Everything Wrong With Trolls In 18 Minutes Or Less


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    Cinema Sins missed the troll propelling the skate...
    That's a SIN

  • Rem BOB
    Rem BOB 2 gün önce

    I caught a couple of missed sins. In the bunker dad tells poppy to be careful in reg outfit. Very next scene hes in his underwear. Also how did chef know the trolls were going to crash at that spot. Or even that they had escaped.

  • Marina Music
    Marina Music 2 gün önce

    As a kid branch is bad and unhappy but as an adult u relate to the, on a personal level

  • Animated Animator
    Animated Animator 2 gün önce


  • LionKing Lover 2
    LionKing Lover 2 3 gün önce

    Thee who controls the trolls, controls the kingdom
    Thee who controls the alpha, controls them all

  • alphabasky
    alphabasky 3 gün önce

    The usage of Gorillaz in this horrendous movie deserves at least 20 sins. I was horrified.

  • in ggjvcf hghb
    in ggjvcf hghb 4 gün önce

    plays entire movie

  • Kita Janzen
    Kita Janzen 4 gün önce +1

    So, I took all of the things he said wrong wtih the movie, and made it right,
    Everything Right With TROLLS:
    1) That isn't even part of the movie, so why add it?
    2) It’s fun for kids
    4) One, no, they don’t, and two, why not? Stitch is adorable!!
    5) They’re grumpy and mean, who like that wouldn’t give wedgies?
    6) this is a Disney movie! They either didn’t know, or made a pun.
    7) They didn’t want to waste troll bodies, I guess
    8) Don’t judge people for liking pop!
    9) Happy is a state of mind for them. Can’t be happy if you don’t believe you can be happy!
    10) Maybe it’s NOT lighter fluid! Ever think about that?
    11) It’s just for show.
    12) I don’t understand what you are trying to say.
    13) They have different stages then us
    14) I didn’t find that creepy, maybe she was trying to be kind
    15) They’re for SHOW
    16) How can they be any quieter, running for their lives?
    17) Kids like that kind of stuff
    18) Maybe she felt the force of the running troll and could feel she caught something.
    19) DUH! They had to dig a tunnel!
    20) Because the trolls were her responsibility
    21) Just because it was in a painted picture, doesn't mean they were actually happy
    22) Maybe there was a tiny time jump, and they ran there, or disney just screwed up on this one. Either or.
    23) They like the songs they like.
    24) I don’t understand this either
    25) They had to do the back story! Would you rather it interrupt that?
    26) Princesses like kids, and kids like her!
    27) The little pets are happy, the trolls must have found them homeless and gave them a home, food and happiness!
    28) He must have all the latest fashion photographed!
    29) Exactly. Kids need this entertainment!
    30) He’s edgy
    31) They’re still always happy, but SOMEONE JUST DIED! Give them break!!!
    32) Maybe that was in two years, the clown getting married, then got a disease and died
    33) It’s not like it was all bloody! You need to get a tougher skin
    34) He doesn't need to be happy. If your grandma died because of you, wouldn’t you have at least some sorrow on you conscious?
    35) That's judgmental. He can be freakishly sad if he wants to be.
    36) They’re happy up there!
    37) They have their own way of talking!
    38) One, no, it isn’t, and two, it wouldn’t be like that the whole story, just the beginning, if it was like it at all.
    39) They wouldn’t know to test it, if they just did it for the first time
    40) She thought the bergins wouldn’t hear them, so they are idiots
    41) He thought the bergins wouldn’t be able to hear them, either, so I guess they’re all idiots, except for Branch
    42) And what’s wrong with that?
    43) The trolls are just good at hiding, I guess
    44) It’s cute!
    45) What would the trolls be able to hang on to, to be able to withstand the force of a hand 4 times bigger than you?
    46) She’s too lazy, and too impatient. She wanted to get back RIGHT AWAY, so she could prove herself sooner
    47) Maybe he fixed it
    48) No, he doesn’t. It doesn’t even show anything like that
    49) She doesn’t want to endanger any of her friends
    50) He didn’t tell her not to shoot fireworks in the air, but he did tell her not to throw the party
    51) Well, everyone has flaws! They wanted to match up the brains and the personality
    52) DUH
    53) She must have quickly unlocked everything
    54) No.. just.. just no. That was low.
    55) The forest changed since then
