Luka Doncic & Kristaps Porzingis Combined Highlights vs Clippers 2019.10.17 - 33 Points, 26 Reb!

  • katma 18 Eki 2019
  • Luka 15 pts 13 reb, Porzingis 18 pts 13 reb | Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | October 17, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • SporSpor


    BABY GIRL Aylar önce

    the unicorn is a real problem he can really really shoot just like KD

    BABY GIRL Aylar önce

    when shamed pointed at the line isn't that backcourt he was behind the line

  • Edward Leo
    Edward Leo Aylar önce

    Luka is all skill man, dude isnt athletic but he drops 30 on one of the best defensive team in the nba.

  • Anthony Z
    Anthony Z Aylar önce

    Should have been 66 points combined

  • goated
    goated Aylar önce +1

    Woooo we do the mavs look scary

  • Jay Alvarez
    Jay Alvarez Aylar önce +1


  • Arrianna Allen
    Arrianna Allen Aylar önce +1

    Now my mavs can make some kinda run

  • Mārtiņš Dundurs
    Mārtiņš Dundurs Aylar önce

    I'd like to see more bank shots from KP. It's a perfect weapon for him from that position.

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez Aylar önce +1

    Knicks fans? Where u at?

  • Justin Barnett
    Justin Barnett Aylar önce +1

    He's a 7'3 shooting guard...

  • Papa Kyng
    Papa Kyng Aylar önce +2

    Luka > Zion

  • Christian Mhar Tapuyao

    Its like having two dirks on one team

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando Aylar önce +1

    I might be in the minority, but putting injuries aside..I would take Porzingis over Luka if I had a choice. He's a 7'3 wing who's a marksman. Amazing ball skills.. So unique. I think Luka has HOF level potential too. KP is 24 and Luka is 20. There's still years away from there peak. This is the best young duo in NBA

    • Saiz
      Saiz Aylar önce +2

      The reason Luka would be taken is because he makes his teammates better with his IQ and passing ability, not to mention the gravity his presence commands. That is where Luka actually has an upper hand. KP doesn't make his team mates better.

  • FBI
    FBI Aylar önce +4

    Knicks are punching the air right now.

  • Wayne Jorgensen
    Wayne Jorgensen Aylar önce

    NBA is going to be so fun this year. No super teams. Just a bunch of duos.

  • Jason Shampansky
    Jason Shampansky Aylar önce +2

    This team the clippers is supposed to stop Lebron and AD can’t even stop Luka and KP lmao 😂 can’t wait for the beat down opening night!

    • Saiz
      Saiz Aylar önce

      @Jason Shampansky Will do lol

    • Jason Shampansky
      Jason Shampansky Aylar önce

      Saiz holla at me after opening night!

    • Saiz
      Saiz Aylar önce

      @Jason Shampansky It wasn't just size in this game. It was the skill of KP... Boban didn't dominate like KP did he? They have Zubac, or have you forgotten how good he is? I think when all your team has done is beat up on a warriors team that is down anyway, and lose to the nets, you are in no place to brag lol

    • Jason Shampansky
      Jason Shampansky Aylar önce

      Saiz we will see the Lakers are a very big team don’t think the clippers have the size too deal with them

    • Saiz
      Saiz Aylar önce

      Commenting here so i can come back when you lose. After all, you couldn't even beat the nets without KD and kyrie.

  • Stéphane
    Stéphane Aylar önce +2

    I'm going to watch so many Dallas game this year.

  • Pxlx Frank
    Pxlx Frank Aylar önce +1

    These 2 are going to be a problem 😱

  • kogami 574
    kogami 574 Aylar önce +2

    Dallas must be real happy to have two young Dirks on their team

  • Kafein
    Kafein Aylar önce +7

    0:44 gave me a mini heart attack.

  • Levixten
    Levixten Aylar önce +1

    With boban in the field, kristaps looks like a midget lollll

  • John King
    John King Aylar önce +1

    What do you call that move at 1:36?

