Dejan Kulusevski ● Parma ● Juventus & Inter milan Target

  • katma 4 Eki 2019
  • Dejan Kulusevski (born 25 April 2000) is a Swedish footballer who plays as a midfielder for Parma in Serie A, on loan from Atalanta.

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  • Infinity21
    Infinity21 18 gün önce

    Yoo thanks for using my render on the thumbnail

    • Infinity21
      Infinity21 12 gün önce

      @SION on footyrenders you searched Kulusevski.This render is made by me, goldfut on ig

    • SION
      SION  17 gün önce


  • LTVIP with DRO
    LTVIP with DRO 18 gün önce

    2:51 lol

  • Denilson Daniel
    Denilson Daniel 18 gün önce +6

    Who's her after he signed for Juventus?

  • DarkLess89X
    DarkLess89X 20 gün önce +3

    100% juve

  • AlSeraj Ali
    AlSeraj Ali 20 gün önce


  • PTSF9123
    PTSF9123 20 gün önce +11

    Welcome to Juve⚪⚫

  • Gaetano Federico
    Gaetano Federico 21 gün önce +6

    Benvenuto alla juve.

  • Bayu Purdantono
    Bayu Purdantono 22 gün önce

    Great talent with huge space to develop...

  • yvng omari
    yvng omari Aylar önce +4

    Man united links.......

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Aylar önce +2

    Inter don`t be stupid and go all out for this player offer 50mil if needed + a player cause in 2 years he will be worth 120mil.
    He wants a new project that he can be 100% part of and Inter with Conte can give him that.

  • عصملي ,•
    عصملي ,• Aylar önce

    come inter

  • Giovanni Labia
    Giovanni Labia Aylar önce +2

    The new zidane

  • Lawi Singh
    Lawi Singh Aylar önce

    He plays like Ziyech

    • PTSF9123
      PTSF9123 Aylar önce

      Dont compare with that shit. There are reason why bigclubs dont interested in him.

  • Zamzam Mo'Allin
    Zamzam Mo'Allin Aylar önce

    He's a Chelsea fan too. Needed at the Bridge🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • LokoMn
    LokoMn Aylar önce +1

    Macedonian who plays for Sweden, change your last name kulusevski into kuluserson u idiot

  • delz2tekky
    delz2tekky Aylar önce

    Mohammed Saliu, Sandro Tonali, Dani Olmo and Kulusevsk to Man United 2020-2021 season???

  • Aaron Dhayat
    Aaron Dhayat Aylar önce +5

    Welcome to juve....

  • Shteno
    Shteno Aylar önce

    When it comes to Kuluševski, I think there's no doubt that with his 19 years, he'll
    become one of the best in Europe, in just a couple of years! I'm just not sure
    for which (Senior) NT he'd (or will) decided top play - Sweden (where he's born) or Macedonia,
    where his parents are from. I know that he used to play in U-17 & U-19 for
    Macedonia, but now, I think he'll go for Sweden, unless Macedonia gets to the
    EUROs 2020 through the League of Nations (where they're playing in the semis),
    because in the qualifiers, they finished 3rd in the group. However, Sweden
    seems more likely choice, since he hadn't shown up in MKD NT, although together
    with Elmas from Napoli (they're even the same age), undoubtedly they would've
    make one of the deadliest offensive midfielder duos in Europe, for at least the
    following 10 years and put Macedonia on the map!

    • Shteno
      Shteno Aylar önce

      @Gitt Nacas NOT TRUE! U-17 (1000000000% SURE & TRUE) for Macedonia! And (90+% sure) that he played (at least)( 3 or 4 for the U-19! A FACT! Not just that I'm a MAcedonian, but he's a first cousin of my former GF (with whom I'd been for 3 years,. and met him as a boy - just don't remember how old was he then, but he used to tell us how he plays football in Sweden), and about a year later, we saw him in U-17 team! That's UNDENIABLE FACT! Check it out if you want to!
      Which, doesn't mean that before that, he hadn't played for Sweden U-15!
      Nevertheless, the most important thing is that now, he chose Sweden, and that's it! That's where all debates end! And I wish him all the luck in the world! HI hope he becomes one of the best Swedish footballer in the following 10-15 years!

