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Things My Students Do That I Just Don’t Get pt. 24

  • katma 28 Kas 2021
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  • No
    No Aylar önce +103

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💕

  • Brenna Fisher
    Brenna Fisher Aylar önce +2436

    My favorite response was when I sent a kid back to their desk to check their work and they came back with nothing changed and said “I checked it, it’s good”.😂🤦‍

    • Charles Whitworth
      Charles Whitworth 23 gün önce

      @Catherine Villegas lp

    • Hunter Gascon
      Hunter Gascon 28 gün önce +1

      Yea instead of helping the student tell him to go check it himself… reminds me of all the lazy ass teachers that “taught me”

    • TBuff15
      TBuff15 Aylar önce

      Sounds like me as a kid. He's going places lol

    • Brenna Fisher
      Brenna Fisher Aylar önce +5

      @Hayo I go above and beyond for my kids. I stay up all hours of the night to prepare something fun for my kids. I spend my own money and time to get presents for my kids to let them know I appreciate their behavior. I spend my break helping the kids that didn’t understand the lesson and not a single kid goes home without knowing the material. I personalize what help I give to every child because guess what I’m the one that fucking knows them, not some troll on the internet that can’t just live their own life.

    • Hayo
      Hayo Aylar önce +3

      Maybe it was good to them. Maybe it was the best they could of done and don't wanna stress it anymore. Or maybe they needed the extra help and you ignored them 🤷🤦 teachers do that a lot

  • Jurassic Man
    Jurassic Man Aylar önce +97

    From a guy who has dyslexia and was undiagnosed through all of elementary school and part of middle school until my lawyer forced the schools to test me. But that last part can be confusing, you never know that to them it looks right when to you, a “normal person”, looks wrong.

  • (_Love+_-official
    (_Love+_-official Aylar önce +6

    I love how she just let's her students stand and walk around

  • Help me reach 100k subs with shorts only.

    These shorts never fail to entertain me.

  • giyuu tomioka
    giyuu tomioka 28 gün önce +58

    Whenever students need to fix punctuation or grammar issues on a computer and it's like an essay length paper, it helps to highlight the areas to fix and to be explicit about what to fix to make it easier to work with. I wish I could have said this to most of my teachers but atleast I still managed to become a senior

    • giyuu tomioka
      giyuu tomioka 2 gün önce

      @Just Chilling Daniel no he legit did he was nice enough to help me out

    • Flor !
      Flor ! 9 gün önce +3

      @Elijah evans Teachers dont get paid enough to read then re read papers for a class of 20-30 kids, first time it's whatever, but more than that is just pathetic. If you don't have the time to look over and correct your own paper, then the teachers dont.

      It's crazy how the OP basically is implying that the teacher do his editing for him. Crazy.

    • Elijah evans
      Elijah evans 22 gün önce

      @Just Chilling Daniel you're right most teachers don't have time to do real work just talk in the hallway eat salad and look at social media

    • TheSarahskaninchen
      TheSarahskaninchen 24 gün önce +5

      I think it is Part of your assigned Work to check it yourself. I mean of course it depends on the age of the students, but over time everyone should learn to check it themselves. And then it depends on the kind of assignment. The teacher will probably Check it once after you handed in the final form but they wont Check it in detail inbetween for several Times, Like that is way too much work with a full class.

    • Just Chilling Daniel
      Just Chilling Daniel 26 gün önce +8

      Bruh you got me fucked up if you think a teacher has time to do that shi

  • ♡Jasmine-Purity♡
    ♡Jasmine-Purity♡ Aylar önce +52

    As a student, (not hate, just trying to give her some tips 🙂)

    1. it's hard for us students to understand the command/request if it isn't specific.
    2. Just because we are thought about everything for that topic, that doesn't mean we learned it all. Students study many subjects, which makes them forget about something in from a class, unlike teachers they teach for one subject.
    3. Students will cooperate more if you let them do what they want, but only if they are done with the activity. This will make them cooperate more because they are most likely to be excited to do what they want.
    4. Punish them for REASONABLE reasons. I don't know if u r the type to get mad at students for no reason but I've seen tons of teachers that are like that.
    5. Remind them of late assignments. I know that our assignments r our responsibility but we usually forget about them because they r replaced with new memories.
    6. Give them game activities or something like that to build more relationship with the students. It would be better if the game is quite related to the subject, (this technique is usually for math but it does work for other subjects like science) this will also help release energy which makes them less active during lessons.

