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Final Fantasy : Chaos Chronicles

  • katma 30 Mar 2022
  • The funniest game since Balan Wonderworld.
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  • Felix Heitz

    The guy wanted Chaos to exist so badly that he just became it to prove his point, thats some dedication

  • WootmansayWOOT

    If y'all are wondering, the word "Chaos" is voiced 97 times in the game

  • Fabio Fabiobio

    Therapist: Chaos isn't real, Chaos can't hurt you.

  • Xcape
    Xcape  +4

    The best part is knowing the writers think this is the coolest way a person can act

  • OlFishlips

    By far my favorite part of this is listening to Jack ask or just talk about Chaos in general like 12-13 times throughout the video, only to yell out "I don't give a fuck who you are!" As a being who genuinely looks like it could be Chaos is introducing itself. Lol. 10/10.

  • Cinnamon Noir

    "I don't give a damn about you or these bats" is the single greatest line of dialogue Tetsuya Nomura has ever written.

  • Vignesh
    Vignesh  +12

    jack is so aggressively one-dimensional that he loops back to being interesting

  • L Martinson

    Jack is literally the "boys" side of every boys vs girls meme

  • dankdc5_

    Endgame Jack: "Wow, you guys are good. I'm the last person I would've suspected, but I was looking for ME all the time! It's the perfect crime!"

  • LordRuxin30th

    "Who writes this?"

  • AziziTheStorm

    So let me get this straight...This guy Jack is so far gone in conspiracy theories about Chaos being a being, that his friends plot to turn him into Chaos so that he can be right? That's the most Nomura thing I've ever--

  • suburbanindie

    I've played games where you play as the villain, but I've never seen such a blatantly sociopathic protagonist in my life

  • Doctorados en presidencia

    Finally, a protagonist who just wants to speedrun the story

  • NattysBizarreWorld

    I love how they were "scheming" to turn him into chaos but all they had to do was walk up and be like "we want to kill chaos too" and MF ran miles with it ahahhaah

  • Miha 6644

    I kinda hate to say it, but this is and probably will remain one of the most memorable new games of 2022.

  • M Souza
    M Souza  +485

    Oh yes, another dunkey classic I'll watch a hundred time over while my own life spirals into chaos

  • MachFiveFalcon

    This is like some 2000s-JRPG-level poorly translated dialogue with melodramatic, haphazard voice acting performances, and it warms my heart with nostalgia! :D

  • Wizardducklett

    Dunky was laughing so hard he didn't notice he enjoyed a jrpg

  • GreatMelonLord

    - Says "bullshit" to reality

  • Artemis!!!1!!!1

    A: “We need to find chaos bro…”