An explanation of the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part I | AsteronX

  • katma 23 Oca 2018
  • An explanation of the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part I | AsteronX
    In this video we discuss how another variant of the Alcubierre drive works - the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive.
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    Technical Publications:
    Fast space travel by vacuum zero-point field perturbations:
    H. David Froning on ResearchGate:
    ResearchGate is built by scientists, for scientists.
    Preliminary Simulations of Vehicle Interactions with the The Zero-Point Vacuum by Fluid Dynamic Approximations:
    An Interstellar Exploration Initiative for Future Flight:
    Quantum Vacuum Engineering for Power and
    Propulsion from the Energetics of Space:
    Special relativity with a preferred frame and the relativity principle: cosmological implications: Warp drive energy calculator based on the Alcubierre-White version:
    Many thanks to Olivier at:
    "The game is based on the same laws of physics that govern our universe, this means, what happens in real life, also happens in the game." Check it out!
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    An explanation of the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive | AsteronX
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  • AsteronX
    AsteronX  Aylar önce

    Physicists were able to create Negative Mass in the lab: "Negative-Mass Hydrodynamics in a Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate" ; Science paper: ; Definition:

  • ladyattis
    ladyattis 5 saatler önce

    This conditioned radiation concept reminds me of the work in artificial atoms and 'hard' light. The idea of making photons interact as a pseudo-force carrier might be possible but it needs definite experiments done because it has applications beyond a space drive (basically everything from the Star Trek styled holograms and replicators to being able to have a 'suit-case' styled particle accelerator would all be uses of such conditioned radiation).

  • John Collado
    John Collado 7 saatler önce

    Nice graphics, but no real content.

  • Alexander Messier
    Alexander Messier 7 saatler önce

    if you just taught I could stand to watch

  • Jodi C
    Jodi C 14 saatler önce

    Any chance of losing the cringy US style OTT dramatic music.

  • 1WaySafe
    1WaySafe Gün önce

    only way that will go anywhere is if someone takes it with them to fiddle about with on a deep space journey.

  • Joshua Lohr
    Joshua Lohr Gün önce

    Star fleet has begun. The space force Trump has ordered to be started.

  • Mike Flynn
    Mike Flynn 3 gün önce

    Your warp drive "animation" at the end is incorrect. Moving away from a light source would not be visible as you are going faster than light it can't be seen "photons can't catch up to your eye" so it would just be black behind you white sold "wall of light to side" and a fixed but shimmering light in front of you as the light is compressed.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  3 gün önce

      Are you referring to the clip from the game Galaxy4D? Also, photons that came from a source behind you, but that were emitted or reflected long ago might become caught up in your bubble as you pass, and end up impacting the back of your ship, allowing you to see behind, except perhaps for a "shadow" of a sorts cast by your vessel.

  • Scott Quinn
    Scott Quinn 4 gün önce

    Music volume overrides speaking sometimes. Some of the images are posted too fast to read.

  • Tracy Dillon
    Tracy Dillon 6 gün önce

    Reminds me of the C 57 D.

  • J Bias
    J Bias 7 gün önce

    Why are you the only source for information on this drive? Even its "creator" doesn't use the name "Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive", google and google scholar searches only find references to your video and website.
    Now lets move onto the "creator", H. David Froning, he is someone that is on the list of dissident scientists, someone who has 7 papers, most of which have few citations.
    Lets compare that with someone I used to knew personally, on he has 50 articles listed compared to Froning's 7.
    But whats telling is when you look on google scholar.
    Who I am talking about his articles have lots of citations some over 100, H. David Froning, the highest I saw when looking on google scholar was 10, on research gate he has 7 total.
    Now whats the difference between the person I knew and H. David Froning, he pretty much gave up Physics almost 30 years ago, when I knew him he worked at a library keeping their servers running. Smart man, but even with his shorter career in physics he had more to show for it than your H. David Froning.
    I would say his name, but he died a couple of years ago and I don't wish to unleash the internet on his wife.
    So yea I have to agree with the people that think this video is nonsense.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  7 gün önce

      Please reference more sources than ResearchGate alone:,,

  • Heyward Shepherd
    Heyward Shepherd 9 gün önce

    The only reason science is advancing is because western culture is still holding on by a thread. If things continue as it is there will be a new dark age and all of the ideas in this video will be labeled Haram.

  • Smallstudio Design
    Smallstudio Design 14 gün önce

    Why we need A I.

