"Clean Up Your Act" Clip - Disney/Pixar's Coco



  • Xandra Nicholai
    Xandra Nicholai 2 aylar önce +1

    Hector is a precious tortilla :3 :P

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 2 aylar önce +1

    This is one of my favorite scenes Hector is in

  • Mel & Nao Brooks
    Mel & Nao Brooks 2 aylar önce +3

    "Can I at least get my costume back?"
    Us: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Collins Darkwa
    Collins Darkwa 2 aylar önce +1

    I remember this part

  • Stephanie Evjen
    Stephanie Evjen 3 aylar önce +2

    Man, Hector sure ain't too proud to beg, I tell ya.

  • Stephanie Evjen
    Stephanie Evjen 4 aylar önce +2

    0:17-0:22 "I could really use an amigo right now. And amigos, they help their amigos." Don't worry Hector, I'll be your amigo.

  • Elania Ear
    Elania Ear 5 aylar önce +1


  • Elania Ear
    Elania Ear 5 aylar önce +1


  • Elania Ear
    Elania Ear 5 aylar önce


  • Elania Ear
    Elania Ear 5 aylar önce

    HECTOR IS VERY CUTE I LOVE HIM 😍😘😚😙😻❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍💋

  • Michala Earlywine
    Michala Earlywine 5 aylar önce +1


  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez 6 aylar önce +1

    Alive power magical 🧙🏻‍♀️

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez 6 aylar önce +1

    Alive power

  • Diego Umberto Martínez Alpuche

    That's what AMIGOS are for!

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown 7 aylar önce

    I haven't seen this movie all the way through. I've only seen the Remember me parts, so I have a question: Did De la Cruz murder Hector?

  • Doom Demon
    Doom Demon 7 aylar önce

    Who can hear Cheech Marin in this?

  • Gemma Delgado
    Gemma Delgado 7 aylar önce

    Cheech should have gotten a bigger role he's too funny and amazing to not

  • Joshua Erickson
    Joshua Erickson 8 aylar önce +1

    Some amigo.

  • hokum ocarina
    hokum ocarina 8 aylar önce

    He reminds me of aladdin

  • John  Oldfield
    John Oldfield 8 aylar önce +1

    What is this kingsman the secret service 2015 and the golden circle 2017 or something?

  • Kayla Calingasan
    Kayla Calingasan 8 aylar önce +1

    My boy just wants to come home....

  • jflores85
    jflores85 9 aylar önce


  • Dominik Kasa
    Dominik Kasa 10 aylar önce


  • TheLoganator
    TheLoganator 10 aylar önce

    At first I didn't think I was gonna like Hector, but he grew onto me!!

  • Lucky Vine
    Lucky Vine 10 aylar önce +1

    I love Hector more

  • The undercover Milk/
    The undercover Milk/ 10 aylar önce

    My tears are still letting out after watching this movie

  • Ms. Antoinette
    Ms. Antoinette 10 aylar önce

    As you have a little money 💴 I get ygg

  • Ms. Antoinette
    Ms. Antoinette 10 aylar önce


  • Storm Arashi
    Storm Arashi 10 aylar önce +1

    "He and I go way back!"

    Duuuuuude. DUUUUUUDE.

  • Tawnya Costa
    Tawnya Costa 10 aylar önce

    I love Hector ❤️ He is my favorite “ Coco “ character 😊

  • Nessa Jackson
    Nessa Jackson 10 aylar önce +1

    Hector is my BF now

  • Sally McQueen
    Sally McQueen 10 aylar önce +15

    My family were (and they still are) making fun of me, cuz I cried.

  • NathTF 96
    NathTF 96 10 aylar önce +4

    Watched today - cried a river.

  • shelbskaygee
    shelbskaygee 11 aylar önce +2

    I've seen the movie twice and I still loved the movie and Hector.

  • AndrewC
    AndrewC 11 aylar önce +4

    The sound effects in this scene remind me how under-appreciated foley artists are.

  • Jess 1234
    Jess 1234 11 aylar önce +1

    I finally saw it. And like in classic pixar fashion I left the theater a sobbing mess. The good and bad feels. 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Joshua Erickson
    Joshua Erickson 11 aylar önce +1

    I need to watch this movie before I accidentally spoil it.

