Underwater Metal Detecting for LOST JEWELRY in Florida! (Beware Alligators) | DALLMYD

  • katma 17 Şub 2018
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    Underwater Metal Detecting for LOST JEWELRY in Florida! (Beware Alligators) | DALLMYD
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    DALLMYD  Yıl önce +1334

    If we can reach 30,000 likes I'll buy Brandon a metal detector! haha :D

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    Parabéns nota 1000 os vídeos são demais

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    Lol, love them montages xD 🤣😂🤪

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    Brandon over here feeding the fish 🐠💕🌊

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    Hair clip

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    Nice filming! The camera footage was AMAZING!! :] >[:

  • Itz Sophia _ 626
    Itz Sophia _ 626 Gün önce +6

    Pause at 8:09 and look between them in the back...


    The coins are probably wishes made by people

  • Ily.k
    Ily.k 2 gün önce +2

    If u want to see the uglyest River come to Slowakia😅😂

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    You are in Jacksonville and the springwater I went there last summer

  • ZZ _emsquad
    ZZ _emsquad 2 gün önce +4

    Jake,Brandon:’what’s it called a brunette’.
    Me:’it’s a freaken clip not a bobby pin’.

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    Siege 3 gün önce +2

    *b a r n e t t e*

  • ATX Davis
    ATX Davis 4 gün önce +6

    Why does he always carry toothpaste container in his little box thing that he puts his finds in

    • fairybreadslimes
      fairybreadslimes Gün önce +1

      apparently it defogs goggles

    • JamPow
      JamPow 3 gün önce

      To brush his teeth???? Dude it's not that difficult.

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    Only professional do this

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      Ximenes Ribeiro I do this stuff

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    Itz Dusty 12 gün önce +3

    I wander how much decompression sick ness he gets

    • Itz Dusty
      Itz Dusty Gün önce +1

      Angela Ford yeh ikr

    • Itz Dusty
      Itz Dusty Gün önce

      Riley Barrett I mean that and when he uses S.C.U.B.A gear

    • Riley Barrett
      Riley Barrett 4 gün önce +1

      When you free dive you actually can't get decompression sickness because your not breathing compressed air

    • Angela Ford
      Angela Ford 9 gün önce +2

      I wondered that same thing for all 3 of them.

  • Skulldude 775
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    It's a Bobby pin

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    Can you do more videos like this with the Vibratector 😊

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    I love y’all vids do much 🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🙃

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    It looks so amazing
    Why it isnt in germany? :(

    • alle_namen_schon_vergeben
      alle_namen_schon_vergeben 14 gün önce

      +Theresainfarbe TP4L klar, meistens ist es nicht so schön klar. Aber schön finde ich es trotzdem ^^
      (meine schlechtesten Sichtverhältnisse waren, dass wir nur einen halben bis einen Meter weit gucken konnten 🙈)

    • Theresainfarbe TP4L
      Theresainfarbe TP4L 14 gün önce

      +alle_namen_schon_vergeben Wohne so am Arsch der Welt xD
      Bin fast jedes Jahr auf der Ostsee, war bis jtz nicht sooooo schön wie dort. War letztes Jahr mit der Tauchglocke Unterwasser 0.0

    • alle_namen_schon_vergeben
      alle_namen_schon_vergeben 14 gün önce

      Wo in Deutschland wohnst du?
      Die Ostsee kann auch sehr schön sein. Zum Beispiel habe ich schon sehr schöne Feuerquallen gesehen (und gespürt 😅)

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    2 1/2 metal detectors for brandon😂

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    Its a hair barf

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    Roses are red the water is blue I have the notifications on and so should you

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    It's a hair CLIP

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    I should go to lithia springs

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    :o no not today

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    Turn it into 1080p and u're gonna see piece of heaven

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    جميل جدآ

  • Detectorismo & Pedras Preciosas


  • Tilly Nichole
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    Hahahaha I love that you guys knew the name of the barrette 🤣👏🏼

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    I love your video you inspired me to so lot of amazing stuff I always wanted one be a good TRclipsr like you

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    Did u buy it for him

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    🏴‍☠️☠️🔥🤘 nice Adventure!!

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    Brandon and jake are a awesome duo i love both of them no homo

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    damn i want to swim there

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    The editing is perfect. This video is beautiful.

