Sincast Episode 124 Ft Maltin On Movies - Short Form

  • katma 8 Haz 2018
  • The SinCast guys welcomed Leonard & Jessie Maltin to Nashville and onto the podcast for a very special episode. If you enjoy this short-form version, be sure to watch the full 1.5 hour interview here:
    Be sure to check out the Maltin On Movies podcast, and catch up with the Maltins at @leonardmaltin and @jessiemaltin.
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  • Mi'Kayla Henderson
    Mi'Kayla Henderson 13 gün önce

    Jeremy kinda looks like my friends dad 😂

  • wulan diyah
    wulan diyah 3 aylar önce

    finally i can See jeremy.....♥

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear 3 aylar önce

    I’m upset with myself for not knowing what the narrator looks like.

  • Spooky
    Spooky 6 aylar önce +1

    It seems like he's voicing over some New Yorker

  • Jeffrey Alleyne
    Jeffrey Alleyne 8 aylar önce

    Not at all what I imagined Barrett to look like 😂

  • Clyde Toris
    Clyde Toris 8 aylar önce

    That whale looks like a fuckin clown with that hair and her 10 pounds of makeup

  • Focus Allusion
    Focus Allusion 10 aylar önce

    Cinema sins doesn’t sin in this video. *ding*

  • ILikeBeanies ###
    ILikeBeanies ### 10 aylar önce

    Everytime I look at Jeremy in this video all I can think of is how many times he said he would smash Selena Gomez. :)

  • Mihai Pascal
    Mihai Pascal 11 aylar önce

    You know, I'm really disappointed by the number of people disappointed by the boys' looks and their wardrobes. And yes, I was surprized too when I first saw their faces (especially Jeremy's), but not so much disappointed because they were just as nerdy as I hoped them to be and they had just the right amount of awkward. And I thought that's what we all like them for. Yet some people around here act as if they expected Clooney to be behind the voice. Sad...

  • Lord Dumb Dragon
    Lord Dumb Dragon 11 aylar önce

    Adam Sandlers 8 crazy nights please

  • Neon Lux
    Neon Lux 11 aylar önce

    Is it weird that I think Jeremy is cute?

  • Jared Bennett
    Jared Bennett 11 aylar önce +1

    Crazy! I never knew thats the version i had, but i do remember now having to fast-forward through some boring interview to watch Star Wars! And i fit that age range perfectly 🤣
    Guess I'll have to go dig those up and watch them again!

  • Lord Snake
    Lord Snake Yıl önce

    but who is CinemaWins?

  • Diamondgamer videos
    Diamondgamer videos Yıl önce

    Yeah he sounds like a Jeremy

  • Hezekiah Williams
    Hezekiah Williams Yıl önce

    Honestly... Wish I never watched this.... Fucked up my idea of Jeremy in my head.... Doesnt match his voice at all

  • S0ci0stan
    S0ci0stan Yıl önce +2

    Let's see if you can spot the SJW...

  • sunny appunk
    sunny appunk Yıl önce

    Jeremy Scott is a beast never stop

  • NayzArts
    NayzArts Yıl önce

    JErEMy hAs a faCe?!?!?!?!?

  • Jayson Tatum
    Jayson Tatum Yıl önce

    What’s 69 doing there ?

    AUTOTUNER Yıl önce

    He looks just like I imagined him.

  • FatTiger4
    FatTiger4 Yıl önce

    but ware u at

  • Aesthetic Enigma
    Aesthetic Enigma Yıl önce

    It's so awesome to finally see the man behind the voice of the best criticism on TRclips! 🔥🤘🏽🎬

  • Gael
    Gael Yıl önce

    Thought the narrator was like 25 or some shit for like my entire life what the hell man

  • Christopher Gerety
    Christopher Gerety Yıl önce

    Terrific. Always interested to hear Ms. Maltin’ talk.about movies. Clearly she comes from a very nice and loving family. Her father is a national treasure.

  • Zain Chupacabra
    Zain Chupacabra Yıl önce

    How have none of you guys seen his real face before?

  • I’m_a_Stable_ Genius!

    Eww 😖
    Btw, the famous are people too

  • Kyle Baryonyx
    Kyle Baryonyx Yıl önce

    What a fascinating life Mr Maltin has lived, I'd love to just sit and listen to his stories for hours

  • Matthew Montealegre
    Matthew Montealegre Yıl önce


  • lenni heikkinen
    lenni heikkinen Yıl önce

    Book emergency they roof corridor pack.

  • Brickfilm Productions


  • ShadowNerd
    ShadowNerd Yıl önce

    First, surprised I missed this, didn't know the Sincast had a video parallel.
    Second I'm laughing at everyone saying this is the first time seeing you guys. Have they forgot that MovieFood Videos CinemaSins made a while ago? Yeesh

  • Skunk Skunkerson
    Skunk Skunkerson Yıl önce

    I dunno what the other commenters were expecting but when I hear Jeremy's voice, I picture a nondescript white guy. And I got it.

  • DeVaughn Brown
    DeVaughn Brown Yıl önce

    No one here ever watched any video on Jeremy's other channel????

  • Oscar da mutha fuckin Grouch

    Is there actually a movie that that doesnt have any sins?