    • Gitt Nacas
      Gitt Nacas Aylar önce

      He never played for macedonia he has played for sweden since u15

  • Kunte Okonji
    Kunte Okonji Aylar önce

    Welcome to Arsenal! Agent Freddie Ljunberg pulling strings already. COYG!

  • MrGianluzZ
    MrGianluzZ Aylar önce +1

    Gioca troppo bene per stare in una squadretta come il Parma...(Jervinho è qualcosa di scandaloso)

  • Alex purba
    Alex purba Aylar önce +8

    Welcome to Juventus

  • Blue Magic
    Blue Magic Aylar önce +6

    Sarà della Juventus a gennaio in prestito al Parma fino giugno. Anala

  • ClexXy
    ClexXy Aylar önce

    My friend knows this guy in real life

    • Shteno
      Shteno Aylar önce +1

      @ClexXy Well, there you go! I didn't know that, but I was expecting it! Our football federation always finds a way to fucks up with the most talented players who were born abroad, not bringing them into the NT, because they probably forced some millionaire's son, or his daughter's BF, instead of the ones who are truly worth! |
      They did the same with NIkola Sekulovski (a 16, or 17-yr-old midfielder from JUve Primavera, considered to be one of the biggest prospects in Italy right now, at the position, defensive midfielder), fucked up the boy 3 times (, twice with his dad, when they were coming from Italy to MAcedonia, to talk with the main ppl from the football association, there was no one to see them! And that happened TWICE! aND FINALLY, the 3rd time, they told him to go to Austria, where they'll pick him up, and from there on, continue with the team for Scandinavia. Instead, they landed in Germany, left the boy completely alone at Vienna airport, didn't even bothered to call him, let alone send another plane to get him. After that, he and his whole family got so pised off, and decided to play for Italy. And there he is now, a regular in their U-17 team, as well as in JUventus Primavera) and another great talent was wasted!
      And to make things even more tragic, currently, MAcedonia has the most talented squad after 20+ years (80+% of players play in LaLIga, Serie A, English Championship, Bundes, SPorting Lisboa...), which is how they missed the 2nd spot in the group stage, for "only" 4 points! But that's how now they got a chance to go to EURO via the semis in the League of Nation. But that's only a chance! We'll see what happens!
      ANyway, as I said, I'm glad that after Zlatan (who also has Balkan roots), there will be another great player in Sweden, who came from the Balkans, this time MAcedonia, instead of Bosnia, although I'm not comparing him with him at all (IBRAKADABRA is a GOD),plus Dejan Kuluševski he didn't come from Rosengard, but from what I know, from quite a decent, middleclass part of Stockholm.

    • ClexXy
      ClexXy Aylar önce

      He played with Sweden against the faroeislands

    • Shteno
      Shteno Aylar önce

      And he's a first cousin of my former GF! I remember when he used to come, here, in Macedonia, as a kid, telling us how he plays football in Sweden, and hopes to become a truly great player! Then, just before we broke up, we saw him playing for the U-17 Macedonian national team and thought, "Damn! I guess he's really good. It wasn't just wishful thinking by some kid!"
      And I'm very glad for him, doing so great!
      Of course, a bit disappointed that he is probably gonna choose Sweden as his senior NT (which is understandable, they are WAY better than MAcedonia), but nevertheless, if he would've come to play for Macedonia (especially now, when we finished 3rd in the EURO 2020 qualifiers group, the only chance to play in EURO is through the semis - where we are right now - of the League of Nations), along with Elmas from Napoli (plus, they are the same age), MAcedonian NT could've had one of the most killer offensive midfielders duets in all of Europe! Something like Croatia did with Modric and Rakitic.
      However, whatever he chooses, I wish him all the best! I just wish he stays in Serie A, and sign for one of Italian giants, because obviously, the style suits him perfectly! Especially if he goes to Napoli, and becomes their new Callejon! AGAIN, with ELmas, they would be killer duo!

  • jidoribeer9
    jidoribeer9 Aylar önce

    reminds me of Modric when he was at Spurs

  • Massimo Tora
    Massimo Tora 2 aylar önce

    Lento e non troppo agile, vista anche la mole , discreto giocatore.