  • Loren Daemon
    Loren Daemon 11 aylar önce +4

    Héctor, I would die for you, you beautiful, dumb, skeletal Odysseus.

  • Finn O Creeper
    Finn O Creeper 11 aylar önce +4

    The films "The book of life" and "Coco" are films based on the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, as well as films from various holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Hallowem. I mean, this movie is NOT a copy! PIXAR was one of the first 3D animation studios in the world, and it always made movies that could make us laugh and cry, it always made its original stories. PIXAR was going to make a movie about two salamanders that need to be crossed to save the species from being extinct, but PIXAR canceled this movie because it was identical to the movie Rio. If this movie were to be like The book of life, PIXAR would have canceled, but she will not do it, because it's not a copy, and she announced this movie in 2012 BEFORE Heaven's Party debut in theaters.

    • E1craZ4life
      E1craZ4life 6 aylar önce +1

      Actually, Pixar was *the* first 3D animation studio in the world.

    • Princess katiegirl
      Princess katiegirl 6 aylar önce +1

      Finn O Creeper plus it's been worked on since 2011 so no,it's anything BUT a rip-off

  • Maximus W
    Maximus W 11 aylar önce +4

    This movie is better than Cars 3

  • IamDragonFury
    IamDragonFury 11 aylar önce +3

    I haven't even seen this film yet, but, my God, I'd say that this is the best looking animation I've ever seen from Pixar, every scene/frame (that I've seen so far) looks so, clean, colorful, and perfect and I love how expressive everyone, including the skeletons are, I mean this with all the love in the world when I say that I'm legitimately shocked that this is from Pixar.

  • crystalfairy912
    crystalfairy912 11 aylar önce +37

    Anyone else look at Hector's scenes like this and suddenly feel very different about it knowing why he wants to cross over?

    • abigail hong
      abigail hong 9 aylar önce +3

      crystalfairy912 I did! 😯😐

  • Dork Whoop
    Dork Whoop 11 aylar önce +2

    best character

  • sue king
    sue king 11 aylar önce +3

    I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm in England it the Coco movie wont come out until 2018 January something.. in odeon they keep changing the dates. JUST RELEASE IT!!.. if your a big of mexico you will know why I cant wait.. us England peps NEED THE MOVIE NOOW!! D:

  • Nessa Jackson
    Nessa Jackson 11 aylar önce +1

    when will CoCo come out (in CDs) because I am so excited!

    • Nessa Jackson
      Nessa Jackson 10 aylar önce

      Sally McQueen Yes thanks for the correction

    • Sally McQueen
      Sally McQueen 10 aylar önce

      Coco Lover xoxo
      CD's? Do you mean DVD's?

  • Nessa Jackson
    Nessa Jackson 11 aylar önce +3

    Warning: If never seen before and gonna watch it BRING TISSUES

  • Nessa Jackson
    Nessa Jackson 11 aylar önce


  • The Student Official
    The Student Official 11 aylar önce +4

    I'm making meme out of this

  • Antonio Huerta
    Antonio Huerta 11 aylar önce

    I already watched Coco 3 times, and I can't wait for it to be released on DVD.


    I really didn't expect to like this skeleton so much. Wow.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 11 aylar önce

    user/DisneyPixar LIKED

  • Kayda Baby
    Kayda Baby 11 aylar önce

    I just got back from watching this movie. I’m obsessed now, this is one of my favorite characters ever!

  • Lord Pancake
    Lord Pancake 11 aylar önce

    I can't wait until this comes out on DVD :D

  • Carmen Caldwell
    Carmen Caldwell 11 aylar önce

    Never seen the movie, but I am getting a good vibe about Hector.

    A MORE INTERESTING APPLE 11 aylar önce +3

    Yup, this was the scene where I started to suspect Hector was more than just a random guy that interacted with the mc.