    56) If they can find a safe spot, then life all year is better than death once a year!
    57) How would you know that one-eyed bird’s anatomy?
    58) Exactly, kids wouldn’t think twice about this
    59) Maybe she took a wrong turn… more then once?
    60) I can’t say anything, because I’ve never seen the movie
    61) Maybe he just caught up to her now, and was following her footsteps, or scent, or something
    62) He was concerned about her! Jeez!
    63) Not in their species
    64) She’s trying to get him to be happy
    65) She’s a troll, she knows every song that ever existed, and she kept the guitar in her hair
    66) Or that’s where the Bergins dumped their trash, but didn’t care enough to look into the tunnels
    67) Maybe she didn’t even think to ask him
    68) Certain death, or saving their friends
    69) I don’t understand that one, either
    70) Not for a kid
    71) That wouldn’t go under “soiling themself” more then “storming themself”
    72) Maybe they prefer those over Flurges
    73) It’s sarcasm
    74) No, but at least one of them would be happy
    75) The rest of the bergans either don’t care, or she is extremely stealthy
    76) Dramatic effect
    77) That was his “beautiful” voice
    78) Maybe he died from a disease
    79) Yup. That’s just how Disney movies work
    80) Now THAT was a real mistake!
    81) Lots of kids understand that kind of stuff
    82) She’s just an idiot. Nothing else to it.
    83) He is patient. It’s called dramatic effect
    84) I don’t agree, but alright
    85) Without that, how could the movie ever reach the climax?
    86) She has tough skin and thick bones; she’s fine
    87) Every town has local news, and she has to hide it because what if someone walked in there, saw it, then fired her? She’d be living on the street!!
    88) Meh, so what? It’s entertaining, to kids if no one else
    89) It’s called being optimistic
    90) How would you know he’s good at it if you haven’t even heard him sing yet?
    91) Not funny. How would you like it if you killed your grandma and the guy you were telling was laughing his head off?
    92) Because he’s making it sound happy
    93) Or they just know the songs, like everyone else
    94) That’s what a lot of people say
    96) Maybe he meant he ate a sarcasm once
    97) I don’t, and lots of other people don’t, either
    98) If you don’t like it, Don’t watch it.
    99) Maybe she’s psychic
    100) They know why he’s sad, and that action was a happy action
    101) There wouldn’t be any if they ran away, but that’s her fault, not Lady Glitter Sparkles, and she wouldn’t be around to be punished
    102) What? They’re good songs! Maybe I should judge you for liking bad modern rap songs
    103) Maybe he was trying to create a dramatic pause but failed
    104) They’re running on the wheels
    105) Maybe he wasn’t pooping, but was getting his glittery butt shaved off
    106) They’re made out of rubber
    107) Yes, but it’s obvious poppy liked him, making it impossible not to feel sympathy
    108) That’s when the tree was still alive and all the trolls lived out there
    109) They don’t die. There’s a lot wrong with that statement
    110) No, no I didn’t. And I’m betting a lot of other people didn’t, either
    111) Because to figure out the trolls weren't worth eating, the Bergins probably would have ate at least one of the trolls, maybe even more!
    112) The Bergins eat them whole and raw
    113) Ha ha ha ha ha… yeah, right!
    114) Well, now they have the will to escape, and no one gets eaten!
    115) They’re trolls! They were born with luck (and freakish amounts of happiness)!!!
    116) Duh, without this, they ALL would be dead!
    117) Or she knew it was Bridget all along, I mean, she doesn’t exactly look all that different
    118) Yep, and she should have said, “gave her life to save ours!”
    119) They’re running on the wheels
    120) Or they’ll get it unstuck by singing a different song
    121) Or it’s just a good song
    122) Or they buy into that they can be happy all the time
    123) Maybe they came in through the roof… or they teleported… or your just right… who knows?
    124) And what’s wrong with that?
    125) Maybe she didn’t die, just couldn’t come back ‘cause then she would get murdered by all the other Bergins
    126) Everyone remembers, he betrayed them!
    127) Or daddy troll is too old to lead
    128) They could always turn the TV off, the credits are only important to the people who helped or were in the movie
    Hey, your the one that asked!

