in school is literally just rememberimg what people have written down.. actually

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin 17 gün önce

    What doesn't Hollywood get wrong? There isn't a great deal they get right. A lot of times it's simply because plot character this and more often than not it makes no sense.

  • J Burton
    J Burton 17 gün önce

    The writing on glass or whiteboard thing is probably so they can be mobile and think. So they can move around a room and still see their work - work on a problem consciously or otherwise while moving, allowing yourself to be distracted or relaxed or be aware of other stimuli that may alter your approach to what you're working on and/or help oxygenate the brain instead of staying sedentary at a desk or keeping your notepad in front of your face.

  • jimmy Ryan
    jimmy Ryan 19 gün önce

    Cool. But it's impossible to find more of your videos

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat 22 gün önce

    My favorite entirely wrong bit of being smart is the idea that smart people just loovvveee to use big words and take people down a peg with some great vocabulary. yes we have a vocabulary, yes we can use it. No I don't use half the dictionary in most sentences. who the fuck has time for this? or wants to sound that much like an asshole.

  • The Iron Titan
    The Iron Titan 22 gün önce

    Thank you!

  • The Ugliest Man Alive
    The Ugliest Man Alive 23 gün önce

    I really hate TRclips comment sections in the fact that they're predictable in the fact that if you click on a video like I did about movies and smart people if you scroll to the comments section of course everyone thinks they are a genius or know a genius or even what smart people think. I click on a video about fishing and 90% of the comments are about people that are expert fisherman or they know someone that's an expert fisherman or some bullshit like that. Needless to say I have an above-average IQ but I do stupid shit all the time I think I'm a fucking idiot half the time and when someone says I'm smart I laugh because I say I'm not educated because I dropped out of high school and got a GED. Yeah I know people that literally have certificates and all kinds of degrees stating and claiming how smart they are and they brag about it on top of that like it's a big deal but a lot of the people I know that have degrees and certificates claiming how smart they are are complete morons when it comes to Common Sense or anyting that doesn't involve education

  • George joy
    George joy 23 gün önce

    You obviously haven't understood good Will hunting he is a genius not just a good mathematican

  • YourBoiiLogan
    YourBoiiLogan 24 gün önce

    What movie/tv show is the Charles dickens quote scene from?

  • John Stebner
    John Stebner 26 gün önce

    Bill nye isn't a a scientist but a bad actor

  • Niboo
    Niboo 27 gün önce

    Be a genius in being mean

  • phastinemoon
    phastinemoon 27 gün önce

    The moment with Picard and his Hamlet reference was much less a show of 'Look, he's smart because he read Shakespeare's most famous play' and much more a show of 'This is the character of the man Picard is -- who values humanity, and what it produces' I mean, the fact that he could quote Hamlet isn't really even a 'smart person' tell -- considering that Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet are tied for Shakespeare's most well-known and performed plays. It's more akin to knowing the biggest lines from the most famous movies of all time, like "Here's looking at you, kid" or "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" -- everyone knows those lines.

  • KingJustice98
    KingJustice98 27 gün önce +1

    After memorizing the rubics cube pattern, I used to mess with people at my call center by solving it in a couple of hours. Of course there were a few people that knew it only actually takes less than 20 minutes.

  • Leonardo Rossi
    Leonardo Rossi 28 gün önce

    7:42 Well, to be fair, she somehow made a mummified head explode. So maybe she shouldn't feel confident performing autopsies :P

  • Richard Foran
    Richard Foran 28 gün önce

    Actors or big ones dont like to look dumb. These are vanity projects. When an actor gets a script they think how will this make me look to the public. Ever notice how big stars dont get killed of immedatly in a movie or play dumb charchetrs. Denzil washinton for example 50 plus keeping up the playing the zarathustra secret agent all knowing all everywere. The ideal operative which is basically impossible to pull of or Tom cruise in Oblivion. The worlds best man cloned a billion times our best hope. Shirts of died hair lines brawn and brain brave and good looking.
    Quote Bruce baxter king kong
    Hey, pal. Hey, wake up. Heroes don't look like me - not in the real world. In the real world they got bad teeth, a bald spot, and a beer gut. I'm just an actor with a gun who's lost his motivation. Be seeing you.

