The Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part I | AsteronX

  • katma 23 Oca 2018
  • An explanation of the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part I | AsteronX
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    Fast space travel by vacuum zero-point field perturbations:
    H. David Froning on ResearchGate:
    ResearchGate is built by scientists, for scientists.
    Preliminary Simulations of Vehicle Interactions with the The Zero-Point Vacuum by Fluid Dynamic Approximations:
    An Interstellar Exploration Initiative for Future Flight:
    Quantum Vacuum Engineering for Power and
    Propulsion from the Energetics of Space:
    Special relativity with a preferred frame and the relativity principle: cosmological implications: Warp drive energy calculator based on the Alcubierre-White version:
    Many thanks to Olivier at:
    "The game is based on the same laws of physics that govern our universe, this means, what happens in real life, also happens in the game." Check it out!
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    Our other Warp Drive video:
    An explanation of the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive | AsteronX
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  • Msizi Ndouvhada
    Msizi Ndouvhada Gün önce +1

    it is so amazing just to think how possible it is for us to know about the possibility of the future. thank you so much guys

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez Gün önce +1

    Looks good. But I’m sure like everyone else. We have questions

    BLUE MOXIE 2 gün önce


  • joe caterman
    joe caterman 2 gün önce

    its totally awesome physicists are thinking about this. Really they should be given 100 billion and told to get on and develop it. Additionally, this conditioned light, I'm assuming, would be great to deflect massive object in space that might threaten all life on earth.
    So basically, the same force you would lift a 1kg weight on earth... when applies directly to this craft in space (9.8N) would accelerate this craft at the same rate as anything under freefall on earth (9.8ms^-2) regardless of its rest mass. That would be something, if it works!

  • George Lacroix
    George Lacroix 2 gün önce

    Elon Musk is your man if anyone can develop this tech and new materials ,it's Elon Musk.

  • Jari Kuusisto
    Jari Kuusisto 2 gün önce

    Regardles of the Microsoft Flight simulator X music, interesting video.

  • AsteronX
    AsteronX  2 gün önce

    You may also be interested in, Explorations in Interstellar Space Travel:

  • Heath Pinion
    Heath Pinion 3 gün önce

    Holy smoke.

  • Jef Cooke
    Jef Cooke 3 gün önce

    Just a suggestion. Lower music. And speed it up.. Hard to watch.. Too much filler

  • Eduard Atonga
    Eduard Atonga 3 gün önce

    What exact paper are you referencing for the photon force field ?

  • Sira Mike
    Sira Mike 3 gün önce

    if ever those warp drives were possible, humans would only use them to either find new livable planets or hunting advanced civilization on our Galaxy or beyond. the space is quite dangerous for humans to be send on an unknown hunt for solar systems or galaxies.

  • Sira Mike
    Sira Mike 3 gün önce

    how would that photons shield work if spaceship is traveling at speed of light or beyond. remember the shield would definitely created a field that is traveling outward at speed of light. look like the theory need to be refined.

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 3 gün önce

    Your audio is way too boomy, base ridden, too much proximity effect, where did you record the narration in a cardboard box?

  • choosetolivefree
    choosetolivefree 4 gün önce

    Did you really just refer to our planets moon as a planet? Ugh. Oh, and like others, I find the music to be absolutely obnoxious. You trying to share an interesting hypothesis, or make some sci-fi movie, because I honestly can't tell

  • zachary bullfinch
    zachary bullfinch 6 gün önce


  • Bart Gryp
    Bart Gryp 6 gün önce

    I'm probably missing tons of things in this first viewing, but: a few criticisms. Firstly, we do not "have a warp drive", certainly not as depicted next to extant, established tech such as smartphones and lasers. We have a set of strictly theoretical scientific papers still under much review and debate, and a few people (including NASA, yes) carefully venturing into the realm of experimental physics with the outlines of those papers. Secondly, the Moon is not a planet. Could it be you're allowing your enthusiasm for the subject matter to lead you away from the path of reason?

  • Vamroc Sylar
    Vamroc Sylar 6 gün önce

    This sounds like it's part of a marketing campaign sort of like the one LOST had

  • AsteronX
    AsteronX  7 gün önce

    FYI: In addition to our videos, soon we will be creating individual pages detailing the content of each video on our website.

