Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | October 18, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 19 Eki 2019
  • Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | October 18, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Free Time Gaming
    Free Time Gaming 11 gün önce

    Thats why u dont trade Rondae Hollis Jefferson

  • TrueValues77
    TrueValues77 Aylar önce +1

    Toronto looking GREAT!!! Defend that ring...lets go.

  • 4040chocolate
    4040chocolate Aylar önce

    As the seasons goes along the Raptors can make adjustments and trade to upgrade they might not win the championship this year but I am excited about their future and what Masi is capable of doing.

  • no one
    no one Aylar önce connor McDavid jersey

    NINETY4’NETWORK Aylar önce

    We still the champs ! The NBA title is in Canada

  • Justus Braggs
    Justus Braggs Aylar önce

    Kyle lowry got hustle points fashow

  • chino Mndza
    chino Mndza Aylar önce

    nets are trash, kyrie kills the teams ball movement

  • OneStop4Sports
    OneStop4Sports Aylar önce

    Kyrie sucks assssssss....let’s go Celtics

  • Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX
    Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX Aylar önce

    Kawhi really did leave this team behind for the clippers, what an idiot

  • Joey The Misfit
    Joey The Misfit Aylar önce

    The only thing we really needed from kawhi was the confidence boost.

  • Risky Business
    Risky Business Aylar önce

    Gasol looks like he had a few too many

  • Real Praxis
    Real Praxis Aylar önce

    Toronto Craptors ain't winning another championship in a couple of decades possibly and hopefully more. It's lovely to see their downfall

  • like a greatmill stone G.M.S

    Irving is a cancer

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome Aylar önce

    7:23 offensive foul refs

  • Please Subscribe
    Please Subscribe Aylar önce

    Raps are gonna make the ECF

  • Louie D'angelo
    Louie D'angelo Aylar önce

    My man dinwiddie, bklyn will go hard this year.

  • Seven Mill
    Seven Mill Aylar önce

    Wow! I gotta to visit Toronto..
    Leonard actually left this team...

  • Jermaine Legging Man
    Jermaine Legging Man Aylar önce +1

    I miss my old raptors still the best in the east an champions if kawhi hurry an went back to toronto i would hurry up an run back wit them wit em i would dare to try to see my homey make a trade right back if he could again

  • anonomos
    anonomos Aylar önce

    3s 3s 3s 3s

  • Mach Pandac
    Mach Pandac Aylar önce

    Torontos ball movement looks real crisp. No hesitation at all. Thats beautiful to watch.

  • ROBBIE SilentHiLL
    ROBBIE SilentHiLL Aylar önce

    announcer mics SUCKS for a pro level... even i have a better mic and im broke as hell.

  • Delano Johnson
    Delano Johnson Aylar önce

    Toronto and Carmelo

  • Tazmanian Devil
    Tazmanian Devil Aylar önce

    Goddamn boucher is gonna be underrated

  • 15blackstang 15
    15blackstang 15 Aylar önce

    nets about to be trashhhhh kyire can only play guard and I.O

  • SavageKid 12
    SavageKid 12 Aylar önce

    Wheres kd?

  • your MUM is GaY
    your MUM is GaY Aylar önce

    If kd was there they would won

  • Grunting
    Grunting Aylar önce

    Raps looking too good... yall seem to forget that we have the best team in the league with or without kawhi

  • Seba Filmz
    Seba Filmz Aylar önce

    Anyone going to Brooklyn Nets vs Indiana Pacers in October 30th?

  • Chosen Zyterve
    Chosen Zyterve Aylar önce +1

    Yo I just started making montages for NBA players. Like if you want me to do one and reply what player to do.

  • john_blaze39
    john_blaze39 Aylar önce

    Raptors are looking good

  • ProWB
    ProWB Aylar önce

    Repeat!!!! Can you smell it !!!?????? Go raps go!! We the True North!!!!!! 2018-19 World champs !!!! Let’s Deanarys those non believers !!!! Let’s go Siakam!! Let’s go Gasol!!!! Let’s go Ibaka!!!! Let’s go Anunoby!!!! Let’s go Lowry!!!! Let’s go VanVleet!!!! Let’s go Canada 🇨🇦!!!! Eh!!! We believe !!!!!

  • RD - 07TD - Robert J Lee PS (1405)


  • Blair Calaway
    Blair Calaway Aylar önce

    Prince is 🔥 - Good pick up. Now just gotta get Kyrie to utilize him.

  • Naghman Mirza
    Naghman Mirza Aylar önce

    0:27 that Ball movement!!!!

