Mars Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars


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  • Earth Station Alpha
    Earth Station Alpha  4 aylar önce +87

    Many wonder how Curiosity keeps going without solar panels. Wonder no more and learn about its power source here

    • Masood khan
      Masood khan 2 gün önce
      This is real and very important video of Nasa. The evidence of the ufo in this video this is amazing 😳😳

    • Science and other
      Science and other 5 gün önce +1

      Please promote my channel #creatorbyscienceandanyotherthing

    • eder samuel
      eder samuel 8 gün önce

      energia nuclear

    • Julio Salazar
      Julio Salazar 13 gün önce

      Me río de esa robótica vieja que tienen Jajaja Si supieran de mi dron es único y con personas más inteligentes que yo trabajando en la NASA se puede sofisticar mi dron Y hacerlo más poderosa

  • Haruka Sora
    Haruka Sora 7 saatler önce


  • Haruka Sora
    Haruka Sora 7 saatler önce

    火星を 汚染するな!

  • التفاؤول Sulaiman
    التفاؤول Sulaiman 11 saatler önce +1

    لم افهم هذا الشيئ ساعدوني

  • jayesh jamdhade
    jayesh jamdhade 20 saatler önce

    congratulation all scientist

  • jayesh jamdhade
    jayesh jamdhade 20 saatler önce

    good work

  • Moon Shadow
    Moon Shadow Gün önce

    Utterly Amazing! Rover has landed. :)

  • David Huerta
    David Huerta Gün önce


  • Folhaunicanews Folha

    How many billions of dollars did the scientists spend on this probe? Why do we only see photos? Where are videos, moving? Photos manipulated by NASA or am I out of reality?

  • Przemysław Jankowski

    Is it original lending from paraller camera or computer's simulation ? As I saw the atmosphere conditions are very variable.

  • Jek Rancadaka SW
    Jek Rancadaka SW Gün önce

    Like cartoon movie

  • Passakorn Ritchanchai


  • Mchomvu Emma
    Mchomvu Emma Gün önce

    Kuna usiku na mchana uko?

  • Old Conspiracy Dude
    Old Conspiracy Dude Gün önce

    the video depicts the the tethers detaching from the retro rocket thing that lowered the rover. then they dissapear

  • Angel Mora
    Angel Mora 2 gün önce

    pinches mentiras. ni quien les creea

  • Júlio Pedro
    Júlio Pedro 2 gün önce

    Tecnologia show

  • banavath Nandulal
    banavath Nandulal 2 gün önce

    It's an amazing technique

  • Scott Lakey
    Scott Lakey 2 gün önce +5

    If you look carefully you can see matt damon in the distance

  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 gün önce

    Send Rovers To Mars Every 2 Years Half the Size of Curiosity.
    Use Them as Prep for the Big Rovers......

  • Vaishnavi Pande
    Vaishnavi Pande 2 gün önce +1

    Its amazing! ❤

    DAMARU SPARKS 2 gün önce

    I know this is an animation

  • mianbh
    mianbh 3 gün önce

    folks, can any will tell us, do we have a similar video for the NASA Insight landing such as this one? or we have to wait a year before NASA will release that to TRclips?

  • jonas mario
    jonas mario 3 gün önce

    Como la nao tem vida eu esculto grilo

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  • Moby Whale
    Moby Whale 3 gün önce

    Shit sounddesign

  • rajanikanth yadav
    rajanikanth yadav 3 gün önce

    Who is video taker

  • Александр Васильев

    дурацкий мультик

  • Zanola Armando
    Zanola Armando 3 gün önce

    Mlto interessante, bello!

  • Praful Hadula
    Praful Hadula 3 gün önce


  • Jean Pierre BARRET
    Jean Pierre BARRET 3 gün önce

    Mais où se trouve donc ce caméraman qui a filmé ces images, il ne faut pas se foutre de la tète des gens !!!! ou alors expliquez nous comment cela est il possible !

  • Chinnoy Bora
    Chinnoy Bora 3 gün önce +2

    Which parts are real ???