  • Electrono9
    Electrono9 8 gün önce

    You're not describing anything about what it is, just what it might do. Get to the point friend.

  • Shatford Chunderous
    Shatford Chunderous 8 gün önce

    I don't care how it works, will the starship be an Arcturian poontang magnet?

  • Hal Heywood
    Hal Heywood 9 gün önce

    An interesting hypothesis

  • Farmer Bold
    Farmer Bold 11 gün önce

    WOW! HUMANITY is on the verge of incredible discovery and expanded awareness into the nature of our inner selves and our outer material universe and even beyond this. But we, as brothers of humanity, must inevitably traverse the dark forest of arrogance and conflict to get to the other side where there is the light of a relative enlightenment for many and for a very few, the understanding of truth herald and symbolized by this forthcoming faster-than-light travel technology.

  • Brian kumpan
    Brian kumpan 11 gün önce

    so if you were to add a searl generator could produce all the electricity you would ever want

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 11 gün önce +1

    Thank you for making this video it’s amazing and mite inspire the kids who grows up to make this a reality

  • pilgrum90
    pilgrum90 12 gün önce

    You started out by saying alcubere drive is not doable by current tech. Then you talked about what this other tech is able to do. But you didn’t show any current tech. U bored me

  • pantheist46n2
    pantheist46n2 12 gün önce

    where's part 2?

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  10 gün önce

      Part II is almost complete. Thanks for asking.

  • the goldman24
    the goldman24 12 gün önce

    l want to buy one to go shopping in.Has it got an alarm and how many mpg.

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee 12 gün önce

    Interesting but please re-post with the music: OFF. Thanks.

  • Janusha
    Janusha 12 gün önce

    20% of this video is gone before anything is even tried to be explained.

  • Dion Paschini
    Dion Paschini 13 gün önce +1

    I thought it was a great video looking at the comments looks like I am one of a few. Even if you gave me the math I could not tell you how it works I enjoyed it. 🤔🤔🤔 Thanks

  • Simply Different
    Simply Different 14 gün önce

    I've always tought indeed, spacetravelers would not be older then the people on earth by return on earth. How can people onboard become older then people on earth while they travel on lightspeed? If you travel with the speed of light, you are back so fast on earth you can't imagine.

  • mazepilot
    mazepilot 14 gün önce

    Better than this technology already have been implemented in Elite Dangerous.....ahahahahah

  • Silent Studios
    Silent Studios 17 gün önce +1

    We can't even *reach* light speed.

  • Harry Weyer
    Harry Weyer 17 gün önce

    Just an aside on this unit,how does it create propulsion in a vacuum?

  • Sally Lauper
    Sally Lauper 18 gün önce

    What's the difference between star trek and star wars?

  • Daryl Antony
    Daryl Antony 19 gün önce +1

    Pumped for part 2.

  • austin1839
    austin1839 19 gün önce

    Science and technology advance at the expense of the environment. Humans will, and should, die off before reaching the stars.

  • Paulo Kuong
    Paulo Kuong 19 gün önce

    F=a is mass = 1kg, not massless..

  • dan H
    dan H 19 gün önce

    backgroud sounds R way 2 loud & all here is conjecture,
    paper work explaining math, is essentual 2 proof.
    otherwise, nice CGI . . . . .

  • Daniel Gorbea
    Daniel Gorbea 20 gün önce

    Ok! If this is possible, why aren't we building it? Could it be they don't know where or if they can find or manufacture negative energy?

  • Game Research
    Game Research 20 gün önce

    At point 24 : 55 in the video, was the guy making his game based off facts? If so, he does know we are on the side of our spiral galaxy, on one of the arms, as a little spec / dot, ranging from the sun to pluto as a circle radius known as our solar system? We haven't even seen the other side of our galaxy because supposedly a large black hole is in the center of our own with light showing from stars inside it, the black hole is what keeps our galaxy together like any other. But we are not.. in the center of our galaxy, it's possible that the black hole is highly unstable to go through and extremely large as a black hole at that, but there is a chance that it was made for us to learn to travel through it too. Until the day we can figure that out for sure... Anyways, we haven't seen the other side of our galaxy so you should remind him that we aren't in the center. Why do I say this? Because he zooms out at 24 : 55 in this video starting from the center, now that could be.. because he rushed through space really fast, on the way to the center (area) and then rushed out, but I don't think he made a quick turn with the camera, was it a straight line with the speed of the camera, just rotating the camera while moving? Anyways, might not hurt to let him know, if he is basing his game off facts, that we are a tiny spec with all our planets and our sun, our (solar system) on one of the arms of our galaxy, and that we've never seen the other side of our own galaxy.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  19 gün önce

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, he is indeed very much aware where we are in the galaxy.

