SpaceX - Falcon Heavy Demo - slow motion w/ high quality audio



  • sn1995al
    sn1995al 7 aylar önce

    Dear Jay L.DeShetler

    I am Kazuhito Tanabe from Konica Konica Minolta Planetarium in Japan. My job is to produce planetarium programs for planetariums in Japan.

    I’m wondering if it is possible to use below footage for a program in Science Museum Planetarium.

    The program is an educational presentation on Mars and we’re hoping to use your materials while talking about future Mars exploration.

    I hope this is possible and if so please let me know the conditions.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Best regards,
    Kazuhito Tanabe

  • drewh0208
    drewh0208 8 aylar önce

    New wake-up alarm sound.

  • Jarrah White
    Jarrah White 9 aylar önce

    Nice video. The playback speed is 60fps. What was the record speed?

  • DoubleOh Seven
    DoubleOh Seven 9 aylar önce

    Fricking Awesome!!!

  • Qthedude16
    Qthedude16 9 aylar önce

    This is so very very cool
    what is that smoke/mist flowing down the sides of the rocket? It looks really cool in slow-mo

    • kedrednael
      kedrednael 9 aylar önce

      It's because the fuel and liquid oxygen is super cold (around -200 Celsius). That causes the water in the air hitting the rocket to condensate. Also there is a lot of ice buildup, you can see some of the big chunks falling away around 0:22 .

  • Les Konley
    Les Konley 10 aylar önce +4

    Just absolutely freaking spectacular every single time I watch. Thanks for recording that beautiful, magical sound. That sound has bumped out one of my Top 5 Sounds of All Time, but I'll have to think about which one it bumps. Of course, I'm shaking my house to the foundations while my family is out watching this one minute clip obsessively, and noticing a very nice drop in perceived pain and anxiety while doing so. Wow!

    • Frosty CryptoShark
      Frosty CryptoShark 9 aylar önce

      Its amazing. At one point you can kind of hear that its not a continous sound but wavelike explosions.
      Makes my hair stand up in awe


    DAM!!...why have i just found this video at 10 minutes to midnight here in the just sooooo much wantng to turn my surround sound up full blast and watch this as im sat watching the video on my projector screen (11ft x7 ft) in the dark! ... i'd probably wake half the street up never mind the neighbours if i did!! :D soon as i wake up tomorrow this video is getting it.......FULL BLAST!! ;-) :D

  • Les Konley
    Les Konley 10 aylar önce +1

    This is absolutely amazing in my studio, cranked up on high-end audio monitors and a subwoofer shaking the floor! Almost like I'm standing there! I can watch this over and over, and every time a feeling of excitement and pride well up inside. Beautiful!

  • Moises Padilla
    Moises Padilla 10 aylar önce

    Take all my upvotes.