Ja Morant Full Highlights vs Charlotte Hornets (2019.10.14) - 15 Pts, 6 Ast!

  • katma 15 Eki 2019
  • Ja Morant 15 Points, 6 Assists | Charlotte Hornets vs Memphis Grizzlies - Full Game Highlights | October 14, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • DogZy
    DogZy Aylar önce

    I sincerely hope you unblock game videos by the time new season starts, whats the reason behind blocking it for Croatia?!?

    BABY GIRL Aylar önce

    some of you niggas are saying you can teach IQ and others are saying you cant it think you can to a certain extent by watching film and studying the game just like you do with anything you want to gain knowledge on but I do agree even if you do that you're still not going to have the IQ that the elite players have like bron rondo simmons lonzo those guys have IQ that you cant teach they were probably just born with that.

  • ItsWormboiii
    ItsWormboiii Aylar önce

    @ .40 he ran by the whole defense...at half speed 🤦‍♂️

  • Z A86
    Z A86 Aylar önce

    Coby White is way better

  • Rogelio Garcia
    Rogelio Garcia Aylar önce

    Anyone watch Coby White?

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike Aylar önce

    People compare him to Westbrook but I say John wall

  • live4wap
    live4wap Aylar önce

    2:14 - double dribble

  • Kadeem CUSH
    Kadeem CUSH Aylar önce

    Well worth it well worth it

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando Aylar önce +1

    Would you rather have Ja, Trae, or Fox long-term? That's a tough call imo

  • Si Ha
    Si Ha Aylar önce

    Best Ja Morant Video trclips.com/video/FYLXMTPe2Ek/video.html

  • HBK_Meeks
    HBK_Meeks Aylar önce

    I see a little bit of Rookie D Rose 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Darrien Williams
    Darrien Williams Aylar önce

    He’s Westbrook mixed with kyrie, and New Orleans Chris Paul

  • QX ZX
    QX ZX Aylar önce

    I’m trying to see a team of youngins make it to the playoffs

  • Motrcolt
    Motrcolt Aylar önce +1

    Why is everyone so excited about a game where he went 4-13 against a terrible team?

  • BallinDay96
    BallinDay96 Aylar önce

    A super athletic rondo

  • Iansky
    Iansky Aylar önce

    Who's gonna win Ja Morant or Kobe White? :D

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris Aylar önce

    Play like a wild version of kyrie

  • Blue Diamonds
    Blue Diamonds Aylar önce

    he gon be a beast

  • WereBakedFreestyles
    WereBakedFreestyles Aylar önce

    Boy lowkey look like a young D Rose going to the rim. Hard to believe he went to a lower D1 school out here in Ky.

  • Lost Under the Sky
    Lost Under the Sky Aylar önce

    the way he attacks and plays, reminds me of derrick rose. if he dont slow it down and protect his knees, he will end up like derrick rose

  • mobin abdul
    mobin abdul Aylar önce

    Gonna average 20 and 10 by Allstar break

  • Kevin You
    Kevin You Aylar önce +7

    really hope he doesn't end up like rose, their gaits look similar.

  • HonestHeartsClub
    HonestHeartsClub Aylar önce

    Him and Zion my favorite rookies

  • Zyrus Matol
    Zyrus Matol Aylar önce

    Ja is something else man.

  • Gooldblooded BO3
    Gooldblooded BO3 Aylar önce

    I thought that was Hassan Whiteside in the thumbnail 😂😭

  • Ray A
    Ray A Aylar önce

    Boooo hooo So what? But Zion is fat and can dunk😉

  • Prince Dré👑‼️
    Prince Dré👑‼️ Aylar önce

    I’m calling it rn Ja is going to win ROTY n be the best player in his draft class

    • kingofdajungle
      kingofdajungle Aylar önce

      Maybe keep a eye on that boi Coby White mf can score

  • Akira Rin
    Akira Rin Aylar önce

    I just got a feeling that he will have a Damian-like first year. Not just from this highlight. It's from his overall game and the controlled explosiveness reveals a sense of maturity.
    Edit: The Westbrook comparison is misleading because Russell has never really learned how to control his gifts.