    • Game Research
      Game Research 20 gün önce

      You should put up some text at 24 : 55 with an arrow that points and says "we don't actually come from the center, a small dot on the side of the galaxy, on one of the arms from the sun to pluto as our solar system, and a black hole is in the middle, so we haven't seen the other side".

    • Game Research
      Game Research 20 gün önce

      Great video though, good information. And good example from the game too. :)

  • David Ragan
    David Ragan 21 gün önce

    Been looking for more information on Photonic shielding. have any links for that or is it one of the ones mentioned in the comments and I missed it because I was looking for the wrong key word?

  • Squanchy
    Squanchy 21 gün önce

    Maybe we should look on alien ships? and build our ships with a plate design

    • Squanchy
      Squanchy 21 gün önce

      maybe thats why they are like plates? so they can warp drive

  • Tom Varrette
    Tom Varrette 21 gün önce

    if photons are basically light, then how would a shield of light allow you to travel faster than light?
    even if it were possible, the second you went faster than light, your shield will fail and you will die. epic fail

  • 21boxhead
    21boxhead 21 gün önce


  • THX 1138
    THX 1138 21 gün önce

    Like all of our devices and craft today, a lot of different technologies will have to come together to make this a reality. Back in the 1970sI would say to different people that it is evident that somebody had made a craft like this work, just nobody from here yet. I am still hoping to live long enough to see it come to pass.

  • THX 1138
    THX 1138 21 gün önce

    I really enjoyed this video as it pieces together parts of what I have studied here and there into one comprehensive outline. Also, it describes almost to a T what UAP witness have reported for many decades. Also it accounts for the USOs transitioning from a water environment, to air and then into space. Can't wait for part II. Well done indeed! Thank you!!

  • Stephen Dahlem
    Stephen Dahlem 22 gün önce

    Could the compression of space inherent to this drive be used as a means of aiding the compression of Helium to promote nuclear fusion?

  • Michael Krisko
    Michael Krisko 22 gün önce

    Important concepts from video: photon + theta radiation gains; propulsion = attraction (especially) and repulsion; importance of electro-magnetism, natural, and artificial for local/static control?

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 22 gün önce

    Can it run on die lithium crystals, ...........ha ha ha ha Fa reeeal?

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 23 gün önce

    This awfully sounds like the tech that is described by allegedly self proclaimed time travelers on youtube. :/

  • Jose Navas
    Jose Navas 23 gün önce

    Interesting but what of the cost effective plan?.

  • Andrew Vida
    Andrew Vida 24 gün önce +1

    I remain skeptical. This video talks a lot, yet says nothing much in terms of practicality. Maybe this is on the level, which I hope it is, and maybe not. It will be interesting to see what Part II has to say.

  • Todd Starbuck
    Todd Starbuck 25 gün önce +1

    Hi, fellow Todd.

  • Ben Haley
    Ben Haley 26 gün önce +1

    This is a very interesting theory, the whole photon deflection shied concept is also a neat take on the drive. Are there any means of conventional thrust for maybe orbiting a planet and any way to regain fuel used by said means

  • Alejandro Rios
    Alejandro Rios 26 gün önce

    i say start building it and figure out the problems on the go

  • terravires2
    terravires2 26 gün önce

    I'm against space travel yet. Humans are not enough spiritually evolved for the body to survive the departure of the earth. We are still electromagnetically bound to the earth and don't have enough energy built up to leave as it is.

    • Chris sonofPear
      Chris sonofPear 23 gün önce

      I'm sorry if I was somewhat offensive. But suspicions still circle.

    • Chris sonofPear
      Chris sonofPear 25 gün önce

      If you block the inertial effects with a spinning, cooper pair like field, it might not matter. But I am already wary of certain channelled guardians and their claims as is.

  • Lucas Nalley
    Lucas Nalley 26 gün önce

    Is the warp ring on an XZ plane relative the ship you show in most of the images a design requirement for this drive?