  • Amika Tat
    Amika Tat 4 gün önce

    LOL it is in 19 minutes and 36 seconds

  • Iree Seeley
    Iree Seeley 4 gün önce

    11:39 and bridget is dead

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 7 gün önce

    Isn't there gonna be a sequel? Ugh

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins 7 gün önce

    XD I have an aunt Linda, I call her Noni :I

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins 7 gün önce

    *T R O L L G A S M*

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins 7 gün önce

    *that's greysist*

  • Dexter Whit
    Dexter Whit 7 gün önce

    yeah I thought they had changed to 21st Century Fox on the premiere of Futurama. I was so excited I told my mom. But they didn't. *Ding

  • Daisy Sipos
    Daisy Sipos 7 gün önce

    Idk about anyone else but did you guys notice that when Branch is singing its the exact sound clip taken from Diary of a Wimpy kid when Greg is singing for the try outs of the school play.

  • Krysnha
    Krysnha 8 gün önce

    The most amaizing comparison to something similar, refering to a much better movie, serie and novels, he who controls the trolls controls the kingdom, he who controls the spice controls the i don remember how it ends.
    But well thanks to cinema sins so i dont havev to watch the movie

  • Tyler Harper
    Tyler Harper 9 gün önce

    That stupid hand shake pissed me off at school because everyone would do that to me

  • Kat YT
    Kat YT 9 gün önce


  • Fireblaze
    Fireblaze 9 gün önce

    Tbh I actually liked this movie

  • eben salas
    eben salas 10 gün önce

    At 15:09 it’s herself HERSELF

  • Lots of lols Ys
    Lots of lols Ys 10 gün önce

    8:28 Clever with that pun

  • SRB
    SRB 10 gün önce

    1:22 how the fuck is he biking up the stairs on a tricycle

  • BBoy Playz
    BBoy Playz 11 gün önce

    Okay. It's still the 20th century. The 21st century doesn't start until 2100. Just saying it's true. How is the 19th century from the year 1900-2000, and the 21st century starts at the year 2010? *sighs*

  • Antonio T Torres
    Antonio T Torres 12 gün önce

    How dumb trolls hate water so water must kill them

  • L
    L 12 gün önce

    When I watched his movie, I was cringing at the clechies and singing at the end.

  • Alice Reese
    Alice Reese 12 gün önce

    And add 1,000 sins more for everytime when a song is song it's not so good anymore.

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja 12 gün önce

    There is so much wrong with this movie

  • Hayden Hedrick
    Hayden Hedrick 12 gün önce

    You mean everything?

  • diamond penguin
    diamond penguin 13 gün önce

    Trolls is my least favorite movie

  • Jessica Thomure
    Jessica Thomure 13 gün önce

    Lammu bell

  • Owen Lewis
    Owen Lewis 13 gün önce

    Earlier in the movie, they said the Bergens DIDNT KNOW HOW TO SING

  • Marla Dickens
    Marla Dickens 13 gün önce

    shut your lying mouth

  • Mat Broadcast
    Mat Broadcast 13 gün önce

    17:08 this is so accurate I developed migraines from thinking about it

  • Lapis Zen
    Lapis Zen 14 gün önce

    And Bridget is dead.

  • Lapis Zen
    Lapis Zen 14 gün önce

    4:39-4:46 I actually didn't notice that.

