Push Notifications: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

  • katma 20 Oca 2020
  • John Oliver explains what type of news should - and shouldn’t - warrant a push notification.
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  • jouneymanwizard
    jouneymanwizard 7 saatler önce

    "I DID IT! THAT had ALL the properties of A JOKE!"
    Me, daily.

  • Dat Man
    Dat Man 7 saatler önce +1

    Yes! We have sound now!

  • ClayDog
    ClayDog 7 saatler önce

    Must be nice to not work

  • inphuriated
    inphuriated 7 saatler önce

    if only one could opt in or out of features as needed. maybe it's a bug.

  • Philip P
    Philip P 7 saatler önce

    Wait sound works!

  • Ezequiel Sandoval
    Ezequiel Sandoval 7 saatler önce

    God the laugh track is so annoying

  • Bijan Fazeli
    Bijan Fazeli 7 saatler önce

    What was the point he was trying to make? I wasted 5 mins and there was no coherent theme, what a fking waste of time. Just as annoying as a push notification, unsubscribed

  • R.J. Pase
    R.J. Pase 7 saatler önce

    Know this is more about news sending notifications but I immediately thought- “yeah Bleacher Report doesn’t EVER pass those two questions.” Haha

  • K McIntosh
    K McIntosh 7 saatler önce

    Who else is here because of a push notification?

  • BigK
    BigK 7 saatler önce

    This time with sound!

  • O’Donnell
    O’Donnell 7 saatler önce

    When you get a push notification for an episode on push notifications

  • Yousef & Sofi
    Yousef & Sofi 7 saatler önce

    Please like to my kids channel

  • Donald Priola
    Donald Priola 7 saatler önce

    The use of the crappy Arial font for his "Joke!" is...inspired.

  • h. ann
    h. ann 7 saatler önce

    Mine are dead, except for our lovely commander in chief's tweets

  • Patrick Birke
    Patrick Birke 7 saatler önce

    Dumb. Sounds like a laugh track for most of it

  • dueler101
    dueler101 7 saatler önce

    why is he talking to kids? does he think that a child would enjoy the topics of his show?

    also you are a 100,000 year old bird oliver, just accept it so we can go back to talking about the olsen TWIN.

  • Michael A. Webermann
    Michael A. Webermann 7 saatler önce

    So...we all got this as a push notification, right?

  • Damir Buco
    Damir Buco 7 saatler önce

    You're starting to sound like that whiny old guy from 60 minutes. Googling that exact phrase actually gave me his name; Andy Rooney.

  • @BlaqArtist
    @BlaqArtist 7 saatler önce

    Was this pre-recorded last season or did they gather an audience for a 5min video?

  • scottdpt12
    scottdpt12 7 saatler önce

    His jokes are 95% terrible. Not a good ratio.

  • Mundie Sins
    Mundie Sins 7 saatler önce

    Fucking 'new age' zombies and their inability to understand/take the time to learn about herd immunity...

  • airtnes231
    airtnes231 7 saatler önce

    Awww I feel robbed my mommy died and you said she should live forever

  • SkuzzyJ
    SkuzzyJ 7 saatler önce

    At least I can hear this, this time.

  • Brian Forrest
    Brian Forrest 7 saatler önce

    Yay, there's sound this time!

  • Christina Bishop
    Christina Bishop 8 saatler önce

    You should of been covering abuse, discrimination and harassment in bands and drum corps and not this...

  • SUPERIOR meh
    SUPERIOR meh 8 saatler önce

    Guess who's back.... back again.... vid is back... still a meme

  • Elijah Callender
    Elijah Callender 8 saatler önce

    Look at his face he has the evil anime glare glasses every time he looks up his lighting crew should do something about that

    • Mercenary Chef
      Mercenary Chef 8 saatler önce

      Totally intentional. Some time this season, he'll be wearing white gloves, just you wait.

  • animesh
    animesh 8 saatler önce

    4:46 The sadness of the joke
    is extremely depressing

  • Mouge
    Mouge 8 saatler önce

    Also Iran, did some... stuff I guess.

  • B.J. Camire
    B.J. Camire 8 saatler önce +1

    These are so much better with sound. ^_^

  • Haube85
    Haube85 8 saatler önce

    "In your face, kids. In your face" well .....