  • Beast Mode 2.0
    Beast Mode 2.0 27 gün önce

    So the forcefield is basically a gun without recoil.
    I don't get it.
    Wouldn't the emitter have recoil of sorts?
    Like a gun, it should have recoil, unless I am misunderstanding something.

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith 27 gün önce

    The music should have ended after the intro.

  • Aliens-Ets Exist-in
    Aliens-Ets Exist-in 27 gün önce

    I can't believe this, is only talk and talk. Explaining all those how it travels. Listen, I know what else human needed inside energy vehicle before flight. But if you want to reach unreachable billion light years of galaxies you can still reach them by always using warp, expansion compression in electromagnetic fusion confinement, worm hole, just to jump reaching writhin 5 to 10 minutes depending on far distant light years around the universe. But if you want to go around our world or within 12 planets is only just in seconds to arrive. This video is just indirect topic to the engine. Is just tells the math, how the engine works in time travel, what else needed. Well, the only thing I believe is the shield created by the supposed to be both device gadgets not only one device to create shield protection from anything which I know that shield name. Alcubierre cannot do warp drive. It doesn't tell directly from the energy engine. I know what type of energy engine to do time travel. Jesus, this video is only for entertainment. Sorry.
    The NASA in fact have this type of microwave engine that pushes the object (entire vehicle body) is called "voyager". It's really fast 10 miles/sec. But that still slow.
    Anyway, very entertaining. Good luck. Nice video. Thanks

  • Rares Edward Stamate
    Rares Edward Stamate 27 gün önce

    the warp drive i think it will be made by artificial intelligence... it is to scary for humans... it warks like a battery... black hole (-) and something that produce energy for (+) and it will be multi polar... i still believe in string theory for (+) infinit (+)

  • John Hobart
    John Hobart 27 gün önce

    Very insightful. I for one, believe man has traveled the stars at some point in the distant past. The science in this video is explained very well. I have seen things in the mind's eye that I have yet to see.. with my conscience eye. I fear I will not live long enough at this point to once again travel amoung the stars.

  • daisx beohfox
    daisx beohfox 27 gün önce

    That is why humans wont be traveling into space but.. machines.

  • Kyle Budreau
    Kyle Budreau 27 gün önce

    Would we need to reproduce in the spacecraft since we wound be traveling for years on end and what would we do with crew members that have died.

  • Kyle Budreau
    Kyle Budreau 27 gün önce

    What would the minimal size of the spacecraft need to be in order to hold all this technology and provide enough comfort for the crew?

    • Chris sonofPear
      Chris sonofPear 25 gün önce

      57 feet - if you believe certain saucer style claims...

  • Patriot Goose
    Patriot Goose 27 gün önce +1

    I have captions turned on in my YT app, but your channel seems not to provide. Captions would be very helpful for me (cronic eustachian tube dysfunction.) Any chance?

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  14 gün önce

      All that we were able to enable was the closed captions (CC) at the bottom right of the video. That said, we will look into it further. As far as estimated time for part II. We are working on it everyday, though having had to purchase and set new computers, not to mention what caused it, has set us back. Our goal is by the end of next week. Thank you for asking.

    • Patriot Goose
      Patriot Goose 14 gün önce

      9 Mar: Thanks, but still no joy. Double checked my setting. Any suggestions?
      Separately, about when will part II be out? Great stuff!

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  27 gün önce

      Closed captions have been added. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • Fidel Obando
    Fidel Obando 28 gün önce

    Perhaps you could more elaborate how the ring works and how does it extract negative energy via photon shield, and how does gravity waves generated? Looking forward for more visual animation in that aspect. What are the risk of it going thermonuclear explosion? Thanks, waiting for the next part. :D

  • Andy ///
    Andy /// 28 gün önce +1

    I enjoyed this video and like the music but it is a little loud compared to your voice. I vote to keep the music just a little softer.
    Thank you for a great video and a glimpse into the future!

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  28 gün önce

      Thank for your comment. Agreed.

  • gorancheros
    gorancheros 28 gün önce

    This is funny. Music too. Reminds me of Startrek-behind scenes.

  • Johnatan Bergeron
    Johnatan Bergeron 28 gün önce +1

    could we get a version of this without the constent music in the background it would be nice to hear what you say without a headache a few minutes in i mean no offense u are actually intresting but i wanna hear u not a star trek nock off music like a TNG opening credits that wont end

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  28 gün önce

      Yes, the music is a bit loud. Unfortunately we cannot upload over this video. But we will see what we can do. Thank you.

