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Nintendo Direct vs Sony Direct

  • katma 13 Eyl 2022
  • Whoever wins, xbox loses.
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  • Tibbles
    Tibbles  +45

    I feel Sony was really lacking in the farming simulator department

  • Harrison Bloom

    It’s a shame Sony is experiencing such hard times and can’t keep up with the massive demand for farming simulators that Nintendo can provide

  • New Game

    It’s so great that the farming industry has decided to branch out and experiment with creating games like god of war and Zelda, It's Great

  • コマック

    God of War, Pikmin, and LoZ look pretty good but I think they'd really benefit from having farming mechanics included.

  • IceCreamMan

    No one has pointed out that Pikmin is technically a farming game of sorts.

  • SK
    SK  +57

    It was so nice of Nintendo to include smaller franchises like Zelda and Pikmin in their anime farm direct, very cool

  • Muhammad Salman

    This direct really makes you feel like you are farming. I give it a 10/10 .

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc  +429


  • kevtiz03
    kevtiz03  +774

    It’s a damn good time to be a fan of the farming genre

  • Venom2
    Venom2  +547

    As a real life farmer I am so excited to pretend to be a farmer

  • Sicao is dead

    The name ‘Various Daylife’ has had me laughing for 5 straight minutes.

  • Shaz Modeus

    I applaud Nintendo for their dedicated effort to get young people interested in farming.

  • itsybitsycherry

    Glad to see small indie developer Nintendo pushing the farming RPG genre forward, four-games-per-event at a time!

  • Brady Kruse

    I would absolutely love to see a video where Dunkey plays all the new farming simulation games and our job is to guess if each clip is even from a different game or not

  • John Delaney

    That laugh at the introduction of yet another Farm game was the most genuine laugh I have heard in a long time.

  • Yossarian
    Yossarian  +211

    "Better question can my channel survive the death of the video game industry"

  • Fancy Pancy

    I was watching this Direct with a friend, and we started laughing more and more with each farming game they showed.

  • Grenko
    Grenko  +7

    If i hadn't seen the Nintendo Direct myself, I'd never had believed that all of these farming games actually was announced at the same time

  • WL 8153

    I like how you didn’t even show Kirby RtDL Deluxe because it’s a game that a lot of people are actually excited for that had a lot of gameplay shown.