    • Massimo Tora
      Massimo Tora Aylar önce +1

      @Ferox Fertilis Rischia di fare la stessa fine dei vari : iturbe, schick, piatek , el shaarawy......! Non basta una mezza stagione x essere considerato un fenomeno !

    • Ferox Fertilis
      Ferox Fertilis Aylar önce +1

      Bella come barzelletta, puoi fare di più

    • - {Toryo} -
      - {Toryo} - Aylar önce +2


  • Ismael Botan
    Ismael Botan 2 aylar önce +6

    Who is here after Manchester United links to him

  • Farid Arrozi
    Farid Arrozi 2 aylar önce

    trupas anjay

  • Edoardo Giorgio
    Edoardo Giorgio 2 aylar önce

    Mi ricorda Coutinho

  • Rahmat Kekos
    Rahmat Kekos 2 aylar önce

    50% KAKA' 50% De Bruyne

  • Ace
    Ace 2 aylar önce +11

    He is making his debut for the Swedish national team tonight!

  • Yoga Parmalat
    Yoga Parmalat 2 aylar önce +2

    Forza Parma

  • Robin Setterini
    Robin Setterini 2 aylar önce

    Cambiare il titolo ,perché lui ha già detto no ai piemontesi.

  • Angelo Pizzo
    Angelo Pizzo 2 aylar önce +1

    Minchia questo è forte... Prendiamolo!

    • Gio Gio
      Gio Gio 19 gün önce

      @Angelo Pizzo allora anala 😂

    • Angelo Pizzo
      Angelo Pizzo 19 gün önce

      @Gio Gio sono dell'altta sponda

    • Gio Gio
      Gio Gio 19 gün önce

      preso ✓

  • Andrej Nikoloski
    Andrej Nikoloski 2 aylar önce

    And have sweden nationalty

  • Andrej Nikoloski
    Andrej Nikoloski 2 aylar önce

    Kulusevski is from macedonia

    • G A
      G A Aylar önce

      Andrej Nikoloski no he has roots there but he’s born and raised in Sweden

    • - {Toryo} -
      - {Toryo} - Aylar önce +1

      No, he's swedish

  • lol
    lol 2 aylar önce +1

    Name of music

  • Douglas Abdell
    Douglas Abdell 2 aylar önce

    Fantacalcio...rimane a Parma fino stagione e posible otro

  • Pierluigi Caffaro
    Pierluigi Caffaro 2 aylar önce +1

    Kulusevski ha una qualità che manca all'Inter, assolutamente indispensabile: la capacità di realizzare l'ultimo passaggio

  • Zuhair Yassin
    Zuhair Yassin 2 aylar önce +5

    i love this guy's style plays for the team tactically intelligent and hardworking

  • Zuhair Yassin
    Zuhair Yassin 2 aylar önce

    a machine

    IL SUO CAVALLO È PAZZO 2 aylar önce

    Vieni di qua, vieni di la.... next this next that... but next season he will play for his former club... Atalanta!
    So... shut up everyone and bow down to Dea
    State zitti ed inchinatevi alla Dea!

  • Alesia
    Alesia 2 aylar önce

    Al Parma sta facendo davvero bene, gran bel giocatore...
    Se siete interessati ad analisi tattiche sul calcio passate dal mio canale!

  • BadBoySaaam
    BadBoySaaam 2 aylar önce +1

    he can definitely replace brozovic.. i mean brozo is great sometimes but man.. he makes fatal mistakes sometimes. Sensi, Kulusevski, Barella will be a FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE trio!!

    • BadBoySaaam
      BadBoySaaam Aylar önce

      @Chibuike Francis ure clearly living under a rock.. go watch the farmer's league or something, stop commenting on serie a related stuff

    • Chibuike Francis
      Chibuike Francis Aylar önce +1

      Who are these mediocre players 😂

    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo Aylar önce

      Kulusevski is not a regista he will replace barella or Sensi but he can't play in brozovic position