  • The 1337 Cheese
    The 1337 Cheese 28 gün önce

    And how the heck are you going to make that?

    • The 1337 Cheese
      The 1337 Cheese 28 gün önce

      T h e m i t o c h o n d r i a i s t h e p o w e r h o u s e o f t h e c e l l !

  • Rick Weber
    Rick Weber 29 gün önce

    "Yes, but the negative energy will be extracted from space-time itself." Cool story, bro.

  • Zachary Hutchison
    Zachary Hutchison 29 gün önce

    That ear rape tho...

  • Snorkeldykkeren
    Snorkeldykkeren 29 gün önce +1

    Yeah, looks like you need to invent an A.I as navigator, with super godlike skills, eyes or radar-like equipment that can make emissions through a proton deflection shield from within and somehow signals that it need to bounce back in through that super shield, with super reaction that can react faster than faster than light travels

  • Snorkeldykkeren
    Snorkeldykkeren 29 gün önce

    Yeah nice drive, but okay, on those long journeys, where will it fill up the needs for water and other supplies, hence it needs also to be equipped with mining facilities and equipment, laboratories and factories to make up for the missing things it needs to be resupplied with...And then again, what if something bumps into it and it goes off course from the beam that pushes it or was it me being distracted...NVM...It will be so huge that it has to be built in space hence they will have trouble with the so-called fluid metals being poured out...What if the magnetic fields holding the metal gets distracted by earth gravitation and vice versa---AND STILL YET...WHERE ARE THE MATERIAL THAT ARENT INVENTED OR ENGINEERED YET...You think they just will be invented as time goes...Before so much time have passed it is to late...And still where is all the equipment needed to build a new colony? Or even worse, for geoengineering an atmosphere ...and what are they gonna do while they wait for a new atmosphere on a fictional planet not yet found....*sighs* Where is the equipment installed for the actual work, you know stuff like tools, are they all wireless or where is the room for small spacecrafts with tools needed to mine for an example lets say asteroids on the way to the fictional planet, can they work alone with this shield up or does it need to be down etc...This looks like you just can build small planets on their own, why make them fly around, if this scenario seems to work, there arent needs for finding new planets outside our solar system

  • Tony NA
    Tony NA 29 gün önce

    real life asteroid games without running out of shields!!!

  • Lao Coste
    Lao Coste Aylar önce

    We need to build an AI that will create our new way of travel and help us understand the universe.

  • pedrosura
    pedrosura Aylar önce +4

    @13:42 "relative to the universal reference frame" what frame is Universal?? Also, could an experiment be design to show "conditioned" photons and their properties?? What would that experiment be like and would it be falsifiable?

  • SpaceManAus
    SpaceManAus Aylar önce +1

    They could build a star ship with other smaller craft that are locked into the field of the mother craft forming a shield out in front of the craft to deflect objects of the main ship

  • Ben Foster
    Ben Foster Aylar önce


  • Pier-Olivier Dumont
    Pier-Olivier Dumont Aylar önce +1

    nice choice of music man love your vids

  • Karr Galaxy Studios
    Karr Galaxy Studios Aylar önce

    That photon shield is very interesting and if works the way you say it does, almost impenetrable and a much better solution than in Scifi however phasers and anti-matter weapons haven't been developed yet so I doubt that the photon shield would be effective enough against that type of weapon. Also, I'd hate to forget your keys to that shield inside the craft..
    Seriously i still don't understand how photons that don't interact with matter can than interact with matter and push other matter without gravitation effects even if the craft is massless. How can a zero or near zero mass craft push debris with light without being affected itself? I'll have to go back and watch that part again... One other question, isn't radiation bad for humans? Does any of the radiation when hovering affect its surroundings or the internal craft? How about in space? How much are we talking about and are we talking about gamma rays (cancer causing) or some other type of radiation?

    • Lloyd Brown
      Lloyd Brown 5 gün önce

      The photon shield is a piece of this that I dont exactly get...could be some form of diamagnetism?

