Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends

  • katma 8 Eki 2019
  • Destroy your doubt, face the future.
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    Featured artists: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
    Written by: Alex Seaver of Mako, Riot Music Team and Stevie Aiello
    Produced by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
    Additional production by: Scott "Noisecastle III" Bruzenak
    Verses mixed by: Eric J
    Chorus and bridge mixed by: Tony Maserati
    Additional mixing on chorus and bridge by: Alex Seaver of Mako
    Mastered by: Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman
    Vocals performed by: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
    Cello solo performed by: Tina Guo
    Video created in collaboration with:
    Chrissy Costanza appears courtesy of Fueled By Ramen
    What are you willing to lose?
    You cover your wounds, but underneath them
    A million voices in your head that whisper, "Stop, now"
    Another twist of the knife, turn of the screws
    It's all in your mind and it's fighting you
    Arm yourself, a storm is coming
    Well, kid...
    What you gonna do now?
    It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
    So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
    You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
    Fly, Phoenix, fly
    It's time for a new empire
    Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
    Phoenix, fly
    And now you're playing with matches, come out of the ashes
    Underneath you, a million voices in the crowd they're screaming, "Stop, now"
    Well let 'em swallow their pride, you're turning the tide to true believers
    Got them in the palm of your hand, you're playing God now
    What you gonna do now?
    It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
    So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
    You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
    Fly, Phoenix, fly
    It's time for a new empire
    Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
    Phoenix, fly
  • OyunOyun

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  • JonSchnee
    JonSchnee 2 dakika önce

    Noob >Dota you see this lol 100% better!!!!!

  • zeeinfinite
    zeeinfinite 18 dakika önce

    Undoubtedly, the song is great. The meaning behind is very deep, personal and it symbolizes the essence of Worlds this year. But probably most people are commenting based on it-sounds-good-to-my-ear judgment. I myself did not like the music in that sense as it has the typical 'modern-day-rihanna-inspired' chorus. The chorus dropped it for me. The lyrics, despite being meaningful, can't be heard properly due to the way they have composed it (at least for me).
    tl:dr the people who like the song can look beyond the surface and appreciate the content of the song. Most people don't bother to, hence the negative comments.

  • Tiril티릴
    Tiril티릴 23 dakika önce

    들으면 들을수록 좋다

  • 므씨마
    므씨마 42 dakika önce


  • Kei Kurono
    Kei Kurono Saatler önce

    Goosebumps for the first time! Now i listen to it every day, lol's songs have never let me down!

  • Chris Plasmeijer
    Chris Plasmeijer Saatler önce

    first few times lisening i was like meeh not bad, now im like WE WONT DIE TODAY BI---..... lmao

  • Kakaroto
    Kakaroto Saatler önce


  • Zizii3k
    Zizii3k Saatler önce +1

    Coool song but where is image dragon?

  • Meowz
    Meowz Saatler önce

    So is riot saying they think FunPlus Phoenix will win

  • 궁예
    궁예 Saatler önce

    왁두형님 돈가스 듣고 있었는데 이게 왜 나오지

  • Xa_ Lit
    Xa_ Lit Saatler önce

    Fortnite : * blacks out *
    Me : are u gonna die today.?
    Fortnite : boom fortnite chapter 2.

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto 2 saatler önce

    Once you get the message behind the song you should not hate on it just because it is not like Warrior or Rise :D its a completely different topic.

  • Tara St. Michel
    Tara St. Michel 2 saatler önce

    If y'all could change or improve one thing about this song, what would it be?

