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Recruitmen USMC in Born on Fourth of July (tom cruise)

  • katma 29 Haz 2020


  • Adriana Matlack

    When Tom Berenger mentions the Frozen Chosin Reservoir that is some brilliant acting, you can tell he is reliving memories of it at that moment. Always loved this scene.

  • Leana Jo 💗

    One of the greatest scenes in movie history. Inspired me to join (I went into the Army) after I watched it a few years later.

  • Maza Román

    After being shot by Charlie Sheen in his last day of service, he was appointed to recruit Tom Cruise

  • Andrew
    Andrew  +20

    Sgt Barnes got kicked out of the Marines and joined the Army and was killed in Nam. Cause of death unknown… 😏

  • TheTurk56523

    Massapequa High School has always been a good Wrestling Team.

  • Sandro Soler
    Sandro Soler 28 gün önce +2

    Parallels with the teacher from All Quiet on the Western Front

  • Joeys Bestfriend

    Passing boot camp in the USMC is not as hard as they make it seem. Plus during Vietnam I’d imaging they were hungry for recruits so as long as you tried at Parris Island/ San Diego you did become a US Marine

  • 賀賀
    賀賀  +8

    Yeah right, you’re sgt Barnes.

  • Rabid Groyper

    never lost a war...

  • Sully
    Sully  +2

    Beckett from Sniper

  • Vader
    Vader  +3

    13 weeks of Brain Wash!!!