  • Brian Kearns
    Brian Kearns Aylar önce +2

    love this video

  • Allucardsin
    Allucardsin Aylar önce

    We have graphene which is harder than steel and diamond and one atom thick on a recent breakthrough with a computer program scientist were able to identify 1875 compounds similar to graphene that are one atom tick, the team identified compounds that could form layers one-atom-thick. Some of these structures had never been seen before. This boiled down to a final list of 258 less complex compounds about 166 of which are semiconductors, 92 metallic, and 56 displaying unusual magnetism.
    Based on this new finding it is possible to use new materials for this new warp drive technology.

    • Lloyd Brown
      Lloyd Brown 5 gün önce

      Fascinating. I have my own 'theories" on applying the Alcubierre metric, and I think one of the most crucial material science advances needed is so-called 'warm' superconductors . Storage, and transfer of large amounts of energy will be needed, and loss through resistance will cause all kinds of problems.

  • mike fugate
    mike fugate Aylar önce

    weapons,? better have and not need than to need and not have

  • Greg Helgeson
    Greg Helgeson Aylar önce

    finally some truth,WHY DOES ELON MUSK INSIST ON ROCKETS?

  • Yekambaram Rentamallu
    Yekambaram Rentamallu Aylar önce

    is stream lines flow through the warp drive?
    how space time continuum will bend?
    what is negitive energy?how it can be produced by plasma?
    in previous video ,you've shown that only lines flows straight,what about remaining space?

  • Raymond Parsley
    Raymond Parsley Aylar önce +1

    Build, test it and then tell us about it.

  • GreyDeathVaccine
    GreyDeathVaccine Aylar önce

    When will be part II?

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  23 gün önce

      "Almost eternity." LOL We have had delays, which has pushed back the publication of the video. The new publication date for Part II is by Monday the 5th if not sooner. Thank you

    • Chris sonofPear
      Chris sonofPear 23 gün önce

      Just two missing. Not significant.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      On or before the 25th of Feb.

    • GreyDeathVaccine
      GreyDeathVaccine Aylar önce +1

      It will be a tough week. Almost eternity.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce +1

      Part II is on schedule for the 24th/25th. Possibly sooner. Thanks

  • Mike Lcml5c
    Mike Lcml5c Aylar önce

    If this is true then when ever I get and walk to where ever I'm folding space time. It's not light speed fast, but I am folding it just the same.

  • Mike Lcml5c
    Mike Lcml5c Aylar önce

    If you figured this out then why haven't you figured out energy to matter and matter to energy. The concept of non discovered material to build these ships is sort of putting the cart before the horse wouldn't you say? With respect to repairs on the fly I propose building craft that are double hulled in order to make repairs in deep space.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      It is only a matter of engineering over the hurdles before we have fusion. New alloys are being developed. The prospects for future space-travel is looking good. Part II (the technical details of how the drive works) of this video is on schedule for being published on or before the 25th. Keep watching for it. Thank you for asking.

  • 4QWzbaxSzUAq9
    4QWzbaxSzUAq9 Aylar önce

    music distracts...

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      We have decided to reduce the volume of the music for Part II (the technical details of how this drive works), which is set to be published on or before the 25th. Thank you for your comment.

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn Aylar önce

    I thought quark fusion was impossible given they don't "exist" long enough to do anything with like getting a chain reaction going for instance?

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      Quarks and Leptons are the building blocks which build up matter, i.e., elementary particles. The scientists who discovered quark fusion are still working out the details of generating quark fusion. Here are some articles on quarks: and Thank you for asking.

  • Vincent Rodriguez
    Vincent Rodriguez Aylar önce

    Lol, an acorn in space, who'da thunk?

  • Richard Marqua
    Richard Marqua Aylar önce

    Does Mercury plasma drive produce the same force field.

  • cesar brown
    cesar brown Aylar önce

    These are the kind of complex multiple co op games we need for vr . We could work through alot of these issues now here on earth in virtual reality. Working together to solve problems star trek style.

  • Gordon Wiessner
    Gordon Wiessner Aylar önce

    Reminds me of the hype years ago from Project Orion, And you can guess where that went. Little hint, round and made of metal.

  • Rc ProHunter
    Rc ProHunter Aylar önce

    The problem with Alcubierre-White wrap drive is that there is no physical evidence negative energy even exists. This also pose a problem for Alcubierre-Froning warp drive...

  • Charles Lona
    Charles Lona Aylar önce