    I'm just sharing this because this is what my old school is like. My aunts school is also like this (she was in college). All of the students in the schools got closer because of school activities.

    • *Mariaa* -^-
      *Mariaa* -^- Aylar önce +1

      Yassss i was looking for a comment like this thank you for your effort

    • Bryan Curdi
      Bryan Curdi Aylar önce +2

      For checking the paper she literally said third paragraph, she didn't say first sentence in third paragraph

    • Fiona Pang
      Fiona Pang Aylar önce +6


  • Bethany Brookes
    Bethany Brookes 21 gün önce +10

    I remember a pretty hilarious time relating to checking punctuation when I was in year 1 (about 5 or 6 years old).
    One of my friends had written a paragraph but not used any full stops, and was told to add full stops, so he added them all in at random points in the sentence, not really understanding what they were for, just what they looked like. He ended up with "parrot." as a sentence at the end of the paragraph with the previous sentence ending in "the." This isn't to make fun of him, I just think it's a rather cute thing for a 6yo to do. The teacher was frustrated tho. I blame her for not properly teaching him how full stops worked.

  • bigharm56ai
    bigharm56ai 26 gün önce

    As a teacher myself I can definitely relate to this video.

  • uNiCoRn
    uNiCoRn Aylar önce +3

    Everytime I watch one of your videos, it reminds me of my friend who goes around barking at people. My teacher nor my classmates know why he does it, but it's become such a regular occurrence that if he doesn't we get concerned

  • Trash_panda
    Trash_panda Aylar önce +67

    Those kids are so lucky to have u as a teacher.

    • liv
      liv Aylar önce +3

      This is exactly how my teacher acts in 5th grade

  • jeLLY_D_CareAnymao
    jeLLY_D_CareAnymao Aylar önce +98

    Man, I wish the school system was the same here in Britain-

  • Help me reach 100k subs with shorts only.

    These shorts never fail to impress me. I can scroll so long

  • Hiba Nizami
    Hiba Nizami 12 saatler önce

    Once I wanted to see if my teacher was really paying attention so I didn’t change anything and I showed it to her and she said it’s great 😐😂

  • hearts4felix
    hearts4felix Aylar önce +7

    respect to the kid who drew an among us character

  • Christine Comacho
    Christine Comacho Aylar önce

    Honestly the fixing the paper bit sounds like something I done in high school.🤣

  • Pokemonyugiohmettaton
    Pokemonyugiohmettaton Aylar önce +164

    Her among us drawing in the background…it’s really good though. I love when teachers hanged my art work on their cabinet :)

    • Pokemonyugiohmettaton
      Pokemonyugiohmettaton 27 gün önce +1

      @Mike of Indy you know when you are thinking of two things at the same time while typing? That’s what happened. You know, you could’ve just said I said the wrong thing, and bold of you to assume I was taking art classes. I also don’t proof read stuff as thoroughly when posting a comment on a TRclips short then when I’m submitting a paper or something.

    • Mike of Indy
      Mike of Indy 27 gün önce

      It’s hanged. You should have paid more attention is other classes.

