2018 is a Critical Year for SpaceX, Here is Why

  • katma 7 Oca 2018
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    In this video, I talk about what 2018 means for SpaceX and explain how Falcon 9 has evolved over the years.
    Music Credit to Blue Wednesday:
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  • Curious Elephant
    Curious Elephant  5 aylar önce +184

    Which of the following event excites you the most,
    1) Space Tourists to the Moon
    2) Maiden Launch of Falcon Heavy
    3) First Manned Mission to the ISS
    4) First Flight of Falcon 9 Block 5
    Let me know in the comment down below!

    • REDIXIT - Roblox
      REDIXIT - Roblox 6 gün önce

      Zema221 There has been news about it though. Two rich persons paid a lot of many for space x to get them to the moon

    • Zema221
      Zema221 7 gün önce

      space tourism to the moon? when on space X launch schedule there nothing about it D:

    • REDIXIT - Roblox
      REDIXIT - Roblox 27 gün önce

      Curious Elephant Falcon Heavy already launched successfully 😁

    • Van's Videos
      Van's Videos Aylar önce

      Curious Elephant maiden launch. Watched it live and it was amazing

    • Takumi Fujiwara
      Takumi Fujiwara Aylar önce

      Curious Elephantddddddd

  • jose salas
    jose salas 10 gün önce

    Pretty Apeck, hahaha , Epic bro not Apeck!

  • The Epic Black Guy
    The Epic Black Guy 11 gün önce

    "How Apic is it gonna be? Pretty Apic"

  • Donald Watson
    Donald Watson 12 gün önce

    Space Axe...

  • Benny  Ho
    Benny Ho 12 gün önce

    space ship,travel is near。

  • Frosty
    Frosty 15 gün önce +1

    Wall personally I think spacaxe is just apic

  • Logan Lindahl
    Logan Lindahl 15 gün önce

    Wow the Falcon “Havvy” is pretty “apic”

  • Alpha Transport
    Alpha Transport 17 gün önce

    Why don't SpaceX use their Raptor engines on the Falcon 9 and increase it's LEO/GSO payload capacity or for interplanetary satellites? Or are they going to use them first on the BFR then move over to FH & F9? (btw I can't wait to see how BFR is coming along does anyone have a photo update of it. Just one!) :)

  • Vintergron
    Vintergron 18 gün önce

    What's space axe?

  • Vintergron
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  • Etheoma
    Etheoma 19 gün önce

    No Falcon Heavy is not 3 Falcon 9's strapped together, it's 2 Falcon 9's and a specialised centre stack which is designed to take the extra load from the heavier payload and the extra vibrations from having 3x the engines.

  • Gerhard Kutt
    Gerhard Kutt 19 gün önce

    Personally, I there are many more chapters to be written that have not even materialized yet, but are being imagined. It is NOT just going to be about SPACEX and their rockets, but other industries that will grow around it. Space hotels - in orbit support - space construction - possible moon bases - and what no one is talking about - meeting with our galactic neighbours who have been around who will finally be invited to interact with us. No one is even talking about that. Then there will be significant technology boost that will go beyond Newtonian physics and propulsion methods. A bit like a transition to electric vehicles from fossil fuels. We are talking high energy electro gravitic electromagnetic and quantum energy combinations with high energy electro gravitic resonance for massless propulsors.

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang 24 gün önce

    this is a havvy and apic video pic

  • Jack Soho
    Jack Soho 24 gün önce

    Boy I just love space axe.

  • Allan Weisbecker
    Allan Weisbecker 25 gün önce

    I have trouble picturing stage one re-entering the atmosphere at - what, mach 5 - 10? -- with the wind blowing up it's nozzle. I mean , aside from everything else. See blog.banditobooks.com, my last dozen posts/videos. If you can answer any on of them, give it a shot at allan@banditobooks.com.

  • 8 Bit Wizard
    8 Bit Wizard 29 gün önce +2

    Pretty Apic

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    This video is pretty *apic*

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    Äpic, hävy

  • Techno Nerd
    Techno Nerd Aylar önce

    They did it!!! WhooHOOOO

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  • Anupom Ghose
    Anupom Ghose Aylar önce

    Falcon 9 block 5 started with the first satellite of Bangladesh bangabandhu-1.

  • imperator servat
    imperator servat Aylar önce

    Hail Musk!!!!

  • Rafsan Ahmed
    Rafsan Ahmed Aylar önce +1

    Go spaceX

  • Craft
    Craft Aylar önce

    U read a instead of e

  • Ben McLean
    Ben McLean Aylar önce +1

    Last chapter? What about asteroid mining, moons of Jupiter, lunar colonies, hell other star systems? If we can put 1 million people on Mars in 50-100 years then we can do other star systems in 50+

  • Leo
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  • Ryan McPherson
    Ryan McPherson Aylar önce

    Manned missions have yet to happen.