  • Soviet Dopinder
    Soviet Dopinder 28 gün önce

    As if you would know what it's like to be smart

  • Noah Silas
    Noah Silas 29 gün önce

    smart people really just want to write on the walls

  • k333999 Smith
    k333999 Smith 29 gün önce +1

    There was a episode of House with a women with hyperthymesia, she remembers everything, but she says it does not make her smart. She makes the good point that just because she remembers something does not mean she understands it.

  • Sebastian Haas
    Sebastian Haas Aylar önce

    Small nitpick: Patric Stewart gets to quote Hamlet, for the very simple reason that he was a member of the Royal Shakespear Company for 16 years, not to make Picard seem smart.

  • EnderZ13
    EnderZ13 Aylar önce +1

    Most of the "smart mean" people in TV and movies also have Asperger's Syndrome to some degree. Or what would amount to AS in real life. It's either played up for comedy( Big Bang Theory- some people tell me its a comedy) or satisfaction (House MD, Sherlock- we all love the idea of being to tell anyone and everyone off; that they are stupid).

  • there is no tim
    there is no tim Aylar önce

    Being able to quote other people and books doesn't make you smart.... but it'll get you most any degree

  • Vanessa Love
    Vanessa Love Aylar önce

    LMAO @ "probably made up field of reading people's minds based on their paintings." I have a masters in that.

  • Matthew Ramada
    Matthew Ramada Aylar önce

    The eureka moment with Cumberbatch as Turing, "love just lost Germany the whole bloody war," doesn't fit your argument well. The scene was probably entirely fabricated for dramatic effect, but the gist of the information was basically how it happened. Turing's team were codebreakers, and that slip up of repeated text was exactly what they were looking for. Once they had it, Turing knew that they had the necessary information to break Enigma; that's not an outrageous reach for Hollywood.

    • Matthew Ramada
      Matthew Ramada Aylar önce

      Admittedly, the way Turing learns about it is dumb, but that's just because war is mostly boring and the actual way this information was discovered and relayed was probably about as formal as "British codebreaking" sounds. That doesn't have much to do with Turing's portrayal as a smart person.

  • Jesse Galan
    Jesse Galan Aylar önce

    First time watching this channel. Very entertaining.

  • Human Cat
    Human Cat Aylar önce


  • jeremyT
    jeremyT Aylar önce

    Definitely one of the smartest comedies on the internet. 😊😊👍👍👍

  • Jack Frasier
    Jack Frasier Aylar önce

    Smart people often tolerate stupid people. Until stupid people's stupidity goes too far. Like when stupid people all agree to destroy (for example) the rights of others as a mob or collective, or when stupid people insist their stupid perspective and opinions matter with equal weight and veracity as that of a smart person (sic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). That's when smart people are depicted as "mean" by stupid people. Because explaining to a stupid person why they are stupid is like trying to play chess with a pidgeon. (I'll let you find the related quote to this analogy yourselves.)

  • Karuzela Studio
    Karuzela Studio Aylar önce

    Writing on glass is really fun and convenient tho, if you don't mind looking like a psychopath.

  • Dan Hanks
    Dan Hanks Aylar önce

    1 thing lists get wrong about movies: Movies aren't usually factual.

  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh Aylar önce

    Hollywood does mess with our brains by showing us only the fantastical, so you actually are doing something really important here.

  • Stargell Blackstar
    Stargell Blackstar Aylar önce

    ppl like working with me because I'm lazy, I find easier ways to do something and they like that. also I used to tutor nursing students at a university and some of them are so dumb I'm scared for society. lol, sure they can memorize books and words but cannot grasp the concepts...

  • Brian JOnker
    Brian JOnker Aylar önce

    Ohh Wait! Do you mean things on a screen are not real?

