Zion Williamson BEST Highlights & Plays from 2019 NBA Preseason & Summer League!

  • katma 18 Eki 2019
  • Check out the best highlights by Zion Williamson from the New Orleans Pelicans | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • SporSpor


    BABY GIRL Aylar önce +1


    BABY GIRL Aylar önce +1

    1:23 yes zo we need that aggressive zo thats the best zo if he stays like that he could even average 20 just be mad play with anger and ferocity and you will destroy people on both ends. shooting stepback on the offensive end and locking people up and swatting their shit on the defensive end.

  • ドンゴリ!!
    ドンゴリ!! Aylar önce

    the rim is crying

  • CesarS05
    CesarS05 Aylar önce +1

    What is the Highlight in the minute 1:01 ?

  • charles yam
    charles yam Aylar önce +1

    Don't ever pick up Zion, you'll be on a poster.

  • TEACHER Hunter
    TEACHER Hunter Aylar önce

    He won't win ROTY due to being injury-prone. Hope he stays healthy but...

  • dD Lithuania
    dD Lithuania Aylar önce

    clickbaiting cunts

  • FPietros
    FPietros Aylar önce +1

    this zion is another markelle

  • joe schuster
    joe schuster Aylar önce

    Is injury prone

  • John Lazy
    John Lazy Aylar önce

    It's unfair zion 19 yrs old already at that level of basketball ?!

  • Schmosby
    Schmosby Aylar önce

    Josh Hart left hangin @6:05 feelsbadman

  • Chris Riggs
    Chris Riggs Aylar önce


  • Yuanjiu Li
    Yuanjiu Li Aylar önce

    Not a lot of people can disrespect Gobert like that.

  • Shaq GasEngine
    Shaq GasEngine Aylar önce +1

    Can’t wait to see Zion put LeBron THROUGH the basket

    • Willie Gordon
      Willie Gordon Aylar önce

      Can't wait to see Zion put Draymond Green through the basket.

  • SSG Arj
    SSG Arj Aylar önce +1

    Get well soon zion. I heard he will miss 1-2 weeks of nba season due to knee injury

  • Nick SA
    Nick SA Aylar önce

    Who's here after Woj news about his injury? Damn.. I wish him a healthy career, amazing talent

  • change_up
    change_up Aylar önce

    hope i ain't gonna watch this highlight for entire season? shit. nba is a hater

  • jazz03
    jazz03 Aylar önce

    lonely violin for josh hart lol

  • change_up
    change_up Aylar önce

    and season. these haterz are holding out to zion. he's out for weeks! that's wack yo.

  • Apollo
    Apollo Aylar önce +4

    praying for zion, a kid with a good heart that plays every play like its his past. hope he finds a way to utilize his gifts in the least hurtful way to his body.

  • Haybi 101
    Haybi 101 Aylar önce

    You guys should put the stat leaders in points rbs and ast from each team at the end of game highlights.

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura Aylar önce +1

    Only two reasons to watch this preseason.
    1. Zion Williamson
    2. Tacko Fall

    • Kkbsrt86
      Kkbsrt86 Aylar önce +1

      2 good people.
      I wish both of them the best.

  • Sinbad
    Sinbad Aylar önce

    the first play was carleton and Will from Fresh prince

  • Hayatın İçinden
    Hayatın İçinden Aylar önce


  • ShadowPython
    ShadowPython Aylar önce

    Now he's injured

  • woodaj
    woodaj Aylar önce

    I wonder what it would have been like to see Zion vs Larry Johnson out of UNLV?

  • Moonlight Darkness
    Moonlight Darkness Aylar önce

    Every NBA players has had someone eho wanted to fight them just bout, I wonder if anyone will square up with Zion or just stay pissed and give up 😂

  • Martez Carroll
    Martez Carroll Aylar önce

    Look at hart... Zion left him hanging at 6:27 had to high five his self 😂🖕🏾

  • Wati Umi
    Wati Umi Aylar önce +2

    Preseason highlights LMAO, the hype is real.
    Over the years I've been excellent with my predictions, most notably my Allen Iverson prediction was/is my favorite... I told people from day one that as soon as Iverson lose one step of speed he would become useless & that's exactly what happened. Old age didn't derail Iverson, injury's didn't derail Iverson, he simply couldn't make any separation between himself & defenders anymore & he's not a spot up shooter like the average shooting guard, then you add on that he's undersized even as a shooting guard in which he became a defensive liability = RETIREMENT.
    What's interesting is that Iverson fall off went beyond unnoticed. People don't even acknowledge Iverson Denver Nuggets days, some still don't know that Iverson played for Detroit & most never knew he played for the Memphis Grizzlies & he retired playing for "Turkey Besiktas." No farewell tour, think about that. Nobody wanted Iverson but he still had to play for financial reasons.