  • Smallstudio Design
    Smallstudio Design 14 gün önce

    Neat! Oh.

  • Jayson Power
    Jayson Power 20 gün önce

    I dont understand a goddam thing you're saying.. and i don't think you do either.

  • Kurtis Engle
    Kurtis Engle 22 gün önce

    1:30 It's TRUE. We know starships so well it is immediately apparent the Enterprise has the wrong number on the hull (That isn't Captain Pikes ship) and the Millenium Falcon is tiny compared to the enterprise, (Might fit in Enterprise' shuttle hanger) so it must be a lot closer to the 'camera' than it might seem.
    8:57 Yes. It seems counter-intuitive. But only if 'seems' means is, and counter-intuitive means wrong. Electromagnetic radiation interacts with all kinds of matter all the time. An excellent example is sunburn.
    9:01 What did you say?
    Hey, Kids, pro tip. Never get on a starship designed by folks who can't pronounce "Nuclei". I just saved you 23 minutes. You can thank me by not saying 'Newkyaler.

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 26 gün önce

    The "shield" animation is stupid - how would an anergy "field" dtop in one area - no what happens it the entire shield wakens and less affective

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 26 gün önce

    Nothing stopped because the public funding of NASA (Never A Straight Answer) was pulled! It Actually Excellarated in black budgets - that's all - the public knows NOTHING of how advanced we are as a species,,,, only aware of drips of water from actual ocean controlled compartmentaly - thats all

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 26 gün önce

    1952 - the US already had a Lunar program, and bases on the moon in the early 1960's - NASA, was and always has been a front agency to the black projects I'm referring too. For evidence I refer you to research Ben Rich, head of Lockheed Martin.... his statements about this, and his retirement speech - "already been there and done that""

  • viralshield
    viralshield 26 gün önce

    I wonder how you can shit so much misinformation on square centimeter ?

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    I have to go Need to get some sleep. Nice speaking with you Good nite and I mean no harm I enjoy all theories on space time influence or control!

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    I could be wrong or not that's a theory for you all brakes down to what we know and every planet in our solar system has magnetic poles as well as the sun even most animals have built magnets for direction and even hunting like sharks. I see us looking away from what seems to be in plane sight to find it where it will not be Izac Newton was on the right track but didn't realize what he was standing on so that's why people today hear gravity and think it's something different from magnetics also why John Searl will never be seen for the maker of the free power generator a.k.a The S.E.G. look in to it very neat stuff

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    Star-trek was cool but it was just TV shields unimportant if you can bend space and time the term means to bend time with that you brake reality as humans know it stopping an electron from moving would become a very easy task as you bend time to fit the need of what you are doing

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    None the less the photon barriers not really useful if you bend space/time around an object nothing would be in your bubble that would be able to hurt you or be able to enter the bubble as it would expanded or contracted past it bending space and time is what black holes nothing ever seem to hurt them except for them from what I can see!

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    It's not Froning that's the problem it's excepting what we know and see! BTW I found Froning's ideas interesting.

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    This all nice and neat but really bad science at the same time!

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      See the scientific papers in the description. Dr. Froning has had quite an impressive scientific career.

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    Artificial would be what you are looking for or magnetics as Earth is a big magnet an uncontrollable magnet we need to learn how to control magnetic fields and boom you got everything you are looking for!

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      No problem, electromagnetic fields alone will not work, be it Earth's geomagnetic field, a permanent magnet's field, or an electromagnetic field from a coil. The reasons for this is that magnetic fields act on a body in proportion to its electromagnetic properties, such as charge, electric and magnetic permittivity & permeability, resp., and not in proportion to the body's mass. Therefore, a light object will accelerate more quickly than a heavier one, producing unequal forces quite unlike gravity, which accelerates all bodies at the same rate.

    • Garrett Holland
      Garrett Holland Aylar önce

      AsteronX yes sorry

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      Do you mean artificial gravity?

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland Aylar önce

    Anti gravity is the void of space ergo no gravity that would be it's anti.... slow and stupid thinking.

  • Larry Tucker
    Larry Tucker Aylar önce +1

    How large will this machine be?

    • Larry Tucker
      Larry Tucker Aylar önce +1

      WOW, just short of a US mile. (.932)

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      The spheroidal starships range in size from 500 meters to 1.3k meters.