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    I like the calmness of the video

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    LG from Germany

  • Nick Name
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    Nice pics

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    This water is clearer than Curaçao and that water was beauty

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    Hair clip

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    5:16 what is the song

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    3:30 what is the song

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    I'm a new subscriber and luv the content ! I heard the promise and with 70k likes did he ever get his metal detector ? ✌🏽💎

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    Those cinematic shots are awesome

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    Im getting one myself.

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    I gotta ask, what do you guys do for a day job ??

  • Simone Delgom Cerimônias

    I love your channel. I am Brazilian. I see that you do not use the oxygen cylinder, I'd like to know what you use to dive!

    • jay
      jay Gün önce

      Simone Delgom Cerimônias they hold their breath or use scuba gear with a o2 tank

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    Hit over 30,000 and I want to see him use it!!

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    what type of metal detector is that

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      Alex Linnane beep beep

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    A little less conversation a little more action guys

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      Grzegorz Gozdek no convo is funny

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    Did Brandon get his metal detector?

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    5:20 How you shoot this part of video ? Thanks

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    How do u hold ur breath for that long

    • Itz your girl Brie
      Itz your girl Brie 3 aylar önce

      T3_Yikes tank

    • FBI
      FBI 3 aylar önce

      He has a tank with air so he can breath

  • MrB MrB
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    so creepy. my friends name is jake, looks just like you, acts a lot like you and does a lot of fishing. weird.

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    It’s reached more that 30,000 yay does this mean you are going to buy Brandon a metal detector

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    At 2:38 when the unexpected montage starts

    LAE CITY BOYS 3 aylar önce +3

    Love those editing

    LAE CITY BOYS 3 aylar önce +4

    30 thousand likes and already 73 thousand likes.. 😂👍

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    *Assembly took only 5 minutes and the owners manual is very easy to understand. I simply went into my back yard and dug up 11 cents in no time!>>>**ur2.pl/1211** I also found some scraps of metal and a few nails laying around. I live in an area which is rich in Civil War history and I am looking forward to doing some more prospecting.*

  • tammy frazier
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    What’s the tooth paste for?

    • jay
      jay Gün önce

      Brushing teeth

    • Amber
      Amber 3 aylar önce +2

      tammy frazier prevents goggles from fogging

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    if Brandon gets a metal detector he would find loads of treasure....lol

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    Brandon: "I'm just gonna make 29,000 accounts and like it."
    Me: Done that one...

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    Красота !!!

  • Fredrica Ek Jonasson - Elev Jändelskolan 7-9 7C

    Omg Jake your a good man who always want poples best and you make my days and i am bullied and you make me to do something like to swim in the water without be afraid and you make me to belive in myself i hope you answer this as i said you my hero and my only big role model,ILYSFM

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    You should put a coin slot in your treasure box!!!

  • AiIshiloveteruyou
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    "This is actually a public area, I don't know why someone would be shooting guns."
    Me, a Floridian: "It's Florida. Home of the elderly, crazies, and stupid."

    • Kaylen Rivera
      Kaylen Rivera 3 aylar önce

      I live in florida too xD

    • SkitTastic
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      Florida is full of careless people and it is too packed

  • Shadder
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    Is it a 750 metalldetektor or a 700 or 740 or 730 or 720 or what?

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    We call it a hair clip in England

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    You need to label your videos different, please. They mostly say: “ Found gopro...” or “Found iPhone...”, but because you find a lot of the same things in most of these, by the title alone, I don’t know if I’ve watched that video yet or if it’s one I’ve not seen. Other than that, I love your videos! Keep making them. I’m disabled and can’t do what you’re doing, so it’s cool watching your videos!

  • Salt Tea
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    Who else loves the way he says, "woo hoo"?

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      There's just nothing like it haha! I have some underwater adventures on my channel if you wanna check them out!!

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    Amazing videography!! What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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    • jay
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      (Its a wingman)

    • jay
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      Joshua Pheasant thats pfd isnt buoyant unless he pulls the white cord

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    • Gracie Rice
      Gracie Rice 4 aylar önce

      Thank you for anwsering my question

    • lilli brown
      lilli brown 6 aylar önce

      It also keeps the googles from fogging up 😄

    • Gracie Rice
      Gracie Rice 6 aylar önce

      +Ollie Lindsay ooooohhhh OK that makes sense

    • Ollie Lindsay
      Ollie Lindsay 6 aylar önce

      Gracie Rice it works as a sealant for his goggles. He keeps extra with him in case a crack or something comes unsealed.