  • Mei ka
    Mei ka 2 saatler önce

    Je hais ce jeu. Il est génial je l'adore mais ya toujours des crétins qui détruisent le jeu c'est trop triste :(

  • Tiến Dũng Nguyễn
    Tiến Dũng Nguyễn 2 saatler önce

    speed x1.25
    Wow!! :D

  • ƚư ƙԋôɳɠ ԃịƈԋ
    ƚư ƙԋôɳɠ ԃịƈԋ 3 saatler önce

    hay quá
    love love LoL

  • PoliteCat
    PoliteCat 3 saatler önce

    some people just judge by beat and not by lyrics

  • Andy BO2
    Andy BO2 3 saatler önce

    *logins into league*
    *Phoenix starts playing*
    'Well, time to 1v9

  • Tuan Pham
    Tuan Pham 4 saatler önce

    Love 3000 this song

  • Phước Đặng
    Phước Đặng 4 saatler önce

    tại sao không có theshyn ???

  • Luckymyk3
    Luckymyk3 4 saatler önce

    2:30 - 2:40 gives me Naruto vibes and a *chill* down the spine.

  • That guy
    That guy 4 saatler önce

    I kept coming back because im still finding the hype in this.

  • Misseu Studio
    Misseu Studio 5 saatler önce +5

    Acabo de subir un remix de Dracukeo con esta canción por si alguien quiere escuchar cancer XDDDD

  • Zzong Youn
    Zzong Youn 6 saatler önce

    1:44 ㅇㅈㄹ ㄱㅇㄷ 미드차이ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Georgios Anastasiadis
    Georgios Anastasiadis 6 saatler önce

    They need to do a version of this song with the failed attempts of NA in worlds tournaments. Hopefully NA can show up one year...

  • skaghk
    skaghk 6 saatler önce

    1:46 ㅁㄷㅊㅇ ㅇㅈ? ㄱㅇㄷ(?????) ㄱㅇㄷ은 왜있어?

  • Cean Cruz
    Cean Cruz 6 saatler önce

    I want someone to make a mashup of this song and Legends never Die. I feel like it would be good.

  • Tusk Act 4
    Tusk Act 4 7 saatler önce +1

    Arrre you GonNa dIe to dAy?

  • Ryuutarou Smith
    Ryuutarou Smith 7 saatler önce

    when you listen to it the second time it sounds good

  • Mister Tricky
    Mister Tricky 7 saatler önce

    Esta canción es de Late Game xd

  • AreYouSure AboutThat
    AreYouSure AboutThat 7 saatler önce

    This is a cool visual depiction of integrating the shadow.

  • l1k0s4ever
    l1k0s4ever 7 saatler önce

    really hope eu gets the win in finals this year!

  • aznfox3567
    aznfox3567 7 saatler önce

    This song is the true prophet.
    No NA representatives in this video just like worlds quarterfinals!

  • Pepe Beltran
    Pepe Beltran 8 saatler önce

    Esta mejor la versión de ShaunTrack

  • Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
    Tuấn Anh Nguyễn 8 saatler önce

    Irela and ??

  • Minzuki M.
    Minzuki M. 8 saatler önce

    I think the message of this song can be: face the failures, beat them and move forward ^_^

  • walnut boy
    walnut boy 9 saatler önce

    When pro's play blind pick

  • jaguar 41
    jaguar 41 10 saatler önce

    I came after watching Maleficent Mistress Of Evil. This song goes so well with the movie. The movie is so epic. I'm going to watch it again sometime this week. 😍🤗🤣🔥

  • ღ Anime Valley ღ
    ღ Anime Valley ღ 10 saatler önce +1

    *watchya gonna do now?*
    Raged league player: smash my keyboard

  • Baum Liura
    Baum Liura 10 saatler önce

    The new world song it's perfect. You all need to listen better the message and understand better the story. Don't like it because it doesn't have a electric guitar solo or super high notes it's just stupid.
    Phoenix makes me emotional just like the others and I love it.
    Feel more, complain less.

  • 刘一康
    刘一康 11 saatler önce +1

    when yasuo face to yasuo, who e fast who will win XD

  • cocopop18
    cocopop18 11 saatler önce

    does anyone know what animation software they used for this?