  • Angsty Swan
    Angsty Swan 14 gün önce

    I'm surprised it wasn't titled everything is wrong with trolls the end

  • the Tanner cowboy
    the Tanner cowboy 14 gün önce


  • Mystic Alpha Mythix
    Mystic Alpha Mythix 14 gün önce

    You forgot
    How the hell can their hair magically glow?
    So bridget was a f***ing stalker all this time?
    I will add more later

  • Mark Harlow
    Mark Harlow 15 gün önce

    Your not gonna mention the fact that trolls with rainbow hair sang "I'm coming out" also....they all have regular hair hiw tf did it turn rainbow

  • Hollyleaf of ThunderClan
    Hollyleaf of ThunderClan 15 gün önce +1

    16:29 to 16:37 I have never felt so similar to you in my life

  • sean Campbell
    sean Campbell 15 gün önce

    Who else noticed the sinc was perfect 6:56

  • Super Whiting
    Super Whiting 15 gün önce

    what does MDMA mean?

  • Descendants 2 Fan
    Descendants 2 Fan 15 gün önce

    Food ad at end everyone likes food

  • Geeky Cat
    Geeky Cat 16 gün önce

    just saying
    where she kept it? up her ass-

  • Salty Sause
    Salty Sause 16 gün önce

    8:31 A sin for cinema sins (ding) because that is a ukulele not a guitar

  • Forrest Krager
    Forrest Krager 16 gün önce

    Every hug time the king only has underwear on

  • Yarirza Retana
    Yarirza Retana 16 gün önce

    Branch:And i'd like a little SILENCE!!
    *Poppy is too dumb to listen so she plays a song*
    Branch's face is like:OMG JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!

  • Koritsi Alogo
    Koritsi Alogo 16 gün önce

    “Everything” wrong?
    Are you *sure?*

  • Blake Miller
    Blake Miller 16 gün önce

    It’s 19 minutes

  • wolven playz
    wolven playz 16 gün önce

    Hey cianamasins popy's cowbell was bigger than her baby shelf and where did she pull that from

  • Pineapple In A Bucket
    Pineapple In A Bucket 16 gün önce

    4:49 anyone else realize those X’s were drawn on?

  • Melat Gebeyehu
    Melat Gebeyehu 17 gün önce

    "You don't sing, you don't dance, you're so gray all the time."
    Me: Girl, if you got a cure for depression, please show me. If not, then you can shut the hell up.

  • Max the siren and alarm fanatic

    Why couldn't you have said everything and left it at that?

  • Sapphire Gray
    Sapphire Gray 17 gün önce

    Honestly they don’t need that many poop jokes

  • mr.cactusnoob videos
    mr.cactusnoob videos 17 gün önce

    You are watching sing

  • Dark Moon
    Dark Moon 17 gün önce

    Thing is it's 20 years later and prince brissal is still like 10 years old

  • Purple Mangle
    Purple Mangle 18 gün önce

    Singing Killed My Grandma.
    Hugging Killed My Mom.
    Dancing Killed My Dad.

    (Not true, I just wanted to be "Funny".)
    Isn't it the new trend now? Well, when this video was made?

    EZB_VLOGING 18 gün önce

    That’s graysict

    EZB_VLOGING 18 gün önce

    How to ruin my sisters favourite movie

  • LPS Foxy Queen
    LPS Foxy Queen 18 gün önce

    the trolls movie is a sad excuse for songs the company just need the movie The cram of whole bunch of songs and try try try to make their own original song

  • Aggeliki D
    Aggeliki D 18 gün önce

    When you get jumped by some TRclips ni🅱️🅱️as and one of them says: ''Delete''

    Translation: Demonetize that ni🅱️🅱️as videos.

  • Game Glitch Mobile
    Game Glitch Mobile 18 gün önce

    If they treated him like a psychopath you would have sinned them for that

  • pathetic
    pathetic 18 gün önce


  • Travis Ross
    Travis Ross 18 gün önce

    They also show the little burgans smiling before he eats a troll

  • Sugary Sugar
    Sugary Sugar 18 gün önce

    3:30 How the f*ck does this giant cowbell fit behind her?! Or in that tiny sprout of hair?!

  • Terminus Taylor
    Terminus Taylor 18 gün önce

    You can be sad when eating a donut of it has the wrong filling

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 18 gün önce

    bad parenting:
    Poppy: I'm gonna go into a DEATH FOREST!
    Poppy's dad: Ok, be safe.