    • dionicia e
      dionicia e Aylar önce +2


    • Gporaw
      Gporaw Aylar önce +3


  • *Mariaa* -^-
    *Mariaa* -^- Aylar önce +6

    Well sometimes teachers dont give us enough information on what we should fix so we get confused and sometimes we cant be bothered to do too much work

  • Tina Johnson
    Tina Johnson Aylar önce

    Praise God for teachers like you 🙂

  • ry
    ry 27 gün önce

    I laughed so hard at the “can u check my paper” *hands over laptop*

  • Roberto F. S.
    Roberto F. S. 26 gün önce

    That is exactly how my son thinks. Makes me wonder wtf is going on in his head.
    Am I doing something wrong? Lol

  • Jonathan Talley
    Jonathan Talley 28 gün önce

    Can y’all imagine how mad we would’ve been if our teachers posted this about us

  • ꧁ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕟𝕚𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕫𝕚𝕠꧂

    I can totally relate! My class is so like this!! 🥺🥺

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 24 gün önce

    12 years ago I'd get my phone taken away for looking at it on school property. Now teachers are making Tiktoks 🤦‍♂️ we're in a massive decline

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty Aylar önce

    Man, I wish the school system was the same here in Britain-

  • 🍀ᴊ4ᴢᴢʏᴊ4sᴍ1ɴᴇ💚

    i have the same stools and table with the circle things on them in my math class

  • Loo La
    Loo La Aylar önce

    Love the among us papers behind your desk 😀

  • andy clarke
    andy clarke Aylar önce

    Man I wish she was my teacher 😂

  • Jacob Perdue
    Jacob Perdue 23 gün önce

    I need her as my teacher haha

  • Liam Geoghegan
    Liam Geoghegan 29 gün önce +6

    Her eyes are amazing. I don’t get how teachers do what they do I mean I was a horrible student

  • ✨Sam✨
    ✨Sam✨ Aylar önce

    Another definition for my daily life in school:)

  • [ Dragonheart Edits ]
    [ Dragonheart Edits ] Aylar önce +13

    When I sit in the cafeteria I sit alone in a 2 person table and most of the time other students ask me to take the chair that I'm not sitting on. Well it's not like I ever sit with someone, besides I'm apparently looking unfriendless

  • Sria Moesch
    Sria Moesch 12 gün önce

    Just like my class in school!🤣

  • The mic shan
    The mic shan Aylar önce

    The first one you mentioned it's because students get confused by other students misplacing the chair somewhere else and when they came back the chair was somewhere else so they got confused.

  • JELLYmoon
    JELLYmoon Aylar önce

    Did anybody notice that at her desk there’s a bunch of among us papers. M an,who ever made those is such a good drawer!

  • Hunter Atkinson
    Hunter Atkinson 28 gün önce +2

    It’s still considered a “paper” when its all done on a laptop,

  • Natsu
    Natsu 21 gün önce

    That face she made at the wnd of the intro is a whole mood.

  • King Slayer009
    King Slayer009 27 gün önce

    When I was a kid the second incident happened To me quite often lol

  • Alif Nurfakhri
    Alif Nurfakhri Aylar önce +5

    I'm a university teacher and it's so fun to grill students during the final check for their thesis draft with me, the second supervisor, before sending it to be checked by the first supervisor.

    It's not just fun for me. I'm educating future lawyers and they're fucked if they can't put punctuations on the right place. The difference could be life and death, profit and bankruptcy.

    But it's still fun tho 😂

  • rachel Hildreth
    rachel Hildreth Aylar önce

    i have those stools in my class too!! my teacher has them

  • Konatada
    Konatada 13 gün önce

    I used to do that same thing with punctuation and spelling and I didn't have the understanding to tell my teachers that I needed help. I probably didn't fix anything because I didn't know how. My teachers also apparently didn't have that understanding.

  • Gioo
    Gioo 23 gün önce

    man I wished my teachers looked like dis😂

  • drax fox
    drax fox 10 gün önce

    "It's not a mistake" ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Ren_trash
    Ren_trash Aylar önce +24

    I’m currently a student and YES littoraly Everyone in my class does this

    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY Aylar önce


      Can you be certain I'VE never seen it?

    • TheReddFoxx
      TheReddFoxx Aylar önce

      @SHIFTY not sure if that's true

    • Bagman
      Bagman Aylar önce +1


    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY Aylar önce +1


      Definitely the spelling mistake.