  • JiminyPopapill
    JiminyPopapill Aylar önce

    Research shows that strong short term memory correlates with high IQ. Not so with long term memory.

  • Sabrina Hards
    Sabrina Hards Aylar önce

    You can tell what someone is like by what they paint and often mental illnesses are noticable and I am not talking about wacky paintings either but the view points, subject matter and choice of season/weather chosen can give you a glimpse into what mental and emotional state a person is in. That's the point of art to let others into your world. The subconscious addings are what makes art so alluring and beautiful because you feel this person gets you even if you've never met. Even if you were born hundreds of years apart. 🎨

  • Ray Smith
    Ray Smith Aylar önce

    The comedy in this episode is on point. "Batch of Cumberbatch's" classic , dry, and the worst joke in this vid. 👍

  • Ky0l
    Ky0l Aylar önce

    Smart people dont' ramble a load of long words thinking they're smart. Taking the complex and making it simple. Now that is a sign of someone smart...

  • PV Wolfgang
    PV Wolfgang Aylar önce

    agreed on most points but the writing on glass thing is clearly for camera effect. they want to show the character working out an equation, but also want to show their face, not an over the shoulder view of the back of their head while they write on a notepad

  • Jer Gross
    Jer Gross Aylar önce

    I didn't get an instruction manual with my Rubik's cube.

  • Al Kaholic
    Al Kaholic Aylar önce

    The one that gets me is foreign languages.
    Even though there are roughly 6,500 languages in the world today, you can guarantee that any foreign language spoken in the vicinity of an intelligent person in a film, they will know that language. Latin, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, etc, doesn't matter. If they're intelligent, they're all over it.
    And we're not just talking about the basics. They know all the subtleties, understand all the different dialects, all the culture, all the words and concepts that don't have direct translations, all the variations over time/generations, all the abbreviations, all the slang and differences between theoretical and colloquial, they understand the lot. And they can speak it fluently and effortlessly as if it was their native tongue.
    That's just how smart people work. Magic.

  • Stephen Older
    Stephen Older Aylar önce

    Ive never seen two guys in a bar puffing their chests out with history knowledge. Its usually mindless insults, a bunch of profanity and maybe a fight.

  • demo_things
    demo_things Aylar önce

    "Science is a whole bunch of different things" wow, what an education cracked offers me.

  • Eliseo D'Annunzio
    Eliseo D'Annunzio Aylar önce

    Don't confuse "smart" people for intellectuals... My pet dog is smart, but definitely not an intellectual... An intellectual is someone who can hear the first few bars of "Under Pressure" and not think the words "Ice Ice Baby", or listen to the "William Tell Overture" without thinking the words "Hi-ho, Silver... Away!"

    • Eliseo D'Annunzio
      Eliseo D'Annunzio Aylar önce

      +Cluckery Duckery :D All good, mate... Sometimes it's a little hard to determine the tone from pixels on a screen ;) But glad you enjoyed it... To be honest, I kinda always picture Malcolm MacDowall being the "intellectual" saying stuff like that... He's got the right kind of persona for it...

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery Aylar önce +1

      Eliseo D'Annunzio wasn't trying to insult you and I honestly have no idea what I'd want to deter you from. Your post just reminded me of the "you, a normal person vs. me, an intellectual" meme.

    • Eliseo D'Annunzio
      Eliseo D'Annunzio Aylar önce

      +Cluckery Duckery I'm not even sure if that was meant to insult me, deter me or compliment me... or anything... I'll assume compliment as it seems more fitting... So, thanks, bro...

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery Aylar önce

      Eliseo D'Annunzio you're a meme, dude. You're a living, breathing meme.

