The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

  • katma 10 Mar 2018
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    Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
    Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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  • Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison Gün önce

    Watch your health!

  • TheOneAndOnlyLordUglyFlorist

    I always get hungry looking at the food but when he starts eating I immediately loose my appetite

  • Royal Studios
    Royal Studios Gün önce

    Anyone remember the documentary SUPER SIZE ME? I feel like this guy would be the same after that

  • Carter Mainini
    Carter Mainini Gün önce

    How tf is this chigga still skinny 😂💀😵

  • ZackaryPlaysRoblox
    ZackaryPlaysRoblox Gün önce

    I’m just waiting till he realizes it was less than two minutes

  • StockBrotMitKot ™
    StockBrotMitKot ™ Gün önce

    How u can eaatt so much

  • Leslie Miguel
    Leslie Miguel Gün önce

    I was impressed with the first timing cause you do you and I’m always rooting for you but you freakin Pulled out a second meal and I am blown 💀 I know it’s like nothing to you but I’m shook. And then you pulled a third !

  • ツVuMa
    ツVuMa Gün önce

    I did it in 26 seconds xD

  • memeashi 6ix9ine
    memeashi 6ix9ine Gün önce

    Dont worry guys he is drinking diet coke

  • Reagan’s World
    Reagan’s World Gün önce

    Me: eats burger in 20 minutes
    Matt stonie: eat Big Mac in 15 seconds
    Stomatch: and I a joke to you

  • Groot The Dog
    Groot The Dog Gün önce

    Um... #DIABETES anyone. Like if you agree

  • Julian D’huy
    Julian D’huy Gün önce

    now I understand why it's called fast food

  • Mothool Khaled
    Mothool Khaled Gün önce

    I M watching this at midnight and it so gross

  • Tyrique Reid
    Tyrique Reid Gün önce

    good try but i think i could beat the first try

  • The Girl Squad !
    The Girl Squad ! Gün önce

    I hope his parents are proud of him

  • Morgan Jones 88
    Morgan Jones 88 Gün önce +1

    1 hour later has a heart attack from fat in his arteries

  • Detravon Cash
    Detravon Cash Gün önce

    I......I have no words!😶

  • Spectre Playz
    Spectre Playz Gün önce

    What I'm wondering is how does he not bite hits toung

  • iAnimate209
    iAnimate209 Gün önce

    Diabetes edition

  • Daniel Hyun
    Daniel Hyun Gün önce +1

    under a minute mctosh? cmon man quit lying

  • Flipping Awesome
    Flipping Awesome Gün önce

    wHeRe DoEs It AlL gO

  • Awesome Hanson
    Awesome Hanson Gün önce

    Damn Matt’s stomach capacity is bigger than my future

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Gün önce

    He kept saying 2:10 it was 1:10

  • Akiva Haruni
    Akiva Haruni Gün önce

    how is this kid not obese?

  • UwU Cupcakes
    UwU Cupcakes Gün önce

    Fat people at triggered.

  • ultrAslan GALATASARAY

    açım amk

  • Aidenator
    Aidenator Gün önce

    How is he skinny

  • Metalhead Wrestling
    Metalhead Wrestling Gün önce +1

    How is he still alive?

  • gi gi
    gi gi Gün önce

    This dude ate 3 grand mac meals in less than 5 minutes lol. In those 5 minutes I'd still be eating half of my burger

  • fortnite central
    fortnite central Gün önce

    Its a slurp juice

  • Bilal Saeed
    Bilal Saeed Gün önce

    i beat it i did it for 30 seconds

  • Mr.gotTheMunchies
    Mr.gotTheMunchies Gün önce

    Try putting the fries in the burger

  • Lana
    Lana Gün önce

    I can feel my arteries being blocked

  • Dwinstead 333
    Dwinstead 333 Gün önce +1

    How do you not get fat

  • J Jiasha
    J Jiasha Gün önce

    He trying to kill himself 😂

  • Savagelife o9
    Savagelife o9 Gün önce +1

    He’s going to get fat

  • James Olson
    James Olson Gün önce

    How is he skinner

  • pinche vato
    pinche vato Gün önce

    La comida es para disfrutar no como para comer como idiota

  • Roman Dani
    Roman Dani Gün önce

    OMG Best Mec

  • The good fortnite Bro

    5:32 joeyworldtour

  • Anonymous Dorito
    Anonymous Dorito Gün önce

    omg, how did I end up here? and how did he eat so quick?

  • Samuel Lim
    Samuel Lim Gün önce

    The first try anyway

  • Maayan Deener-Chodirker

    That’s kind of gross!

  • Samuel Lim
    Samuel Lim Gün önce

    It wasn’t under a minute though...


  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Gün önce +1

    Im really hungry now

  • Ajmal Abazid
    Ajmal Abazid Gün önce


  • Gallexy Sempaii
    Gallexy Sempaii Gün önce

    I can’t even finish a hot pocket in 5 minutes-

  • Icebox99 Ice
    Icebox99 Ice Gün önce

    Why did u say 210??

    LOTTA Gün önce +4

    Random: how fast you can eat that?