  • Gidion Games
    Gidion Games 8 saatler önce

    at least it has sound this time :o

  • Mia Elisa
    Mia Elisa 8 saatler önce

    Someone's been lookin at rule 34 Shrek

  • Brian M Cox
    Brian M Cox 8 saatler önce

    While watching this video, I got a BBC Push notification about a virus causing severe lung disease in China.
    Coincidence? Or Miracle allowing me to extricate myself from watching the rest of this video 🤔

  • vv dyme
    vv dyme 8 saatler önce

    Oh noise finally

  • Omni Bus
    Omni Bus 8 saatler önce

    I saw a doc a couple of days ago from 1997 (on the UK's Anglia Television) featuring baby John Oliver, baby Richard Ayoade, and the rest of their barely-finished-adolescence Cambridge Footlights crew putting up a show. And I can say that since then, John has barely changed a smidge.

  • Denis Shulyaka
    Denis Shulyaka 8 saatler önce

    Thumb up for the sound! It is, well, present.

  • Juceten
    Juceten 8 saatler önce

    when you get here before the thumbnail

  • Snorpenbass
    Snorpenbass 8 saatler önce

    Not sure what's most impressive, the graphics dept making a picture of terrorbirds picnicking on a small child, or them getting terrorbirds pretty much perfectly right.

  • Michael M
    Michael M 8 saatler önce

    Huh... disable all?

  • Oliver Wooding
    Oliver Wooding 8 saatler önce

    Nice audio, mate

  • Dominick NL
    Dominick NL 8 saatler önce

    I bet we just tasted bad

  • Wahyu Setiawan
    Wahyu Setiawan 8 saatler önce

    Push notifications, wrong typing correction, bloatware. . I hate them all

  • Crayo Gaming Channel
    Crayo Gaming Channel 8 saatler önce

    I'm even more convinced he's a 100,000 year old bird

  • ricky99la
    ricky99la 8 saatler önce

    Shrek is Life, Shrek is Love

  • R lowle
    R lowle 8 saatler önce

    Thank god fo TRclips showing this show.
    Since Dish and HBO cant resolve their greedy issues as to how to screw their subscribers i have been unable to watch my favorite shows.

  • Kyle Shebilske
    Kyle Shebilske 8 saatler önce

    Push Notification Goes Off = "You're Killing Me Smalls!" Plays

  • Chris Vasey
    Chris Vasey 8 saatler önce

    trclips.com/video/OT1R8Js3sF4/video.html have fun with your life

  • Saint Wabbajack
    Saint Wabbajack 8 saatler önce

    Shut up bird

  • TRippersigs22
    TRippersigs22 8 saatler önce

    John Oliver just implied he prefers cold Chinese food and I am beside myself.

  • Simon Oliver Malone
    Simon Oliver Malone 8 saatler önce

    I got 3, not 1, 3 "breaking news" alerts when the Queen's, now late, husband said he didn't want to be buried with the Queen. 3.

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M 8 saatler önce

    This may be the weirdest John Oliver episode I've seen yet.

  • hey ewe
    hey ewe 8 saatler önce

    You, John Oliver, are a silly, silly man.

  • Adithya Rajendra Kumar
    Adithya Rajendra Kumar 8 saatler önce

    Push notifications are completely disabled on my phone. I've always thought that if something really is that important someone else would let me know. I really don't know how others put up with it.

  • raziel1178
    raziel1178 8 saatler önce

    Ancient bird nose man is speakin some hot truths right there.

  • DaddyHognuts
    DaddyHognuts 8 saatler önce

    This dude is straight trash.

  • Ozan Akyıldız
    Ozan Akyıldız 8 saatler önce

    Yep, that's definitely a fart sound 4:26

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity 8 saatler önce


    • Salah-Deen
      Salah-Deen 8 saatler önce

      Mavicity trclips.com/video/JPlWZ9vL4Vc/video.html

  • Barton Grennan
    Barton Grennan 8 saatler önce

    What I particularly like about this video is the audio

    • Salah-Deen
      Salah-Deen 8 saatler önce

      Barton Grennan trclips.com/video/JPlWZ9vL4Vc/video.html