  • Stanley Kassim
    Stanley Kassim Aylar önce

    Well... script writers aren't geniuses, so they know nothing about smart people :)

    • Stanley Kassim
      Stanley Kassim Aylar önce

      I didn't imply anything. Your assumptions are your own. I think that they should portray smart people more realistically (as people who can effectively solve problems) and not people who can memorize a whole lot of things. Let's face it - memorizing and regurgitating doesn't make you smart, it makes you a copy machine. Also, don't portray smart people as knowing everything, because nobody knows everything about everything - make them humble (like most smart people are) and professionals in THEIR field and not EVERY field. Don't project dumb peoples' opinion of smart people, project smart people as normal people (which they are) who are very curious about everything that they do not know and who try to increase their knowledge of everything that they know. Also project them as humble teachers and not arrogant know-it-alls.

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery Aylar önce

      Stanley Kassim are you suggesting that screenwriters and geniuses are somehow mutually exclusive? I mean, yes of course not all screenwriters are geniuses. But there's no reason to believe that some of them weren't. It's a statistical probability.
      Matt Damon wrote good will hunting, and if the stories about his 160 IQ are to be believed, that would technically make him a genius.

  • starcrafter13terran
    starcrafter13terran Aylar önce

    1:30 you already sound like smarmy aholes. No, memorizing things doesn't make you smart. But memorizing the right things makes you educated. It's called learning. You might want to try it someday #booksnotmemes.

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery Aylar önce

      starcrafter13terran I think his point was that there's a difference between being knowledgeable and being intelligent. Which there is, but more often than not the two go hand in hand.

  • SotraEngine4
    SotraEngine4 Aylar önce

    The funny thing is that the things you describe as inaccurate doesn't need to be innaccurate (except the memorizing thing)
    A person can have huge mathematical skills and have low empathic and emotional skills
    The drunning-kruger effect makes people with middle knowledge at something think they suck at it. Really intelligent people will downthink themselves, but still they're quite intelligent
    Some people do get genious "shower-thoughts". Actually, many genious ideas comes from the subconscious, provided you've worked hard to teach it by doing your math equations. Since I assume Alan had been thinking a lot on the code, I do actually find that scene realistic (except the whole speaking about secret stuff in a bar)
    A person can absolutely be intelligent in different fields. But that person is likely to have low coordination or social skills. But I see your point. You can't have a phd in everything

  • Siddarth Arcot
    Siddarth Arcot Aylar önce +1

    Good video but you can't just reference Mark Zuckerberg from Social Network when he is literally a real life example

  • TymP321
    TymP321 Aylar önce

    See "men explaining jokes to women on Twitter"... So why, exactly, isn't there an antonym for mansplaining? Is it the misandristic act of womansplaining mansplaining which obviates its necessity? I ask as a man, to a man - because as a man, I already know the answer...

  • i suck at life
    i suck at life Aylar önce

    being able to memorize a bunch of shit obviously doesn't automatically make someone a genius, but it helps a LOT. just try being smart when you can't remember shit.

  • Cheddar Cheese
    Cheddar Cheese Aylar önce +1

    To be honest..Back in the day I did memorize some Shakespeare just to sound cool..It always sounded so cool in Star Trek..Especially the War Klingon from the Undiscovered Country..Just coming clean here people..

  • Ge Ma
    Ge Ma Aylar önce

    is it just me ORE does the host look like he eats people

  • Isamolle
    Isamolle Aylar önce

    Being smart in one area and being expected to know trivia knowledge about random stuff I never studied. Now I know why that happens. Hollywood...

  • duke silver
    duke silver Aylar önce

    Smart people. Another subject cracked knows nothing about

  • Jeremy Ashford
    Jeremy Ashford Aylar önce

    Some people don't memorise, they remember. Store information better.

  • ninasmolders
    ninasmolders Aylar önce

    well being educated and being smart isnt the same thing at all, especially with the current education system

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook Aylar önce

    The problem is you, either, create an ensemble of people who each have a specialty that might be relevant or you get 2 or 3 who each have 3 specialties. Furthermore, do you make one of those characters capable of character growth? How does that effect their intelligence? Or have one normal person who is the audience and risk a weird mesh-up of personalities who may alienate the audience? It's not that Hollywood gets it wrong, it's just difficult to write that kind of story with everyone having a specialty while at the same time having unique personalities that may or may not make them look professional or create a clash.