    Mat:hold my bear

  • Slime with Magic
    Slime with Magic Gün önce

    It sounds unhealthy because it is unhealthy

  • Amy Glickman
    Amy Glickman Gün önce


  • Gabe Collins
    Gabe Collins Gün önce

    I can eat that faster than you

  • Erikg2001
    Erikg2001 Gün önce +1

    He forgot to eat the cardboard

  • TemptationZ
    TemptationZ Gün önce

    I got it in 1min 12 seconds not on yt tho

  • thom ass
    thom ass Gün önce

    Man you must get serious indegestion after this

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen Gün önce

    Matt: Eats 3 grand big meals
    Me: how are you not throwing up bruh

  • Logen Brien
    Logen Brien Gün önce

    How are you still skinny

  • Cindy Engel
    Cindy Engel Gün önce

    20M views oh my

  • Ignighting Storm
    Ignighting Storm Gün önce


  • Sakshi Porav
    Sakshi Porav Gün önce

    That crispy sound of French fries

  • TheBrosXD
    TheBrosXD Gün önce

    How is this guy not fat yet no offense but he eats SOOO MUCH 🥘

  • Jive Girl
    Jive Girl Gün önce

    It's cheat, McDonald's made Big Mac smaller like always!

  • Unicorn Singers
    Unicorn Singers Gün önce +1

    White chicks two is out 😂

  • hm hm
    hm hm Gün önce +2

    Am I the only one concerned for his health

  • Guru ji’s Kaur Let’s change the world

    cizzors deathrun 4.0

  • Jotinha !
    Jotinha ! Gün önce

    8 minutes video

  • Music Station
    Music Station Gün önce

    I wish I had a job like you...

  • Kayla Philpot
    Kayla Philpot Gün önce

    Its called a happy meal you degenerate

  • Yuunis Hassan
    Yuunis Hassan Gün önce

    When ur mom is coming home and she cooked pasta
    Me: 😯

  • Red TV
    Red TV Gün önce

    Oh I know how you stay skinny

    It’s the Diet Coke isn’t it

  • Susan Lau
    Susan Lau Gün önce

    I feel hungry

  • murat huyrat
    murat huyrat Gün önce

    Canım çekti oruspu çocuğu

  • Grunkle stan
    Grunkle stan Gün önce


  • Mr Dubz
    Mr Dubz Gün önce +1

    *Diabetes has left the chat*

  • Strizk
    Strizk Gün önce +1

    i feel bad for the fries they don't deserve to get tourchered

  • Basketball Queen
    Basketball Queen Gün önce

    "Slow down dat food ain't going no where"
    *something my mom would say*

  • Mohammed Usman
    Mohammed Usman Gün önce

    Over 1 minute

  • PugMaster19
    PugMaster19 Gün önce

    Stranger: so, what do you do for a living?
    This guy:

  • XDGOSHO 95
    XDGOSHO 95 Gün önce

    Thats a lot of calories

  • Piotr Tuszyński
    Piotr Tuszyński Gün önce

    Oh guck you are amazing😂😂🤣

  • Sarim Imran
    Sarim Imran Gün önce

    When ur in a middle of a fortnite build battle and u need to eat ur lunch.

  • ɾɑղժօʍ Թɑղժɑ

    Me: Hey can I have some food?
    My friend: 4:28
    Me: ;_;

  • Diamond Deimante
    Diamond Deimante Gün önce

    One day he is gonna have diarrhea and go to the hospital just saying

  • RaininqVisionz ROBLOX

    *diabetes yet?*

  • jessamessa_
    jessamessa_ Gün önce

    Maccas: This is really unhealthy
    Matt: Fine, make it a diet coke...

  • mŗ bøøm ămř ķ7aled


  • Greenstone Flavell
    Greenstone Flavell Gün önce

    You're my idol now😂

  • Sushi Bott
    Sushi Bott Gün önce

    Me at my peak of Hormones

  • UltraCAE
    UltraCAE Gün önce


  • N jockoo
    N jockoo Gün önce


  • Gshdhd Fjfjjd
    Gshdhd Fjfjjd Gün önce


  • XtremeMurr720
    XtremeMurr720 Gün önce

    Matt stonie. We are now friends

  • Miguel Carvass
    Miguel Carvass Gün önce

    Thats 1 minute, see you tomorrow

  • Red3yeking _
    Red3yeking _ Gün önce

    Literally i thought he was done after first, then he eats another and I’m like how were not full of first... THEN HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO EAT A THIRD

  • Ice Martian
    Ice Martian Gün önce

    So he gets hungrier each time he eats

  • DON Bhai
    DON Bhai Gün önce +1

    Food murder ru jerking???

  • LioN
    LioN Gün önce +3

    When he ate the first meal
    me: wow!!!
    Also me: why is this video 8 minute long (skips 1 minute of the video)
    Still me: ohhhh damn

  • Joe Greening
    Joe Greening Gün önce

    It’s 1:10 u mad bruv

    SCARLETT SASSIN Gün önce +1

    i’m just imagining a hair caught up in your food and then getting stuck in your throat 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Finlay Amsden
    Finlay Amsden Gün önce +1

    Lol put the fries in the burger to save time