  • dioco maglinte
    dioco maglinte Aylar önce +1

    1:04 Luka playing Around with the MVP/DPOY

  • MetalFace MovieReviews
    MetalFace MovieReviews Aylar önce +12

    It’s not just the talent and skill level of Luka and KP. These guys are killers. They play with intensity and desire to win. That’s what is going to make them a special duo. I hope the Mavericks have enough supporting cast besides those two.

    • dundalis
      dundalis Aylar önce

      They will make a trade for a third piece. I'm thinking someone like Buddy Hield at the trade deadline. Curry, Heild, Luka, KP, Powell would be the most dominant offensive starting 5 in the league. Has literally everything from elite shooting, to one of the best rollmen in the league in Powell.

  • dyoussef92
    dyoussef92 Aylar önce +19

    I wish Dirk had one final season to play with these two

  • Mvrht100
    Mvrht100 Aylar önce +12

    Lol get scared everytime kp and Davis falls like that

    • E H
      E H Aylar önce +3

      He's falling safe on purpose at times instead of trying to gather himself. He hurt himself when he tried to gather his feet while awkwardly landing so he's purposely rolling sometimes or hanging on the rim a second longer to help him gather himself before landing.

    • TheNewman38
      TheNewman38 Aylar önce +3

      Mvrht100 true, but I rather him fall over and bruise a rib or his ass than try and land “cool” on two feet. That’s how he blew out his knee dunking over Giannis

  • Erixxx Blue
    Erixxx Blue Aylar önce +2

    the europeans are coming

  • Hanuk Park
    Hanuk Park Aylar önce +9

    Why did the Knicks trade Porzingis when he was the only good thing that happened to the franchise in the last 10 years? Such a sorry franchise.

    • Joe Pix
      Joe Pix Aylar önce +1

      @Christine Eaton that they didn't sign LMAO

    • Christine Eaton
      Christine Eaton Aylar önce +1

      For cap space and room to sign two big free agents

    • Madame Juhan
      Madame Juhan Aylar önce

      He didn't want to be with the Knicks anymore.

    • Uģis
      Uģis Aylar önce +3

      i'ts just a New York style ;)

  • Vanray Javier
    Vanray Javier Aylar önce +8

    The Euro Team in the NBA!

  • Eduardo Barrete
    Eduardo Barrete Aylar önce +3

    sleeper in the WEST lookout!!!!

    OSMADO Aylar önce +14

    Luka is just soo smooth and patient. I love how he plays.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      VERSE verse ?

    • VERSE verse
      VERSE verse Aylar önce

      @Peter Smith Spiting on Dallas and Dončić all year long, in almost every article is no joke, but a psycho pathological profile, ready for lobotomy ...

    • OSMADO
      OSMADO Aylar önce +1

      Peter Smith the kid is young so it's fine, he will learn to be more efficient. I am a Laker fan, so I am not being biased. I just love the way the kid plays.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      Tomás Genta it was a joke take it easy there

    • Tomás Genta
      Tomás Genta Aylar önce +2

      @Peter Smith You watched the game? The turnovers where him playing around and throwing flashy passes knowing that is preseason, except for 3, the kawhi one, the one when he lost the dribble and another that threw the ball low to maxi kleber

  • Midknight1124
    Midknight1124 Aylar önce +1

    Kawhi looking rather average?

  • Deepwave Kim
    Deepwave Kim Aylar önce +1

    Doncic cooked Kawai moment 1:03

  • Gixxer90
    Gixxer90 Aylar önce +62

    I get worried everytime Porzingis falls

  • Fly Boy
    Fly Boy Aylar önce +1

    Expectation vs. Reality

  • Alan Nguyen
    Alan Nguyen Aylar önce +10

    Mark my words giannis is coming to DALLAS ... The real BIG 3

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      Alan Nguyen Ya But they all took less. Porzingis is already on a max

    • Alan Nguyen
      Alan Nguyen Aylar önce

      Peter Smith pay cut and restructure of contracts. Lebron, wade, bosh made it work don’t say it won’t work!