  • Mrcheekymonkey1996
    Mrcheekymonkey1996 Aylar önce

    I may make a video about this and why its so so important for humanity to reach the stars. I can think of a load of reasons why this is good for everyone and it is definite in everyones best interests at heart

  • Mrcheekymonkey1996
    Mrcheekymonkey1996 Aylar önce +1

    This is amazing. I love how you explain it. Jesus I wish you were my teacher! get that space station up in orbit. Crowd fund it! do something. Ill donate 500 pounds, may be nothing but it is something! You give me hope for humanity. WE REALLY NEED TO DO THIS WHATEVER THE COSTS!

    • Mrcheekymonkey1996
      Mrcheekymonkey1996 Aylar önce

      You're welcome and thank YOU and others for using up your time. It takes dedication and you're right about that. I am a visionary. I can definitely help your company (for free) with ideas that will propel us forward fast into the future. There's plenty of avenues to go down. It takes time. It does not take a day to build a city of Rome right? im sure you're familiar with statements such as this. I wish to be an adviser. I think we need more people like you and me to spark the interest in space exploration once more. It is definitely vital and I have the sense of urgency feeling and I cant completely rest till I know humanities survival is at heart and currently from officials in power I dont think they have our best interest at heart.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      It is indeed vital and for many reasons, and perhaps as yet for reasons unknown. Testing the technology... To date, NASA are the only ones who have tested the concept. Despite the low power and incorrect configuration, they still managed to observe a slight deviation/curvature of the laser beam (paper, Warp Drive 102) as well as make a few important discoveries. As with many other important technologies, NASA's funding tends to dry up leaving the research to fall to the wayside, again & again. The starship (warp drive) research requires a dedication and vision beyond the norm; beyond NASA's funding. That said, we're here to pick up the pieces and get the ball rolling. Welcome aboard! Thank you

    • Mrcheekymonkey1996
      Mrcheekymonkey1996 Aylar önce +1

      You're welcome!
      I am a patron now $30 I believe. Yes I agree, we need to wait on how much support we can get and I hope we get thousands! I already shared a video. I will share the Patreon link to my friends, family and put it in groups that research into interstellar travel.
      I hope you will not give up and continue on the quest to make all of this a reality, all we can do is try. Humanity may not last longer on this planet in my opinion. This research is vital for ALL OF OUR SURVIVAL! How can anyone NOT WANT to be a part of this??
      I definitely do want to be a part of it. I hope I can work for you in the future. I wish to venture into Space and maybe ''test'' the real thing myself even if it costs me my life, it is worth it. To me anyway.

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce +1

      It is amazing. It's a dream come true for not only us, but for you & thousands of others as well. Hmm... crowd funding. At the moment, the only form of external funding is Patreon. and of course, TRclips (very small). Funding the project: for starters, the more folks know about what we are working on the better - by all means share video links and leave comments. Also, if everyone wanted to participated in the project through one dollar/pound, yen/etc. donations, the project could likely reach the first stage of development. I'll take the consideration. Thank you for the comment.

  • David Arnryd
    David Arnryd Aylar önce

    You almost sound religios.

  • Nick G
    Nick G Aylar önce


  • TMPCarbs
    TMPCarbs Aylar önce +1

    The future is coming. Great video

  • Mark Kmiecik
    Mark Kmiecik Aylar önce

    If only they could master volume control for video playback.

  • Eoachan
    Eoachan 2 aylar önce

    I got half way through this video before the shear volume of pseudo-scientific nonsense became too much to bear! It would make a nice science FANTASY story but no one will seriously believe this stuff until REAL reproducible and documented experiments are performed to verify all the ideas discussed here, followed by a REAL WORKING PROTOTYPE publicly demonstrated in front of real scientists and engineers!

  • Joshua Guertler
    Joshua Guertler 2 aylar önce

    Hey Asteron X, do you have any papers on conditioned photons and their uses?

  • louis swanson
    louis swanson 2 aylar önce


    • louis swanson
      louis swanson 2 aylar önce


  • mechnokie blood
    mechnokie blood 2 aylar önce

    Why have the ship spherical? Why not just put a bunch of these rings around a rotating habitat cilender?

  • paul dunlop
    paul dunlop 2 aylar önce


  • Mohammed Kulmiye
    Mohammed Kulmiye 2 aylar önce

    Excellent videos and narration I find the material to be relatively in-depth yet simplified enough for the general population. I understand that getting subscriptions and views is a fine balance between science nerds like myself and people who aren’t interested in the nitty gritty of physics and mathematics in a video. Keep up the the great work.

