• katma 4 Tem 2018
    This video is all about the flowers, whether the real or fake ones!These flower ideas are extremely creative and fun! You can make beautiful floral prints for your clothes, floral letters and numbers for room decoration for a party or any other kind of event. You can also make luxury makeup device with roses to apply your rouge, create really cute flower hair clips, brighten any bouquet using food coloring.
    You can take tissue paper, some beads and make a beautiful royal rose. You can choose different shapes and colors it's totally up to you!
    Check out one of my favorite ideas, beaded lavender. All you have to do is grab a stick or a drinking straw, apply glue gun on the top of it and then drown it in a bowls of lavender-colored beads! That's it!
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    Roses float naturally without plastic

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    Some (almost none) of them are 5 minutes. More like 5 hours 😂 But still love them all 😍🌹😍🌹

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  • Licda. Patricia Carola Romero Castillo

    Me super encantaron muchas de la flores que nos mostraron en este excelente vídeo y quisiera tratar de hacerlas; pero necesito me pudieran decir que clases de papeles utilizaron; al igual que las flores blancas que pintaron como se llaman? Y que pintura fue la que le hecharon en los vasos y cuanto tiempo se dejan para que agarren el color. Gracias y Ojalá me pudieran responder mis preguntas que son fáciles.

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