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      Alan Nguyen they won’t have the money because at that point Doncic would have an extension

  • Kareem Ilaian
    Kareem Ilaian Aylar önce +9

    Holy shit I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mavs are a Top 5 seed 👀

  • xart23x
    xart23x Aylar önce

    You don't trade a unicorn. At his height he can dominate on both ends. Knicks stupid as fuck.

  • artix003
    artix003 Aylar önce +1

    is it the raptors announcers in a mavs clippers game?

  • LonghornsLegend
    LonghornsLegend Aylar önce +70

    Knicks fans was acting like KP's leg was gonna need to be amputated just to make themselves feel better about that trade lol. KP and Luka about to wreck shop.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      dundalis I didn’t say they didn’t have a bright future I’m just saying they ain’t ready for the Western Playoffs

    • dundalis
      dundalis Aylar önce

      @Peter Smith Meh, even if true, the Mavs have their draft pick this year, and their two stars aren't close to their primes. All the other elite NBA duo's bar Simmons/Embiid gonna be wrong side of 30 by the time these two are in their prime and likely contending for titles. Mavs have plenty of time to try and get that 3rd piece which is all they need. If they can pick up someone like Buddy Heild at the deadline, they'll get that 8th seed this year.

    • Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro Aylar önce +5

      @p mars or hornet fan

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +2

      Wreck shop all the way to the 10th seed

  • chadramil ramil
    chadramil ramil Aylar önce +8

    The unicorn and the sorcerer

  • CAPA
    CAPA Aylar önce +93

    KP will be insane he don’t look “skinny” anymore he looks like a normal center, but the catch is he’s 7”3 and plays like a guard

    • Rocko Williams
      Rocko Williams Aylar önce +8

      He's a PF but they do count as C technically. Just wanted to type this lol

  • Baby LFA
    Baby LFA Aylar önce +40

    Mavs are being slept on big time . There gunna sneek their way to a championship soon . This team gunna be exciting to watch

  • Rich Nun
    Rich Nun Aylar önce +4

    I don't listen to the media when they say a team is the favorite to win the west. Everyone who is jumping on the clippers bandwagon. Remember that last year they were 8th with 48 wins. So what they took warriors to 6 games. We now understand that the warriors were having in house battles. Once KD went down they ripped through the west. The Raptors compared to the clippers were a much stronger team and if you are counting on Kawhi and Paul George to come through for you, remember that Paul George is synonymous for flaking in the playoffs and Kawhi can't rest in a loaded west. To many good teams and too much talent in the west to expect a newly put together team to just come in and dominate teams that have chemistry already. By the end of the season clippers fans are gonna wish they never signed Kawhi and Paul George. Count on it.

    • Rich Nun
      Rich Nun Aylar önce

      @getmoney ordietryin 😂🤣🤣😴👍telling someone to shut the fuck up, wow son big vocabulary. Why don't you show how big and bad you really are and go back to school and educate yourself in life son. And sit back and watch the clippers miss the finals once again. Bandwagon jumper. You probably were just a warriors fan a few months ago.

    • Rich Nun
      Rich Nun Aylar önce

      @Peter Smith 👍🤣😂

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce


    • getmoney ordietryin
      getmoney ordietryin Aylar önce +4

      Rich Nun man shut the fuck up

  • Paul Martin Cordero
    Paul Martin Cordero Aylar önce +2

    0:18 Doncicgasm

    FATHER'S OF BASS Aylar önce

    Flippers suck

  • Classically Christion
    Classically Christion Aylar önce +3

    They forgot about Zingod

  • Papi Coii
    Papi Coii Aylar önce +3

    Porzingis is still getting that groove back. Doncic and KP will be good tandem for dallas.

  • skrrt ttt
    skrrt ttt Aylar önce +14

    Porzingod 💪

  • Damon Gunn
    Damon Gunn Aylar önce

    Clippers ain't shit but hoes and tricks!

  • krillin876
    krillin876 Aylar önce +5

    Size matters...Too many teams are going to regret not going after bigs..