  • Rupesh Rathour
    Rupesh Rathour 4 gün önce

    Ye bakwash he nasa hamesa logo ko chutiya banata he ..sochne wali bat yah he ki agar ye robotik macine marsh par gai he or kam bhi kar rahi he to iski video kon record kar raha he jabki insan to bahan hoga ne n

  • Plt wly
    Plt wly 4 gün önce

    Beautiful video, amazing. This sounds anyway not only for education, ther' a lot of Nasa marketing inside. Anyway very nice.

  • Om om
    Om om 4 gün önce

    very good

  • Necmettin UĞUR
    Necmettin UĞUR 4 gün önce


  • Hayatullah Soltani
    Hayatullah Soltani 4 gün önce

    I believe one day humans can travel and come back...

  • mohit khandelwal
    mohit khandelwal 4 gün önce

    Wish I could play football 😅😅

  • Chandra Yadav
    Chandra Yadav 4 gün önce

    Amit yadav

  • Sharifu Sharifu
    Sharifu Sharifu 4 gün önce

    uko kuzuri saana na hakuna dhambi

  • ढोंगी बाबा

    I wanna open shop there

  • nanu miah
    nanu miah 5 gün önce

    that's not true ..nasa is lier

  • sri Anjaneyam
    sri Anjaneyam 5 gün önce

    Mars graviti entha.

  • Makrinos Metanastis
    Makrinos Metanastis 5 gün önce

    Most people liked it .. so it's a good movie...

  • Bahnoi Sahib
    Bahnoi Sahib 5 gün önce +1

    It sounds like my mild fart.

  • Irfan Hossain
    Irfan Hossain 5 gün önce

    Wow. Curiosity lands on mars. I can track it

  • Wolfgang Böttcher
    Wolfgang Böttcher 5 gün önce


  • George McCardle
    George McCardle 5 gün önce

    I want to go to Mars real bad !😀amazing!

  • Rafael Farias
    Rafael Farias 5 gün önce

    Impressionante, muito legal !

  • abcd efgh
    abcd efgh 5 gün önce

    very intelligent people behind these explorations

  • norberto sosa
    norberto sosa 6 gün önce


  • Arem Datu
    Arem Datu 6 gün önce +3

    Ow yeah arab desert is awesome 😂😂😂 and holiwood videos are for free😂😂

  • Hernan Aleman
    Hernan Aleman 6 gün önce

    Como quieren engañar ala jente

  • Radhakrishnan S
    Radhakrishnan S 6 gün önce

    I like science very much it’s amazing and superb

  • Radhakrishnan S
    Radhakrishnan S 6 gün önce

    I like science very much it’s amazing and superb

  • Pradip Karsan
    Pradip Karsan 6 gün önce +2

    How did they film itself or who were filming them.

  • Produtos Importados
    Produtos Importados 6 gün önce

    Muito legal!!

  • Sanjeep Manju
    Sanjeep Manju 6 gün önce

    Oo what a robot it should get succsess

  • K.Manga Duhlian
    K.Manga Duhlian 6 gün önce

    It's real and I took the video 😅

  • Rinchuipan Maxx
    Rinchuipan Maxx 7 gün önce

    How strong is the gravity of the Mars

    • Earth Station Alpha
      Earth Station Alpha  6 gün önce

      gravity is proportional to mass. Mars has 10 times less mass than Earth so gravity is 38% less on Mars. 100 pounds on Earth only weighs 38 pounds on Mars.
      That's putting it in easy to understand terms. The formula is ugly but here is an excerpt from a website....
      "The formula is F = G*((m sub 1*m sub 2)/r^2), where F is the force of attraction between the two bodies, G is the universal gravitational constant, m sub 1 is the mass of the first object, m sub 2 is the mass of the second object and r is the distance between the centers of each object. Notice how the word mass instead of weight. This is because mass is different from weight."

  • y2n channel
    y2n channel 7 gün önce +1

    PUBG ... hahahahaha

  • CGM
    CGM 7 gün önce +1

    It is possible to be so stupid? People: This is an educational animation.