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  • Filip K
    Filip K Aylar önce

    Stop Saying space"axe" 😂

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    Mateo Sutton Aylar önce

    I think it will be pretty apic!

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  • Riley Kingston
    Riley Kingston Aylar önce

    I like how he says epic. You need to do it in every video.

    SUPER DEPRESSED Aylar önce

    havi apik

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    Yannick Gaensicke Aylar önce

    SpaceseX is amasing
    God dammit

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    Pretty “apic”

  • Daniel Filippus
    Daniel Filippus 2 aylar önce

    we have the technology, so why not go there?

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 2 aylar önce

    BFR: Big Fuckin’ Rocket

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  • SFS Central
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  • Ethanelgato
    Ethanelgato 2 aylar önce

    I cant wait . Its going to be APIC.

    No hate, amazing video

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 aylar önce

    Read ashley vancees book on elon musk. Amazing read into the struggle and success of elon, spacex and tesla

  • Mulder Nick
    Mulder Nick 2 aylar önce

    Pretty Apic i must say to..

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    This is gonna be a really apic year for space axe

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    I want to have sax with Curious Alafant

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    Sometimes I confuse this channel with Curious Droid.

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    Like if you watched falcon heavy launch

    WIFIGHOST CRUISER 3 aylar önce

    Music is a ripoff of The Beatles song, Michelle.

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    Simon Sozzi 3 aylar önce

    It's epic, not apic.

  • Derek Huber
    Derek Huber 3 aylar önce

    Elon can we even get past the firmament and if we can what happens when you get through the Van Allen belts what would the radiation do to the astronauts is there lead layers around the capsules to keep them safe

  • hoopla28
    hoopla28 3 aylar önce

    Michelle my belle, these are words that go together well, my Michelle.

  • Glenn Eirik Hansen
    Glenn Eirik Hansen 3 aylar önce

    I love these videos, but I’m curious to what accent of english the narrator is speaking? One example is that the narrator is pronouncing the word «heavy» like «havvy».

  • Roland Vaillancourt
    Roland Vaillancourt 3 aylar önce

    The falcon Havy is definitely appic!

  • Kenneth Ferland
    Kenneth Ferland 3 aylar önce

    New Era yes, but not the Mars era, that's a long ways out. This next era is going to be about VOLUME enabled by the use of re-usability and making the company highly profitable on that volume by both taking market share and growing the markets overall size.

  • Go Analogue!
    Go Analogue! 3 aylar önce

    god the falcon heavy launch was epic

  • Gabriel D.
    Gabriel D. 3 aylar önce

    What a great video !

  • Lord Gurke
    Lord Gurke 3 aylar önce

    I don't agree with you, that this is the last chapter of SpaceX! I think, this is only the last part of his first chapter. You may ask why? Because SpaceX is the first Space Company whos change all rules. I think that colonize Mars is only their first step of making the human a multiplanetar specie. Elon Musk hisself admitted that he want to colonize Pluto too. I think Mars is the first step to prove his visions. I think, in the future, maybe in 50 years, they'll research for, I don't know, maybe a Warp-Engine. So in Future, there'll be Humans all over the Galaxy. I think, if this will happen, Elon will get the man of the Century.

    • Nacht Aktiv
      Nacht Aktiv 3 aylar önce

      Humanity is centuries away from warp-engines. Colonizing mars is a joke compared to Warping technology. 50 years is way too little, we have been on the Moon 50 years ago, yet still haven't reached the Mars. Be patient.

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    ChypnotiC Pl 3 aylar önce

    Space axe :D

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    Future is Now!

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  • Harry Balls
    Harry Balls 3 aylar önce

    SpaceX is government funded so they can weaponise space and/or be immune to freedom of information requests.
    Just take a look at the press conferance on the satellite they launched for the military. All that military women kept saying to every question about the satellite is "you'll have to ask SpaceX"...

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    Space tourist to moon ,when is it?

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    I didn't see one picture of the Space "Axe". Bummer.

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    Space x is the apple of space exploration. Functional technology and beauty of design. All four thumbs up elon!

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    can't wait for tourists to be able to go to the moon so the flat earthers can finally shut up.

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    3:15 that's pretty "APIC"

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    Oh boy I love those STAR WAR MOVIES

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  • Adam Maddock
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  • Adam Maddock
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    Big Falcon Rocket will be the next Rocket

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    Phase 2 is also almost done!

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    any description on the 3 initial rockets fails?like the name of rocket ,launch date, payload, cost etc

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    Recently I broke up with a girl.
    I said: "I need space, ex."

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    does bfr stand for big fucking rocket