  • lavera falena
    lavera falena 2 aylar önce +1

    like interistaaaaaaaa

  • Fander Y Situngkir
    Fander Y Situngkir 2 aylar önce

    Semoga bertahan lama di Parma 💛💙

  • Dani Manteman
    Dani Manteman 2 aylar önce +1

    Come to OT

  • lorenzo b
    lorenzo b 2 aylar önce +2

    Mi ricorda milinkovic savic

  • ixMAX__
    ixMAX__ 2 aylar önce +14

    Questo è forte, da blindare subito.
    Amala ⚫🔵

    • Gio Gio
      Gio Gio 19 gün önce


    • Ciuffo Dipelo
      Ciuffo Dipelo 19 gün önce +1

      È della Juve 😂😂😂

    • Ferox Fertilis
      Ferox Fertilis Aylar önce

      Fino a giugno sta blindato a Parma ... Non ti fare film inutili 💛💙

  • Seph irotH
    Seph irotH 2 aylar önce

    Sembra forte forte, speriamo si confermi (se davvero lo comprano)

  • Aldo Baglio
    Aldo Baglio 2 aylar önce +49

    This is 50% savic and 50% De bruyne..... incredible.....INTER BUY HIM!!!!!

    • bcoyoc16
      bcoyoc16 18 gün önce +2

      Juventus baybeee 😈🦓

    • Alex71
      Alex71 18 gün önce

      @Luca Borroni Giusto parere sono daccordissimo..Però avresti dovuto paragonarlo a Pogba e fare tutti contenti

    • Gio Gio
      Gio Gio 19 gün önce


    • Fabrizio Crimi
      Fabrizio Crimi 20 gün önce +1


    • Manuel Ciscato
      Manuel Ciscato Aylar önce +4

      Ahahahahaha sei proprio un prescritto

  • Jash Cavalera
    Jash Cavalera 2 aylar önce +1

    Have speed and good physical, suitable for EPL

  • Kevin Kor
    Kevin Kor 2 aylar önce +3

    Welimcome to MU...😁

  • Sayozin
    Sayozin 2 aylar önce +1

    Old Trafford awaits

  • Saad Zimat
    Saad Zimat 2 aylar önce +14

    Just another De Bruyne.
    Welcome To Inter.

    • Riccardo Demola
      Riccardo Demola 21 gün önce

      Ciao Ciao perché voi cosa giocate?La Champions con Ansu Fati haha

    • Ciao Ciao
      Ciao Ciao Aylar önce +1

      Gerry Scotti Malvagio why would he do that? To play Europa league?

    • Gerry Scotti Malvagio
      Gerry Scotti Malvagio 2 aylar önce +2

      In your dreams...
      He goes to United💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • umad son
    umad son 2 aylar önce +1

    I hope he'll be one of our Trequartista. Possible line up with turn overs. 3421 handanovic godin de vrij bastoni lazaro vecino sensi biraghi kulusevski sanchez lautaro 🤔 not bad heh

      IL SUO CAVALLO È PAZZO 2 aylar önce +1

      No hope for you and chinese false blue black! He is on lone and next season he will play again for atalanta!
      Bow down to Dea

    • umad son
      umad son 2 aylar önce +1

      This is my personal line up for coppa italia with turnovers.. #garracharrua. Then if you have problems just make your own.

    • Sacita Nanda
      Sacita Nanda 2 aylar önce +2

      vecino? biraghi? really?

  • nii aryeetey
    nii aryeetey 2 aylar önce +1

    Yes inter🔵⚫🔵⚫

    • Blue Magic
      Blue Magic 17 gün önce +1

      Ciao ciao is Juventus

    • Gio Gio
      Gio Gio 19 gün önce

      yes, week end

  • PTSF9123
    PTSF9123 2 aylar önce +2

    Welcome to JUVE⚪⚫🦓🦓

    • Gio Gio
      Gio Gio 19 gün önce

      @Ferox Fertilis rosica 😂😂

    • Ciuffo Dipelo
      Ciuffo Dipelo 19 gün önce +1

      @Ferox Fertilis ufficiale alla Juve 😂😂😂che branco di sfigati.

    • Ferox Fertilis
      Ferox Fertilis Aylar önce +1

      Si si certo

  • Ankle Socks
    Ankle Socks 2 aylar önce

    Huge prospect

  • Ahmad Fithry Arief Lopa
    Ahmad Fithry Arief Lopa 2 aylar önce +4

    The New Josip Ilicic

  • GoodMusic96
    GoodMusic96 2 aylar önce +2

    Grande kulu 💛💙💛💙