  • Phelpspham
    Phelpspham Aylar önce

    I see some 2011 drose in his game

  • Walton Marzan
    Walton Marzan Aylar önce +3

    So many talents this class of 2019.
    Herro, morant, zion are legit!
    Good health for everyone.

  • Kylian Shao
    Kylian Shao Aylar önce

    The prodigy

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Aylar önce

    They get four chances to beat the lakers this year, only four! MAKE THEM COUNT!!!

  • JayGood
    JayGood Aylar önce

    He’s a bad dude

  • Sly Guy
    Sly Guy Aylar önce

    Looks like he double dribbled at 2:14

  • LoneStar
    LoneStar Aylar önce

    Terry Rozier getting cooked in like every play lmaooo ...

  • Adrian Chen
    Adrian Chen Aylar önce

    Only problem is size. If he were bigger then oof

  • Mr. Smoke
    Mr. Smoke Aylar önce

    So fast and smooth 😬 💯

  • The Black Schwab
    The Black Schwab Aylar önce

    Allen Iverson

  • Hadji Sall
    Hadji Sall Aylar önce

    He's definitely talented is he the new Kyrie?

  • Chaotic AMV
    Chaotic AMV Aylar önce +6

    This season gonna be awesome

  • Darren Cole
    Darren Cole Aylar önce

    This rookie class is looking hella good

  • Faith Runner
    Faith Runner Aylar önce +6

    Can’t wait until he reaches that next level of aggression when he starts dunking on ppl

  • ATheGreat
    ATheGreat Aylar önce

    A better version of De'Aaron Fox...

  • James Robert
    James Robert Aylar önce +1

    Ja gonna avg 19 pts 9 assists
    Zion will avg 16 pts 6 rebounds

  • James Robert
    James Robert Aylar önce +1

    Roy WATCH


    Ja morant point god#🔥

  • jack scalfani
    jack scalfani Aylar önce

    sad to see crowder having to play with these bums

    • Kelsey Dortch
      Kelsey Dortch Aylar önce

      @jack scalfani Grizzlies have plenty talent, it's young developing talent. Those old players gone, not just Marc & Mike. Their not gonna win a lot of games because their young but their gonna shock teams on some nights as well. Watch how they run the floor now... That caveman crap over.

    • jack scalfani
      jack scalfani Aylar önce

      @Kelsey Dortch what?

    • Kelsey Dortch
      Kelsey Dortch Aylar önce

      That's just your knowledge of sports

    FLVCKOO Aylar önce

    Morant = Young Iverson

  • Hanxiao Hou
    Hanxiao Hou Aylar önce

    Man, this draft is so damn good!

  • Lil Jtay
    Lil Jtay Aylar önce

    He is more of an assist man

  • T S
    T S Aylar önce

    Ben Simmons will still be roy

  • Dre Savage
    Dre Savage Aylar önce +2

    I know it’s pre season but you guys are in complete denial if you guys think ja morant will win rookie mvp over Zion , the only way is if Zion gets injured throughout most of the season

  • The Rodriguez’s
    The Rodriguez’s Aylar önce

    This is how many people think Ja is gonna win ROY

  • Four Side
    Four Side Aylar önce

    Every time they go up they scream and one 😂

  • Bino Trendz
    Bino Trendz Aylar önce


  • Elitefrm 3
    Elitefrm 3 Aylar önce +1

    Playing like the wallstar.

  • My Channel
    My Channel Aylar önce

    Zion is still gonna be the rookie of the year 😂 still respect Ja tho.

  • KNizzle
    KNizzle Aylar önce +9

    I swear this dude plays exactly how I do in MyCareer

  • Adria Sala
    Adria Sala Aylar önce

    2:14 he drible, he catch de ball, and he drible again.

  • Lai Jack
    Lai Jack Aylar önce

    The best PG so far. Great assist.