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Marvel Studios’ "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" Official Trailer REACTION!!!

  • katma 2 Eki 2022
  • In today's Episode of Dwayne N Jazz we react to Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | Official Trailer and we woke up at the crack of dawn just to record this reaction lol. Plus, we will be wearing white once this movie comes out!!!
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  • Dwayne N Jazz


  • MambaByte🇯🇲

    I remember how hyped everyone was for the 1st movie back in 2018. Can't wait for the 2nd movie! RIP Chadwick 🙏🏾

  • Dark Jedi Knight

    He was a fighter. He was a hero. He was good man. He was Chadwick Boseman.

  • Martin
    Martin  +291

    This isn't just a movie, this is legacy. This film will shatter the internet like none other. I cried at both the trailers and I know I'll be raining tears in the film. It carries such an emotional weight, it's hard to put into words. Save the date my friends.

  • Mav Vynne
    Mav Vynne  +106

    Namor looks badass af, Shuri's Black Panther suit and Iron Heart looks dope af. I can't wait to see this movie next month.😎🤙🏼

  • John Knudson

    This movie is gonna be so good, i know Marvel will honor Chadwick’s legacy the way it was meant to be honored

  • MatthewRocks23

    Literally I was hyped to see riri Williams in her ironheart suit but Shuri bein black Panther is a great sight to see🔥🔥

  • Milkias Samuel

    I honestly never thought we'd see Namor with the wings on his feet and they somehow actually made him look badass.

  • Nightwing2090

    I guess MARVEL said it's obvious who the new BP will be so...... but The raw emotion,the action sequences,the script and visuals im so ready for every minute of this !!!!

  • andrea_official

    This movie is definitely gonna be emotional. Wakanda Forever! RIP Chadwick.

  • Joshua Untch

    Cant believe its almost been half a decade since the first Black Panther came out. This movie looks so hype! I really hope this movie turns out as good as it looks because its not just a movie its Chadwick's legacy and true send off, at least imo

  • 𝔑𝔦𝔠𝔥𝔬𝔩𝔞𝔰𖤓

    This trailer came out of absolutely nowhere…but YOU BETTER GO TF OFF SHURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ribotto Studios

    I'm really curious to see how they're gonna do Riri's story cause in the comics she was Tony Stark's protégé. But he's been dead n gone for a while now. I think what they're trying to do, is find that new Tony and Cap dynamic. I think the smart thing to do, would be to cast young actors in the role, vs older ones for contract issues. I think Riri, and Shuri, or Riri and Peter Parker (depending on rights), or Riri and Kate Bishop maybe could fill in the role nicely. It just needs to be people with opposing ideologies; it's why Tony and Cap got on so well, yet fought all the time. They knew when to step up either to the plate or to each other. You need another dynamic like that to hold the universe together. And you know what, phase 4 was pretty rocky, but with THIS closing it out....god damn what a way to end a phase.


    Whoever made that trailer perfect music choice and the suit look stunning 🤩

  • Trevor Ghalt

    The trailer is phenomenal and Namor or the Winged Serpent God looks amazing also shuri Black Panther looks great 🔥

  • diego luna

    The movie looks quite powerful, I look forward to it. Because I'm not only going to see it for love, but because it will be a very important movie. For paying tribute to Chadwcik who is no longer with us. And wow, that it looks very impressive would be damn crazy!!!

  • Christian Zhivago

    Seeing Namor flying with his wings flapping make me so excited to see this mutant later. I hope he survives and see where he goes.

  • No.1 Spidey-Fan

    Shuri's Suit is dope...but it NEEDS the FUR COLAR. Its what separates her Suit from Tchallas. And she also needs her Spear as well

  • DanielTaylosocray95

    Keep the both of you in my prayers 🙏❤️ and I'm so gonna see this movie 🍿🎥


    They’re giving Chadwick the proper send off he deserves and I love it. Rest In Peace Chadwick, and I know that this movie will live up to his legacy as the previous black panther.