TEKKEN 7 - Leroy Smith Full Command List (All Moves) Wing Chun DLC Character 2019

  • katma 9 Ara 2019
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    Leroy Smith Wing Chun DLC Character full command list / alla attacks and moves, rage arts combos, etc. full move list

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  • Chester Veloso Photography
    Chester Veloso Photography 4 saatler önce +1

    Thank god Leroy gets nerfed next patch.

  • deepak chauhan
    deepak chauhan 14 gün önce +1

    That is ip man in tekken 7 😍😍👍

  • Cute Bridge
    Cute Bridge 27 gün önce

    you ever watch a movelist video just to try and figure out some counters

  • Singuy Kook
    Singuy Kook Aylar önce


  • Wakil Jenaipa
    Wakil Jenaipa Aylar önce

    Master Ip Man


    So basically this guy is IP man and Bruce lee combined in one

  • Melk Lima
    Melk Lima Aylar önce

    Wing Chun !!! ❤☯

  • Josh Claudio
    Josh Claudio Aylar önce +12

    Wing Chun is one of my favorite martial arts. I still practice that until this day. Glad tekken finally has a fighter that is doing wing Chun.

  • Dr. Thrax
    Dr. Thrax Aylar önce +1

    Now one of my fave characters! He's so unique and not a copycat of others.

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann Aylar önce

    damn maybe i'll grab it

  • Deer War Veteran
    Deer War Veteran Aylar önce

    if only they had the wutang clan for his soundtrack

  • J R
    J R Aylar önce

    are they doing anything with the faces ?
    its been ages and Asuka's face is still wrong

  • Ajibola Laleye
    Ajibola Laleye Aylar önce

    Great video. The ending

  • Lance guo
    Lance guo Aylar önce

    The Wing Chun weapon Bo Staff make fight seem unfair.

  • RuinS
    RuinS Aylar önce

    Lee's knees vs Leroy's arms.

  • KickYour-_-Ass
    KickYour-_-Ass Aylar önce +5

    I still feel sad he dont have a throw with his dog


    Tekkens answer to the slight lack of Old Mehn well versed in martial arts (ehem dead wang and baek)

  • Ismail Midhat
    Ismail Midhat Aylar önce

    I don’t now how do it the move in 3:38

    • Egnaal
      Egnaal Aylar önce

      You mean counter? Dummy did power up, and Leroy just hit him during Dummy powerup animation

  • Ninja Hunt3r
    Ninja Hunt3r Aylar önce

    Ahhh it wouldve been so convenient if you included frame data in the video 😅

  • Adrian Cristobal
    Adrian Cristobal Aylar önce

    Wang Jinrei being lit

  • PurpleStarz x
    PurpleStarz x Aylar önce

    He got that...

    D R I P

  • Silent Soul Ken SSK
    Silent Soul Ken SSK Aylar önce +2

    His moves look awesome by the by who found it ironic that in his trailer he fought Law who uses Bruce Lee's fighting style which was inspired by Wing Chun, and Lei inspired by Jackie Chan who practices Wing Chun?

  • Deputy_ Commander
    Deputy_ Commander Aylar önce

    I bow to you, Sifu.

  • MrSurprise 22
    MrSurprise 22 Aylar önce

    Rasta mastah

  • Jerry Fransz
    Jerry Fransz Aylar önce

    Now that we have wing chun and jeet kune do in one game, I'm curious, did their story somehow connected?

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay
    Hamza Turan Kubilay Aylar önce

    Clean Pak Sau block then chain punch 🤜

  • Sirro Minus
    Sirro Minus Aylar önce

    Me:Makes fun of Wing Chun as a Martial Art
    Also me: I'm dieing to use this character who is a wing chun practitioner.

  • uzeir mustafa
    uzeir mustafa Aylar önce

    Hwoarang is best

  • 가이아TV
    가이아TV Aylar önce

    go sugar

  • Benjamin Roque
    Benjamin Roque Aylar önce

    Win chun pimp

  • Piotr Strukiel
    Piotr Strukiel Aylar önce

    I see no fun lows and no good launchers. I fear for this mans meta..