    When you're not a facilitator, great defender or spot up shooter longevity isn't an option... Ask Melo!
    Zion reminds of the Iverson & Melo types with a unique attribute. As soon as Zion lose a little bounce it's over.... Zion is an undersized power forward that rarely even attempt jump shots, he don't facilitate & his defense is also based all around his athleticism. Zion will also become position-less due to the fact that he's an undersized power forward.
    We'll also have to see how his body respond to injury for a player his size. Players are snapping their achilles on the regular these days, never mind knee injury's & I don't think Zion is the type that can recover from such injury's based on his size alone... He'll be more like Demarcus Cousins, he won't recover like Paul George or Shaun Livingston.

    • Young Cha
      Young Cha Aylar önce

      Wati Umi spot on. Rj Barrett > Zion. I understand the hype though

  • Nick Carlisle
    Nick Carlisle Aylar önce

    says tacko fall in the thumbnail lol

  • KofiisCold
    KofiisCold Aylar önce +1

    No body should tell me he’s not good or I’m coming for you 🤬🤬🤬

  • Z'Kuria Williams
    Z'Kuria Williams Aylar önce

    This is preseason yall need to wait until the regular season, plus Zion need to stay healthy if he gone be rookie of the year or a superstar

    PG 13PACERNATION Aylar önce +3

    Kid is such a freak athlete man. He is built like a bus and can bully anyone. He is good down low and what surprised me is his passing skills in the preseason. His improvement for jump shots will eventually come.

  • M K
    M K Aylar önce

    that commentator doesn’t wanna hear anything at all

  • Young Savage lll
    Young Savage lll Aylar önce

    Even notice zion’s layup package is hella weird like how he ducks it works so good but i think he purposely lowers himself cuz he gets to much bounce on the layups

  • animal 361
    animal 361 Aylar önce

    And he’s only 19. Haters can sit the fuck down.

  • Michael Spencer
    Michael Spencer Aylar önce +1

    It is a pleasure to be able to watch someone of his caliber play in my time

  • ya mom said I could
    ya mom said I could Aylar önce


  • Colby Warner
    Colby Warner Aylar önce +3

    This man been league ready since the 10th grade

  • totalChris
    totalChris Aylar önce

    Rookie MVP in the making.

  • Got Bunnies
    Got Bunnies Aylar önce +8

    0:54 editing team y'all good?

  • The Chosen
    The Chosen Aylar önce +5

    He reminds me alot of dominique wilkins!

  • CJ O
    CJ O Aylar önce

    why is there a travis scott 1 in the thumbnail

  • Nelly Bigmoney
    Nelly Bigmoney Aylar önce


  • Ander Aguinaco
    Ander Aguinaco Aylar önce


  • Van Ranque
    Van Ranque Aylar önce

    The Hype Train Luka Doncic Didn't Have in his Rookie Season.

  • leonardo Fernandez
    leonardo Fernandez Aylar önce +3

    Lonzo might just get the most assist this season L0L

  • Meet the Fr34ks
    Meet the Fr34ks Aylar önce

    Boi gone be injured his whole career 😭😭
    ... Zion's done, past year 3 knee injuries💀 and will miss beginning of season smh

    • 1999
      1999 Aylar önce

      Meet the Fr34ks he didn’t even get hurt during summer league, i’m sure you haven’t ever banged knees with anyone but that shit hurts & they kept him out as precaution 😂 stupid get your facts right 🤣

    • Meet the Fr34ks
      Meet the Fr34ks Aylar önce

      @1999 college, summer league and now

    • 1999
      1999 Aylar önce

      when was the 2nd

  • OG Steppenwolf
    OG Steppenwolf Aylar önce

    He is already injured bruh

  • Nick Starkey
    Nick Starkey Aylar önce


  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Aylar önce +1

    Hope he doesn’t end up like D rose with that speed and aggression to the hole

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby Aylar önce +1

    25pts a game. 8 dunks per game

  • WatchMeMove x
    WatchMeMove x Aylar önce

    why tf you have Travis Scott Travis Scott don’t fuck with Zion trash ass

  • waffleman
    waffleman Aylar önce

    I’m sorry but anyone else think that Zion waddles.

  • Rol Bar
    Rol Bar Aylar önce +3

    Mount Zion is a certified beast.

  • Stoned JR
    Stoned JR Aylar önce

    What was the fucking point of the travis scott jordans tho????

  • 2 Train
    2 Train Aylar önce +1


  • Jim Sta.Maria
    Jim Sta.Maria Aylar önce +3

    The next king after lebron james

  • Crack - Alaka - Ding - Dong

    Man what happened to Ingram?

  • Faizan Shamsi
    Faizan Shamsi Aylar önce +1

    He just doesn’t look right when he walks

    • waffleman
      waffleman Aylar önce

      Wilt Chamberlain oh yeah I know, but he still a penguin.

    • Wilt Chamberlain
      Wilt Chamberlain Aylar önce +1

      @waffleman because hes 6'6 and 285. A normal 6'6 person must weigh like 210 lb

    • waffleman
      waffleman Aylar önce

      He waddles. Like a penguin.

    • Wilt Chamberlain
      Wilt Chamberlain Aylar önce +1

      Hes heavy af. Hes basically a 6'6 shaq