Portland Trail Blazers vs Utah Jazz - Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 17 Eki 2019
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs Utah Jazz - Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Cameron Nebraska
    Cameron Nebraska Aylar önce

    Dame Time!

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura Aylar önce

    Why does Joel Ingles look like he busted a nut in the thumbnail?

  • Buom tut
    Buom tut Aylar önce +1

    Just wait until my cavs Collin sexton n Darius garland become a better version of dame n cj we gone be destroying teams left n right especially with possible draft pick this year n we'll be good with or without Kevin love

  • Stand For US
    Stand For US Aylar önce

    This the best basketball game ive ever seen 😭

  • TarePanda
    TarePanda Aylar önce

    West is stupid stacked.

  • Kyle Braithwaite
    Kyle Braithwaite Aylar önce +2

    Is it just me or are they taking preseason more seriously these days? I swear these used to be meaningless games, but preseason games this year have felt different.

  • Lets See
    Lets See Aylar önce

    Inside the NBA: Tonight we highlights from the Portland Trailblazers game
    Ernie: 🥳🥳🥳
    Charles: 😂😂
    Kenny: 😙😙
    Shaq: 😑😑😑😑
    Everybody at home 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • jenye brown
    jenye brown Aylar önce +1

    literally every highlight starts with a screen
    just awful and boring to watch

  • elo gomez
    elo gomez Aylar önce

    Lakers better than both these teams unfortunately

    • I-Man
      I-Man Aylar önce +1

      @elo gomez I can't make a fair assessment until the regular season, but I think the blazers are on the same level. Last game the blazers almost beat Denver with Dame, Cj, Whiteside, and Pau out. 106-110. In the fourth quarter they only played their 3rd unit against Denver's starters

    • elo gomez
      elo gomez Aylar önce

      I-Man your seriously saying the jazz and the blazers are even with the lakers? Watch this game and then watch the last lakers vs warriors

    • I-Man
      I-Man Aylar önce +2

      uhhh i'd say pretty even...

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez Aylar önce

    I think my jazz miss Rubio already because he used to feed Favors and Robert every game and even Donovan Mitchell AND INGLES I like mike Conley HE IS 1 OF THE BEST PG but he does not feet in the team because he is lethil when he got the ball but he doesnt have A GOOD IQ TO SPREAD THE FLOOR AND RUBIO HAS IT ESPECIALLY WITH BIGS.

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan Aylar önce

    Where were Goberts blocks??? You left those out lol

  • erron
    erron Aylar önce

    lillard is too inefficient. will never be that elite point guard

  • Ricky Simpson
    Ricky Simpson Aylar önce

    Good back court matchup. I can't wait to see this match up in the regular season or even the playoffs if they match up

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Aylar önce +1

    Goooo Portland

  • LilLucky Ali
    LilLucky Ali Aylar önce


  • Mathew Lobo
    Mathew Lobo Aylar önce

    Love winning at the “Delta center “ !

  • VandaKai i
    VandaKai i Aylar önce +2

    THIS is the time for the blazers and the clips to punch LB in his throat and watch LA burn and take a title... I will give Portland and the Clips two to three years to do this if not o well get the fk out the way cause my pelicans gonna be steppin in... hell the pels may step in even sooner who knows!! love to all u blazers fans tho I love what Portland has built up there!!!

  • It's LAW
    It's LAW Aylar önce +4

    POR playin with a chip on their shoulder the WEST is gonna b SCARY

  • Goku Kakarot
    Goku Kakarot Aylar önce

    The Jazz are going 0-82 this season.. Ed Davis isn't filling Derrick Favors defensive shoes at all

  • Shawn Harrison
    Shawn Harrison Aylar önce

    I find myself saying, "Hassan, get your big ass down there!" far too often. I swear, that mf stands outside the key every possession.

  • Key Himself
    Key Himself Aylar önce +7

    This could be a playoff thriller!

  • xart23x
    xart23x Aylar önce +18

    CJ is so skilled man. So crafty. Portland definitely improved their roster.

    • tyranclutch
      tyranclutch Aylar önce +2

      xart23x they got rid of Seth ❗️ Dumb move

    • Peter Mazzocco
      Peter Mazzocco Aylar önce +7

      @SLICENSLASH The thing is all of them have the ability to be the 3rd best scorer any given night, that's what makes them scary.