  • Joeblow Johnny
    Joeblow Johnny 2 aylar önce

    Love your program ! Hi , I am a nerd and when I was much younger . I was always fascinated playing with magnets . To keep things short , I notice that when one magnetic field is stronger than the greater of that resistant . That object stay in motion till that resistant cancel out or equal out . Question , can that same magnetic field principal be use to duplicate a way to isolate personel on that space craft or to slow down and even stop and canceling g-force out by inducing or reducing its field to compensate its g-force to make mankind safe for space travelling ? Im thinking space traveller might have to wear some special magnetise suit for this to work ? Am I on the right track ? somewhere ? Thanks for reply ?

  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver 2 aylar önce

    Saying it will be slow to develop these, I consider somewhere ignorant. Lets face it, if there was such a craft, it's not like the government will tell us about it. Because they know if most of the world had a hold of such alien craft, humans have a remarkability ablity to reverse engineer things.
    Humans come from a family of computer hackers. Remember when people were saying anti-gravity wasn't a thing? But then later on there was this scientist referring to derigibles as having "anti-gravitic" properties. It's all really a matter of how you look at engineering.

  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver 2 aylar önce

    I'm curious, would there ever be a situation where you wouldn't need to store food or beds? If you remember, in one of the first Star Wars movies, they sometimes reach other worlds in say ... over the course of an evening. You'd still need the AI to control the vessle though.

  • Huck Hickson
    Huck Hickson 2 aylar önce

    Are there concerns that deflected objects course be directed to a planet with catastrphic consequences?

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  2 aylar önce

      The only concern is when a starship first exceeds lightspeed as this generates a massive gravitational wake which could pull planets, other spacecraft, asteroids, etc. into the starship's path.

  • clavo
    clavo 3 aylar önce

    oops! As soon as narrator said the craft would need to house or produce food and water for the crew the "False" signal was tripped. What energy do you expel in a gravity-less and mass-less environment? "Calories"; what for? This idea had promise but as with other calculations it simply over complicates as in the perpetual motion machines.

    SHERMAN W. BRAITHWAITE 3 aylar önce

    So what if you keep your pace, and abandon your idea of "negative energy" as you pretend and you speak of something else? Then what? I suppose when this is all done, one way or another, the craft can be made of steal.

  • David Olver
    David Olver 3 aylar önce

    Gateway Business Plan Video
    To build the Gateway Spaceport we must first create a rigid framework, a structure. Before we can build any structures in space, there must first be a financial structure to grow from.
    This video will talk about how we plan to pay for the spaceport and support many other space

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 3 aylar önce

    You’re at warp drive looks just like the UFO that JAL flight 1628 encountered over Alaska in 1986

  • Alex Campain
    Alex Campain 3 aylar önce

    Wasn't' the last mission to the moon in 1973? Fred Haise

  • Spartan 1347
    Spartan 1347 3 aylar önce

    If it works we'll become one of the most sucsessfull race
    Saucer design XD
    Create op shield but we have op weapon

  • Andrew Mount
    Andrew Mount 3 aylar önce

    Love your Vids but I would adore a video specifically focusing on these "conditioned photons" and their other possible uses
    Or maybe a Vid on wormholes
    or a heim theory based Hyperdrive

  • JD Fraley
    JD Fraley 3 aylar önce

    I would like to propose a question.. As explained a shield as such in the show/movie Star Trek, a shield would be slightly damaged, should something hit it, and the percentage of available power was what was left of their shield and the more it got hit, the more it would drop. With a Photon shield, you say that objects would simply bounce off and not touch or harm the shield short of hitting a comet or planet or such, but what if you were to be able to draw more power from the object hitting the shield, thus making the shield stronger. Simply, the reverse of damage as in Star Trek going to the totally opposite direction? Lets say, we do encounter a hostile alien race that wants to do harm, they hit our shield, and the shield strengthens more, causing a deterrent to them trying to hit our ship? Or, an object with several times more energy than the ship itself hits, and that energy is gathered and stored for future use? Could it be possible to come up with such a shield rather than just one that bounces objects away?

