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Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Jailhouse Interview

  • katma 26 Kas 2018
  • Warning: This video contains graphic descriptions of violence. Twenty-four years ago, Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison while serving 16 life sentences. In 1993, the man known as “the Milwaukee Cannibal” granted Inside Edition a jailhouse interview and was forthright about his crimes. During his reign of terror between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 men and boys and kept some of their body parts in freezers inside his home. He was eventually arrested in 1991 when a victim escaped.

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  • Sindy Nelia

    It’s so crazy how serial killers look and act so normal. The scary thing is thinking about how many people you maybe crossed without knowing being evil as well.

  • Sophie Saros
    Sophie Saros 4 saatler önce +94

    He is so calm and the way he can explain exactly why he did what he did with such intelligence and poise, is truly haunting.

  • Gisselle ST

    It’s terrifying how calm and normal serial killers seem, you just never know.

  • Spook Noodle
    Spook Noodle 4 saatler önce +34

    The scary thing is not that he was a monster in disguise or something like that, he was human. It's good that he got arrested and it's sad that we still don't know enough of the human psyche and don't have the recources to prevent such terrible acts.

  • wxnky
    wxnky  +6

    it's honestly terrifying how calm and normal he seems. If you aren't paying attention to his words it just seems like a normal conversation. it's just scary how honest and calm he is

  • echo hotel
    echo hotel 2 saatler önce +11

    It's amazing how Dahmer literally looks like 3 different men I can't put my finger on it but have seen all the movies all the documentaries and I always notice how it appears he could pass for 2 or 3 different guys

  • katelyn duffy
    katelyn duffy Yıl önce +7

    rip to all this poor souls. they didn’t deserve this. my condolences to their families. this isn’t a way any innocent person should die, horrifying.

  • Amanda Welker

    How calmly he can analyze himself is just chilling.

  • Doomed2Existence
    Doomed2Existence 28 gün önce +1

    This interview is literally insane. The way he’s able to recognize the bizarreness with such clarity but at the same time almost be completely detached from the carnal side of himself. Very strange man, it’s like he’s split in two mentally

  • Beyond Dreams
    Beyond Dreams 4 saatler önce +7

    It's scary to even watch this interview. It took alot to take interview of such people, hats off to the interviewer.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix  +2

    I was actually pretty upset about the Monster series at first. I just watched the whole thing, and I get it now. Watching this made it all more real. I already knew about the crimes, but while I was sucked into the series, I perceived all the pain, grief, anxiety, that all of the victims' families went through... I think, in a way, this reminded people of these victims. They deserve to be remberberd. My heart goes out to them all, you deserve to heal.

  • Kiryu’s Havoc

    Dahmer definitely one of the most disturbed serial killers in U.S. history, but can’t deny that his honesty and confessions isn’t interesting unlike most serial killers who deny their crimes

  • SonicGlitchmaster1
    SonicGlitchmaster1 Yıl önce +4

    In a psychological way, hearing him talk about these things is both fascinating and absolutely horrifying

  • Curiuosgirl

    He got away with a lot of it because the police ignored the woman next door who told on him... repeatedly... What horror she must have experienced, living next to such madness. What a brave soul she was!

  • Trystan
    Trystan  +1

    I believe he wanted to be caught. Like others have mentioned he knew it was wrong but just couldn’t stop his addiction. What’s scary is this addiction he couldn’t stop is the same process that happens to many drug users or people with other nasty addictions. It happens the same way but for him and his circumstances, it unfortunately happened to be killing people.

  • sehedit
    sehedit 2 saatler önce +2

    This interview haunts me so much

  • mohd farooq

    I'm surprised to see how calm,normal and self aware he is,he's terrifying.

  • shannon porter
    shannon porter 21 gün önce +116

    I got sucked into it this series as well. All of the families, and the community he affected makes this truly tragic. I felt really bad for his poor grandmother . I suppose even with the clues ,and suspicions there , his father ,and grandmother were in denial that thier own blood could be such a monster.

  • Dar S
    Dar S  +30

    Absolutely shameful how the police failed that 14 year old child!!

  • Carl Kligerman

    Dahmer is the most perplexing of all serial killers. He’s so articulate and honest about what he did, almost innocently curious about his own actions and constitution; he doesn’t seem evil at all. The most mild mannered of serial killers and yet one of the most violent, bizarre and horrific case studies in the sordid history of this class of criminal. SMH