San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 17 Eki 2019
  • San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Darrell Oneal
    Darrell Oneal 5 gün önce

    We just beat rockets again this time Lonnie killed em

  • Synai Mccrae
    Synai Mccrae Aylar önce

    They need to let keldon play

  • justin murray
    justin murray Aylar önce

    that's gold right there 6:42

  • Paranormal Gambler
    Paranormal Gambler Aylar önce

    I thought the Houston Rockets son shamorie ponds what's up with him where is he at can't believe that kid went undrafted just like Trevon bluiett wait till Trevon bluiett and Shamari pawns to get their time to shine are you going to be Stars

  • Silsby Media
    Silsby Media Aylar önce

    russ needs to run point and harden play like he did at okc and they will but russ hanging out in the shawdows aint gonna work

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Aylar önce

    Yo it just hit me that some players (rookies especially) might say or act as if they're saying "come at me harder and I'll show you during the season" maybe nothing in this game especially but fur sure that's a thing

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey Aylar önce

    How many blocks would Hakeem average in todays game? Assist? Steals? Not worried about points or rebounds although id say about 30 an 13. An 8-8 an 5.

  • Reggie McCoy
    Reggie McCoy Aylar önce

    Die Hard Laker Fan Says I Love That Tip Off and Move Westbrook Did When He Caught The Ball Out Of No Where Dang Number 4 Had Both Players Jumping With A Fake Nice Job Sir Much Love And Respect

  • Doug Collins
    Doug Collins Aylar önce

    White,walker,and murray gonna be something special, hell of a 3 guard combo as I've ever seen

  • Biggslattt Nocappp
    Biggslattt Nocappp Aylar önce

    Bro stop showing every made bucket it’s taking all the suspense away

  • Proppa Music
    Proppa Music Aylar önce +3

    *Rockets should run their offense off Westbrook not Harden.. they will be better and more explosive as really be the Rockets*

  • Proppa Music
    Proppa Music Aylar önce +1

    *Westbrook doesn't look right on the Rockets*

  • James Sivils
    James Sivils Aylar önce

    The rockets nets are almost as loud as your mom last night

  • ßenji ツ
    ßenji ツ Aylar önce +1

    Commentator: agane
    everyone who watches xqc: hehehe

  • el dub
    el dub Aylar önce

    Harden’s shoes is furrrrr🔥🔥🔥

  • Igotbirdspigeons
    Igotbirdspigeons Aylar önce

    Russ needs to be more of a threat off the ball and he needs to get the ball more.

  • Thorne Granderson
    Thorne Granderson Aylar önce

    Why James got on blue shoes lhh

  • Driven Dragon
    Driven Dragon Aylar önce

    Tyson Chandler who just signed with the Rockets. I hope he will score 10,000 points for his career before it's over. He has 9,475 career points as of this comment.

  • Felix Campbelle
    Felix Campbelle Aylar önce

    False hope for Spurs, they wont even get to playoffs. I guess you gotta milk that money.

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez Aylar önce

    Go spurs go

  • The Question
    The Question Aylar önce

    Aldridge and other big man will have a field day in the paint against the Rockets. They don't have much size at the forward positions at all.

  • Blacx Adam
    Blacx Adam Aylar önce +3

    Harden has too much control on this team. Russ should run the point. He's the better passer, period.

  • C.J. Lee
    C.J. Lee Aylar önce +1

    the half way watching the video and i'm like where's Westbrook?? man i hope this duo works out!

  • Ron Ritell
    Ron Ritell Aylar önce

    I still say it's the coaching Rockets got a decent team that still missing something Gregg Popovich is just an awesome coach Mike D'Antoni it's not the coach for the Rockets

  • Ganymedes Cupz
    Ganymedes Cupz Aylar önce

    Wheres the defense

  • Jemale Darby
    Jemale Darby Aylar önce

    The Rockets are gonna be lethal during the season when they get hot.

  • HODLmonster
    HODLmonster Aylar önce

    Low key: it's cause Timmy D is back in the locker room. Hope he's the next coach!!!

  • Topinka Hatt
    Topinka Hatt Aylar önce +1

    James Harden secretly doesn't like Steph Curry.

  • Anthony Mckinley
    Anthony Mckinley Aylar önce

    4:09 , 4:17 can you see the difference? Do he knows its only preseason b4 he starts flopping?