  • John Cherish
    John Cherish 3 aylar önce

    Is this drive based on the old German Bell design utilizing mercury and room temperature Super conduction it appears to be a variation of that technology

  • Zbigniew Modrzejewski
    Zbigniew Modrzejewski 3 aylar önce

    You can't warp something that doesn't exist :

  • psycho sysqo
    psycho sysqo 3 aylar önce

    All this is nowhere near this. We got a good 500 to 1000 years before this take effect. Even then we are hoping that the exotic matter to produce the energy needed to fuel this ship is real

  • eventfulnonsense
    eventfulnonsense 3 aylar önce

    Did Alcubierre won a Nobel Prize for this? Because according to peer reviews his math was sound.

  • Brad Stokes
    Brad Stokes 3 aylar önce

    All looks well and good... though what happens with navigation, Do you have do dodge planets or pass right through them??? as seen in Stargate Atlantis or you have to navigate so call road maps like on earth and then have to dodge objects like planets or moons etc...

  • vphathom
    vphathom 3 aylar önce

    where do I go to school to learn this Wow!!

  • Kızlar Ağas
    Kızlar Ağas 4 aylar önce

    Who did the artwork?

  • Mike D
    Mike D 4 aylar önce

    I have a question. This photonic shield, is that like a PASS (plasma acoustic shield system)? How does it work?

  • Mike D
    Mike D 4 aylar önce

    I want a saucer

  • Jerry Hajek
    Jerry Hajek 4 aylar önce

    Here's the Really Big Hint of what ANTWERP represents, and what Occurred:
    If one wants to go to what one's can see Now, one will Have to run T&S Back...and Forward on return. Otherwise, Butterflies.

  • Losttoanyreason
    Losttoanyreason 4 aylar önce

    Where is the beef? Build one and launch it into space to test it . It either works or it doesn't. Lots of "scientific " jargon being thrown around but it's nonsense. A photon is a a packet of electromagnetic energy. You going to light up the exterior of the ship with flashlights?

  • Mike Garber
    Mike Garber 4 aylar önce

    Reminds me of a video I seen on a Japanese airplane pilot who said he seen an "acorn shaped" ship

  • micahve
    micahve 4 aylar önce +1

    Why must we make it look like an old style UFO?

  • Daniel Chavis
    Daniel Chavis 4 aylar önce

    wow I really like that ...letsake it happen

  • Michael Beck
    Michael Beck 4 aylar önce

    Cute, need to see the math....! lots of if' materials, tech...processing capabilities, navigation and a sensor that can penetrate the shielding and return obstacle data in enough time for avoidance.... however the engine/drive concept if supported by real math and physics is a good start.... and its one step closer to making the dream a reality. if the math is there... ?

  • Raymond van der Weele
    Raymond van der Weele 4 aylar önce


  • Rick James
    Rick James 4 aylar önce

    If they hired me to work on Warp Drive we would already have it. Serious.

  • Andy Morrow
    Andy Morrow 4 aylar önce

    Can radiation be absorbed by anti matter ?

    GINGER COATIN 4 aylar önce

    Maria Orsitsch Has Warp Drive but it Lot Fast Then Warp Drive Like Alpha Centauri in 4 Minutes at Slow at .5% Power

  • Rupert Blitherington-Smythe

    wow why are the military not using a photon force

  • Rupert Blitherington-Smythe

    A warp drive requires more energy than the Sub produces in 24 hrs. We can never harness enough energy to warp space.

  • Tim Kinder
    Tim Kinder 4 aylar önce

    I loved the music. Does anyone know where just the sound track can be found?

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  Aylar önce

      Thank you, apologies for your comment being so delayed, we have had literally hundreds of comments held for review. The song titles can be found in the video descriptions.

  • Alexander McAuley
    Alexander McAuley 4 aylar önce

    This drive sounds like a propulsion system that Nicola Tesla was working on that used a high-frequency AC current being run through a plate to generate a field that could propel a craft without throwing anything out the back or packing exessive fuel.

  • noxxi knox
    noxxi knox 4 aylar önce

    Would this tear space time? If it deflects space around the bubble, does it stitch its self back together? Could we even perceive the tear? Or does the tear basically not really exist?

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 4 aylar önce

    Okay you said absolutely nothing here that proves that this imaginary warp drive is actually possible. If you want me to believe, then prove it with some math and experiments showing a functional system

  • Higgs Bonbon
    Higgs Bonbon 4 aylar önce

    This video is a lot weaker than your Alcubierre-White drive video. There's little to no explanation for how all these systems are intended to work, whereas at least White was performing BaTiO3 interferometer experiments with "inconclusive" results. Like another commenter said, it just sounds like woo.