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook Aylar önce

    I'm sure that everyone knows what the blonde in A Beautiful Mind represents. However, for those who don't, Nash's equilibrium is based on a previous game theory statement made by an earlier mathematician. I can't remember what the original one was. But, Nash, through strategizing what his friends would do if confronted with a blonde vs the blonde and her friends, he determined that the already established statement was actually an incomplete statement. I hate these videos that say a mundane object solved an answer when all it did was fill in a small bit of detail to aid the main character in finding the answer (ex: A trebble saved Kirk in "Into Darkness".).

  • Michael Sedzikowski
    Michael Sedzikowski Aylar önce

    I agree with most of your observations except Dr House. He is a nob for reason. He is in constant pain plus he is addicted to opiates. Additionally he has got a troll nature. This combination is the base for the whole sense of humour in this movie.

  • Jerome Mbeche
    Jerome Mbeche Aylar önce

    Hahaha Hahaha independence day speech maaaaan hahahahaha

  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa Aylar önce

    6. Super smart people eventually become billionaire supervillains because the world is pathetic and needs adjusting. Nope. I know enough super smart persons who couldn't manage a lemonade stand , far less conquer the world.

  • TheSocialHandGrenade
    TheSocialHandGrenade Aylar önce

    Dolph Lungrend is far more qualified to be called a scientist than Bill Nye.

  • Martinit0
    Martinit0 Aylar önce

    What are dumb people supposed to say in this comment section?

  • Cernumospete
    Cernumospete Aylar önce

    There is a difference between being intelligent and being smart.

  • Amberscion
    Amberscion Aylar önce

    Look, Reek, the Dunning-Kruger effect means.... Wait, never mind.
    But you still look like Reek.

  • diddymuck
    diddymuck 2 aylar önce

    nice, benevolent geniuses. Professor Xavier, Mr. Spock, Reed Richards, Jimmy Neutron, Doctor Who (at least to his friends and to kids)

  • Darrin Rychlak
    Darrin Rychlak 2 aylar önce

    That's the point about being smart. These people don't sit and study to memorize. It happens in the ordinary course of things. And this sort of talent for recall...these people don't know any other way. It's not a trick. This guy really does get it wrong about smart people. Or so I was told.

  • alkh3myst
    alkh3myst 2 aylar önce

    Directors and cinematographers are probably so in love with how writing on glass looks on camera, they can't stop using it. A smart character who is mean has more dramatic potential, more conflicts with other characters. It's harder to define a character who's all sweetness and light. People, ordinary people as well as extraordinarily smart people have "eureka" moments all the time. I think that most of us just don't notice them. I just try to remember that they're making movies, a highly stylized simulation of real life, but they have to make it to entertain people, not to be 100% true to life.

  • heckity snekity
    heckity snekity 2 aylar önce

    I do have an issue with one of your examples when referring to the point that “smart people aren’t mean”. While that is correct, you use Sherlock as an example for it, which is not correct. While it’s is only referenced in the BBC universe of Sherlock, it is known that Sherlock is a sociopath, and thus has a harder time forming connections with people, having sympathy for ones losses, etc. I had a therapist-diagnosed sociopath best friend for years, and while she is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, she has a distinct lack of understanding human emotions. While she felt them, she couldn’t be bothered to care about other people’s feelings. This is such the case with Sherlock. He is mean because he a) doesn’t realize what is wrong with his behavior, or b) doesn’t care.

  • PMartin7
    PMartin7 2 aylar önce

    how about jake from lost, he's a spinal surgeon but for some reason, he knows everything about every field of medicine and only does like two thing related to the field he was trained in

  • Shan
    Shan 2 aylar önce

    This kid is funny as hell

  • SmartK8
    SmartK8 2 aylar önce

    Batch of Cumber..