Mars Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars

  • katma 24 Haz 2012
  • Mars Science Laboratory better known as, Curiosity, is a Mars rover launched by NASA on November 26, 2011 and landed on Aeolis Palus in Gale Crater on Mars on August 6, 2012, 05:17 UTC.The rover's objectives include searching for past or present life, studying the Martian climate, studying Martian geology, and collecting data for a future manned mission to Mars.
    Curiosity is about five times larger than the Spirit or Opportunity Mars exploration rovers, and carries over ten times the mass of scientific instruments. It will attempt a more precise landing than previous rovers, within a landing ellipse of 7 km by 20 km,in the Aeolis Palus region of Gale Crater. This location is near the mountain Aeolis Mons (formerly called "Mount Sharp"). It is designed to explore for at least 687 Earth days (1 Martian year) over a range of 5--20 km (3--12 miles).
    Previous NASA Mars rovers became active only after the successful entry, descent and landing on the Martian surface. Curiosity, on the other hand, was active when it touched down on the surface of Mars, employing the rover suspension system for the final set-down.
    Curiosity transformed from its stowed flight configuration to a landing configuration while the MSL spacecraft simultaneously lowered it beneath the spacecraft descent stage with a 20 m (66 ft) tether from the "sky crane" system to a soft landing-wheels down-on the surface of Mars.
    After the rover touched down it waited 2 seconds to confirm that it was on solid ground then fired several pyrotechnic fasteners activating cable cutters on the bridle to free itself from the spacecraft descent stage. The descent stage then flew away to a crash landing, and the rover prepared itself to begin the science portion of the mission.
    To learn more about how Curiosity is powered be sure to check out
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  • Earth Station Alpha
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    Many wonder how Curiosity keeps going without solar panels. Wonder no more and learn about its power source here

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      Earth Station Alpha .

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      I thought it was common knowledge it was powered by a RTG (aka nuclear battery)

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      Sanjay Sahani this is a cartoon

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      Look soil sample freely fall.Is there gravity?

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      Cassini... Pioneers

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    all is 3D....not real

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    Thank you for liking my comment. please let me know if you wish to know more about the Voyager Missions and how they will continue to send signals back to Earth long after we are dust

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    Another space toy. Not agien.

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    uma pergunta e esse carrinho tem como volta pra terra ou fica la em marte para sempre? é uma curiosidade minha e acho que todos tbm quer saber

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    The mars doesn't have a gravity how can rover was landing in the surface of the mars and how can move one place to another? It's totally animation right

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    Mars aliens? ??????

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    approx 14 minutes one way for the speed of light to Earth

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    My Father Louis Tully worked on the Viking Missions and others in the 1965 to 1979 he invented rThe Argon engine and Helped design Ion engines I know how they work

    • Mew Ratchanee
      Mew Ratchanee 6 gün önce

      Thank you for liking my comment. My Father was at Rocketdyne then JPL always told me “Son if you can think of it then it can become real somewhere in this vast Universe”. Also, that the Voyager Probes will last for thousands of years due to using the power plant based on the Argon Engine I believe he meant that they can transmit back to us as they travel through space and time outside our Solar system

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    Man is the only species of plant or animal on Earth, that we know of, that has sent robotic explorers to the surface of the planet Mars.

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    so according to your video,NASA had already know there is gravity and other elements to fly machine with parachute

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    Ahahah its conviction and fake, who record this video,,,,,
    I know that human being can't do anything in the heavens, so we have to make only filming and animation to misguid others

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    The soil sample freely fall. Is there gravity?

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    The shear scientific ignorance of the general public...
    AND The Media
    Been following the program since October 1957
    Project Moonwatch....
    Had a cousin in Range Safety, The Cape
    1959 - 1989
    PanAm contractor the test range.... USAF....
    Had a room full of DEC's, just inside the gate
    Patrick AFB
    Math nerd.. could have been a priest...
    Worked with the data seen in Hidden Figures..
    Same Fortran and COBAL text books, as seen in the movie..
    STILL carries his Deci-Log everywhere...
    Gave me my POST...
    3rd grade

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    only a controller that I missed to play the video game. Especially when Curiosity was rolling on March😃😃

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    A lot of experiments -on earth- should be done for such a rover....are there videos from NASA showing us these experiments?? if not, then all the scientists commenting here should go F***TS!!

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    I don't know whether it is fake or animated but the actual fact is that the concept of the film is encouraging and it is better learning for the children and they can get some idea from this video. One request is that don't misguide the children whose are watching this video. If possible then , try to guide them with real one. Thanks.

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    all I saw is a 3D animation , where is the proof to the real CR landing on mars ?
    and how come they couldn't pack a camcorder on it to film mars live ? I mean shit man ! they did that on the moon in 1969 with live feed . didn't they ?

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    This fucking comment section thinking the landing is fake because of these clips. THESE CLIPS ARE ANIMATED YOU IDIOTS. IT'S NOT MEANT TO TRICK YOU INTO THINKING IT'S REAL. IT'S JUST AN ANIMATED VIDEO SHOWING THE PROCESS

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