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 18 gün önce

    7:26 Why does the king look drunk?

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 18 gün önce

    3:18 why is ur child not wearing diaper? That is terrible parenting. WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY CRAP!?

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 18 gün önce

    Poppy: Eating a troll made them so happy! That Branch decided to try it himself and turned into a canibal!

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 18 gün önce

    Ummm... the ad before this video is TERRIBLE! I CAN SEE YOUR MONEY!? THAT SOUNDS LIKE A ROBBER OR A RIP OFF OF THAT ONE COMMERCIAL "Whats in your wallet?"

  • Madeline Feldblum
    Madeline Feldblum 19 gün önce

    15:27 shouldn't Branch be the one getting colorful again? One more sin for that please.

  • Alex toyworld
    Alex toyworld 19 gün önce

    1:15 the shinning reference

  • Peka Silk
    Peka Silk 19 gün önce

    13:27 It was worth it.

  • Stac.
    Stac. 19 gün önce

    Man, compare the Trolls with drugs.

  • Katrina Blodgett
    Katrina Blodgett 19 gün önce

    I’m surprised that when the trolls made the wig he didn’t count a sin cuz the trolls were singing about coming out...

  • XxScarletxX _XxRosexX
    XxScarletxX _XxRosexX 20 gün önce

    0:05 but is it holo?

  • Stormy's Happy Fun Clubhouse

    He forgot to mention HOW DID THAT DUDE DRIVE UP THE STAIRS!

  • Krisp the cat is a jevil fangirl

    trolls need birth control cause if their parents can have about 67 of them what the hell has life come to

  • Kali Coleman
    Kali Coleman 20 gün önce

    *thats graycist.*

  • Tommie Sassard
    Tommie Sassard 20 gün önce

    🤣 😂 😄 🙂 🙁 😡 🤬 😈 👿

  • LilCraftyK
    LilCraftyK 20 gün önce

    tbh "singing killed my grandma" was the best part of the movie

  • Kieron Doncom
    Kieron Doncom 20 gün önce

    Cooper isn’t a troll

  • Temmie The Gamer! (LIZ THE MEMER)

    G R A Y C I S T

  • Gavin Henderson
    Gavin Henderson 20 gün önce

    Why didn’t you sin Poppy taking out a cow bell from thin air that was bigger than her did no one see that
    And why the heck does there clothes lose colors what the heck

  • TheMemeGod
    TheMemeGod 20 gün önce +2

    Pause at 2:22 and you will no longer be afraid to die

  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop 20 gün önce

    Wait isn't this movie for kids?It's not for adults kids really don't care about things

  • Jasmine_The_Pastel_Cat JTA

    You forgot to say that they were smiling and HAPPY before eating the trolls.

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 21 gün önce

    0:52 it’s like drugs

  • Bakadesu
    Bakadesu 21 gün önce

    My sister babysits and I die inside every time the kid she babysits puts on this movie.

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez 21 gün önce

    At 3:29 there are 2 sins, one being where did a cowbell and a mallet come from and two being how could poppy hold and hide that thing when it’s bigger than her.

  • lil’ Doot-Doot
    lil’ Doot-Doot 21 gün önce +3

    For every like I will add a party emoji 🥳🥳🥳

  • Chernor Jalloh
    Chernor Jalloh 21 gün önce

    Honestly trolls is a rip off of the smurfs

  • That Guy Who Gets No Likes

    Sin yourself for the fact you watch 3 year old movies

    And sin me for watching a 2 year old video

  • Nathan Zet
    Nathan Zet 21 gün önce

    The skate was being propelled by one of the shorty trolls on a wheel

  • Five Lindor
    Five Lindor 21 gün önce

    This was really a dumb movie.

  • Bailey Meagher
    Bailey Meagher 21 gün önce

    what if you where the gramom and you died

  • Bailey Meagher
    Bailey Meagher 21 gün önce

    as a troll half a mile. the burgens one step