  • Nick dSylva
    Nick dSylva 4 aylar önce

    It is impossible to travel at the speed of light because 1) travel at the speed of light (if the laws of physics permitted it, would turn the entire vehicle and occupants into light and 2) approaching the speed of light actually causes the mass of the vehicle to become heavier to the point where it cannot go beyond the speed of light. But, it you can make the jump from approaching the speed of light to bypassing the speed of light and retain structural and physical being integrity this is the question which must be answered if we are ever going to go beyond the speed of light and overcoming the problem of never aging or actually growing younger during your voyage.

  • Sadaat Afzal
    Sadaat Afzal 4 aylar önce

    Please stop looking towards NASA if you want to make it possible

  • Horus Lupercal
    Horus Lupercal 4 aylar önce

    Dude, you gotta cut out all the fluff. No one wants to watch a low quality cgi saucer fly back and forth. Focus more on the actual science behind it. Also, you really should actually explain the science behind it in detail, not just say "this is a photon shield. It uses special photons to make a shield." How does it work?? how is it made?? Why haven't we done this already? VERY little is actually explained in your video beyond describing what it is and what it does. No consideration is given to how its done or why its done. I'm not learning anything from "its a light shield. It shields stuff... (queue long, unnecessary cgi animation)... with light"

  • Larry Lyon
    Larry Lyon 5 aylar önce

    Music so loud it was hard to understand what they were talking about...

    • AsteronX
      AsteronX  5 aylar önce

      It is a bit loud. We are thinking of remaking this one. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Ian McCarty
    Ian McCarty 5 aylar önce

    Warp Reactors rule!

  • Ian McCarty
    Ian McCarty 5 aylar önce

    Is a warp possible in 7 years or less?

  • Iark AS
    Iark AS 5 aylar önce

    I have seen in the year 1996 something that resembled and moved like this however I sensed it was a being that visually looked like a sphere.

  • John Goerger
    John Goerger 5 aylar önce

    Would require taking the entire Mass of Jupiter and converting it into energy...not desirable..dumb and forgetting 'time-travel' into the future is not something natural laws allow..Starflight will always be a ONE-WAY-TRIP

  • Tim Temple
    Tim Temple 5 aylar önce

    Well thought through; but it is still novice level. It's still a ways away from answering the problems actual flying saucers are currently facing.

  • Ian McCarty
    Ian McCarty 5 aylar önce

    Is it possible to miniature in US Space fleet ships like the reactor submarines use?

  • scot scott
    scot scott 5 aylar önce

    great video for those deprived of sleep....

  • Craig Dougan
    Craig Dougan 5 aylar önce

    Seems a VERY dubious claim

  • The_Blood_Dragon_Gamer
    The_Blood_Dragon_Gamer 5 aylar önce

    Nice inspiration, but undemonstrative. It’s an advanced piece of technology. It not possible to bring the warp theory into the reality; at least not anytime soon

  • Aaron Braithwaite
    Aaron Braithwaite 5 aylar önce

    How did we get so smart? Alien help?

  • Philip Edwards
    Philip Edwards 5 aylar önce

    In a self-contained gravity, which way is 'down'?

  • RacerX nunyab
    RacerX nunyab 5 aylar önce

    good video. one thing you did not mention. what if we find a world that is habitable and some choose to stay behind while the ship continues on to find more habitable worlds? We cant put all of our eggs in one basket...we will have to spread out for the best chance of humankind to live on. we will also need to have one hell of a scan-ahead technology in order to have time to react in order to avoid bigger mass objects

  • Gregg Weber
    Gregg Weber 5 aylar önce

    While turning around in order to thrust forward will it be shielded/protected from any danger of being hit by something?

  • Gregg Weber
    Gregg Weber 5 aylar önce

    If you change the speed/direction of whatever you are hitting, you use energy. Deflected without resistance? You need energy to set up a shield which would deflect something in the same way that a recoilless rifle doesn't move backwards.

  • Gregg Weber
    Gregg Weber 5 aylar önce

    A big problem is navigation as I suspect shields won't help if you try to go through some rock or a star.

  • TheTokuin
    TheTokuin 5 aylar önce

    why did this change from a discussion of a drive and how it works to a discussion of what is needed for a star ship to to travel the stars? You have yet to explain the drive and backup your claims that all the technology needed is currently available. If you can't stay on topic long enough to solidify your claims, how do you expect anyone with half a brain to actually watch this? Then again you probably don't...