  • Zakera Jackson
    Zakera Jackson Aylar önce +1

    Ugh why they keep adding these new people who don’t need to be in Tekken🙄😒

  • Joe Byrd
    Joe Byrd Aylar önce +1

    Stryker should have a K9 in MK11 as DLC

  • Andrey Herbster
    Andrey Herbster Aylar önce

    wing chun... arte linda essa

  • W0LF B3AT5
    W0LF B3AT5 Aylar önce

    So this man was inspired by Ip-Man? The master who taught Bruce Lee martial arts. And also his signature martial art: *Wing Chun”

  • dgLupo1638
    dgLupo1638 Aylar önce

    Can't wait to use this character! A bit disappointed by his side grabs though...

  • Michi
    Michi Aylar önce +2

    Seems like a combination of Wang and Leo's moves

  • Adrian Becerra
    Adrian Becerra Aylar önce

    what is the power crush of leroy?¿what number in move list?

  • A-Punk八
    A-Punk八 Aylar önce

    now we wait for the next cool black guy character in guilty gear

  • 風遁菴語捷
    風遁菴語捷 Aylar önce +1


  • 風遁菴語捷
    風遁菴語捷 Aylar önce +1


  • Philip Jhon Caalim
    Philip Jhon Caalim Aylar önce +3

    so everytime he engage hermit many cool stuffs will be thrown to the enemy?

  • NixUniverse
    NixUniverse Aylar önce +1

    1:21 Does anyone know the name of that punch attack ?

  • Adam Malik
    Adam Malik Aylar önce +8

    Ha, I love his whole 70's black kung-fu master aesthetics

  • Carlito Dela Casa II
    Carlito Dela Casa II Aylar önce +3

    That one inch punch is another tribute to Bruce Lee

  • Ridongs Ridongs
    Ridongs Ridongs Aylar önce +3

    Leroy is probably my most favorite new released character that I really liked.

    • ignismido
      ignismido Aylar önce +1

      yeah, been a while since i saw a badass black man

  • Everything's Alright
    Everything's Alright Aylar önce +1

    Lots of moves from the Ip Man movies.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Aylar önce +21

    Morgan Freeman + Donnie Yen = LEROY SMITH :P

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Aylar önce +9

    Wang + Jinpachi are DEAD cause of old age :P HAHHAHAHA
    Leroy Smith = the new OLD MAN :P

    • Zenos Hitomora
      Zenos Hitomora Aylar önce +3

      In Tekken Logic Leroy isn't all that old... He's like 60 right? Wang & Jinpachi were both at least 90 or 100, Heihachi was easily 80, Dr B. Was no less than 70, Baek, Bruce and Ganryu were in their 50's, Paul, Law, Lee, Lei, M. Raven & Kazuya are mid or late 40's, King, Marduk, Armor King, Zafina, Bryan, Miguel, Eddy, Lars, & OG Raven seem to be in their early 30's, Anna & Nina are in their late 20's (Cryo Sleep stopped their aging), Jin, Xiaoyu, Julia, Christi, Steve, & Hworange are in their early 20's, Josie, Lucky Chloe, and Leo are in their late teens (hard to tell with L. Chloe)

  • Gold
    Gold Aylar önce

    Leroy Smith, pretty cool.


    ...hell yeah boys, we back.

  • Onder Hassan
    Onder Hassan Aylar önce

    Great character, though theres very little Wing Chun in his move set, which is disappointing.

  • Justin Mcmullen
    Justin Mcmullen Aylar önce

    Uncle Leroy is a god.

  • MjayHazedUp
    MjayHazedUp Aylar önce

    This guy is a problem!

  • Oscar White
    Oscar White Aylar önce +6

    I see that there’s still more character slots available 👀

    • Kim Dayrit
      Kim Dayrit Aylar önce +1

      Baek, Jun, Jinpachi and Roger Jr. is still missing

  • Cash ordeals
    Cash ordeals Aylar önce

    If anyone says this was the least hype characters for season 3 your lying

  • Car power! !
    Car power! ! Aylar önce

    Go sugar!
    Dog stops.

    fortunatley, you can't step on the dog

  • Chris T
    Chris T Aylar önce

    Who's the master!

  • Sr DeSilva
    Sr DeSilva Aylar önce

    see some poor FPS drops.... PS4 version..

  • Abigdummy4life
    Abigdummy4life Aylar önce +3

    Fun fact:
    Xuan Feng Jiao in Japanese on'yomi is actually "Senpuukyaku".
    Disregarding the Ryuu and Gouki/Akuma version, it's actually the 540 kick done by Yun and Yang.

  • Ismael Vera
    Ismael Vera Aylar önce

    Does Sugar have a hitbox? Or is it that it attacks on movement/attack