      SLICENSLASH Aylar önce +4

      They definitely did. But who's gonna step up & become their 3rd scorer? Hood, Simons, Bazemore, Whiteside? Who's gonna step up.

  • Oh Ok
    Oh Ok Aylar önce +1

    Why didn't Mudiay dish out like that in NY

  • AlexDaManGames
    AlexDaManGames Aylar önce +19

    Lillard and McCollum are the best duo in the league. Hot take btw.

    • Sean Clarke
      Sean Clarke Aylar önce

      What about lebron and AD?

    • Lenny K
      Lenny K Aylar önce +11

      Nicholas Pagano he put series ending game winners on both of them....

    • Nicholas Pagano
      Nicholas Pagano Aylar önce +1

      Lillard is not better than harden and cj is not better than russ

  • 764 Play
    764 Play Aylar önce +13

    5:59 He Different bruh I feel like its safe to say he's unguardable

  • Max Crockett
    Max Crockett Aylar önce +3

    Utah is gonna be sick this year

    • Matt Eulberg
      Matt Eulberg Aylar önce

      @Taylor Klock that's funny. both teams seemed pretty even. and that would be playoffs not necessarily a regular season game.

    • dante gaines
      dante gaines Aylar önce

      @Uncle Shannon also im a big mike conley fan btw, so i have hope for the jazz

    • dante gaines
      dante gaines Aylar önce

      @Uncle Shannon when i said said its pre season, i mean that by don't let these game judge how these teams do this season. idk why u thought i was takin this seriously bro lol

    • Uncle Shannon
      Uncle Shannon Aylar önce

      dante gaines bro people are gonna lose the jazz blew the blazers out last year multiple times and they made the wcf y’all taking one game too seriously lol

    • Uncle Shannon
      Uncle Shannon Aylar önce +1

      Taylor Klock bro stop lol the Jazz always start out the season slow imagine taking preseason games seriously lmao

  • 764 Play
    764 Play Aylar önce +12

    Rodney Hood a stud bro

    • agoodwil
      agoodwil Aylar önce

      Why didn't he play like this in Utah?

    • 764 Play
      764 Play Aylar önce

      @Lg3 fax only cuhh

    • 764 Play
      764 Play Aylar önce +1

      @Javon Wise Lebron too ball dominant he a iso scorer

    • Javon Wise
      Javon Wise Aylar önce

      764 Play How come he didn’t play like this in Cleveland lol

  • Alvaro Bazan
    Alvaro Bazan Aylar önce +3

    Who’s #10 👀 guy came out of nowhere haha

    • Obed
      Obed Aylar önce +1

      troy caupain

    • Alvaro Bazan
      Alvaro Bazan Aylar önce

      mralfygoal yeah the guy towards the end

    • mralfygoal
      mralfygoal Aylar önce +1

      For the blazers??

  • GhostRadio
    GhostRadio Aylar önce +6

    That female ref needs to get off the court and stop flailing around.

    • Uncle Shannon
      Uncle Shannon Aylar önce

      GhostRadio Fr make refs are already ass we don’t need female refs making it worse

    • Keenan McClenton
      Keenan McClenton Aylar önce

      Lhh, moving round all widely n shit

    • Alex Bogushchenko
      Alex Bogushchenko Aylar önce

      She should go ref in the wnba

  • Itz_zay
    Itz_zay Aylar önce +14

    2:18 look at Ed Davis playing CB😂. Illegal screens aren’t a thing anymore

    • Itz_zay
      Itz_zay Aylar önce +2

      Slap corner back

    • Slap
      Slap Aylar önce

      Tf is CB

  • Steve Gram
    Steve Gram Aylar önce +40

    "lillard is just an assassin"

  • Alex Fialon
    Alex Fialon Aylar önce +21

    If Dame and Jingles had a baby it would be Paul George

  • Carlos F.T
    Carlos F.T Aylar önce +16


    • John Roguel
      John Roguel Aylar önce

      @Karl Nelson you from boring utah huh??