  • Osh L
    Osh L Aylar önce

    Toronto finna change its city nickname from The 6ix to The Thr33.

  • Ed M
    Ed M Aylar önce

    raps the new spurs

  • fernando fajardo
    fernando fajardo Aylar önce

    The raptors need another good center

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante Aylar önce

      And a good point gúard,shooting guard,small forward, n power forward. Baby dinosaurs going nowhere this season.

  • J.R. !?!?!?!
    J.R. !?!?!?! Aylar önce

    Kawhi gets way too much credit for Raptors success. I wouldn't want to play them in the early rounds.

  • Mr Mayor So wavy
    Mr Mayor So wavy Aylar önce

    it's just preseason

  • lawrence terry
    lawrence terry Aylar önce

    brooklyn dont look impressive when other teams play they team the whole game..

  • AristotleXraven
    AristotleXraven Aylar önce

    That Thomas dude on the raptors needs more minutes

  • AristotleXraven
    AristotleXraven Aylar önce


  • The BoyZ
    The BoyZ Aylar önce

    Man there is nothin better then the sound of that ball goin straight through that net!

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver Aylar önce

    The Raptors Hulk smashed the Kyrie Nets. I don't think people truly appreciate how good they are without Kawhi Leonard. Last year they showed it. They are doing it again

  • Yves Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Aylar önce

    Let’s make another run Raptors!!!

  • **
    ** Aylar önce


  • Planting The North
    Planting The North Aylar önce

    Ronto splashin on em

  • Mati
    Mati Aylar önce +1

    With the player development with the Raptors, Terrence Davis is going to have a solid career in the NBA.

  • Chexy
    Chexy Aylar önce

    so many threes!

  • BrokeredHeart
    BrokeredHeart Aylar önce

    I hope OG can keep up this level of play. His three point shot looks much more improved. With Danny Green gone, they'll need someone to fill that role. He looked great out there.

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar Aylar önce

    Cant wait to see Nets in TD Garden. Celtics fans are prepared to boo their lungs out.

  • Justin White
    Justin White Aylar önce

    A lot of empty seats 👀

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Aylar önce

    Kawhi fucked up leaving this team... they are looking better than last year

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Aylar önce

    don't sleep on the Raptors...

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Aylar önce

    Every Raptors center can shoot lol

  • Javi G
    Javi G Aylar önce

    Brooklyn was man handled

  • youdontknow da1/2
    youdontknow da1/2 Aylar önce

    too early to assume he should have stayed , but the raptors are playoff contenders every year and work better without just one star. it was proven in the season but has to be proven in the playoffs as well

    Lil BAGDADI Aylar önce

    Nets get washed

  • Tim Mccain
    Tim Mccain Aylar önce

    the chaos Brooklyn will cause when KD is back!! 🤔🙄😱

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante Aylar önce

      @Tim Mccain Nets with or without Kyrie n Cupcake will dominate no one but themselves. No titles for em anytime soon.

    • Tim Mccain
      Tim Mccain Aylar önce

      @El Comandante cupcake? lmao. okay well see. Watch them boys dominate when he back

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante Aylar önce

      @Tim Mccain Cupcake brittle n injury prone. First game back he'll sprain an ankle or a knee. He's a liability on the court as is Kyrie.

    • Tim Mccain
      Tim Mccain Aylar önce

      @El Comandante boy u crazy...KD still a warrior at heart..just watch!

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante Aylar önce

      Cupcake has played his last game in the association. He'll never recover fully.

  • Spicy Me
    Spicy Me Aylar önce

    I see another ring for the Raptors in 2019 2020. Only American sports media think otherwise. Billions all over the world still believe the Raptors will smoke the pretenders again. Like they did all year. Like they laughed at every naysayers alive in July lol.

    • Spicy Me
      Spicy Me Aylar önce

      @El Comandante let's do it. $50,000 to start. You're betting on kevin durant or dre iguodala? I mean who you betting for? Phoenix suns?

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante Aylar önce

      @Spicy Me put your $ where your mouth is. Bet the farm on your baby dinosaurs winning another lucky title. U can't/won't do it cuz they will be a 500 team at best.

    • Spicy Me
      Spicy Me Aylar önce

      @El Comandante nah even if shaq, MJ, Kobe Donald Trump played for the warriors plus KD and batman, the Raptors would still shock you and leave you envious like you will be forever lol

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante Aylar önce

      They won the luckiest title ever. A high school freshman team coulda beaten GS.