  • Mark Raven Arieta
    Mark Raven Arieta Aylar önce +1

    clippers got beaten by dallas.. what reason are we up to now? again clippers being compared to lakers being thw greatest team this season? damn kids fact is not everytime you get the win.. no matter who you got on the will still get a lossing game..

    • Mark Raven Arieta
      Mark Raven Arieta Aylar önce

      @The Exposer here is a fuckin reason also
      1. lebron didnt play
      2. AD didnt play
      3. kuzma didnt play and lebron and ad. only played 2 quarters leads game.. end of the game bench players played vs nets deandrei jarret allen and nets starters dumb

    • Meet the Fr34ks
      Meet the Fr34ks Aylar önce +1

      @The Exposer nah I'm saying only pat bev but lou cant star cuz bench has no creator/scorer that can do it every night

    • The Exposer
      The Exposer Aylar önce

      @Meet the Fr34ks bruh ur telling me LOU WILL CANT SHOOT CONSISTENTLY, stop being a clown man

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page Aylar önce +1

      @The Exposer Freaking excuses, MAN UP !!!

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page Aylar önce +1

      If your team doesn't care about losing Preseason games, they are some damn cowards. 😞😞😞
      Every time you step on the court you should be trying to win.
      Get off the court if you don't care.

  • MG 2
    MG 2 Aylar önce

    The Mavs suck!

    I S PLAYS Aylar önce +5

    This is a random question, but is Steph Curry Black or White? Not to be racist, I was just wondering

    • TheBrandon425
      TheBrandon425 Aylar önce

      @Kevin Smith Every white person claims 33% of Steph Curry. And really the only people that might call him "Nigga" are other black people.

    • TheBrandon425
      TheBrandon425 Aylar önce

      His mom is mixed (Creole) and his dad is black

    • Nikos IMpbi
      Nikos IMpbi Aylar önce

      @Lah Mitch man you're so obsessed with white people hahahah LOSER

    • D Tisk
      D Tisk Aylar önce


    • Mark Drekaj
      Mark Drekaj Aylar önce

      Lah Mitch shut up loser

  • 24 42
    24 42 Aylar önce +1

    I luv It !

    PG 13PACERNATION Aylar önce +88

    KP is looking so good man
    Dont sleep on this duo

    • Brooks Orlando
      Brooks Orlando Aylar önce

      @Dana kaleb I know...I guess instead of saying a "few," I should have said "4" haha. Further proves my point though

    • Dana kaleb
      Dana kaleb Aylar önce

      Brooks Orlando Luka is 20

    • Brooks Orlando
      Brooks Orlando Aylar önce +1

      He just turned 24 in August. He's a few yrs older than Luka, but that's still very young. Players peak usually around that ballpark at least. This is a best young duo in NBA imo

  • Francis M
    Francis M Aylar önce +7

    Darkhorse in west.

  • The Galxy Trtle
    The Galxy Trtle Aylar önce +28

    There gonna be scary good this year

    • Kareem Ilaian
      Kareem Ilaian Aylar önce +3

      The Galxy Trtle they might even be a top 5 seed in the west 👀

  • egghead37able
    egghead37able Aylar önce +25

    Clippers are title favorites huh??? More like lottery favorites LOL

    • egghead37able
      egghead37able Aylar önce

      @The Exposer who cares. when the bench plays, they are awful

    • Mark Drekaj
      Mark Drekaj Aylar önce

      The Exposer ur stupid if u think a 6th man and bev who is trash who only know how to play D and Paul George who is injury prone

    • Alex Liu
      Alex Liu Aylar önce

      It’s preseason, clippers will go off in playoffs.

      GOAT CURRY Aylar önce

      egghead37able PG not there bud

    • Benjamin McFadden
      Benjamin McFadden Aylar önce

      @The Exposer chillll, they just trolling lmao

  • TheFff198
    TheFff198 Aylar önce +7

    Clippers can’t beat a young team like Dallas with Kawhi “the best player in the world” Leonard playing and they expect to beat the Lakers??? LMAO!!! #LakersInFo