    • TheReddFoxx
      TheReddFoxx Aylar önce

      I'm not sure which part of the comment is worse

  • Baljit Singh
    Baljit Singh Aylar önce

    Man that chair throw was smooth

  • Nugget TV
    Nugget TV 17 gün önce

    "it's not a mistake" ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • •ʟɪʟsᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ•

    It's scary how my school has that same table with the same stool/chairs. And the same clock, and lights...

  • Chance Pettis
    Chance Pettis Aylar önce

    Glad my teachers didn’t have the ability to roast me and my peers on social media everyday after work. Someone needs to tell the women this shit ain’t cool. Ruining kids self esteem everyday

  • Araceli Estrada
    Araceli Estrada 27 gün önce

    Coulda fooled me and said they were your coworkers. 🤣

  • Angel is Awesome
    Angel is Awesome Aylar önce +1

    Things our teachers expect that we just dont get

  • TheRandomOptic
    TheRandomOptic Aylar önce

    I feel this is teenagers too. I've training 16 year olds at my job. And it like their listening but their not. Like they hear part of it but not the rest. Then just do whatever.

  • Giulia Popov
    Giulia Popov Aylar önce +53

    The among us drawings on wall are just too funny tho

    • franchesca davis
      franchesca davis Aylar önce +1

      When the drawing is sus 😳

    • luck
      luck Aylar önce +2


    • B4c0n_L0v3
      B4c0n_L0v3 Aylar önce +4

      Okay at least I'm not the only one who seen it

  • 357_Maxim
    357_Maxim Aylar önce

    Teaching is repeating, so, brace yourself, there a LOT more to come XD

  • william wittig
    william wittig Aylar önce

    Man I wish you where my teacher you would be the ‘bomb’ teacher

  • Sarah Cortland
    Sarah Cortland 2 gün önce

    Idk why but I just realized how much I miss going to school

  • Pancake Dum
    Pancake Dum Aylar önce

    I’d do the stool thing because it would bug me all day otherwise

  • Drew Harris
    Drew Harris 28 gün önce

    Suddenly I’m hearing “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen in my head.

  • JELLY_Wulf
    JELLY_Wulf Gün önce

    As a student I will tell you the reason

    It’s because we are kids :)

  • jelly dog
    jelly dog Aylar önce +17

    Kid: can U check my paper
    Kid: *gives laptop*

  • Tarragoni
    Tarragoni Aylar önce

    last one i remember doing cause i didnt want to go over the whole essay checking for spelling errors and punctuation

  • AshIsReal
    AshIsReal Aylar önce

    You know it's 2021 when someone uses a laptop as substitute for a paper...

  • Babayega
    Babayega 21 gün önce

    "look at my paper"
    **Hands over laptop

    Boy how the times have changed since i was a kid.

  • Tracey Hancock
    Tracey Hancock 25 gün önce

    I teach senior English and my students don't EVER fix all of the corrections I suggest.

  • Madman X
    Madman X 26 gün önce

    A student never fails
    The teacher does !!

  • ∞︎︎𝓐𝓲𝓵𝓮𝓷𝓪∞︎︎

    I have the same chairs!❤️

    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY Aylar önce

      SIMILAR. Not the SAME.

  • Nicholas Rui
    Nicholas Rui 25 gün önce

    God we get it already, it's insufferable, your a teacher, thankyou .

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy Aylar önce

    That among us drawing in the background caught me off guard lmao

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon Aylar önce

    That among us drawing in the background caught me off guard lmao

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa Aylar önce

    That among us drawing in the background caught me off guard lmao

  • •Totally_Not_Ducks•

    That among us drawing in the background caught me off guard lmao

  • andreasotirovic✌️
    andreasotirovic✌️ 17 gün önce

    It's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Nightheart Moon
    Nightheart Moon 19 gün önce

    As a high schooler I can say that I have done at least three of these

  • marianna
    marianna 15 gün önce

    It's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • sha
    sha Aylar önce +36

    If they’re in class why is everything on a laptop? Y’all don’t use paper now?