  • Plushimation
    Plushimation 11 aylar önce +8

    *Hector is so Cute, Mexican and Musician*
    HECTOR: What are you doing?
    ME: I’m walking like a skeleton!
    HECTOR: No, skeletons don’t walk like that.
    ME: This how you walk.
    HECTOR: No, I don’t. STOP IT!!
    LOL 😅👍

  • Abrial Woodford
    Abrial Woodford 11 aylar önce

    I watched the movie I like Disney and in think hector's the cool name
    He do want to see coco again she's his daughter and he must be the one who wrote the songs

  • Pixxie Spit
    Pixxie Spit 11 aylar önce +4

    _"Falsifying a unibrow..."_

  • FordDriver 2003
    FordDriver 2003 11 aylar önce +1

    Do the one from Coco when Miguel's grandfather disaapears

    • Manga Girl
      Manga Girl 21 gün önce

      Uh…he didn’t disappear?

    • Iyianah Duncan
      Iyianah Duncan 8 aylar önce

      Edgar Andablo don’t you mean great great grandfather

  • Kirito Animationsツ
    Kirito Animationsツ 11 aylar önce +2

    *a m i g o* i n e n g l i s h i s f r i e n d

  • bunganut98
    bunganut98 11 aylar önce

    This is by far my favorite Pixar movie, it used to be toy story 2

  • Bloomin S
    Bloomin S 11 aylar önce

    What a fantastic character.

  • Mr Galileo
    Mr Galileo 11 aylar önce +1

    what does he say when the police officer says amigos? "ive had a really tough buertos?"

    • Manga Girl
      Manga Girl 21 gün önce

      Jud Lg correct

    • Jud Lg
      Jud Lg 11 aylar önce +3

      I think he said I've had a very hard dia de muertos.

  • Barbie's Fashion Desinger
    Barbie's Fashion Desinger 11 aylar önce


  • Rin Studio
    Rin Studio 11 aylar önce +1

    Wow wow wow

  • Roo pooh
    Roo pooh 11 aylar önce +2

    Disney Pixar Toy Story 4

  • Roo pooh
    Roo pooh 11 aylar önce

    Disney Pixar Toy Story 4

  • Rachel Quintanilla
    Rachel Quintanilla 11 aylar önce +1

    I'm looking forward to Coco 2

    • Manga Girl
      Manga Girl 21 gün önce

      If there will be one

    • E1craZ4life
      E1craZ4life 6 aylar önce

      It'd be hard to make a sequel without completely spoiling the first one. I truly think the scale of plot twists in Coco could easily rival that of Undertale.

  • DefenderOfJustice7OH7
    DefenderOfJustice7OH7 11 aylar önce +5

    Just came from the movie, this was so amazing!! I want to see it again!!! And the plot twist was the best I've seen in a long time!

  • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
    Manuel David Rendon Acevedo 11 aylar önce +1

    I still think that John Lasseter is not a bad person, yes I did read the very disturbing accusations and reports of his behavior, but even after reading his memo, which was very well-written if you ask me, makes me believe in him on getting better, I hope not making anyone angry at my comment, and if I do, I'm sorry, but even with guys having these serious issues like this, its noble of Lasseter that acknowledges the pain on his inside, and that he will try to make up better, that's just how I see it, I know I'm naive, and probably ignorant of the heavy subject matter that is this "Weinstein effect", but I don't think John Lasseter is someone evil, that's all

    • David Roshbach
      David Roshbach 11 aylar önce +5

      it's funny how you write this long comment defending Lasseter but you have the one moment of true realisation when you said you are naive and probably ignorant. that is how these sicko's have programmed you through your TV brainwashing

  • Sparrowcompass
    Sparrowcompass Yıl önce +4

    0:04 (Spoiler) All of Miguel departed family breaks this rule later...

    • Manga Girl
      Manga Girl 2 aylar önce

      I remember! 😂

    • E1craZ4life
      E1craZ4life 6 aylar önce

      I think it's illegal if you do it to impersonate someone, not as part of a show.

  • David Roshbach
    David Roshbach Yıl önce

    What happened to the head of pixar John Lasseter.. pixar or pizza?? Pixargate is Pizzagate. What a coincidence...Not

  • Plushimation
    Plushimation Yıl önce +2


  • Elijah Padilla
    Elijah Padilla Yıl önce +2

    u choked on a chorizlol.

    • E1craZ4life
      E1craZ4life 6 aylar önce

      I didn't choke; it was food poisoning! There's a big difference!