  • Kaylee Dalla Gassa
    Kaylee Dalla Gassa Yıl önce +1

    Oh my fuck I love her hair

  • willowz7
    willowz7 Yıl önce

    i want Jeremy to voice someone in some movie. that would be funny and awesome

  • panickedpilots
    panickedpilots Yıl önce

    This is my first time seeing what the voice LOOKS like and it does not match AT ALL, LMAO


    Jeremy: YELLLOOOO!!!
    i died

  • There is always a rainbow After a little rain

    Ya’ll are mean Jeremy looks okay.

  • Ethan Villanueva
    Ethan Villanueva Yıl önce

    Wait... THAT's Barrett Share? I always imagined a more... Clean cut Minnesota dad type dude. More blonde. Ned Flanders almost.

  • skramblz1
    skramblz1 Yıl önce

    That woman looks like just about everything and anything offends her.

  • TeamSesh97
    TeamSesh97 Yıl önce

    can damn does jeremy ever get a chance to talk?? that fat bitch is talking way too much

  • Avatar1977
    Avatar1977 Yıl önce

    I, too, discovered Leonard Maltin via that 1997 rerelease series. I loved how insightful and intelligent his questions were, even in the shortened version.

  • Sergio
    Sergio Yıl önce +1

    Why are you ripping off Movie Fights! they were your friends!

  • Dalton Wade
    Dalton Wade Yıl önce

    damn chris daddy af

  • santiago gimenez
    santiago gimenez Yıl önce

    Request useful percentage track traveler mode examine meal center.

  • TheEllisesBringAllTheBoys ToTheYard

    Jeremy has a soothing voice, no?

  • death rider
    death rider Yıl önce

    I live fifteen minutes from these guyes

  • Dwayne Palmer
    Dwayne Palmer Yıl önce

    He is not what I pictured

  • NoahCraft05 _
    NoahCraft05 _ Yıl önce

    10 seconds of fucking logos -1

  • Colossal titan
    Colossal titan Yıl önce

    his voice, when not criticizing a movie, sounds like something I'm not supposed to hear...

  • Karos Elite
    Karos Elite Yıl önce

    Literally none of these humans look the way they sound...

  • WhiteNorth
    WhiteNorth Yıl önce

    I would've watched this but it didn't pop up in my feed and I had surgery that week...

  • Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres Yıl önce

    I just... assumed Chris was like way younger

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 Yıl önce +1

    I know what Jeremy looks like but it always feels weird.

  • cucumber lemonade
    cucumber lemonade Yıl önce +3

    Every thing tht guy says leaves u waiting for a punchline

  • Terra_the _Nightingale
    Terra_the _Nightingale Yıl önce +3

    I’m so used to Jeremy being a disembodied voice that seeing that he has a face kind of shook me

  • Pretty P Johnson
    Pretty P Johnson Yıl önce +1

    Jeremy you look...


  • Fuffling 225
    Fuffling 225 Yıl önce +1

    Jeremy's voice doesnt suit his character or looks XD

  • 3rdeye Brand
    3rdeye Brand Yıl önce +1

    how many times were you waiting to hear ..''chime DING sound''.

  • roamer45
    roamer45 Yıl önce

    Liberal fatass tumblr SJW in the video= infinite sins.

  • Natalie
    Natalie Yıl önce

    its not that george lucas never goes out and walks down the street. i think he picks his times to suit him. granted, it was 13ish years ago, i think...i worked at a small shop in Sausalito, sold games and toys and such and some teenage-ish kids came into the shop and were just having a grand time looking around at stuff. i was helping them out with t-shirts and i happened to look out at the front of the store and standing in the doorway was George Lucas. I, of course, did a double take and tried to convince myself i was seeing things. but the kids found some stuff they wanted and i walked with them up to the front desk and, sure enough, it was George Lucas just waiting there for the kids. He didn't talk or actually come into the store. He just stood right outside the open door. I rang them up and they all left together. it wasn't the first time a celebrity had come into the store but that was the first time it was someone of that level of "OMG". I fully admit i spazzed and called friends to tell them what happened. while i tried and not show it when celebrities would come into the shop, i can totally spaz like the best of fangirls. Sausalito was a quiet little arty touristy place at that time (no idea what its like now, i haven't been back in many years) so he probably has times that he feels he can be low-key and browse. I live in las vegas now and i see celebs come here and be able to be low-key even in a casino. bless them for being able to find time to be regular people.

  • spaceyosh713
    spaceyosh713 Yıl önce

    I have been listening to sin cast since day 1 and that's not what I imagined Barrett looking like at all

  • ben
    ben Yıl önce


  • ShandalfGreyhame
    ShandalfGreyhame Yıl önce

    I honestly am really interested to hear what Leonard has to say. Why does the boring whale always have to come though. I don't care about her.

  • Tyrique Davis
    Tyrique Davis Yıl önce

    Everything wrong with sincast in under 20 minutes or less

  • Vernon Tauro
    Vernon Tauro Yıl önce

    I always thought Bobby was the Voice behind CinemaSins. I'm disappointed

  • Semi Geil
    Semi Geil Yıl önce +1

    the Maltins look really retarded

  • _Kriz tiaN_
    _Kriz tiaN_ Yıl önce +1

    Narrator. Ting

  • Ethan Shapiro
    Ethan Shapiro Yıl önce

    Jeremy’s a pretty big guy

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Yıl önce

    Jeremy looks like he came straight from the south

  • poods fan
    poods fan Yıl önce

    holy shit he has a face and a body
    but his voice dont fit his look

  • Jason Beetham
    Jason Beetham Yıl önce

    9 seconds of logo...ding!

  • Ken Bryan
    Ken Bryan Yıl önce

    I thought Jeremy was in his 20s