    • John Roguel
      John Roguel Aylar önce +1

      @Karl Nelson not saying just nyc/la teams.. gotta face the fact that in the last 15 or more years the teams that made it to the finals were big market/has a good nightlife teams.. take a look which teams are in the finals and discuss it to me.. By the way, Utah is boring like what everybody says.. K

    • Karl Nelson
      Karl Nelson Aylar önce

      John Roguel so every team that gets to the finals should be from nyc or la? You’d be one of those artist that goes to those cities “to make it” and realize you got shit. Outside of income tax and wanting to get a tan, a teams location don’t mean shit. Coaching staff, development staff, and facilities is what will make a team. It’s not like the number 1 in the draft really has any say as to where he goes. My guess is you’ve never moved out of the state you were born in.

    • John Roguel
      John Roguel Aylar önce +1

      lmfao gtfoh with yo boring ass utah.. y'all never ever gonna make it to finals again.. who tf wants to see a boring state/city teams in finals anyway nowadays??

    • Life with Amar
      Life with Amar Aylar önce

      Slap lol watch him say he was a warrior fan 😂 bandwagon

  • Tracy Bodrero
    Tracy Bodrero Aylar önce

    Darn jazz

  • Bronsexual Patrol-#HOKAGE
    Bronsexual Patrol-#HOKAGE Aylar önce +33

    Cj is the most efficient SG in the league

    • Big titty Boy
      Big titty Boy Aylar önce +3

      Nicholas Pagano harden the most efficient? That’s how I know you don’t know wtf you’re talking about

    • Jacob Vanderhooft
      Jacob Vanderhooft Aylar önce +1

      Nicholas Pagano LoL ya I know klay is so overrated

    • Nicholas Pagano
      Nicholas Pagano Aylar önce

      @Sufian Nawaz klay is barely efficient as he doesnt do anything but take jumpers. Hes a slightly better kyle Korver. He cant get his own shot, he doesnt pass to anyone and make his team better and he doesnt rebound. The single most overrated player in the league and that includes his defense.

    • Nicholas Pagano
      Nicholas Pagano Aylar önce

      Damn none of yall know what the fuck youre talking about and have no clue how efficiency is measured. CJ is nowhere near the most efficient SG. Hes not even that efficient. Harden is by far the most efficient SG and its not even close at all. Beal is far more efficient than CJ as well.

    • Romanian Shadow
      Romanian Shadow Aylar önce +1

      @Javon Wise but beal is more efficient

  • Nick Bennett
    Nick Bennett Aylar önce

    Whyd you leave collins out you bum

  • Keval Patel
    Keval Patel Aylar önce +5

    Jazz look pretty disappointing in the preseason thus far...

    • Uncle Shannon
      Uncle Shannon Aylar önce

      Keval Patel you gotta remember they have a lot of new players and they always start off slow just need some time to build chemistry they will be alright

    • dante gaines
      dante gaines Aylar önce +1

      relax first off if they played New Orleans for real they would have won, also lets not act like portland is a trash team they did make it to the western finals.And last thing................ITS PRESEASON!!!!!!

    • Alex Bogushchenko
      Alex Bogushchenko Aylar önce +1

      @Brad Allred you gotta factor in the fact that Lillard and CJ couldn't miss

    • Kirbystare1992
      Kirbystare1992 Aylar önce

      Keval Patel they’re not a regular season team
      To me more built for postseason. But it might continue look at their schedule they might start 2-8 lol

    • Javon Wise
      Javon Wise Aylar önce


  • jawuan
    jawuan Aylar önce +4

    green was solid pickup for them

  • isosslime
    isosslime Aylar önce +16

    cj is so effiecient its crazy

  • leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Daily reminder Joe Ingles is Pg 13 Dad

  • طَ نَسْ
    طَ نَسْ Aylar önce +25

    Battle of Paul George's killer

    • Jacob Vanderhooft
      Jacob Vanderhooft Aylar önce

      m3gusta17 and has he beat all of them in the finals and does he have more or even rings as them? And is he better than them? And does he always play better than them? Yes.

    • ActavisNoTech
      ActavisNoTech Aylar önce

      m3gusta17 you said it for me 😂

    • m3gusta17
      m3gusta17 Aylar önce

      @Jacob Vanderhooft Bron is 3-5 against those guys in the Finals from 2011-2018, so no, he really doesn't.

    • Jacob Vanderhooft
      Jacob Vanderhooft Aylar önce +2

      ActavisNoTech you mean bron kills those guys

    • Uncle Krunkle
      Uncle Krunkle Aylar önce

      PG 13's real killer is harden

  • ThePlushKing
    ThePlushKing Aylar önce +2

    NBA is back baby lets goo!