  • Fabio Félix
    Fabio Félix 7 gün önce +2

    Marte planeta vermelho ,... Portugal Lisboa. Terra

  • Ufcfan Maker
    Ufcfan Maker 7 gün önce

    I hope human scientist will discover life outside the space before i die

  • Mr. chat TV
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  • Jaime Vargas
    Jaime Vargas 8 gün önce

    De cierto .atacama. lobo marte. Chile😊😊😊

  • حمودي العراقي


  • putra Adelia
    putra Adelia 8 gün önce

    hanya orang bodoh dan kurang ilmu agama yang mengira ada kehidupan selain dibumi....

    SONY ASUS 8 gün önce


  • TimeTraveler
    TimeTraveler 8 gün önce

    How this Rover video graphy is done? Looks like cameraman is also following it

  • Chanti Chowdary
    Chanti Chowdary 8 gün önce

    Real vedio or Graphic haaa sir

  • Im Ron
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  • rounak agar
    rounak agar 8 gün önce

    Mars parachute tera baap ka kam karega

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V 8 gün önce

    Todo es verdad yo soy el que anda grabando en carro de todos ángulos!!!!

  • rubel shahriar
    rubel shahriar 8 gün önce

    is it real..? 963□

  • Rene'e Mai Mint
    Rene'e Mai Mint 8 gün önce

    Gods planets in our Solar System are truly amazingly beautiful and like to keep it this way as My Lord Intended this to be this way with hugs. 🙋❤

  • Google Chacha
    Google Chacha 9 gün önce

    Now NASA making video game

  • Shahzodjon Shahzod
    Shahzodjon Shahzod 9 gün önce

    hello everybody

  • Mundo dos treds
    Mundo dos treds 9 gün önce

    A pergunta é quem estava filmando o VLT?.

  • mus el a
    mus el a 9 gün önce

    Si le robot curiosity est tous seul sur mars comment il fait pour se auto filmé je conprend pas

  • iosif conta
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  • zlş rm
    zlş rm 9 gün önce +7

    This is really? Woah amazing

  • Mark Rubin
    Mark Rubin 9 gün önce

    Martians are here on Earth. You can tell who they are because they have whitr plastic tubes coming out of their ears and they talk to themselves as they walk along. Beware!

  • Arif Shah
    Arif Shah 9 gün önce

    Super good

  • javved zain
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  • Shankar Shivashankar
    Shankar Shivashankar 9 gün önce

    - 0

  • David Issac
    David Issac 9 gün önce

    Deserts of Arab countries

  • Habert Muwulya
    Habert Muwulya 9 gün önce

    People still don't believe even if they see this educative study. That is how they see mars and study it. On both land and it's splace. Thank u Jesus for the Wisdom u gave us

  • RM Robi
    RM Robi 10 gün önce

    very important vedio for man known

  • dw coop
    dw coop 10 gün önce

    Why are there clouds in sky? Clouds indicate moisture. If there is moisture there is life. Place looks pretty dead to me

  • lee sueng hoon
    lee sueng hoon 10 gün önce


  • সুমন পাত্র

    Is it really?

  • Jewel Mahmud
    Jewel Mahmud 10 gün önce

    I want to know which the other one is recording the video... It's mean that this video is fully fake... I only believe the action of Elon Musk... He is really working for to go on the surface of the Mars... Nothing and none else are trying ...

  • ramkrishna swamy
    ramkrishna swamy 10 gün önce

    Mangalmoy *Mangal Yaan !! ****

  • piyush kumar
    piyush kumar 10 gün önce

    never expected this from NASA 😂

  • รัก และคิดถึง


  • PANU Technical
    PANU Technical 10 gün önce

    is that real or 3d vedio please correct me

  • Hassan ND
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  • Mari Vallejos
    Mari Vallejos 10 gün önce

    I. Tis wanderfull

  • Jose Arenas
    Jose Arenas 11 gün önce

    Muy buena animación. Pero si debió suceder así realmente en Marte. Saludos de León Guanajuato México