  • Brijesh Mandavi
    Brijesh Mandavi Yıl önce +14

    I watched it today... I'll give 6 star rating to this awesome, beautiful, EMOTIONAL, musical, family oriented, creative movie

    • Manga Girl
      Manga Girl 10 aylar önce +2

      Brijesh Mandavi 6 Stars? Normally you would rate 10 stars on IMDb if you loved a movie. Unless you’re going on the 5 Star scale.

  • Zubaer Alam
    Zubaer Alam Yıl önce +4

    Hector was my favorite charecter beside miguel of course :')

  • della yuniar
    della yuniar Yıl önce +2

    This movie is amazing, so much heart, love the family moment. I'm crying so hard 😢👏👏

  • Phantom Zephyr Ⓥ
    Phantom Zephyr Ⓥ Yıl önce

    Cryed my nineteen yr old eyes out while sitting surrounded by toddlers in the cinema

  • Ezza Alevis
    Ezza Alevis Yıl önce

    I love this filmm unpredictable!!!! And so sad :(

  • christoferdrewrocks1

    I just came back from watching it and I absolutely loved it 😭😭😭 I already knew I would though, after all it is Disney. 😜

  • Jonathan Lagunes
    Jonathan Lagunes Yıl önce +1

    Omg I.love this movie make me laugh make me cry I love it

  • Isabella Soliz Eysele
    Isabella Soliz Eysele Yıl önce +1

    I have seen it today I love it

  • d g
    d g Yıl önce +5

    Take your kids to see this movie right now and you will never have to explain again why you should always lisent to your family and remember them after they are gone. 11/10 👍👍

  • Daniela Tsukino
    Daniela Tsukino Yıl önce +1

    Me encantó la película Coco, todos deberían verla, vale la pena verla! ❤

  • Maya Cat
    Maya Cat Yıl önce +4

    I love this movie so much at first I thought it wouod be a rip-off of book of life but it wasnt it was completely different

  • Meggie Pooh
    Meggie Pooh Yıl önce +3

    Great movie. I wasn’t sure about the movie before I watched it but it was amazing. Great job!

  • Iqbal1808
    Iqbal1808 Yıl önce

    hi! I've just watched coco in the cinema! It was really sad story

  • nicolle_joanne
    nicolle_joanne Yıl önce +7

    This movie was amazing! Yet another golden gem from Disney! Thank you Pixar.

  • Murilo Alves
    Murilo Alves Yıl önce

    Look, i'm very fan of pixar and i need to say one thing: pixar makes a continuation of Inside Out please

  • mike- rayner-videos
    mike- rayner-videos Yıl önce

    look great.. got to see this :)

  • XxDuffnotfuddxX
    XxDuffnotfuddxX Yıl önce +1

    Amazing detail on the animation

  • Vanilla & Pepper
    Vanilla & Pepper Yıl önce

    We were so inspired by this movie and the Coco Córdoba guitars that we wrote a song! You can check it out on our channel if you would like to hear it. Thank you kindly! 😊

  • Murilo Alves
    Murilo Alves Yıl önce

    Look, i'm very fan of pixar and i need to say one thing: pixar makes a continuation of Inside Out please

  • AACM Birdzilla
    AACM Birdzilla Yıl önce +6

    Watch it!
    Love it!

  • miss cp
    miss cp Yıl önce

    going to see this either sunday or monday

  • Koi
    Koi Yıl önce


  • JM CG
    JM CG Yıl önce +10

    A solid 10/10, This masterpiece is truly one of Pixar's finest. The characters are great, the songs are entertaining and the story is touching. I almost shed a tear especially at the ending. This is my favorite Pixar movie since Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich you did it again!

  • Polar Legend
    Polar Legend Yıl önce +1

    Ernesto is thought to be coco (old ladys) dad but turns out he poisoned hector (the homeless skeleton) which is cocos real dad

  • VAN Yoworldian
    VAN Yoworldian Yıl önce +1

    why do the skeletons look like johnny depp lol

    • Manga Girl
      Manga Girl 21 gün önce

      Merely a coincidence

    • Jordan Valencia
      Jordan Valencia Yıl önce

      you think Johnny depp invented that beard style? you must be mental.

  • Jordan Valencia
    Jordan Valencia Yıl önce +1

    In the mexican version the corrections officer is voiced by famed mexican comedian Chabelo.