  • elrkive
    elrkive 11 saatler önce

    I don't know anything about LoL but this came to me on recommendation on Instagram and I love the song

  • Anne Jujuba
    Anne Jujuba 11 saatler önce

    Mds que música linda ♥

  • Arka47o92
    Arka47o92 12 saatler önce

    Which is insane about this video isn't the fact that it's about a video game.
    It is about your fight, your life, stop play and GO FOR IT. Whatever it is, whatever it takes mate. Never let your mistakes shoot you down.
    Good day to you.

  • Khenn Pragale
    Khenn Pragale 12 saatler önce

    1st time listening: It's fine, not as hype as the previous ones but it's a good song.
    2nd time listening: The song actually has deep meaning, and represents a lot of players (Claps vs Craps/ Faker's worst enemy is himself, how he will perform)

    3rd time: FLY PHOENIX FLY!!

  • Nacl and Pepper
    Nacl and Pepper 13 saatler önce

    The more I listen to this song the better it gets

  • Meeretleyoos ye
    Meeretleyoos ye 13 saatler önce

    Zajebista nutka. Pozdrawiam

  • Who Are You?
    Who Are You? 13 saatler önce +1

    All of this for a 2D video game we are playing for more than 4 hours a day

  • Qerwdgfdc Vccjffhcg
    Qerwdgfdc Vccjffhcg 13 saatler önce

    Are you gonne day today
    No legend never die

  • vitor barreto
    vitor barreto 14 saatler önce +1

    Rookie's Lissandra - 2015 World's in EU, IG finished last in their groups, defeated by FNC, AHQ, and C9(posters in the subway), one of the "easiest" groups back then. His beautiful Lissandra performance won their last game vs C9, but it was filled with desperate, regret, and shame. It was LPL's worst year ever and he received A LOT of hate comments together with every other LPL player. The "genius mid"- GodV from 1st seed LGD changed his ID then finally retired afterwards due to the never-ending storm of hate comments. It was Rookie's 1st season in the LPL and it was the start of his 3yr disappearance from the world stage - the lowest moment in his career.
    2nd theory: 2018 World's quarterfinals, 3rd game vs KT Rolster, he failed to defend the base and IG lost the game by 2 autos on the Nexus.

    Caps' Irelia - 2018 World's FNC lost to IG, he went 0-4 then 1-6 on one of his best champ Irelia, and FNC got completely destroyed in the next two games as well. We all knew how confident Caps had been in the tournament and he did flex on various midlaners before the final, so it was huge destruction for him.

    Faker's Karma - 2017 World's SKT lost to SSG, in that ardent sensor meta, he picked Karma to fully support Bang. Being 0-2 but 4 drakes ahead in game 3, there was still hope for SKT. However, in the last fight, his misposition got caught by Ruler's Varus Flash+R and lost the game, and that is one of the direct reasons why he cried at the end. Now that he is back in the spotlight again, and he knows that there's only one enemy to him - the one watching behind the media crowd.

    These are the monsters in their heads. They need to fight these bad memories to become the real King this year!

  • Paula Guarayem
    Paula Guarayem 14 saatler önce

    00:01 I LOVE IT.

  • Mel minanie
    Mel minanie 14 saatler önce

    I'm not playing the game but I sure want now

  • Raul Chavez
    Raul Chavez 14 saatler önce

    Who's making immaginary combat videos on his mind?

  • Injuryぷ Yang
    Injuryぷ Yang 14 saatler önce

    Face the wind !

  • Repiloso
    Repiloso 15 saatler önce

    Finnaly a new rework on ryze¡¡ it seems op

  • Hammo Elkashawy
    Hammo Elkashawy 15 saatler önce

    Is uzi here now ! 😂😂

  • aziaz YT
    aziaz YT 15 saatler önce +1

    RISE is and will remain the best

  • Kai
    Kai 15 saatler önce

    I heard this Music in the backround while studying.
    Im playing League now.

  • solarbear
    solarbear 15 saatler önce +1

    This song grew on me so much