  • Joey The Misfit
    Joey The Misfit Aylar önce

    Good to see the Spurs get lucky

  • Djahbless blessing
    Djahbless blessing Aylar önce

    My spurs ready game time

  • Ayo Kev
    Ayo Kev Aylar önce

    Aldridge looking like old Timmy when he gets going spurs is unbeatable

  • AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions

    spurs are goin to overachieve. houston will not win with pj tucker, he's a weak link. harden gettin meaningless points

  • Ric Bcozy
    Ric Bcozy Aylar önce

    40pts and a L

  • Junior Chavez
    Junior Chavez Aylar önce

    This young group of players was being developed for Kawhi to lead. Man what it could have been. San Antonio will be in the playoffs. I hope they stay healthy.

  • HunnaGang Ent
    HunnaGang Ent Aylar önce

    harden travel 1:06

  • Chauncey Lavon
    Chauncey Lavon Aylar önce

    West needs to explode to the rim and re apply that intimidater badge ... hopefully he just chillin he needs to have the ball as much as cp3 did ... wtf !

  • Anton Brown
    Anton Brown Aylar önce

    If Westbrook committed this season to defense the rockets will win

  • James Pegg
    James Pegg Aylar önce

    Caplea was getting cooked

  • Duke Aguirre
    Duke Aguirre Aylar önce

    Rebounds rebounds rebounds. Good hustle board spurs

  • RockSmith1988
    RockSmith1988 Aylar önce

    Harden travels more than me and I'm a English Traveler Gypsy

  • Jason A.
    Jason A. Aylar önce

    Rockets need to get rid of capella boy is trash

  • frank brown
    frank brown Aylar önce

    westbrook no longer hustles. painful to watch.

  • 19deemd
    19deemd Aylar önce

    Capela is so overrated it's not even funny. He is the limiting factor to the team's overall success.

  • Timothy Hymes Jr
    Timothy Hymes Jr Aylar önce

    Spurs legit 12 deep roster my boys gonna make noise just wait !

  • Mula mafioso
    Mula mafioso Aylar önce

    Rockets gotta let Russ play his game, they don’t even have that many scorers other than harden and Gordon, Murray’s jumpshot is looking phenomenal compared to before the injury, that’ll add to his ppg

  • Lamont Tanksley
    Lamont Tanksley Aylar önce

    Nothing worse than watching Harden watch the other team go to the rim for a basket, then shrug his shoulders and run down to the other end. And of course he expects to shoot on every possession. If the coach won't say anything, he will. Most undisciplined and offensive minded team in the league. And their defense just got significantly worse from last year. Westbrook isn't and shouldn't like being here. He's used to scoring, passing, and playing defense. . . . he deserves a better team.

  • Harold Johnson
    Harold Johnson Aylar önce

    Damn no defense Rockets

  • Damon Thompson
    Damon Thompson Aylar önce

    Murray most improved player calling it

  • James Look
    James Look Aylar önce +5

    My dad said westbrook and harden would be a mess and i believe it lol

  • Adam
    Adam Aylar önce

    Rockets look too small, their defense and defensive rebounding is not good, and WB doesn't look good.

  • King Jamess
    King Jamess Aylar önce

    They never use shamorie ponds bruh

  • School Boy
    School Boy Aylar önce +2

    You have to be a spot up shooter to play with James Harden
    I feel sorry for Westbrook

  • Joel Castillo
    Joel Castillo Aylar önce

    Why TF do rockets have Anderson

  • Ethan Rochester
    Ethan Rochester Aylar önce

    I know it's preseason and all but the rockets weren't really putting in effort until the last quarter. I wish they just had it in overdrive the whole game.

  • Jay Goodman
    Jay Goodman Aylar önce

    Houston might not win 50 games this year😒

  • nycbball8
    nycbball8 Aylar önce +3

    Strange seeing Westbrook on the court not handling the ball.
    Harden like this my team bro😂😂😂

  • 1st Up
    1st Up Aylar önce

    Why and how did Westbrook record 8 turnovers this game? Y'all should clip of just that.

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones Aylar önce

    Without a true PF the rockets are done they don't stand a chance they'll be lucky to come in 5th in the West

  • Jorge Da Silva
    Jorge Da Silva Aylar önce

    Russell Westbrook @1, James Harden @2. They would give themselves a chance @ the title. Otherwise, no.