    • Lizzie Vowel
      Lizzie Vowel Aylar önce

      @SHIFTY i'm going to have to disagree with you on that.

    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY Aylar önce

      @Lizzie Vowel

      There are no benefits.

    • Chris Nameless
      Chris Nameless Aylar önce

      Learning to write an assay on a PC is more useful now. That said they could lock it down to just notepad while people are learning grammar rules and spelling.

    • Lizzie Vowel
      Lizzie Vowel Aylar önce +1

      @SHIFTY what does china have to do with this- i was just trying to seek out benefits of the computers in class

    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY Aylar önce +1

      @not your grammas crafts Case


      You can't recycle paper can you not, no? What do you think your McDonald's come in?

  • Chris Seltzer
    Chris Seltzer 22 gün önce

    Please fix them when they try to do the thing where they fix the specific example you gave them but don't generalize the concept and apply it across the work. Those people turn into very annoying adults to work with.

  • Eduard Serban
    Eduard Serban 15 gün önce

    She puts on more makeup as the series goes on, you can slowly see the epithelium dissapearing

  • Annie  Lewis
    Annie Lewis Aylar önce +1

    *sigh* “Part 24”
    Yup she’s over it 😂

  • insethurdle88
    insethurdle88 27 gün önce

    "Did you actually fix anything" logical interpretation and reasoning > you need teach them it they clearly don't understand it

  • Bailey In a Jar
    Bailey In a Jar Aylar önce

    "miss, can you check my paper?"

    *Brings a laptop*

  • super gamer boi
    super gamer boi 22 gün önce

    It's not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Blue Bunny DJ
    Blue Bunny DJ 15 gün önce

    It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • TheReddFoxx
    TheReddFoxx Aylar önce

    It's almost as if she didn't know she was helping to raise children!

  • It's Livy
    It's Livy Aylar önce

    I am a teacher for 2grade but this is relatable.

  • Ben Anjerris
    Ben Anjerris 29 gün önce

    Man my teachers looked, sounded and behaved like Peter Parker getting into a car crash after his 4773rd leukemia treatment.

  • Mightnightwolfie🖤🖤
    Mightnightwolfie🖤🖤 11 gün önce

    It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack Aylar önce

    The thing is I also did this in school lmao

  • jelly not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

    Its not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Yudanis
    Yudanis Aylar önce

    This reminds me of a time where we were doing computing in school

    I put my school username and password
    And then....

    The screen was literally sideways
    My friends started laughing so hard and the teacher fixed it

    Best computing lesson ever

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris 24 gün önce

    None of my teachers were ever this cute

  • LegendXxNorrisNutsXx🤜✋

    I luv these videos there are so funny

  • Robert Sommers
    Robert Sommers 28 gün önce

    That last one gets me.

  • Oi Felix
    Oi Felix Aylar önce

    Bruh if I had to sit on stools like that all day I’d have scoliosis by age 6💀🤚

  • MLights _
    MLights _ Aylar önce +1

    Sometimes I’ll forget teachers can be that young and pretty because all of my teachers are mean old men

  • Glory bluemoon
    Glory bluemoon Aylar önce

    The among us pictures behind her are amazing

  • Amia Youman
    Amia Youman Aylar önce +1

    Bruh, I haven’t seen that colorful circle table in freaking years

  • Aiden Dad
    Aiden Dad Aylar önce +1

    Mrs can you check my paper?
    Her: sure
    The background: I has amogus
    Me: amogus

  • Anthony gaming
    Anthony gaming Aylar önce

    My teacher has those same stool’s and I in 5th grade🤣

  • Summer
    Summer Aylar önce +1

    The only fun things in schools in Britain are when you get marbles you can have a party but STILL WORKKKkk🥺😭🤨

  • SJTank
    SJTank Aylar önce

    we have those same stools in the lab at the elementary school i help at

  • Thomas
    Thomas 25 gün önce

    You should meet up with Mrs. Rogers and do a collaboration.